The Sun Don’t Mind

The Sun Don’t Mind

There’s a war in Ukraine

                But the sun don’t mind.

Though millions starve

                It will continue to shine.

One day I’ll die

                But eternity won’t care.

My mind will cease,

                My atoms everywhere.

While we’re fed conspiracy

                The universe expands

Unaware of devastation

Oblivious to our plans.

Fleas on an elephant,

                A tear in the ocean.

Voyagers on a rock

                Living without a notion.

So big in our heads

                So tiny in reality.

An invisible flash

                In the uterus of infinity.

Opher – 25.6.2022

So important to bring things into perspective.

We take ourselves too seriously.

Yet our lives are important.

The wonder of life is quite unique.

We take so much for granted.

We are busy trashing paradise for a pocket full of baubles.

How can we give this life purpose?

Brexit Blues

Brexit Blues

A shortage of staff.

                We’ve driven them away.

Cut all the standards.

                Robbed them of their pay.

They’re still in denial

                As Brexit takes it’s toll.

The economy’s shrinking.

                We’re digging a black hole.

Can’t get the workers.

                Haven’t got the skills.

There’s no raw products.

                Hit with soaring bills.

They tell us it’s global forces,

                We’ll soon be in Brexit heaven.

But there’s no sunny uplands.

                Worst in the G7!

The cost of living

                Has gone through the roof.

How much misery

                Before you have the proof?

Is it worth all this poverty

                To take back control?

They promised us the earth

                Now we’re buried in the hole!

Opher – 11.11.2022

Project Fear turns out to be Project Reality!! We should have done what parliament was urging – to compromise!

We should have left the EU and stayed in the Customs Union and Single Market!

Johnson, Gove, Farage, May and the rabid loony ERG forced us to shoot ourselves in the head.

Now our economy is freefall. After twelve years of Tory cuts and austerity, during which they’ve been breeding millionaires and billionaires like maggots, we are rewarded with another decade of cuts and austerity.

Nothing is working.

Poverty, food banks, warm hubs, closures, shortages, low pay, strikes, cardboard cities, homelessness, freezing pensioners, crime, lack of care and support, education in crisis and Tory millionaires.

The huge amount of money squandered, wasted and doled out to Tory donors through VIP lanes – £37 billion on a test and trace system that never worked, tory contracts for useless PPE, £40 Billion lost in handouts. What a shambles.

But people like Rees-Mogg have made millions out of it.

Cameron, Osborne, Johnson and Farage are making millions.

Even Hancock, in the jungle, is not freezing to death!!

Look out your back door! (A poem from my new poetry book ‘Broken Britain’ – Out Soon!)

Look out your back door!

Hey! Look out the back door!

                Can you see the start of a nuclear war?

Thousands of missiles darkening the skies?

                A future lost to greed, brinkmanship and lies?

Or is that a dark cloud or flock of crows?

                Only Putin knows!

In a world of madness

                The unthinkable becomes real.

                                An inevitable path

                                                That started with the invention of the wheel.

Flawed human behaviour

                Creates a world of pain.

                                A bunch of mutated psychotic apes

                                                With an endless pursuit of gain.

A tsunami of madness.

Never learning from history.

                Rational behaviour

                                Still a mystery.

Hey! Look out your back door!

                Is that the start of a nuclear war?

Opher 3.10.2022

When I look back through the history of ALL mankind all I see is violence, greed, exploitation and abuse.

Nothing changes.

Everywhere we go we destroy, kill, maim and torture.

The world is full of castles, fortresses and torture chambers.

We pervert every scientific invention to create weapons of destruction.

In the terrible destruction of Ukraine, we find mass graves, wanton killing, torture chambers and terror.

Why am I not surprised?

This is the species that thought baiting bears, bull baiting, Badger baiting, ripping live animals to pieces, dog fights and cock fights were family entertainment.

We are a sick species.

Reality is Death

Reality is Death

Stability is the illusion.

Reality is transience.

Mud and blood

Banishing all innocence.

On the battlefields

                The innocent are sacrificed.

In games of power

                Nothing less will suffice.

Brick and mortar made of dirt,

                Built to the sky with sweat.

Missiles and bombs

                Pulverise with threats.

A world run by madness;

                The chaos of war,

Leaves one wondering

                What civilisation is for.

Opher – 27.3.2022

We have been the lucky generation – living our days in peace and stability. It felt as if the world was safe; that we were getting better. How easily that security was undone.

We are never secure.

The world is a dangerous place. We are the most dangerous element of all.

History is littered with our madness, lust for power and greed.

So much is destroyed in an endless cycle of violence.

We build our cities up. We knock them down and rebuild.

What a waste.

So much money that could have been used to create, to improve, to make lives better, to make the world better. Instead we go through this endless cycle of barbarity!

Rubble to Rubble

Rubble to Rubble

Rubble to rubble,

Dust to dust,

Nothing survives,

Especially the just.

When the man decides

To clench his fist

It becomes impossible

To resist.

Rubble and dust

Rubble and dust.

The whole world runs on greed and lust.

