Poetry – It should be easy

It should be easy


It should be easy.

If we all work together –

There’s more than enough.


There’s plenty to go around

If we shared it reasonably.

It’s not too tough.


Some want too much.

They’d take it all

If they thought they could.


Not caring

About the damage they do

Like they really should.


It should be easy.

If we all work together –

There’s more than enough.


Opher – 8.8.2020



If it wasn’t for the greedy people the world could be a wonderful place.

There wouldn’t be any wars.

There would be no poverty.

The planet wouldn’t be wrecked.

Nature would be looked after.

If it weren’t for the greedy people.

Poetry – The machine – a poem about the world

Stanzas and Stances cover

The machine

The world is run by people who do not care. They do not care about the misery they create. They do not care if their profits are based on exploitation, starvation and despair. They do not care if their methods leave instability, war and chaos. They simply do not care.

All they care about if the bottom line, how to earn more and maximize their profits.

It helps if there is chaos. It helps if there is inequality. There is a market to exploit. Desperate people take lower wages. The powerful require protection. There are weapons to be sold.

These people provide the funds for our politicians. They own our media. They lobby the government. Without their support the politicians are unelectable. They control the system.

They control the money markets that are the blood our economies. Without their investment we become bankrupt.

The control the price of commodities and manipulate the markets without regard to the misery that might be created.

The world is run by a machine of faceless, uncaring, selfish, greedy men who are simply doing business.

There is enough to go around.

There is a better way of organizing the world.

It does not have to be like this.

We could solve all the problems and make it fairer.

But we are driven by the desire to be one of them.

The lottery is not a victimless crime.

The machine


There is a machine that grinds away day and night

Sucking our essence into its claws,

Equipped with clamps, suckers and syringes

To suck the life out of our pores.


It is an engine that never stops

That runs on control

Manned by faceless, nameless men

With selfish, greedy roles.


We are fed into its guts

Into an all-consuming void

That leeches all our dreams

Leaving mindless androids.


Somnambulistic dreams and phony fun,

To distract us from the truth,

That we are being milked and then confused

To disguise the living truth.


A processing plant

Of computerized precision

That saps all intent

And robs decision.


The world is run for profit

Without regard to pain or price,

As the short term interests are met

Putting up the cost of rice.


We may die in war or starve

In slums amongst the sewage and disease

But somewhere in a villa

The cause relaxes, smiles and is at ease.


Opher 25.11.2015

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Just think of our potential?


If you can just imagine for one minute the potential of human beings. If we were for once able to put aside the hatred, greed, selfishness, religious and political fanaticism, racism, and arrogance and pool our mental resources to deal with the world’s problems we could solve anything.

World Population crisis.


Religious conflict.


Third World exploitation.

Clash of political ideology.

Environmental devastation.

Energy crisis.

Limited resources.

There’s not a single thing that there isn’t a solution to. All it takes is the will, the financial resources, political will and unity.

I put my faith in the United Nations charter of Human Rights. If we do not start to think globally then we have no hope.

My greatest sorrow is for the billions of animals that we are decimating on a daily basis. We are butchering these wild animals for food, destroying their habitat, taking over their territory, eating their food, shooting them for pleasure and leaving them nowhere to go. I fear we are at a cross-roads. If we do not start to address the issues right now it will be too late for so many of them. I personally do not want to live on a world where we are responsible for mass extinction. It’s too horrible to contemplate.

Help form a positive zeitgeist. Help put it right before it is too late!

I believe we can make a difference.