We can live in harmony with nature!

We just have to be more intelligent about the way we live.

The Statistics behind the destruction of our planet!

These two sets of statistics are the core stark realities behind global warming, migration, and pressure on food and water resources.
In just 70 years:-

Growth in total world population:
1951 — 2,584,034,261
2021 — 7,874,965,825

Growth in total world emissions of CO2:
1951 — 6 billion tonnes
2021 — 36 billion tonnes

Sadly, with COP26, it looks like the can, containing the ‘greener solutions’, will get kicked, yet again, further down the road. ☹️

Those are the stats during my lifetime!!

What do I glean from this?

  1. There are far too many of us!
  2. We have having far too big an impact on a fragile ecosystem!
  3. We need to do something about it!

Thanks John Crosby!!

Poetry – The Day Will Come

The Day Will Come

The day came

When the last bird croaked;

When the last breath

Of fresh air

Blew across the last blade of grass;

And everyone walked about

In protective suits,

Breathing manufactured air

Pumped in

From the chemical plants.

But they were no longer human.

Opher – 24.7.2019

The day will come.

We are laying down the framework for the future. It can be whatever we want. But instead of making sensible decisions we are drifting along in a consumer nightmare. Mindlessly we are stumbling like sheep towards the abattoir. The day will come but we don’t have to help it on its way.

Poetry – Nature on the Run

Nature on the Run

Nature on the run

In a great killing spree;

Chainsaws, chemicals and bullets

By political decree.

Rainforests – the lungs

Of the world –

In danger of choking

As all the trees are felled.

Displaced creatures

Crawl off to die.

As thoughtless greed

Threatens you and I.

Opher – 8.7.2019

There is a great madness at work as we continue to plunder and pillage nature without a thought for the future.

Species after species is sent tumbling to extinction so that executives of corporations and politicians can live in luxury.

Without a thought for tree or creature we are ripping up the world.

Bolsonaro puts profit before Nature.

Poetry – Sacred Ground

Sacred Ground

Once it’s gone it can’t come back.

Sacred ground,


Ripped and torn.

Lies abound!

Bit by bit,

Under concrete

Dead and gone.

Chopped and shot,

Poisoned and mauled,

Short and long,

Raised to the ground.

Life once plentiful

Now is scarce,


Most profound,


Clinging onto


Sacred ground.

Opher 4.4.2019

When I was young the world was full of life, jungles were unexplored, Africa teemed with creatures. My back yard was full of butterflies and bees, the ditches had sticklebacks, newts and frogs, hedgehogs came to call.

Nature is sacred ground. It is profound. It is being decimated.

Poetry – Time we cared – For Greta!

Time we cared

Ice is melting – water rising

Up to their knees

And still denying.

Bird croaks its last fanfare

Frog’s last gasp

Of heated air.

We carry on without a care.

Heat increases – animals frying

Floods and droughts –

Not surprising.

Still they believe scientists are lying.

Concrete and plastic – land and sea,

I’m alright Jack,

Don’t worry about me!

Trophy hunting – forest clearing,

Sounds to me

That no-ones hearing!

At least that’s what I’m a fearin’.

Making room for bird and tree

Before they pass

Into history.

Buried under life’s debris.

But it’s always the cash that counts,

Stashed away

In large amounts.

Whatever they do, it’s the cash,

As long as they’ve got

Their share of the stash.

I think we’re heading for one ginormous crash.

Opher – 22.18.2019

I wrote this for the politically motivated climate change deniers! May they wake up soon!

Poetry – Today is Magic Day

Magic Day

Today is magic day.

On a planet,

Around a sun,

Breathing air,

Eating food,

Drinking water,

Walking among the trees,

Warm and comfortable,

With friends,

Listening to birds,

Watching bees –

It’s magic day.

Every day is magic day.

Opher – 13.5.2019

Life is magic. It is incredible. To think we have evolved, developed consciousness and live on such a beautiful world where we can appreciate it.

Every day is truly magic.

Poetry – Like a scab upon the planet

Like a scab upon the planet

Like a scab

                That keeps growing.

A cancer

                That eats away.

A river

                That erodes its banks.

A fungus

                On an agar dish.

Human civilisation

Spreads its canker

Across the planet.

It grows,


                                And consumes

All it touches.

It mindlessly


                                All that dares to live

To dust.

Opher – 2.5.2019

I was sitting thinking of the many hopelessly overcrowded cities I have visited across the world with their sprawling suburbs, ramshackle slums and piles of trash, rubble and polluted dust. How they have devoured what once were beautiful landscapes teeming with life and turned them into ugliness.

They really are a cancer eating away at the planet.