Medieval Morality

Medieval Morality

Fear of death

                Wonder and awe

Left us wondering

                What it was for.

We sought

                An answer

Around which

                We could concur.

We invented

                Gods and faith

Rules and religion

                To make us feel safe.

Now we’re prisoners

                Inside our concoction

Raging and dividing

                In full execution.

Victims of medieval


Preventing us exploring

                What might be.

Opher – 25.6.2022

Back in the dark depths of history we invented religions. Driven by a desire to understand we sought explanations.

Over time they became rigid dogma that chained us and prevented us accepting the new.

There had to be no change or evolution.

The dogma is a prison of our own making.

Periodically the zealots and fanatics want to drag us back to the Dark Ages.

Take away women’s rights, put them in robes, hidden behind veils. Lock them away.

Misogynistic religions blame women for the faults of men. They must be made to suffer.

Every Big Dog Has his Day!!

The Party is over!!

Hopefully, the whole Tory Party is over!! They have clearly shown themselves to be a bunch of incompetent, self-serving, lying twats!!

This is the party that was formed by the wealthy to look after the interests of the wealthy (at the expense of the rest of us). That is precisely what they have done!!

Now they have been taken over by a bunch of extreme toxic nationalist populists and have become a danger to themselves as well as the rest of us!!

Operation ‘Save The Big Dog’ will sink the lot of them!! He’s a complete clown and they are all tarnished with his lying and corruption. With a bit of luck they’ll never get elected again!!

One thing is certain – this corrupt liar has had his day!!

Sex and the Taliban

It looks and sounds to me as if a big part of the Taliban motivation is sex.

Young men are buying in to the whole vision on offer. They are being offered ‘wives’ and sex slaves now with the promise of an endless supply of virgins for eternity. It’s all sex sex sex.

Looking at the pictures of the young Taliban fighters posing with their robes, headbands, beards and long hair appears very much like a love-in from a 60’s festival. The Kalashnikovs add that extra machismo. They are full of it. I am sure they appeal to a certain kind of girl. They have a kind of Che Guevara handsome charm – the daring, adventuring rebels

Too bad that the reality is one of extreme religious fanaticism, cruel violence and misogyny.

It was sickening to hear the fighters saying they will be forcibly taking young girls as ‘wives’ and hearing that they are talking about girls as young as twelve. Is paedophilia a hallmark of religious fanaticism?

It’s a very fucked up doctrine being sold here.

In a sexually repressed society where women are either invisible (locked away indoors) or dressed from head to foot in voluminous gowns and veils so that you don’t know if they’re fourteen or ninety; where women are unavailable; second-class ‘goods’ to be bartered, it creates a distorted sexuality.

Is sexual frustration the basis of the Taliban?

It is often the case (as seen with the preachers in the USA) that devout religious fanaticism goes hand in hand with extreme sexual perversion and excess. One only has to look at the likes of Jimmy Swaggart.

One can clearly see why the Taliban wouldn’t want women being educated or having responsible jobs. They might become too independent, too challenging; they might just start to question the strict Taliban philosophy and demand rights. They couldn’t be having that now could they! No. Much better to keep the women under their thumb, subservient and docile. Better to keep them as chattels to ‘use’ as they want.

Hence the misogyny, the violence, the demands for them to follow strict codes and be shackled. They don’t want equality; they want dominance!

They want women for sex – nothing more!

To a young man from a sexually repressed culture the idea of sex on tap and sex after death forever sounds like heaven.

There’s nothing fair, just or rational about it. As long as you keep empathy and compassion out of the equation it’s fine. Taliban culture is about self – nothing more!

The Taliban come from a culture of misogyny, repression and male dominance – and that’s just how they intend to keep it!

The Taliban equates with sex. That’s how it looks to me!

Why does Religion hate women so much??

Half the world’s population are female. They are every bit as intelligent as men. They are perhaps more sensitive, more caring than men. Why have they been demoted to second-class citizens in many countries?

In Afghanistan today the Taliban are already beginning to impose their loathsome misogynistic policies.

Women will no longer be educated;

No longer be able to walk out on the streets to meet their friends;

No longer be able to work;

They will be forced to dress in full body robes;

No longer able to listen to music;

They will be forcibly married to Taliban fighters;

No longer be able to blog, speak out, take part in leadership or politics;

They will be subservient to men, locked up indoors, abused and imprisoned!

This may be extreme but it is by no means the only examples.

Nowhere is immune to this misogyny. All around the world women have had to fight for the vote.

Women are restricted to menial jobs, segregated from men, treated with disdain, abused, restricted, discriminated against, and controlled by men.

One only has to look at the major religions and cultures – Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism have a long history of excluding women and demeaning them. Islam may be the worst but it is by no means the only misogynistic religion.

Misogyny is embedded in cultures throughout the world! We have become an obnoxious Patriarchal planet.

Violence Against Women! How to deal with it. Some thoughts. There are no easy answers.

First allow me to make some statements from the viewpoint of my beliefs.

All violence is wrong.

Violence against women is abominable and should be eradicated.

Most men are not violent.

The minority who are violent either have reasons for their violence (psychological damage, upbringing, street culture) or are rewarded for their behaviour.

We live in a sexualised society where women are demeaned through pornography (I have nothing against eroticism or graphic sexual imagery – sex is normal – but most pornography depicts women as sluts being bebased and abused).

Sexism is as bad as racism and leads to misogyny.

