Poetry – Helpless


Despite the arrogance and bluster of man,

When Gaia shakes her mantle

We are helpless.

When fame and wealth count for little

And power is brought down,

We are at the mercy

Of nature’s whim.

We’ve ripped her, torn her and burnt her,

We’ve plundered, slain and scorned her,

But when she stirs,

To shake loose the parasites

That cause the irritation,

We are helpless

And our power counts for nothing.

Beware! The planet lives

And we are but microbes on its skin.

Beware!! She prepares the antibiotic

That will bring our onslaught

To an end.

For she is not helpless!

Opher – 12.4.2020

It feels like Gaia is stirring, sending out a warning. Mother Nature will not be ignored. She is slow to act but when she does it is decisive.

Perhaps the disastrous reign of man is nearing its end?

Perhaps nature has decided we are too destructive, too stupid and too slow to realise the damage we are doing.

Gaia is stirring.

Take heed. Next time she will finish the job.

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