Poetry – All is not what it seems

All is not what it seems

All may not be as it seems

                As substance melts

                                Before the microscope,

As reality

                Becomes subjective,

As mind impacts on matter.

For all of us,


                                Might exist

In two places

                                                At the same time

And misbehave

                                                When watched.

Perhaps imagination

                Is taking

                                A central role

In modelling

                The world?

Opher – 16.12.2019

I am always amazed by the latest discoveries of science. They are much stranger than fiction, more extraordinary than any religion.

It seems that particles arrive before they leave,

                That things can exist in two places at the same time

And energy behaves differently when watched.

Forget Schrodinger’s cat! It’s dead alive!

Perhaps they will find that we shape the universe with our imaginations?

Poetry – The Death of Democracy

The Death of Democracy

It whimpered.

                It’s tiny cry

                                A beacon of hope.

Strangled at birth

                By greed,



                And disdain.


                Under a mound

                                Of lies.

Its ashes




In the machine

                Of power

                                Where the big dogs play.

All that’s left

                Is a game,

                                A hollow farce.




Play up! Play up!

                As the red meat

                                Of unlucky scapegoats

Is fed to the timid runts.

                Only the powerful


We are controlled

                Like mindless


                                                In a game

Of tiddly-winks.

Opher 18.1.2022

They play us for fools.

They think we will believe anything.

Our short attention spans are so limited.

Our forgetfulness makes us easy to manipulate.

We are being played.

They are good at it.

Only occasionally does their arrogance create a misstep.

The trouble is that they are right.

Too many of us are taken in by these smarmy conmen.

The game of power was never going to allow democracy to live.

Power lies in the hands of consummate liars.

Poetry – I Fell In Love

I Fell In Love

I fell in love with you

                The first time

                                My eyes opened;

As you swirled and spun

                In your green and blue raiment,

With your white wisps

                Of gossamer

                                Covering your curves.

I fell in love with you

                As seasons changed

                                The colours of your clothes,

As creature played

                Among the fabric

                                Of your dress,

As night and day

                Played with the

                                Shadows on your face.

I fell in love with you.

Opher – 16.12.2019

This is my ode to the planet, to nature, the mother of us all; an ode to the majesty and beauty of our maternal home.

What is there not to love about such splendour, such grace and such mystery?

It is an honour to call this home, to look out in wonder at a whole universe.

It is incredible to close ones eyes and imagine us spinning through space in this cosmic dance around the sun, around the galaxy, through the cosmos.

It blows my mind.

Poetry – Out of the Closet

Out of the Closet

Out of the closet the nationalist loonies

Are fuelled with false nostalgia.

The ageing racists, yearning for Empire,

Now suffering from neuralgia.

Full of Dunkirk spirit and bravado of the Blitz

They think the bloody Tories know what is best.

Fed on tabloid propaganda, they believe the fascist lies

And think that profiteers are better than the rest.

They’ve adopted Tommy Robinson and fear the Muslim threat,

And believe that the sodding EU is the cause of all their pain.

While all the time they’re being conned

It’s Tory austerity that sends their earnings down the drain!

They’re the mental English lower classes

Who haven’t got a clue – so just believe the internet stories,

Wallow in self-pity, for a life they never knew

Never thinking for a second they’re being robbed by the Tories

Opher – 14.12.2019

There are a whole bunch of working-class and middle-class people who have been completely duped by the tabloid propaganda and internet scare stories spread by the establishment.

They’ve been whipped into fear-driven hysteria out of all proportion to reality. They have been fed exaggerated garbage that has inflamed deep insecurity, brought out their xenophobic and racist attributes, and turned them into nationalists.

They have evoked the good old British spirit of Dunkirk and the blitz – back to a time when life was wonderful – except it never was, was it?

Those days were hard, cold, impoverished and miserable. Housing was poor, there were no amenities, no money, poor diets, long hours, poor pay and grim conditions. We were cold, hungry and sick. Kids died. Kids went to school sewn into their clothes. Kids had no shoes and tied rags round their feet in snow. Women worked themselves to death with no washing machines or dishwashers. Aaah – the good old days, when Britain was great – when the wealth of the Empire when straight into the stately homes and the workers lived in slums, working twelve hours a day on bread and dripping.

The establishment have directed this hysteria against the EU and deflected it away from the real cause of the deep-seated problems – Tory policy.

The Tories represent this wealthy elite. For ten years they have plundered the public services, robbed from the poor and given to the wealthy through tax cuts and tax loopholes.

They have created a land of billionaires and paupers!!

And people have voted for this bunch of privileged profiteers!! They really believe that people like Trump, Johnson, Farage and Bolsonaro have their interests at heart.

They have been duped into believing that Corbyn is a monster.

You get what you deserve.

Poetry – The Russians are coming!

The Russians are coming!

The Russians are coming!

The report’s on Johnson’s desk.

