The Liz Truss Plan for economic growth!

Give tens of billions to very rich people!

Tax cuts:

if you earn £20,000 you get a whacking £167 a year extra!

If you earn £200,000 you only get a mere £55,220 extra!

If you are on the bottom you get a 1% tax cut.

If you are at the top you receive a 5% tax cut.

Then you remove corporation tax increases so that the companies raking in the huge profits don’t have to pay.

Then you remove the cap on the bankers so that they can get even more multimillion-pound bonuses.

Strangely, the markets agree with me. They think that giving all this money to the wealthy won’t work. They’ll just stuff it away in the Cayman Islands and say thank you very much.

We drove the bankers and firms away with Brexit. Now we’re trying to bribe them to come back. No chance.

The markets saw this hugely expensive gamble as completely reckless.

The pound has dived.

The cost of borrowing has shot up to 4X as much.

What a great Tory mess!! How much more damage are this extreme right-wing bunch of Tory nutcases going to cause?? The ERG is breaking this country out of their own racism, xenophobia and greed. Many of them re prospering at our expense!!

Oh – and I nearly forgot – Stamp Duty! Now who do you think that is going to benefit most??

The whole sham of fairness and levelling up has gone out the window! It always was a chimera, a con-trick.

What we now have is true Toryism!! They take from the poor and give to the rich!!

Whatever you have

Whatever you have

Whatever you have

                Is never enough.

You can’t have

                                                Too much stuff.

Whatever you own

                Can never suffice           

                                Is never enough

                                                To fill the hole in your life.

You can own the world

                Rule everyone

                                But that’s not enough

Though everything’s better than none.

For you can never have enough

                Whatever the cost

                                Even if it means

                                                The whole future is lost.

Opher – 11.5.2021
Is it human nature? Is greed embedded in our psyche? Will that be the cause of the end of the world?

Welcome To Toryland, the home of Greed, lust for Power and Lies. GREED!!

They’ll con you with words and rob you blind. Toryland – greed rules! They’ve never had it so good! Cuts and austerity but not for the wealthy. Toryland. False jingoism and patriotic perversion disguises GREED. They are making a fortune while we suffer! GREED.

Labour surges ahead as Tory Lies and Corruption undermine democracy.

The council elections loom on Nov 5th (sure to be fireworks) as the government drags democracy and honour into the gutter. Trust has evaporated in all except the most ardently brainwashed.

Despite Starmer’s lack of charisma and the way he has hauled the party into the middle of the road to become watered-down Tories, Labour is now 6 points clear.

I receive the news with mixed emotions. Just about anything, short of the Ku Klux Klan, is an improvement on what must go down as the most inept, corrupt and dishonest government we have ever had. Even Starmer feels like a ray of hope.

Poetry – I Make War!!

I Make War!!

I fire bullets.

                I fire rockets.

                                I drop bombs.

                                                Lives in my pockets.

I plan wars.

                I give orders.

                                I send troops

                                                Across borders.

I kill children.

                I rape girls.

                                I destroy.

                                                The game unfurls.

I’m the leader,

                I make rules,

                                Setting targets

                                                For the fools.

I make love.

                I make law.

                                Power and greed.

                                                I make war!

Opher – 31.3.2022

Without the goons there would be no war. The tyrants make the rules and direct the troops. The mindless zombies carry out the wishes. They shoot, they rape and kill. The despots treat us like fools.

Poetry – Trumpville – where only one life matters

Trumpville – where only one life matters

Welcome to Trumpville

Where a black man’s life counts for little.

Welcome to the land

Where police dispense justice

With a trigger.

Welcome to the leader’s policy:

Sow fear,

Pour blame,

Stoke division

And soak up the power.

Opher – 2.9.2020

The arrogance and effrontery of Trump’s posturing – the sheer nerve of it.

He swears black is white. The lies pour forth and he just brushes it off when caught out, either ignoring the facts altogether or insisting he is right despite all the evidence to the contrary.

And the stupid thing is that so many people believe him.

We are in the age of fact melt-down.

Facts, statistics and the evidence of our own eyes count for nothing!

The propaganda machine pumping fake news through the internet is the only truth in the eyes of the sheep.

The billionaire Trump, master of the business deal, is fighting the Deep State on behalf of poor people.

Not the bankrupt, failed businessman, propped up by his Dad, in debt to his ears, a man of corrupt deals, tax evasion and illegal activities, is busy squirrelling away as much cash as he can get his paws on while using office to avoid the law.

Talk about crooked Hilary!

It’ll all come out in the wash!

State Looting!!

Looting is universal. Every country suffers from it. It is merely a question of degree. The UK is no exception.

State looting has come to the fore with the Russian situation. Communism was intended to replace a greedy elite, who lived in unbelievable opulence while the bulk of the country starved, with a fairer society. It failed miserably.

Russia merely replaced one elite with another. The new leadership, absolutely paranoid, set about creating a totalitarian state, stifling all opposition and killing millions.

With the collapse of the USSR the elite – Putin and his oligarchs – systematically, and callously, grabbed all the wealth. While the hundreds of oligarchs became billionaires and Putin and his political henchmen stuffed their foreign bank accounts and built mansions and palaces, the average Russian lived in poverty. One-third of Russians still have outside loos.

You could argue that in places like Africa and India it is worse. All the wealth is siphoned off. Corruption is rife. Politicians (on all levels) and government officials are in cahoots with businessmen and developers to rob ordinary citizens. Huge government schemes and international aid pours in and the money is merely directed straight into the bank accounts of the elite.

These people are so selfish and callous that the levels of poverty, starvation, death and misery they create is of no concern to them. They have their penthouses, their yachts and lavish lifestyles.

It’s no different in the UK. It’s just a different scale. The elite are siphoning off the wealth of the nation they merely allow us a higher standard of living to that of Russia and the Third World countries.

The principle is the same.

All over the world, and in the West, the establishment, the royalty, the aristocracy and wealthy elite are nothing more than bloated parasites with their mouthparts firmed glued into the arteries of the nation – busy sucking us dry.

They leave us just enough to stop us rebelling against the system – and we’re the lucky ones!!