Poetry – A Work Of Art

A Work Of Art

Billions of years

A web,

A work of art.

Greater than

Any Picasso

A diamond

In the dark.

With eyes and ears

To see and hear

The wisdom

Of the epochs


In seas of green

Great herds

And flocks.

Brightness of flowers

Nectar and scent.

Fur, scale and feather,


Awe and wonder


That beauty meant.

Opher – 23.1.2021

What could possibly be more beautiful than the world we live on.

Nature is the greatest artist.

Life is the most wondrous piece of art.

Living sculptures that can see their own beauty.

Nothing can come near.

I wish we would appreciate it more, value it more and look after it better.

Poetry – A Member of the Elite

A Member of the Elite

As a member of the elite

I have to play the game.

I have to wear the uniform

Speak the right words

And never feel the shame.

My life’s a façade

Hiding what’s underneath

A charade

A shield of wealth and power

That is our one belief.

Haughty manner

Springing from superiority.

Looking down

At minions

The spawn of the majority.

I am of the elite.

Born into privilege.

Master of the multitudes

From every dirty village.

Of life’s finer things

I always have a surfeit,

It is just what we deserve

Because I know we’re worth it!

Opher – 23.1.2021

I detest that advert that asserts that we are worth it.

There are a whole privileged class who have every opportunity, a life of ease, an easy path, networking, the old boy network and wealth.

They can buy what they like.

They use their privilege to enable their sons and daughters to prosper while disdainfully keeping the hoi-polloi in their place.

Their wealth is incalculable.

They exploit, control and are happy to see poverty and destitution.

The poor are where they deserve to be.

The wealthy are assured of their own superiority and worth.

Poetry – The Price of Everything

The Price of Everything

Everything has a price –

From a pen to a kidney;

From a baby to a new knee.

If you have the money

You can buy anything –

From a woman to a gold ring;

From a tree to a bird’s wing.

You can buy the land,

The water – even blood.

From a book to a life;

A trinket to a wife.

You can purchase an elephant

Or an elegant diamond stud.

Everything has a price –

From a new heart to a glove;

From a pin to simulation of love.

With enough cash

You can buy everything.

You can set out a new city

Lay it out and plane it.

The one thing you can’t afford

Is a new planet.

Opher – 23.1.2021

We are bought and sold.

Nothing is sacred.

There is nothing that cannot be bought.

The rarer something is the greater its price.

The last elephant tusk will be bought and sold.

Your daughters have a price.

Your life is cheap.

We consume and consume. There is no limit, no rationale, no control.

We consume our souls, our world and every creature and living organism around us.

We are on a sealed unit hurtling through space.

There is no life-raft.

We are buying and selling the very thing we depend on to stay afloat.

We cannot buy another.

Once it’s gone it’s gone.

Poetry – Once


Once grasshopper jumped with every step

And ponds were full of frogs.

Once there were stag beetles

That lived in rotten logs.

Once there were huge flocks of swallows

Wheeling through the sky.

Now they are all gone

And we’re left to wonder why.

Once great forests covered every hill

Bears and wolves hunted the deer.

Once people lived in harmony with nature

And the seasons of the year.

Once there was a balance

Full of bounty for the gleaning.

We lived a natural life;

An existence full of meaning.

Opher – 23.1.2021

We live in the Anthropocene, in a landscape designed by man. The wilderness has gone. Nature is tamed.

All that lives only does so through our benevolence; vestiges of what once was.

The forests have given way to green fields of crops, sprayed with death.

Now we life an artificial life and search for meaning.

Poetry – Fair Taxation

Fair Taxation

Close the loopholes, don’t be lax
Graduate the income tax
The economy will have a bounce
Just from taxing the off-shore accounts

Fair taxation! Fair taxation!

The heart of any civilised nation!

Everyone should be aware
Ensure fat cats pay their share
For fairness in the economy
We need greater equality.

Fair taxation! Fair taxation!

The heart of any civilised nation!

So politicians do what’s right

Graduate the tax tonight.

The whole country will cheer

If those loopholes disappear!

Fair taxation! Fair taxation!

The heart of any civilised nation!

Opher & Bumba 17.1.2017

With A/I creating greater and greater inequality the world is either going to move into a situation where there is no employment and most of humanity is in hopelessly languishing in desperate misery while a small elite have more money than they can possibly deal with, or we find a way forward.

Without fair taxation there is a future of mass migration, war and hate.

There will be violent revolution.

It’s already happening.

Poetry – The Meaning of Life

The Meaning of Life

Sunbeams breaking through clouds,

Trees, rocks, sea and mountains,

A nice pint on a mild afternoon,

The soft fur of a warm life,

A cuddle and a love,

A dance and a tune,

A helping hand,

A poem and a shared moment,

A cool breeze on a hot day,

A gentle touch,

Sunlight glinting on a lapping sea,

Sunset and sunrise,

Love, friendship and birth,

Hoar frost shards on twigs in the morning glow

The hues of feathers, wings and crystals,

Ravines, gullies and rocks,

Tiny creatures,

Big animals,

Great, green plants,

And wild places,

Giving and receiving,

A smile, a handshake and a meeting,

Flowers in all their magnificence,

Differences and argument,

Laughter and accord,

Sex, fun and frolics,

Everything young and new,

Holding hands,

A kiss in the dark,

Ice-cream and chocolate,

Wonder and discovery,

A good film,

A realisation,

A creation,

A painting and a dance,

A good play,


Clever words,

Good stories,

Sport and skill,

Books, records and pictures,

Travel to exotic lands,

Infinity and vertigo,

A joke and a chuckle,

The vulgar and profane,

Having family gathered round,

The seasons,

Snow on trees and hills,





The Blues,

Rock and Folk,

Walking in the quiet,

The trill of insects,

The song of birds,



And wandering,


Above all ……… Sharing.