He’s keeping it secret

Because it’s such a bloody mess.

It lists the Tory donors!

It’s the Russians bankrolling them.

And they created Brexit

And covered us all in phlegm.

Yes the Russians are coming!

They are buying this election too!

They put Trump in power

They’re covering us in poo!

Opher – 8.12.2019

One wonders why this report was not released. How big has the Russian interference been in all these important elections? Trump and Brexit? Maybe neither would have happened without Russian interference.

Serious stuff.

They want us weakened.

They want the break-up of the EU, UN and NATO. They want us in disarray.

And they are achieving it.

Who would have believed they could have landed us with Trump and Johnson!

The Russians aren’t coming ….. they’re here!!

Poetry – I’ve been waiting

I’ve been waiting

I’ve been waiting for a feeling

That’s as warm as any sun.

I’ve been searching for a meaning

That explains the holes inside.

Because I want to feel satisfied.

I’ve been seeking out a love

I could dive into and dissolve.

I’ve been wanting a truth

I would like to hold inside

It’s a hunger that cannot be denied.

Opher – 8.12.2019

It seems to me that life is a quest in which we seek love, knowledge and wonder on a journey to fulfilment.

I am excited by the search for answers and understanding. I am moved by spiritual connections to nature, sunsets and rainbows. I am seeking love and friendship

Maybe there will come a day when I feel replete.


Poetry – We are at war!

We are at war!

We are at war!

At war with the elite

Who would ravage the land!

At war with inequality

Which robs us of our fairness!

At war with fake news

That robs us of the truth!

This is the war of reason

Not guns.

The war of ethics

Not weapons.

The war for the future of the world.

We are at war!

Never has so much been at stake!

We are rebelling

Against extinction!

Opher – 26.11.2019

Perhaps now the deniers who are witnessing the drying up of the Victoria Falls, the shrinking of ice-caps, heatwaves, floods and hurricanes, will start to wake up – no longer in thrall to the greed of Trump – for whom nothing matters except money.

The world is pivoting. It totters.

We should use our intelligence.

The wealthy will sell the planet for profit. They peddle fake news. Their greed and selfishness is endangering species after species and putting us in the firing line.

There is a war. It is a war fought with words and votes. It is a war we need to win.

This is the battle of the ballot box.

Forget Brexit. Think planet.

Poetry – Robots for good!

Robots for good!

Let us bring in robots!

Do away with work!

Then quarter the population.

A new age of fairness and prosperity!

Let us have a new age

Of unity with nature,

Of reverence for all,

Of oneness with respect and dignity!

Opher 26.11.2019

The world is being ravaged by mankind. We are destroyed nature. Our greed and numbers are killing everything in our path.

Time to change.

Maybe AI can be a force for great good – if we harness it for the good of all, and not just the wealthy few, we can all become prosperous. We can work less.

But we will need to bring our numbers down so that our impact is less. Nature cannot stand the strain. We are changing the climate; we are causing extinctions on a catastrophic level.

Time to change.

AI could be the solution (or it could be the final straw).

Poetry – The Bubble and the Rubble.

The Bubble and the Rubble.

Behind their gates,

With private security,

Public schools,

And privileged purity,

The elite live in a bubble.

Raking cash in

With great alacrity;


With impunity;

The elite create rubble.

Opher 20.11.2019

The billionaires have never had it so good. Under the Tory austerity they are flourishing.

The poor get poorer.

The rich get richer.

And the poor are told by the Express, Sun and Mail to blame it on the EU.

Brexit is the perfect deception – a fog obscuring the way the poor are being robbed.

As the schools and hospital decay, peoples pensions are robbed, pay stagnates, zero hours flourishes, low pay is the norm, unions are castrated, crime increases, food banks flourish, homelessness is on the rise, the Tories give tax cuts to the rich and big corporations. The rich get fat on the wreckage of society.

But do they care?

Behind their gated security, in their penthouses, mingling with their rich chums, they are separated from the devastation left in their wake.

Poetry – It’s an Election!

It’s an Election!

Bribes and lies,

Insults and abuse;

It’s an election!

Tory media

Up in arms;

It’s an election!

Wealthy donors

Chipping in;

It’s an election!

Forget the truth,

Forget the past;

It’s an election!

Study the history,

Between the lines.

It’s an election!

Don’t fall for it!

See through it!

It’s an election!

Opher – 20.11.2019

The Tories think we’re stupid. They’ve been robbing the poor to give to the rich for a decade! Now they are telling us they are ‘One Nation Tories’. They tell us austerity is at an end. They say they’ll start to fund the public services when they have been robbing from for years!

They really believe that we don’t see through their bribes. They think we are stupid. The trouble is that some of us are!

The fog of Brexit has hidden the disaster. It is a ploy!

This is an election. Once they’ve got it out the way they will go back to looking after the wealthy; what they were formed to do!