Poetry – Ode to a tree

Ode to a tree

Gnarly bark and arching branches

Reaching up towards the sun.

The wisdom of ages

Quiet and serene,

Surveying the scene

In tranquil contemplation.

The skeleton of winter wakes,

Providing home and shelter,

Beauty and serenity.

Alone against the sky

Delicate and intricate –

A tree.

Through the ages

Calm, at peace with now and then,

Resisting change with the strength

Of botanical Zen.

Aloof and strong,

Blowing with the wind.

A masterclass in filigree

Though some might say

It’s just a tree.

Opher – 12.4.2020

I am enthralled by trees.

In winter their skeletal fingers reach up into the heavens. Against a red evening sky their silhouette sends shivers down my spine.

They are old, full of wisdom and experience.

I love ‘em.

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