Poetry – Death from a thousand cuts

Death from a thousand cuts

Death from a thousand cuts

As drug rehab is slashed.

Death from a thousand cuts

As police numbers crash.

Death from a thousand cuts

As the GPs are bashed.

The NHS can’t sew them up

As they are starved of cash.

The schools can’t educate

With a system that is smashed.

The Tories don’t give a damn

As they orchestrate this crash.

Death from a thousand cuts

And privatise away.

Death from a thousand cuts

They’ll vote for us anyway.

Death from a thousand cuts

That’s justice under May!

Opher – 9.5.2019

Under the fog of Brexit the Tories have been gleefully robbing the poor, cutting services and giving our cash to their rich buddies. Tax cuts and privatisation, bonuses and huge salaries for the elite. Meanwhile the streets aren’t safe, the hospitals can’t cope, the youth services have disappeared, the gangs rule the streets –

While the Tories carry their loot to the bank!

What was it Osborne said??? We’re all in it together??

How much is he earning again??

Poetry – Oblivious


Oblivious to what is going on.

Uncaring towards the victims.

Callous towards the cruelty.

Living apart from the action;

Caught in their own bubble.

At best indifferent.

But also, complacent.

Certain that it will all come good.

Nature is resilient.

Except nature is nowhere near as resilient as they would have us believe.

The proof is in front of our eyes.

Opher 5.5.2019

I am haunted by conversations with three individuals on an American site, who are not only incredibly in denial as to any environmental damage going on but really do not care even if it was. As far as they are concerned the immense harm being done to biodiversity, the reduction in animal populations and global warming are political lies produced to make them pay more. All evidence put forward is seen as political scaremongering. They believe nature is some infinite, resilient pool of life that we can used, abused and destroyed without any real impact.

I am haunted by my trip to South America. Out in the wilderness of Patagonia, Brazil and Tierra Del Fuego we were expecting to see plenty of wildlife. The first wooden whalers had encountered a land of plenty. They had harvested turtles, sea lions, seal, penguins and all manner of birds. They had visited the breeding grounds, slaughtered for fun, loaded up ships with hundreds of tons of fresh meat, boiled eggs and carcasses for oil.

In their wake are the vestiges, clinging on. What once was plentiful is now scarce. We had to search for signs of life among an emptiness that shouted at us.

Poetry – Living in a fulcrum.

Living in a fulcrum.

It feels like the world is turning.

We’ve reached the tipping point

We are being pulled in different ways.

The universe is out of joint.

On one side the Trumpists and deniers

Telling us it isn’t so.

On the other there’s Extinction Rebellion

Pointing the way to go.

We’re being fed the propaganda

From the Brietbart prophet.

Whose only god is power

And whose sacrament is profit.

The politicians are floundering

All they care about is votes.

What happens to the orangutans,

Is measured in bank notes.

Yet the young are rising up

And making their voices heard.

They want a brighter future

And will have the final word.

The world is turning on a fulcrum;

No telling where it will go.

For sanity or complacency?

Only the future knows.

Opher 6.5.2019

I’m listening to the young who have their fingers on the pulse. They are not believing the lies put out by those who are profiting from the destruction of nature.

They know the pesticides are causing mass destruction of all insects from bees to butterflies.

They know our beautiful iconic species – the rhinos, elephants, gorillas, chimps, giraffe, lions, whales and tigers – are being hunted to extinction.

They know our rainforests are being chopped down.

They know our ice-caps are melting.

They know our climate is changing.

They know we are selling the future for today.

They know who is profiting from this wholesale destruction.

They want it stopped.

We are at a tipping point, sitting on our fulcrum. Which way will it go?

Poetry – Selling the Future

Selling the Future

Roll up! Roll up!
We’re giving it away!
Get a bargain! Make a killing!
We’re giving it away!

Don’t miss out on this bargain!
It won’t come round again.
Your chance to make a fortune
You only need half a brain!

Buy yourself a trophy!
Shoot a chimp for fun!
From the safety of your truck
Exercise that gun!

Clear a big plantation!
Get rid of all those trees!
Lots of money to be made
From such a clever wheeze!

Open cast a mine or two
Dump your spoil at sea.
Who cares about a fish or two?
Plenty dosh for me!

Roll up! Roll up!
We’re selling your tomorrow!
When it’s all gone
We’re not certain what will follow.

But who cares anyway?
Who cares about the world?
If every last creature’s dead
And every last tree’s felled?

Roll up! Roll up!
We’re giving it away!
Get a bargain! Make a killing!
We’re giving it away!

Opher – 6.5.2019

The mad consumer cry for endless expansion in order to make some fools wealthy beyond imagination. The mad spiraling population growth. The mad clearance of jungle, draining of wetlands. The mad spraying of fields. The mad production of CO2. It’s all totally mad!!!!

Poetry – The Human Flood

The Human Flood

One million victims

Of the human flood.

One trillion fossils,

No longer flesh and blood.

A holocaust of thoughtlessness;

An Armageddon by intent.

Caused by human hands,

A catastrophic event.

