We Have War

We Have War

We have love.

                We have art.

                                We have music,



                                And dance.

We have war.

There’s the spirit.

                There’s the sea,

                                The sun

                                                And nature’s


There’s war.

We have life,


                                Wonder and awe,

                                                Guiding us

                                                                To what life’s for.

Then we have war.

Opher – 31.3.2022

Mankind is capable of great things yet while we have war it all counts for nothing.

There is violence, there is hatred and there is war.

War negates everything.

We build things up, nurture and create and war reduces it to nothing.

Death, rape, trauma and agony. War and violence is the greatest flaw in our nature. It feeds on greed and the lust for power.



We fight for the land

For our families and freedom.

We fight for democracy

Against becoming a fiefdom.

We fight with fury

Resolute and determined

Never to be defeated;

Never undermined.

We have everything to lose

And everything to win.

It’s all or nothing

That’s what we’re risking.

This is existential!

There’s no room for compromise.

Putin can go fuck himself!

We’re through with all his lies!!

Opher – 7.3.2022

It is obvious that Putin has bitten off more than he can chew. Ukraine is not a pushover. They do not welcome Russians with open arms. They have taken up arms, constructed barricades, made Molotov cocktails and are preparing to fight to the death.

The troops have low morale, their forces bogged down, with generals being killed, tanks bogged down and planes shot out of the skies. All the Russians can do is lay siege and pound civilians with artillery and missiles from a distance. All the might of Russia is being shown up for what it is – bluster – a poorly trained ramshackle army with substandard equipment.

Kick out the War Criminals!!

Long Live Ukraine!!

No War!! No War!!

No War!! No War!!

No War!!  No War!!

There is no war!

                That’s fake news!

To say there is

                Is worth fifteen years!

No War!!  No War!!

Controlling the narrative,

                Suppressing dialogue,

This is the truth!

                Shout the puppeteers!

No War!!  No War!!

Putin’s in control.

                Tanks and troops

Are peace keepers.

                Have no fears.

No War!!  No War!!

Destruction is from

                Ukranian insurgents.

Russians bring chocolate and hope

                (death and tears)!!

No War!!  No War!!

Opher – 5.3.2022

He who controls the narrative controls the people. The news is being suppressed, the people oppressed.

Putin and his oligarchs walk off with the cash while the people live in tiny apartments and eat boiled cabbage.

Communism was meant to be about equality! About the people being in charge.

This form of totalitarianism coupled with extreme inequality and a ridiculously wealthy elite is about as far away from communism as you can get. This is repressive totalitarian control.

The people are on the street. The hierarchy is crumbling fast.

The rat is trapped – a victim of his own greed and paranoia.



Penetrating brains

                Tiny tendrils

                                Of invisible roots.

Establishing a network

                Of fear

                                To be set in concrete;

A mesh of terror


                                Into circuitry

A compacted image

                Of horror

                                That can never go away.

Every explosion,

                Every death,

                                Every word,

                                                Spurt of blood,

An electric shock

                Searing minds


Opher – 3.3.2022

Another generation traumatised by war. Images, thoughts and sounds locked inside minds, surfacing as vividly as in the instant they were formed.

War, the destroyer of sanity.



Wretchedly preparing for death

Arming themselves with Molotov Cocktails

Resigning themselves to horror

Wrestling land from the hands of patriots

Acting as brutal occupying forces

Rolling tanks across other peoples’ land

Welcoming invaders with fury

Attacking them with blind hate

Repelling advances with unleashed passion

Wondering why they were being lied to

Aghast at the reactions of the defenders

Reeling from the ferocity of the response

Wholeheartedly determined to fight or die

Aggressively throwing themselves into action

Raging with incandescent fury

Waging war with the lies of Putin

An army of confused conscripts

Reluctant to attack their friends

Opher 2.3.2022

There is nothing positive anyone can say about war.

The loss of life, destroyed lives, losses, injury, the permanent trauma, environmental catastrophe and cost.

War is run by madmen for power, for gain.

Everyone pays the price.

Those who wage war are monsters!!!

Body Bags

Body Bags

Hundreds of body bags loaded onto planes;

                Billions of roubles explode;

Thousands of families tear apart their brains;

Psychotic masters unload.

Greed and power distort their world view

                As paranoia bites deep.

The dead are just numbers

                It won’t disturb their sleep.

Two million years of evolution

                And still we’re insane.

Five thousand years of civilisation

                Blown down the drain.

They sit inside their war room

                Plotting their games.

Throwing everlasting gloom

                As they stake their claims.

These are the madmen

                That we place in power –

Psychotic sad men

                Who turn the whole world sour!

As the body bags pile up

                We never seem to learn.

Sipping from the devil’s cup

                We watch the world burn.

Opher – 26.2.2022

It’s our own fault. We support this warmongering system. We place these narcissists, psychopaths and sociopaths in place. We demand action. We like ‘strong men’. We see things in black and white. We always think it is good to be strong.

We have a love of fascism.

We elect he likes of Trump, Bolsonaro, Putin and Johnson.

We like violence.

It’s time we really became civilised and stopped being primitive apes. It’s time we elected sane people!!

Ruining Tomorrow

Ruining Tomorrow

Taking land

                With blood and terror

Tanks and missiles

                Putin’s error.

World watches

                Disbelief and horror

Destroying today

                Ruining tomorrow!

Opher 25.2.2022

Will the world all come together to condemn this horror or will certain nations just shake their heads or watch with glee?

Is violence and terror always going to be a part of humanity’s repertoire? Are we just cruel and psychotic?

Build Them Up

Build Them Up

Build them up

                Knock them down

Village, city

                House and town

Human beings

                Primitive apes

Psychotic minds

                No escapes

Huge expense

                Complete waste

Madness reigns

                Dangers faced

Shells fired

                Bombs dropped

Bullets fly

                Insults swapped

Lies spoken

                Power struggle

Lives lost

                Families broken

Build them up

                Knock them down

Village, city

                House and town

Opher 22.2.2022

There is a major flaw in human nature. We are forever at war. We always think it’s the easy solution. We have to assert ourselves violently.

We elect belligerent leaders.

We like inflicting pain.

We think violence is alright.

Periodically we destroy each other and ourselves.

Just think what a world we could build if all the money spent on this endless war machine was spent on education and eradicating poverty. Just think.

This is madness.

There is no excuse.

This is really madness.

We build things up and we destroy them.

We terrify each other and traumatise generations.

There can be no excuse.

It is madness.




                Madness of man


                Cycle of ruin


                Fire in the pan


                Trouble brewing


                Political chess


                People as pawns


                Terrible mess


                Locking horns


                Destruction, death


                Terror, horror


                Hell’s breath


                Steals tomorrow

Opher 22.2.2022

As we move to war in Ukraine we have to question the sanity of all mankind.

Greed, lust for power and this craving for violence permeate our being.

Civilisation??? A great idea!! Still a long way off.