A game of power;

Flex of meat;

Callously cruel;

Shrapnel and heat

Putin’s gamble;

Existential threat;

Where’s it going?

Place your bet!!

Rubble and dust

Rubble and dust.

The whole world runs on greed and lust.

Opher 5.3.2022

Power is corruption.

Putin lives in his palace with full control of millions. His generals quake before him. The Czars of the past would have recognised him as one of theirs.

Yet power and greed have no limits.

Paranoia builds.

There is always a threat. Lots of similar psychotic minds want what he has.

Do not fool yourself that it is any different where you live. Trump, Johnson, Modi or Erdogan, Bolsonaro or Macron; they are part of the same elite, tools and puppets with power.

Power corrupts.

They want more!!



Energy is the only exchange,

                Art the only purpose.

Symbols trap reality

                Perception changes

                                Senses evolve

We learn to understand.


The enemy.


A down payment

                For a better future.

Opher – 7.2021

Living together in harmony with each other and the world, creatively, is the best we can hope for.

Lost in Plain Sight

Lost in Plain Sight

All culture at the touch of a button;

All the world available;

Every idea accessible;

Swamped with trivia,

Hidden within the mundane

Disguised with untruths –

Lost in plain sight.

Opher – 7.12.2021

In this age of the internet we are swamped with knowledge. Every dream, thought and idea is available. The accumulated wisdom of humanity is there for us all.

Every culture, every book, every great life.

Yet it seems that all people need are cute kittens and porn.

It’s what I do

It’s what I do

I reach down inside

                To find what I believe

To put into the words

                My lungs can breathe.

When I get it right

                The emotions well inside

Give it everything

                With nothing denied.

I don’t care if you get it

                It’s not about you.

It’s about what I think

                About what I do.

It might be pointless,

                Useless, completely askew

                                As long as it’s me

                                                It’s absolutely true.

Opher 3.12.2012

I was merely musing about the futility of writing poetry.

Toxic Times

Toxic Times


Opher Goodwin


It is March 2022 and I’m sitting in my study writing this. We are two years into the Covid Pandemic, over two years into Brexit and a couple of weeks into Putin’s invasion of the Ukraine. We have a useless self-serving clown in charge of a crime syndicate that is presently running the country.

It appears that the Russians have orchestrated the Brexit referendum vote as well as the election of Trump and Johnson. They are financing the Tory Party.

Incompetence, corruption and sleaze are the hallmarks of this greedy bunch of nationalist extremists who masquerade as Tories but are nothing more that self-serving populists.

Brexit is an utter mess. (Just as predicted and labelled ‘Project Fear’) it is fuelling the break-up of the UK and costing us around £32 billion a year. Pretty catastrophic. Worse than that it has replaced cooperation with competition, replaced freedom with red-tape and removed a raft of rights and freedoms.

Wresting back control has put power in the hands of a bunch of arrogant Eton schoolboys! They are giving billions away to their chums while slashing public services and hammering the poor. They call it levelling up. The up refers to the direction the cash is flowing.

The inept way this bunch of idiots has handled covid is responsible for tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths coupled with a massive hit to the economy. Their friends have made billions out of this catastrophe.

On top of that we have double jobs, double standards, law-breaking, illegal lobbying, lies and cynical control of the media. The level of sleaze and corruption has reached unprecedented levels.

The BBC is under threat, the NHS privatised by stealth, all public services cut to the bone, the police and military run into the ground, education made into an exam factory and the public duped and lied to.

Opposition to this bunch of profiteers will soon be illegal.

Leadership is invisible. When not hiding in fridges it is dressing up in some silly cos-drama coupled with selected soundbites, or rare readings from autocues. All scrutiny is removed. All accountability avoided.

Everything is brushed under the carpet.

We have silly lying platitudes handed out – ‘Got Brexit done!’ and ‘Got Covid done!’ as if these were triumphs instead of disasters. It’s all very Orwellian – yet a segment of the population are gullible enough to fall for these lies.

Then we have the war!! NATO is threatening to move to the borders of Russia and Putin wants to rebuild the USSR. The horrendous invasion of Ukraine is a diabolical work of madness.

We are threatened with war throughout Europe. The spectre of nuclear holocaust is waved before our eyes. The Ukraine is to be sacrificed as the sacrificial lamb but weapons are being poured in to fuel a proxy war that will deplete the Russian economy and morale.

This cold war is heading for a culmination.

Hundreds of billions of pounds is wasted blowing cities into rubble and killing helpless citizens. New generations are traumatised as minds and bodies are blown apart.

Will Putin survive? Will Russia survive?

The world changed.

Global warming is causing floods, droughts, extreme weather and environmental disaster. It threatens mass migration, starvation and huge global changes  – an existential threat that is beyond anything we have yet envisaged.

Then we have the fascism of Trump, conspiracy and QAnon, ignorance, populism, stupidity, threat of civil war, hatred, fear and political extremes.

Welcome to the 21st Century. This is the backdrop to this collection of ‘Poems’.

I hope you ‘enjoy’ them.

Opher – 5.3.2022