From pesticide and chainsaw;

From pollutant and gun;

From climate change to farming;

We’re killing every one.

They have nowhere to go,

No means to escape.

We’re harrying them to death

In an everlasting rape!

One million victims

Of the human flood.

One trillion fossils,

No longer flesh and blood.

Opher – 6.5.2019

The natural world I love is being systematically destroyed. Our constant mantra of expansion; our consumer paradise; our relentlessly burgeoning population is creating a concrete and plastic jungle.

It will be the death of us all unless we do something about it!

Poetry – Change



That’s all it needs:

One slow revolution.

To replace

                The greedy

                                With the caring.

To replace

                The destroyers

                                With the builders.

To replace

                The selfish

                                With the altruistic.

They are the minority

                We are the many.

They are stronger

                But we are many.

They have the power

                But we are many.

Bit by bit,

                Person by person,

We can replace them

                And create something better.


Opher – 2.5.2019

If only we could find the right people who are not motivated by a lust for power, who really care about us, who really care about the world.

I know they are out there.

They wouldn’t put themselves first.

They would not allow themselves to be bought and sold, frightened or warned off.

They would do what is right.

The wealthy would not control them.

Then the world could be a better place – not just run for profit.

Poetry – Nothing Wasted

Nothing Wasted

Nothing wasted,

                No experience,

                                No loss,

                                                                No gain;

Everything counts.

We have life

                Under the sun,

                                In the rain,


Taking in wonder.

Even in sadness,




We are still alive.

Opher 2.5.2019

It seems to me that something is better than nothing. But I suspect there are times when that is not true.

But most of the time we do not appreciate the wonder of life. We open our eyes on a universe.

One day, forever, we will not.

Do we appreciate it enough? Or do we waste our precious time?

Poetry – Frozen in time

Frozen in time

A warm breeze stirs the long grass in the meadow.

There is a heady scent of dried hay and flowers in the air.

The blue sky goes on for ever.

The sun never ceases to give its heat

And I feel it on my skin.

The bees continue to hum.

The long dead swallows still swoop

Over the fields plucking insects from the air.

I still lay on my back in that field

Feeling the vitality of that same day

As an electricity frozen in time.

It is a moment that never dies,

That I revisit time and time again,

As long as I have the mind

To summon it back to life.

Opher – 1.5.2019

It is a powerful childhood memory. I am alone in a meadow of long grass on a beautiful summer day. I am lying on my back staring up at that sky, with a stem of grass in my mouth, feeling the warmth of the sun, surrounded by nature, the butterflies, bees, beetles and bugs, the aroma of dried grass in my nostrils, the swallows swooping all around, and I am peering up into the blue. The thought comes into my head that that sky goes on forever. It is novel and powerful. My mind rebels against it. Everything has an end. But the sky doesn’t. The idea is so unbelievable that it gives me vertigo and I feel as if I am falling up into it.

It is a moment that is etched in my memory. It is real. I can summon it up at will. That moment still lives frozen in time, locked within my mind – a vivid video – still alive.

Poetry – Partnership


Partnership is the only way out of this zero hours’ gulag.

Where those in charge have all the power in this time lag.

It is no longer good enough for a small elite to dictate

While a majority have absolutely no say in their fate.

No fringe benefits, holiday pay, sickness or pensions.

Work when you’re told – loyalty is never mentioned.

But quality of life counts for something!

Welfare of the common folk is not nothing!

We need a better way of doing business.

Clearing up this exploitative mess!

Partnership and shared power!

Cometh the need, cometh the hour!

Opher 29.4.2019

I wrote this in response to the mess I see in the workplace. Thatcher and the Tories emasculated the Unions and now the bosses hold all the cards.

Yes – the unions had gone too far – protective practices and protected jobs were really insupportable. But the unions were responsible for fighting for fair pay and benefits. Without them we would be really in the mire.

Since the castration of the unions we have seen pay and conditions greatly eroded while profits for the wealthy owners soar.

I fear this would only get worse with increasing AI and automation.

It is time this is addressed.

If it isn’t we are doomed to a world of huge inequality with most of us on low pay with no benefits and a small elite raking in the dosh. That’s no life.

I wouldn’t want to go back to the days of too powerful unions. I prefer the German model. I think workers need to be in partnership with bosses in running the business and sharing the profits. I think that having a say and a share would be motivating and increase productivity.

Poetry – Chimps with Large Brains

Chimps with Large Brains

Chimps with large brains

And capricious natures

Stomping across the world

With no limiting legislature.

Out of control;

Without limits or empathy;

And for the rest of nature

There’s no sympathy.

Clearing the land

Of all that has life,

To create a plastic jungle

Where only problems are rife.

What are we doing?

Creating such ruin?

Is there no way out of this cul-de-sac?

Is there no way back?

Opher – 29.4.2019

We might have large brains but we sure don’t always do things intelligently. We are our world’s worst enemy.

With burgeoning numbers and careless disregard we are leaving a heap of problems in our wake.

Have we the intelligence to put it right?