Opher 18.8.2015

The Meaning of life

There is no other reason to life other than the living of it. The living of it is an art. You experience every second; the whole force of the infinite universe pressing in around you and in the midst of the fury, the quiet; the appreciation of the greatness of a word, the nuance of a smile, the wonder of holding a child.

The meaning of life is nothing to do with where you are going; it’s all about the journey and what you make of it. It can be sensuous and creative, altruistic and benevolent, or selfish, cruel and vicious.

Your choice. It’s always your choice.

Poetry – Stop and Go

Stop and Go

I haven’t got a stop button

I’m always on the go

Haven’t got a brake pedal

I’m never going slow.

Each day is full of possibility

Wonder and awe

There never is enough time

I’m always wanting more.

So much to see and do,

So many things to make.

So much to improve

A whole world to shake.

While someone’s being cruel

And there’s a cause to be fought

There’s no time to stop

For stopping counts for naught.

Opher 17.8.2015

Stop and Go

I wrote this because I am driven. I do not have the mind that will allow me to walk past anything. I seem to have an opinion, a thousand projects and a mind that won’t keep still. As an idealist I want to make everything better. As a problem solver I see solutions all around me. As a political being I see the means to improve everything. As an optimist I think we can do anything we set our minds to. There are answers to be found. As a creator I believe we can produce wonderful, thought-provoking, happy-making things. There is beauty to be forged. There is a life to be lived and it is short. I believe in people. I want a world of love, security and wonder. I want a world to leave for future generations and I want it to be full of wildness, immense beauty and exotic creatures.

Better get on. There’s no time to lose!

Poetry – I am a Number

I am a Number

I am a number

I do not know what I think;

Fed with all my preferences

And narcotised with drink.

I am a statistic

Analysed in the think-tank,

A consumer with no purpose

To put figures in their bank.

My needs are measured

As I am fed with dreams,

Thoughts and aspirations.

Nothing is as it seems.

A plastic universe

Surrounds me in full 3D.

A ring in my nose

Dances to its melody.

What I feel

And who I am is guided

By a group of businessmen

Who have decided:

They know best.

What if everyone was free?

To think and do as they might


Who would know what products?

To stream through their satellite


It’s best that someone thinks for me –

Keeps me happy,

With a head full of air,


And distracted,

So I don’t have to care.

I am merely a number;

I do not do what I would dare!

Opher 16.8.2015

I am a Number

I was always enthralled by the Patrick McGoohan TV Series – The Prisoner. Roy Harper did his brilliant McGoohan’s Blues about it.

We do not know how much we are controlled by the State and society. We seem to be a gullible race. George Orwell in 1984 presented a chilling picture. I think it’s subtle but invasive.

If you rebel life gets a lot harder. It’s easy to go with the flow, consume like a good boy/girl, and not think about where it is all heading.

I am a number but I hope to evolve into a letter one day! Then, if we all got together we could make words that spelt out a warning!

Poetry – A New TV

A New TV

Our whole culture has gone soft. It’s obsessed with trivia and distraction. There seems no depth or purpose.
I turn through the three hundred channels of repeats, trivia, game shows, old comedies, banal gormless morons, celebrity pricks, extravaganzas, musical dross and material of the lowest common denominator, in search of something profound, interesting or worthwhile.
I rarely find it.
We are fiddling while the world burns.

I’ve got a new TV

It’s bigger than me

It tells me who I want to be!

It’s got 2300 channels

And all of them crap

In super 3D

HD with Soap overlap.

I can watch the Game Shows

Sport and MTV,

Filling all my hours

With tasteless gravy.

My new TV is great

It feeds my head

With everything forgettable

Where absolutely


Of any consequence

Is said!

Opher 15.8.2015

A New TV

Our whole culture has gone soft. It’s obsessed with trivia and distraction. There seems no depth or purpose.

I turn through the three hundred channels of repeats, trivia, game shows, old comedies, banal gormless morons, celebrity pricks, extravaganzas, musical dross and material of the lowest common denominator, in search of something profound, interesting or worthwhile.

I rarely find it.

We are fiddling while the world burns.

Poetry – I am a Gorilla

I am a Gorilla

I am a gorilla

In a garden without a single tree

A crazy, bemused chimpanzee

Who built a lavatory.

My madness runs

In my veins and DNA.

Inherited through my genes

To bring atoms into play.

From the African Savannah

Right out to the stars

We’re the naked chimps

Who string up guitars.

I know I am a mad ape

Creating cities and the gun

Fanatical religions

And we’ve only just begun.

Opher 15.8.2015

I am a Gorilla

We haven’t been around so long and yet we’re running the planet. We’re out of control.

We think we’re so clever but look at the mess we’re making of things!

We can be so kind but we are the cruellest animal who ever evolved.

We run on power.

We desire more.

We fight for much more than we could ever need.

Our greed is extraordinary. We’re like wolverines in a chicken-run.

The planet’s become our play thing.

And we’ve only just begun!