Poetry – The Horn

The Horn

I’ve got the horn

Ripped straight

From the head;

Does wonders in bed.

An explosion of lead


And dead.

Hacked clean

Into something


Poor eyesight;

It never saw us

The very last


Opher 4.7.2015

The Horn

We are rapidly wiping out the wild things, the forests, and the wilderness as we increase in number and extend our range. Soon the whole world will be a huge concrete and plastic jungle.

We may keep the DNA safe so that in saner times it might be reconstituted into living organisms.

One day, when we’ve become wiser and more civilised, there might be a programme to reinstate nature. I’m not sure I would completely approve. Designed wilderness is a poor substitute but perhaps it will be better than nothing.

If we survive that long, that is.

The rhino is doomed because of superstition and money. You may as well use nail filings as rhino horn. They are exactly the same keratin. There is no medicinal value. It does not give you the horn. Yet the customers will pay. The rhinos will pay and the hunters get paid. That is how decisions in this world get made.

A Life On Our Planet – David Attenborough

A Life On Our Planet – David Attenborough

I’m reading this incredible biography of David Attenborough.  It shows us just how much we have lost and how much more we are going to lose if we do not act.

For any deniers it should be compulsory reading.

YearWorld populationCarbon in the atmosphere in parts per millionRemaining wilderness
19372.3 billion28066%
19542.7 billion31064%
19603 billion31562%
19683.5 billion32359%
19713.7 billion32658%
19784.3 billion33555%
19895.1 billion35349%
19975.9 billion36046%
20207.8 billion41535%

It is incredible to reflect back to times in the past and read records. Life on the planet was plentiful. What we now have are the vestiges of what was once around. We have destroyed the bulk of it.

The incredibly complex web of life is being systematically taken apart. Aspects are so interwoven and specialized, having taken millions of years to develop, that there comes a point where it all just fails.

When that happens soil becomes sterile, oceans stagnant, oxygen not replenished, climate changes and life on the planet is no longer possible – at least not as we would recognize it.

The bacteria would survive.

It would have to start all over again.

Poetry – Hunting and Dreaming

Hunting and Dreaming

We came from the South

Across the ice,

Hunting and dreaming.

We spread throughout the world

Throwing dice,

Planning, fighting and scheming.

We conquered and bred

As feral mice,

Until the world was teeming.

Now we totter on the brink,

Paying the price,

As the world lies steaming.

Opher – 8.10.2020

Making our way out of Africa we followed the hunting. We were incredibly successful. Our numbers ballooned.

We wiped out the megafauna in no time at all.

Now eight billion of us are felling the forests, poisoning the land and working our way through the rest of life on the planet.

We’ll kill anything for profit or fun.

Sri Lanka – the abuse of animals.

Unfortunately, animals are used all over the world are used as tourist bait. People pay good money to be photographed with monkeys and snakes, elephants and all manner of exotic animals.

Some of these animals are kept in terrible conditions, caged and bored to death.

The snakes often have their fangs pulled out.

Wild animals are caught and abused.

The Walk to from Ravenscar to Robin Hood’s Bay

Summer in Yorkshire means walks in the beautiful countryside!

This is the view of Robin Hood’s Bay from Ravenscar.

Seals on the rocky shelves at Ravenscar.

Cliffs and green hills.

The Ravenscar Hotel and fortifications.

Alum works and snakes.

The coastal path.