The Sun Don’t Mind

The Sun Don’t Mind

There’s a war in Ukraine

                But the sun don’t mind.

Though millions starve

                It will continue to shine.

One day I’ll die

                But eternity won’t care.

My mind will cease,

                My atoms everywhere.

While we’re fed conspiracy

                The universe expands

Unaware of devastation

Oblivious to our plans.

Fleas on an elephant,

                A tear in the ocean.

Voyagers on a rock

                Living without a notion.

So big in our heads

                So tiny in reality.

An invisible flash

                In the uterus of infinity.

Opher – 25.6.2022

So important to bring things into perspective.

We take ourselves too seriously.

Yet our lives are important.

The wonder of life is quite unique.

We take so much for granted.

We are busy trashing paradise for a pocket full of baubles.

How can we give this life purpose?

Life Goes By

Life Goes By

Life goes by

                With us

                                Or without us

                                                Despite us

                                                                All around us

But for how long?

Just once

                On a bombarded rock

                                Dancing in the rain

                                                Wearing just one sock

A profound dunce capered.

Opher – 25.6.2022

It always seems amazing to me that on this tiny barren rock, in the middle of a vast ocean of stars, life began.

So much we don’t understand.

So much awe and wonder.

So many coincidences.

Instead of appreciating the stupendous circumstances that surround us we have to make up rigid fables and tie ourselves down.

Instead of respecting the wonders we are surrounded with we have to carelessly ignore them, destroy them and try to rule over them.

I can’t help thinking that we’re destined for a big fall.

Billy Bragg – There is Power in a Union

Where would we be without unions?? Without strong unions we’d still be on starvation wages with no health and safety. All that matters is profit. Workers are there to exploit. But there is power in a union!!

As we look towards a winter of discontent there has rarely been more need for powerful unions!!

The country is in crisis! They always tell us there is no money for the nurses, the teachers, the carers and the rest – BUT THERE IS!! It’s merely a question of where you get it from.

Do you take it from the tens of billions excess profits made by the oil and energy companies (money that we paid for at the petrol pumps and with our lighting and heating) or do we take from the low-paid workers like the nurses? Who is more deserving – the wealthy investors or the nurses we banged pots and pans for not long ago?

Brexit Blues

Brexit Blues

A shortage of staff.

                We’ve driven them away.

Cut all the standards.

                Robbed them of their pay.

They’re still in denial

                As Brexit takes it’s toll.

The economy’s shrinking.

                We’re digging a black hole.

Can’t get the workers.

                Haven’t got the skills.

There’s no raw products.

                Hit with soaring bills.

They tell us it’s global forces,

                We’ll soon be in Brexit heaven.

But there’s no sunny uplands.

                Worst in the G7!

The cost of living

                Has gone through the roof.

How much misery

                Before you have the proof?

Is it worth all this poverty

                To take back control?

They promised us the earth

                Now we’re buried in the hole!

Opher – 11.11.2022

Project Fear turns out to be Project Reality!! We should have done what parliament was urging – to compromise!

We should have left the EU and stayed in the Customs Union and Single Market!

Johnson, Gove, Farage, May and the rabid loony ERG forced us to shoot ourselves in the head.

Now our economy is freefall. After twelve years of Tory cuts and austerity, during which they’ve been breeding millionaires and billionaires like maggots, we are rewarded with another decade of cuts and austerity.

Nothing is working.

Poverty, food banks, warm hubs, closures, shortages, low pay, strikes, cardboard cities, homelessness, freezing pensioners, crime, lack of care and support, education in crisis and Tory millionaires.

The huge amount of money squandered, wasted and doled out to Tory donors through VIP lanes – £37 billion on a test and trace system that never worked, tory contracts for useless PPE, £40 Billion lost in handouts. What a shambles.

But people like Rees-Mogg have made millions out of it.

Cameron, Osborne, Johnson and Farage are making millions.

Even Hancock, in the jungle, is not freezing to death!!

The Choice for Truss!

The Tory Party look on in horror at what they have done. They voted Truss in and she revealed what they are all about in one crazed swoop – naked greed.

