Trumpists and Religious Nutcases – Selfishness.

There is a big selfish movement around – centred around this populist movement.

It is evil.

It is fanatical.

It is extreme.

It is selfish.

It is egocentric.

It is aggressive and violent.

It wishes to impose it’s own view on others.

You shall all think like me, believe in what I believe and act how I want you to act.

I want my freedom.

I don’t care how that impacts on you.

I want my guns.

I want to intimidate.

I want rid of abortion.

I believe in Jesus so you must.

I am pro-life – against abortion – but I reserve the right to kill you with my gun.

You have no rights if you don’t think like me.

Poetry – Who are they?

Who are they?

They’re carving up the world

For economic gain.

Creating war and havoc

Bribing those who reign.

Putting in their puppets

Who give them all the cash

Bolstering their power

With crops and burn and slash.

Opher 28.10.2018

There’s a game being played. They create countries out of lines on maps and put in leaders who will toe the line.

All that matters is money and power.

They are carving up the world.

Poetry – There’s Enough

There’s Enough

There’s enough

For me and you

To share

If we are fair.

There’s no need

To grab too much –

To snare

More than our share

For if we truly care

And help our fellow men

And nature too

They’ll be more than enough

For me and you.


There’s Enough

I yearn for fairness and equality, an end to arrogance and selfishness.

I crave a better world where a tiny minority are not exploiting everyone to cream off more than they can ever be worth.

I want a world built on sanity where nature is protected, where everything is not up for grabs and run for profit.

I want a happy world.

There’s enough for us all and nature if we only learn to do it better.

There’s nowhere near enough if we continue to destroy it all with impunity. We will destroy ourselves.

Littering – Disgusting slobs!

I really do not know what has gone wrong with people.

John Peachey sent this through to me :

I dunno. I just don’t get this leaving rubbish behind. We don’t deserve to be let out.
Covid: ‘Frightening’ scenes prompt Nottingham park closures – BBC News

The pictures are shocking. But it’s not just Nottingham. On my walks in the countryside we find fly-tipping, dog-pooh bags and litter everywhere. People drive up to a beautiful spot. Eat their lunch and dump the rubbish out of the car.

Has something happened during lockdown? Have people lost all their senses? Don’t they care? Have they become selfish slobs? It’s disgusting!!

Poetry – There’s room enough

There’s room enough

There’s room enough

On this Ark,

As long as the landlord

Does not clog up the place

With progeny.

There’s room enough

For all of life,

Unless the tenant

Fills the rooms

With loot.

There’s room enough

For all to breathe

And blossom,

Unless the director

Feels there’s

Profit to be made.

Opher 14.4.2016

There’s room enough

There should be room enough for every type of life to live. There should be more than enough space for all of life’s profusion.

The planet is not huge but it is large enough. It used to be sufficient.

It no longer fits the bill.

It is a rock flying through space. It is alone and self-contained. It has sun, water and atmosphere. There is warmth and light enough for life.

This is our Ark.

We are all on the same boat. There is enough to go around.

Except that one species wants it all.

Poetry – Suffering


Hanging on a rich man’s whim


In a tide of economic madness


Of a future for the children


To find food for a family


To hold it together


Hanging on a rich man’s whim

Opher 18.1.2016


There are lots of things that seeminsane to me, things I simply cannot understand.

I cannot understand how we have created a system where so few people benefit and so many suffer.

I cannot understand how we remain so complacent in the wake of death, war and poverty, created in order to place powerful minorities in even more powerful positions and put all the wealth created in the pockets of the rich.

I cannot understand how we remain gullible enough so that we remain distracted by complete dross, bought off with the promise that we can join them via a lottery ticket or hard work, or given sufficient to maintain a certain standard of living.

I cannot understand how the rich and powerful manage to suppress their consciences when they are responsible for the suffering of billions.

I cannot understand why we do not create a global system to ensure equality, stop wars and totalitarian systems, stop fundamentalism, protect the environment and put an end to the needless slaughter of wild-life and pollution and environmental destruction.

It is not beyond our intelligence to create something that would work!

This relentless machine is churning up the planet for the benefit of a psychotic few.

Just think of our potential?


If you can just imagine for one minute the potential of human beings. If we were for once able to put aside the hatred, greed, selfishness, religious and political fanaticism, racism, and arrogance and pool our mental resources to deal with the world’s problems we could solve anything.

World Population crisis.


Religious conflict.


Third World exploitation.

Clash of political ideology.

Environmental devastation.

Energy crisis.

Limited resources.

There’s not a single thing that there isn’t a solution to. All it takes is the will, the financial resources, political will and unity.

I put my faith in the United Nations charter of Human Rights. If we do not start to think globally then we have no hope.

My greatest sorrow is for the billions of animals that we are decimating on a daily basis. We are butchering these wild animals for food, destroying their habitat, taking over their territory, eating their food, shooting them for pleasure and leaving them nowhere to go. I fear we are at a cross-roads. If we do not start to address the issues right now it will be too late for so many of them. I personally do not want to live on a world where we are responsible for mass extinction. It’s too horrible to contemplate.

Help form a positive zeitgeist. Help put it right before it is too late!

I believe we can make a difference.