9/11 and the rise of the Right! A view.

There has always been a minority of racist right-wing fascists. They are the ones who scream about racial purity, white power and want to drive out all immigrants and people who aren’t like them. They like violence and appearing strong.

This obnoxious group of nationalists are usually kept in check by sane people – people who are tolerant and caring.

Then came 9/11 and the fear of terrorism, coupled with mass immigration.

Overpopulation, oppressive tyranny, war and climate change were conspiring to make regions of the world untenable. There were too many young people and too little work. Couple that with climate change and we have a recipe for disaster.

Wars in the Middle East have fostered hatred.

Droughts and heatwaves were driving people out of various regions.

Desperate people wanted to escape to a land of opportunity.

Fanatical religion, like extreme Islam, was able to harness the hate, the fear and the desperation. They unleashed a string of terrorist acts and tried to disrupt and destabilise the West (calling for a jihad against the oppressive crusaders – making it a holy war).

The fear of terrorism coupled with mass immigration fueled the rise of right-wing attitudes. There was a big rise in nationalism, isolationism, fascism, racism and xenophobia.

It was manna to populist leaders. They worked on this seam of fear and created more fear, more hate and division.

The immigrants desperate to escape terrible conditions in their own countries were looking for a chance. They were portrayed as rabid rapists, drug dealers, terrorists and murderers. They were coming in to take our jobs, rape our women and take over our country. They were bringing their vile customs and religions. They had to be stopped.

All around the world we saw fanatical extremists – ISIS, A Qaeda, Boko Haram, and the Taliban. There was a clash of cultures. We were at war.

The populist leaders – Trump, Bolsonaro, Johnson, Erdogan, Modi, and Orban, promised easy solutions. We would build walls, use military might and threats, look after our own and leave the world to it.

You don’t beat fascism and fanaticism with violence.

Violence breeds hate

Hate breeds more violence.

Fascism needs defeating.

Populism, nationalism and intolerance is no answer. It produces nasty totalitarian states the like of which Trump, Bolsonaro, Johnson and the rest are building. It inflames division, creates more hate and violence.

We need a better answer.

We need to smash right-wing fascism – but not with violence.

Instead of looking at the product we need to address the cause!

What is causing the wave of mass immigration? What is fueling the rise of religious fanaticism?

It is overpopulation, changing climate, lack of opportunity, war and tyranny.

Those are the issues that require addressing and they cannot be addressed by building walls, separating ourselves off and delivering threats. They have to be dealt with globally by cooperation, planning and the intelligent application of solutions.

  1. Address climate change
  2. Provide economic stability
  3. End wars
  4. Educate the world
  5. Reduce populations

If people are employed, with a stable future, enough resources and no threats, they do not need to migrate and are not motivated to join fanatical groups.

You defeat fascism by the application of compassion and intelligence.

This blog kills fascism!!

Poetry – The Answer

The Answer

Answering grievances with bombs –

Settling scores.

Defending beliefs with guns –

Instead of love.

Proving points with power,

Threats and murder.

Dividing and demeaning,

Fighting and hating,

Despising and killing,

Controlling and enforcing,

Instead of arguing our case

And allowing others to weigh it up

For themselves –

Demanding, destroying and subjugating –

In a merry-go-round

Of politics,




And economic greed

Where war is always the answer.

Opher 30.10.2016

The Answer

There are rare occasions where war is the only answer – when an evil is too great to ignore. But those times are few and far between.

Wouldn’t it be better if people talked about their dreams and beliefs, argued their case and, no matter how strongly they felt, were able to accept and get along with those whose views are different?

Yet this seems not to be the case.

Politics and religion stir up division and hatred and unleash war and violence. People are forced to comply.

War is a terrible thing. It invariably stirs up more hatred. It makes matters worse.

It is not necessary that all people agree or believe in the same thing. How many religions, professing love, peace and harmony, seek war or strictly enforced customs, to enforce their views on anyone who doubts their validity? How many countries seek to increase their power or gain wealth through war and stoke up racism, division, fear, hatred and nationalism as an excuse?

Nationalism and Flag Waving – Arundhati Roy

I agree with Arundhati. I find it very worrying.

