Got any change Mister?

Change is all there is

In this fragile life

Nothing real can stay

Our atoms stick

Then melt and part

And travel on their way

Opher 27.5.99

Poetry – Give us a smile!

Give us a smile!

Give us a smile.

Give us a laugh.

Give us a hug too!

Give us warmth

And compassion.

Nothing less will do!

Opher 12.9.2019

Sometimes we just need to remind ourselves of love and closeness, of beauty, altruism and compassion.

The world is full of that too and we need to be rejuvenated.

Poetry – Billy Bunter is in charge

Billy Bunter is in charge

The shambling boy-child,

Like an overgrown Billy Bunter,

Stuffing his face,

As the chancer becomes a punter.

He has blustered and blundered

His way through the door,

With tax cuts for the rich

And ‘who cares about the poor?’

Leaving with no deal

On a ramshackle course

With no intellectual rigour

An Eeyore for the workforce.

He’s the toxic new PM

Selling the country down the drain;

A jester and an air-head.

Ain’t it all a bleeding shame!

Opher – 22.7.2019

The Public schoolboy under the thrall of fascism is taking his populism to the country. Trump-light takes up the reins as the hard right pull the strings.

All he cares about is power

Lazy, fat and blundering, the dishevelled mess is now the face of Britain. The blustering moron is now running the show.

What a mess we are in.

What does the world think of us?

Poetry – Another Ode to Joy

Another Ode to Joy

There is already an ode to joy

But there can never be too many.

No attempt to capture the slant

Of the sun’s rays over a bay;

A sunset viewed from a mountain top;

Or touch of the hand in love

Can ever be of lesser value.

Each is a connection

To the joy of life –

No less, no more.

Though some may be greater

In their eloquence,

The essence

Of their endeavour

Is the same.

They all salute and recognise

That same majesty

That abounds in all things

And emanates

From that self-same joy.

So this is yet another ode to that same joy.

We open our eyes into a wonder.

This universe is pure joy.

I will wonder at it once more.

Opher 1.6.2019

I often stand back in wonder at the sight of some wondrous sight in nature. We can never have too much. Nature is a mystical joy.

Poetry – I can hear them

I can hear them

I can hear them

I can feel them.

They speak to me.

With every cyclone,

Every flood,

I feel their anguish.

Not the people.

For they are the focus of attention.

They receive the aid and sympathy.

They look forlorn and hopeless.

They cry openly on camera.

They elicit the response.

The ones I hear and feel

Are the creatures

Swept aside and ignored.



As if they were of no consequence

And did not matter.

Opher 3.4.2019

Every time I see the devastation in the wake of a cyclone or flood, a bushfire or drought, I think of the poor creatures who are caught up in it.

As the poor people are gathered up, fed, sheltered and looked after there is not a single thought for the creatures who were killed, maimed and had their lives destroyed. Nobody seems to care. But I do.