Poetry – I can hear them

I can hear them

I can hear them

I can feel them.

They speak to me.

With every cyclone,

Every flood,

I feel their anguish.

Not the people.

For they are the focus of attention.

They receive the aid and sympathy.

They look forlorn and hopeless.

They cry openly on camera.

They elicit the response.

The ones I hear and feel

Are the creatures

Swept aside and ignored.



As if they were of no consequence

And did not matter.

Opher 3.4.2019

Every time I see the devastation in the wake of a cyclone or flood, a bushfire or drought, I think of the poor creatures who are caught up in it.

As the poor people are gathered up, fed, sheltered and looked after there is not a single thought for the creatures who were killed, maimed and had their lives destroyed. Nobody seems to care. But I do.

The Suppression of voter registration.

Under the guise of ensuring validity they are bringing in measures that they know will disenfranchise millions of the poorer voters. They believe this will hit Labour more than them.

It is the same tactics being used by the Republicans to suppress voter registration by black and poor white communities.

Poetry – Things are never Black and White

Things are never Black and White

Things are never black and white,

They’re always shades of grey.

The certainties of the past

Are soon washed away.

Hitler had some redeeming features.

Mandela could be a swine.

Complexity becomes simplicity

Within the tale of time.

Things are never black and white,

They’re always shades of grey.

The certainties of the past

Are soon washed away.

Opher – 8.6.2021

People like things to be black and white. They want their villains thoroughly evil and their heroes pure.

Life ain’t like that.

Hitler was an evil man with a lust for power, a heart full of racism and a desire to rule the world. He oversaw war, constructed concentration camps, practiced genocide and callously killed without a shred of compassion, but he was quite a good artist. If only he’d been a little better and more successful with his art.

Mandela was an amazing man who oozed forgiveness, compassion and humanity; an example to us all. But he used to be a terrorist who practiced violence.

Even the most terrible of people have pleasant aspects to their personalities and the best have flaws.

Life is never black and white.