Life has taught me that there are good and bad people everywhere and no nation is exempt from bad actions. Every nation has good and bad things.

People are people. One world: One people.

I prefer to have a flag for the whole planet – including all life!!

Today’s Music to keep me SsssSAAAAannnnNEeeE in Isolation – Bob Marley – Rastaman Vibration

I need a bit of rastaman vibration to fill me with a bit of energy!! This album is my favourite Marley album. War is one of the very best tracks!!

Today I’m going to get laid back with a bit of roots music!! I feel like dancing!! Roots Rock Reggae!!!

Bob Marley – Rastaman Vibration 1976 Full Album – YouTube

Saigon – The War Museum

It was a very saddening experience to visit the war museum in Saigon. Apart from the captured American equipment there were graphic photos of the effects of the war – children born with terrible deformities due to Agent Orange, horrendous burns from napalm. Then there were the iconic photographs, nearly all of which I remembered clearly. There were a whole series of antiwar posters.

It was well worth a visit to show the brutality and futility of war.

The mighty USA dropped over three times the tonnage of bombs on Vietnam than were dropped in the whole of World War Two. They defoliated millions of acres of jungle with poisonous Agent Orange. They poured in men and equipment against a poorly armed opposition. They lost.

There has to be better ways of dealing with differences.

Poetry – The British Empire

The British Empire

From the shores of this small island,

Reaching out with armies to embrace the whole world,

From the Falklands, through the USA, Canada, the Caribbean,

Africa, India, China, Indonesia, and the Philippines

to Australia and New Zealand,

Great Britain ruled.

The greatest Empire the world has ever seen.

The tentacles of that empire

Probed, exploited, subjugated and menaced.

Its power was extent.

It sent forth its mighty navy.

It invaded, deposed and laid claim.

It deployed its superiority and arrogance

Through its technology and attitude.

A sense of privilege and worth,

It conquered,

Divided and ruled.

With armies of bureaucrats it controlled.

It plundered the world

Bringing back the spoils

To build its stately homes,

To finance its servants and lavish lifestyle,

With fashion, banquets and balls.

To finance its great armies

And maintain its domination.

Yet little, if any, of this vast plunder

Was wasted on the populace of Great Britain.

The public were sentenced to poverty,

Gruelling labour in field and factory,

A life of penury with great penalty

And heartless application

Should they rebel,

Or question their position.

For we were the cannon fodder,

Worthless, expendable,

Without a vote,

No power and no hope.

Brainwashed in schools

To worship mighty God,

King and country

And wave our union jacks on Empire day.

The Empire was a product of the elite,

For the benefit of the elite.

While we, the people, were exploited

As heartlessly as any slaves.

The British Empire

Swaddled the world in pink.

It should have been red –

Red with the blood

The blood of ordinary folk,

Of battlefields,

Of the whipped slaves in the sugar plantations!

Or at least blue with aristocratic blood,

The blue blood of arrogant rulers,

Of those who populated the Public Schools

And assumed superiority.

But it was pink.

The delicate feminine colour

Of charm and romance.

A disguise

For a sinister vehicle of oppression,

Within and without.

All Empires crumble.

But the same privileged elite

Maintain their position,

Deploy their power

And still reign supreme.

Opher – 29.12.2020

Thus it is everywhere to this day. Just because the Empires are less obvious does not mean they do not exist or are not as ruthless. Privilege maintains privilege. Equality is a myth

Poetry – John Phillips – Remembrance

Another passionate poem from John Phillips straight out of Shorts and Shots.


Lest we forget, the politician said,

His suit of Savile Row, his poppy red

As blood, that bleeds a blood gorged century

Of wars and blatant inequality.

Lest we forget the promise and the lie;

A coming land for heroes was the cry

Which echoes vainly down the passing years

Of never ending conflict, toil and tears.

Lest we forget the myth of glories won.

Legends, by propaganda, darkly spun

To veil the truth, hide wars futility

Ignoring youth and human dignity.

Lest we forget the rank hypocrisy;

The falsehood which pretends Democracy,

Yet doffs its cap to peerage, wealth and fame,

To fuel and fire the politicians game.