The Corona Diaries – Day 22

Walking back home from my walk I came through the town and was struck by a number of things.

Firstly the number of houses which had rainbows in their windows – all praising the NHS, carers and teachers plus all the people delivering, cleaning and working to keep us all safe. It was quite moving. Outside the school was a long row of rainbows attached to the railings. The name of the school was also spelt out in rainbows.

It felt like everyone had come together to recognise a whole bunch of people who are not normally lauded, whose pay is poor, who are considered low-skilled.

I hope when this is all over this society gets its priorities right and we stop giving inordinate amounts of money to the profiteers (like Rees-Mogg) and start giving more to the people who matter.

They need to review the immigration criteria too. It isn’t just rich people we want. We want the farm workers, drivers, old-folks’ carers, teachers, nurses, doctors, cleaners and caterers too!!

One day there will be a big rainbow at the end of this storm and it will herald a new beginning. I hope it heralds a more equal, fairer society where everybody matter!!

The second thing I noticed was a window with an amazing Easter display – eggs and bunnies – flowers and branches. It looked brilliant. Easter is the pagan celebration of natures rebirth!

That too is what we need. At the moment it feels like capitalism has come to a bit of a halt. Factories are no longer churning out stuff we don’t really need. Everywhere is much quieter. Nature is being reborn. The air feels fresher. The birds louder. The flowers brighter.

Maybe when this is done we’ll appreciate nature better and look after it more?

The third thing that struck me was a group of three workmen. They were digging up the pavement to lay internet cable. They were still working but it sounded like things might change. One was saying that if they were asked not to come in would they still be paid? I sensed real fear. These were men with families, mortgages and bills. How were they going to manage? Should they still be working?

This virus has created so many issues.

Today I am starting a final reread of my latest Sci-fi novel – Farm 703 – The human project. It’ll take me a few days of fine tuning.

My music is Buddy Holly. I’m playing it good and loud. I’ve had sixty years of Buddy and I’m not tired of it yet.

This morning we went for a walk alongside the beck, through the meadows and fields. It was beautiful. The sun was out, fish darting, birds singing, flowers shining, like stepping back in time to a slower, more peaceful age. I came straight back and wrote a poem.

We remain healthy though I’ve still got my sniffles. Who knows what the future holds? All ours appear OK. Right now we live in the moment. Planning ahead has been reduced to how we get a slot for a food delivery. Ho hum.

Now – it is back to work!

Stay safe everyone! Only another six months to go!!


Today’s Music to Cheer Me Up in Isolation!!

Today I shall be playing Buddy Holly – REAL LOUD!!

I first discovered Buddy Holly in 1959 when I was ten. My older friend Clive used to buy all Buddy Holly and Adam Faith singles. When he got tired of them he sold them to me for a few pennies. I still have them all!!

Buddy is the man who put melody into Rock. He was a superb songwriter. His music lives on. In such a few short years he produced tens of brilliant songs. I never get fed-up with them. He’ll raise my spirits today!!

Rock On Buddy!!

Fabulous guitar from Tina S Cover!!

What fabulous technique! What talent! I bet it took her an hour or two to learn that!!

Ludwig van Beethoven – Moonlight Sonata ( 3rd Movement ) Tina S Cover

The Corona Diaries – Day 21

It’s quiet.

Normally I can hear the traffic in the village. Cars going up and down main street. Usually there are the odd cars and delivery vans going up and down our little cul de sac. Not any more. There is hardly a sound.

I think the birds are enjoying it. I noticed a pied wagtail sitting on our lawn and a great tit was checking out the nesting box. It’s been good for nature. It makes me realise that when we are gone it will all quickly come back. Roots will break up the concrete, the vegetation will soon be back and the animals will follow.

Gaia is reasserting herself – a gentle warning to change our ways.

Today I am listening to Phil Ochs and have the haunting ‘Changes’ playing in the background, very loudly.

Yesterday I decorated the back bedroom. It looks great.

Today I am editing my latest Sci-fi novel – ‘Farm 703 the human project’. It’s going quite well. It is certainly weird – and quite relevant to what is happening. It is about bacteria farming us humans. They control us. They have released Covid-19.

We are now in a routine that does not change too much.

The sun is now out. Soon I will go for my daily walk. Nature is restorative.

This is the third week of isolation completed. We haven’t gone mad yet, neither have we had any great rows. We’re coping well. A lot to do. It’s nice to have the time.

Life is change. Stay safe through its turmoil!


Today’s Music to Cheer me up in Isolation! – Phil Ochs!

Well today I will be playing Phil Ochs – loud – while I work. I love his passion and sensibilities. I miss him. It is so sad that he was a victim of alcohol and depression. Such a great man and such brilliant music.

This is a rare live concert. A bit muddy but it’s Phil!!