poetry – How Much is Money Worth?

How Much is Money Worth?

How much is money worth?

                Is it worth a single tree?

                                A forest? Or a stream?

How much is money worth?

                Is it worth a single whale?

                                All the gorillas?

                Or an orangutan, or a tiger?

How much is money worth?

                Is it worth a hurricane?

                                A flood or a drought?

Perhaps a forest fire?

How much is money worth?

                Is it worth a lung?

A plague?

                A kidney or a life?

How much is money worth?

                Is it worth a single family?

Or a country?

                A people or a planet?

What is the price of money?

Opher – 1.3.2020

We are already starting to pay the price for global warming. The climate is changing as a result of the things we are doing. The hurricanes, droughts, forest fires, floods, heatwaves and migrations.

Of course, there are those still in denial, who claim these are natural events and not a result of anything we are doing.

They are wrong.

The science tells us most clearly – unless we change our ways the worst is yet to come.

The deniers are leading us down a path to destruction!

Poetry – 8 Billion

8 Billion

8 billion brains

Threaten many trillion lives.

We decide what is worthy

And what is not.

8 million minds

Want to feed 8 million mouths

And they don’t care

About the damage done.

Opher – 8.12.2019

Overpopulation is the cause of the present climate and environmental problems. It is responsible for massive deforestation – as land is cleared for agriculture. It is responsible for over-hunting, over-fishing and the destruction of many habitats.

The use of pesticides is decimating insect populations.

The massive pollution creating by our vehicles, industries and domestic use is poisoning the planet.

We need to get 8 billion down to a manageable 4 billion. Problems solved!!

Poetry – Nature on the Run

Nature on the Run

Nature on the run

In a great killing spree;

Chainsaws, chemicals and bullets

By political decree.

Rainforests – the lungs

Of the world –

In danger of choking

As all the trees are felled.

Displaced creatures

Crawl off to die.

As thoughtless greed

Threatens you and I.

Opher – 8.7.2019

There is a great madness at work as we continue to plunder and pillage nature without a thought for the future.

Species after species is sent tumbling to extinction so that executives of corporations and politicians can live in luxury.

Without a thought for tree or creature we are ripping up the world.

Bolsonaro puts profit before Nature.

Should we blame Men for the mess the world’s in? War, greed, pollution, devastation, cruelty – the climate crisis???

We should blame men for the climate crisis

Lucy Ellmann on 5,000 years of male-led environmental destruction

The Cyclops Steel Works in Sheffield in the mid-19th century.
Men ‘are they the instigators of the ruinous Industrial Revolution, which led to the vast contamination of air, water and land’. The Cyclops Steel Works in Sheffield in the mid-19th century. Photograph: Science & Society Picture Librar/SSPL via Getty Images

LettersThu 29 Jul 2021 18.10 BST

Arwa Mahdawi claims that men are not responsible for climate change (Don’t blame men for the climate crisis – we should point the finger at corporations, 27 July). This lets men off the hook a little too lightly. Not only are they the instigators of the ruinous Industrial Revolution, which led to the vast contamination of air, water and land, but men have also spent the last 5,000 years fighting, killing, colonising, enslaving, marauding, and yelling about football.

Who invented the capitalist system that Mahdawi agrees is so destructive? And who owns the corporations she so rightly condemns? Men.

So, no need then to quibble with the cited Swedish study. Of course we shouldn’t blame individuals. We should blame all men.
Lucy Ellmann

As a man I am tempted to agree with her. Men through their greed and belligerence have created this mess.

The question is whether women would have done it any better. Looking at examples like Thatcher and Priti Patel. I reckon they’d have made as much of a mess.

But then there is Jacinda Ardern.

And most of us men are not uncaring, thoughtless, vicious, greedy bastards. We just keep voting the bad ones into power – and women are just as guilty of that!!

Poetry – The Big Green Ball

The Big Green Ball

Big green ball

To kick around

It’s just a game

Too soon and gone

The wear and tear

Such a shame

Opher 25.6.2018

Big Green Ball

While I was driving around the country I had plenty of time to think. What we are doing to the planet, the loss of so many species, the ravaging of our rainforests, the overpopulation – it all drives me mad.

In the course of my lifetime the world has changed enormously. Nature has been devastated. What I used to take as granted is being eroded every single day.

Living creatures are being wiped out and their interests ignored. If there is money to be made they come in a poor second.

Many people are so cruel. Recently I read of reports of attacks on orangutans. On three different occasions orangutans have been found dying or severely injured riddled with air-gun pellets. One had 140 pellets, including 70 in its head. One died after being riddled with 107 pellets, another had 137 pellets and lost its sight. Which crawl maggots would do such things to such intelligent gentle creatures?

What are we doing to the world? We are kicking the life out of it.