She was so arrogant that she thought she could do anything. Egged on by the rabid ultra-rich Tory membership she revealed their hand. The Party of the Rich were planning to give even more to the rich. But it was too blatant. This is what they have stealthily been doing forever but Truss didn’t even bother to cover it up!

The markets turned.

Seizing back control seems to mean giving control to billionaires from abroad.

She’s a monstrous liability. But they are stuck. If they try to kick her out she could force a vote of no confidence and trigger a general election and they’d all lose their seats! On the other hand, the pressure is mounting and she might crack.

Once upon a time (a poem from my new poetry book ‘Broken Britain’ – Out Soon!)

Once upon a time

Once upon a time

                There was a mutation in an ape;

                                A tiny change in sequences

                                                Leading to murder and rape.

On a beautiful planet

                With a myriad of life

                                The arrogant apes are kings

                                                Creating kingdoms full of strife.

Inventing gun and bombs

                To protect their ivory towers

                                They set about subjugating

                                                All beneath their power.

They thought they were above

                All other animals

                                By building torture chambers

                                                Safe behind castle walls.

Such a small mutation

                In a strand of DNA

                                Is now threatening all life

                                                With a burst of gamma ray.

Opher 2.10.2022

It feels as if there are always two forces at play in human nature: the side that is for creating, helping and building and the side that is for violence, destruction and death.

The planet is either heading for a slow decay into polluted ruin or a fast meltdown into a nuclear pit.

Everything is run by greed and the lust for power. The world is soaked in fear and hate.

We’ve created religion and politics and use both to destroy each other.

What hope is there for these psychotic apes. On a positive thought – the planet will eventually recover from our brief custodianship. It might take a few million years, a lot of mutations, but evolution will plug the many holes we’ve created!

Life will prevail!

Look out your back door! (A poem from my new poetry book ‘Broken Britain’ – Out Soon!)

Look out your back door!

Hey! Look out the back door!

                Can you see the start of a nuclear war?

Thousands of missiles darkening the skies?

                A future lost to greed, brinkmanship and lies?

Or is that a dark cloud or flock of crows?

                Only Putin knows!

In a world of madness

                The unthinkable becomes real.

                                An inevitable path

                                                That started with the invention of the wheel.

Flawed human behaviour

                Creates a world of pain.

                                A bunch of mutated psychotic apes

                                                With an endless pursuit of gain.

A tsunami of madness.

Never learning from history.

                Rational behaviour

                                Still a mystery.

Hey! Look out your back door!

                Is that the start of a nuclear war?

Opher 3.10.2022

When I look back through the history of ALL mankind all I see is violence, greed, exploitation and abuse.

Nothing changes.

Everywhere we go we destroy, kill, maim and torture.

The world is full of castles, fortresses and torture chambers.

We pervert every scientific invention to create weapons of destruction.

In the terrible destruction of Ukraine, we find mass graves, wanton killing, torture chambers and terror.

Why am I not surprised?

This is the species that thought baiting bears, bull baiting, Badger baiting, ripping live animals to pieces, dog fights and cock fights were family entertainment.

We are a sick species.

Rubble to Rubble

Rubble to Rubble

Rubble to rubble,

Dust to dust,

Nothing survives,

Especially the just.

When the man decides

To clench his fist

It becomes impossible

To resist.

Rubble and dust

Rubble and dust.

The whole world runs on greed and lust.

A game of power;

Flex of meat;

Callously cruel;

Shrapnel and heat

Putin’s gamble;

Existential threat;

Where’s it going?

Place your bet!!

Rubble and dust

Rubble and dust.

The whole world runs on greed and lust.

Opher 5.3.2022

Power is corruption.

Putin lives in his palace with full control of millions. His generals quake before him. The Czars of the past would have recognised him as one of theirs.

Yet power and greed have no limits.

Paranoia builds.

There is always a threat. Lots of similar psychotic minds want what he has.

Do not fool yourself that it is any different where you live. Trump, Johnson, Modi or Erdogan, Bolsonaro or Macron; they are part of the same elite, tools and puppets with power.

Power corrupts.

They want more!!