Women should be free to go where they like, wear what they like and act what they like without fear of violence, rape or murder.

Many men feel the same fear. They too are preyed on by these violent individuals.

Minority groups and gay men are also victimised.

How To Deal with this culture.

The main problem is that this attitude is firmly entrenched in most human societies.

In many parts of the world women are treated as second-class citizens, possessions or chattels. They are controlled by men, made to dress in certain ways, have FGM performed on them, have subservient roles, are kept from power and kept in the home performing menial tasks and producing babies.

Female education is a battle. Equality is a dream.

Even in liberated western countries there is little equality. Our CEOs, Politicians and Religious leaders are predominantly men. Women only recently were given the vote. Their status is still lower than that of men.

We still, as a culture, value macho male decisiveness and posturing over female intellect. Hence we elect macho fools with abusive misogynistic attitudes over sensible women and excuse their sexism and abuse of women. So Trump, Johnson, Bolsonaro, Erdogan and Modi are elected.

The performance of these macho men is lamentable – one only has to look at the pandemic and compare the death-rates with that of female leaders such as Jacinda Ardhern.

Yet still we take macho sexist arrogant males over sensible females.

I spent thirty-six years in education, including head of the pastoral system and as headteacher, attemping to eradicate bullying, sexism, racism and macho culture (with great success).

It is not easy and cannot be achieved by tagging on a few lessons into a crowded curriculum. It has to be a pervasive culture.

The trouble is that many boys come from backgrounds and cultures which are sexist and misogynistic. They are brought up without respect for women. Women must be masked, covered up, consigned to cooking, housework and babies, have no power, are segregated and given secondary roles. They already have a negative view of women and do not see them as equal. Many cultures – particularly the Abrahamic ones – Islam, Judaism and Christianity, subjugate women.

Many boys come from streets where if you do not fight and stand up for yourself you become bullied, beaten up and ostracised. Gang culture values macho posturing and misogyny.

Some females encourage misogyny. They call each other sluts. They bully and they deliberately incite violence against other women.

Macho boys are rewarded with respect from their peers for their ripped bodies and violent ways. They gain status from being tough, rough, violent and sexist.

Macho boys are rewarded with sex. It is the tough hardnuts who get the girlfriends and sex while the kind, considerate boys are considered geeks and given low status.

Time and again I have had to deal with violent incidents and watched videos of these tough kids beating someone to a pulp. Very often the incident was incited by a girl and has a bunch of baying girls demanding even greater violence.

Our justice system and policing are sexist. Girls who dress immodestly or get drunk are said to be asking for it and are not taken seriously. Girls who are walking alone at night or going through dangerous areas are considered foolhardy and asking for it. In rape cases, girls who are sexually active are considered almost as if they can’t be raped and it is no big deal.

How to deal with it.

I do not think it is as simple as education or even getting males to take responsibility. Most males do. Most males are victims of this macho culture themselves. They do not support sexism or misogyny but if they stand up against the macho minority they become victimised, labelled as weak and bullied.


  1. We educate boys not to be macho
  2. We change cultures that peripheralise or subjugate women
  3. We bring women into positions of power
  4. We educate girls not to support macho culture
  5. We eradicate bullying
  6. We stop electing macho leaders and start appreciating the ‘softer’ skills
  7. We eradicate violence
  8. We strongly penalise bullying in all forms and violence in all forms, racism, sexism and misogyny
  9. We update our policing and legal systems
  10. We create real equality

I really do not think this is easy to solve. I think that Trump and Brexit have given power to violent groups of macho fascists, racists and misogynists. It has put back the climate of racial and sexual harmony a few decades. We were making good progress but the condoning of Trump’s misogyny, Johnson’s philandering and the open racism that underlies both leaders is all part of the same problem.

Until we change our culture, systems and voting patterns we are stuck with endemic racism, sexism and misogyny. It comes from both the top and the bottom.

Time for radical change!!

There should be no place for violence against women!!

The American Election – some thoughts

What happens in America affects the whole world.

The establishment will still control everything whoever gets in, but that does not mean that nothing changes. These two candidates represent radically different views on many issues.

It seems to me that if Trump gets re-elected he will continue to:

trash the environment

pollute for profit

undermine science

undermine experts

promote neo-nazi groups

promote guns

reduce women’s rights

promote evangelical christianity

feather his own nest with tax evasion, nepotism and corruption

continue his war scapegoating immigrants and muslims

cosy up to tyrants

break ties with allies

continue his trade wars

interfere in other country’s politics

foster division and fuel hatred

empower racists, xenophobes, misogynists and white supremacists

and continue to lie

Biden may be old, and he may represent the establishment (just like Trump does) but he might just begin to heal the massive wound that is tearing America apart. The wound that Trump is deliberately ripping open for his own ends. He will bring back some Presidential decorum and raise the status of America from out of the sewer Trump has put it into.

That’s how it looks to me. What do you think?

Empowering Girls and Women Solves Problems

By empowering women we can solve a large number of problems.

Overpopulation is one of the biggest problems. It is causing the destruction of the planet. We need to get out population back under control and rein it back. When girls are educated and have a career fertility rates drop. We need to educate girls. So many cultures have a misogynist attitude towards women. They need challenging. Girls need educating and careers.

There is a wealth of talent that is not being exploited. All those brains, ideas and talents need channelling in order to make the world better.

We desperately need a feminine perspective around the world. Men are making a mess of it.