Poetry – A Member of the Elite

A Member of the Elite

As a member of the elite

I have to play the game.

I have to wear the uniform

Speak the right words

And never feel the shame.

My life’s a façade

Hiding what’s underneath

A charade

A shield of wealth and power

That is our one belief.

Haughty manner

Springing from superiority.

Looking down

At minions

The spawn of the majority.

I am of the elite.

Born into privilege.

Master of the multitudes

From every dirty village.

Of life’s finer things

I always have a surfeit,

It is just what we deserve

Because I know we’re worth it!

Opher – 23.1.2021

I detest that advert that asserts that we are worth it.

There are a whole privileged class who have every opportunity, a life of ease, an easy path, networking, the old boy network and wealth.

They can buy what they like.

They use their privilege to enable their sons and daughters to prosper while disdainfully keeping the hoi-polloi in their place.

Their wealth is incalculable.

They exploit, control and are happy to see poverty and destitution.

The poor are where they deserve to be.

The wealthy are assured of their own superiority and worth.

Poetry – The Price of Everything

The Price of Everything

Everything has a price –

From a pen to a kidney;

From a baby to a new knee.

If you have the money

You can buy anything –

From a woman to a gold ring;

From a tree to a bird’s wing.

You can buy the land,

The water – even blood.

From a book to a life;

A trinket to a wife.

You can purchase an elephant

Or an elegant diamond stud.

Everything has a price –

From a new heart to a glove;

From a pin to simulation of love.

With enough cash

You can buy everything.

You can set out a new city

Lay it out and plane it.

The one thing you can’t afford

Is a new planet.

Opher – 23.1.2021

We are bought and sold.

Nothing is sacred.

There is nothing that cannot be bought.

The rarer something is the greater its price.

The last elephant tusk will be bought and sold.

Your daughters have a price.

Your life is cheap.

We consume and consume. There is no limit, no rationale, no control.

We consume our souls, our world and every creature and living organism around us.

We are on a sealed unit hurtling through space.

There is no life-raft.

We are buying and selling the very thing we depend on to stay afloat.

We cannot buy another.

Once it’s gone it’s gone.

Tory arrogance and xenophobia all rolled into one.

Thanks John Peachey for sending this through. It is staggering in it’s stupidity. The minister for education?? Is this the racist arrogance we want to teach our kids – complete with smug unfounded superiority?


Poetry – Embarrassment


You make the whole country embarrassed

With your arrogant stupidity.

You’ve placed the whole process of democracy

In great jeopardy.

Your lust for power

Is obscene.

The nastiest fool

The world has seen.

Why don’t you just grow up?

Opher – 11.11.2020

Refusal to accept reality. Making false claims and stirring up conspiracy. Trump is threatening the whole of democracy.

He is a disgusting example of power-madness, paranoia and duplicity.

How much damage can one man cause???

Send in the marines!!

Poetry – Hardly Started

Hardly Started

We’ve hardly started

Yet we’re already near the end.

In no time at all

We’ve overrun the planet

With numbers out of control

We’re setting a vile trend.

We’ve set the world alight

And are continuing to fan it.

Opher – 4.11.2020

It looks like we could take ourselves out. We are a new species with a spectacular rise in numbers. We think we are so clever we set ourselves apart from all other life, put ourselves on a pedestal.

We’re in danger of knocking ourselves off (and take everything else with us).

When more intelligent creatures, in some future time, come to look at our legacy, they’ll find a layer of rock rich with our bones along with a dearth of other forms of life. We will have killed them all off.

They will see humans as just another monkey.

Our arrogance and greed will be our downfall.