Poetry – Landscape in my Head

Landscape in my Head

There’s a landscape in my head

It comes from the national zeitgeist.

The combined will of everyone

How every last sentiment is priced.

I’d like it to be compassionate,

Outward looking, caring and true.

But Brexit unleashed the nastiness

The racism just grew and grew.

Now we’re isolated on our own

With the ‘Little Englander’ mentality.

Blaming all the foreigners

For the blunder that is our reality.

It empowered all the nationalists

Who crawled out from every crevice.

Snarling their xenophobic slogans

Like bulldogs full of menace.

It’s not just the wealth we’ve squandered,

Greedily snatched by profiteers;

It’s the friendships that we’ve shat on

Built up through many years.

The landscape that I now live in

Is made by ugly bullying pigs.

Created by arrogant Brexiteers

And a bunch of Tory prigs.

The England that I crave

Is tolerant, outward and true.

The one that welcomed the Huguenots,

And stood up for the Jew.

An England worth fighting for

Not narrow-minded arrogance.

I’ll strive for a better vision

Worthy of taking a stance!

Opher – 11.4.2021

For me it isn’t just the money that’s been wasted or the nasty little profiteers who saw an opportunity to make millions. It’s not even the monetary costs that will throw millions into poverty and cause decades of austerity. It’s not the loss of jobs or the firms going bust or fleeing into Europe. It’s not the masses of red tape and the curtailing of my liberties.


For me it is the emotional impact – the change from an outward looking country full of tolerance, cooperation and friendship to an isolated nation viewing the ‘foreigner’ as the enemy. The rise of xenophobia and racism is just the expression of this unpleasant nationalistic fervour. It’s empowered the fascists, racists and scum.

I’m not suggesting that all Brexiteers are racist fascists. But by voting for such a damaging outcome they have unleashed and empowered the worst slimy breed.

It’s going to take decades to undo the harm.

England is so much the less.

Poetry – I am Quantum

I am Quantum

The reality we hold within our heads is created by the neuronal net we each possess. Our consciousness is the result of billions of electrical impulses.

It is not real.

Our senses fire and relay their messages to the brain. The brain interprets these and creates sight, touch, warmth, sound, smell and the elements it uses to create our reality.

It we were dissociated from our nerves and different messages were conveyed it would create a different reality.

The world we see is not real; it is created by our brain.

My world and yours are completely different. We cannot imagine the universe our pets inhabit, a dog’s universe constructed of scents.

At the same time my mind fantasises and dreams, creates poems, visions and ideas.

They are not real.

They are the product of my neuronal net.

In Quantum physics an electron can exist in two places simultaneously. The whole universe is a product of unreality.

I think I have a quantum mind.

I am Quantum

I lead a quantum life,

Flitting about

Here and there,

In the world

And in my head,

At the same time.

Two worlds


And who can tell

Which is more real?

My ideas exist

In two places

As they shunt

Their strange paths

Across my synapses

To my dreams.

My senses fire –

Send messages

Along neurones

To make picture,

Solid and concrete,

In my head.

All the world,

Inside and out,

Is the same –

An electric fog,

A quantum leap,

Into the creation

Of a universe

Or two.

Opher 6.12.2015

Poetry – I don’t promise you forever

I don’t promise you forever

All this romantic talk of forever is just a farce. We haven’t got forever; not even a mere hundred years.

Love is an emotion, an endorphin rush, a surge of brain chemistry. It comes out of attraction and serves a purpose. That purpose is to match our genes and produce children that transcend us or to create a bond with someone that is deep enough to see us through life’s hurdles.

I don’t hold with this romantic talk.

I’ll love you while the endorphins last and then we’ll see if we can still get along on friendship, trust, habit and mutual respect.

On the other hand I might just tell you that it’s forever. That sometimes helps.

I don’t promise you forever

I won’t promise you forever

That is much too long.

After the first billion years

We might not get along.

I won’t be loving you

When the stars all blink out.

You wouldn’t like it then

With just hydrogen about.

No, I’ll love you for a while

And then I’ll stop.

Even a thousand years

Would be over the top.

I won’t even promise you

A measly hundred more.

Long before then

I’d be heading out the door.

Ten more might reasonably

See us through.

I have a feeling that

Will just about do.

So I’ll love you while

The feelings last.

Probably until the end

And we’re both in the past.

Opher 11.9.2015

Poetry – We Were Just kids

We Were Just kids

We were playing revolution,

Making rules as we lived each day;

Throwing out the constitution

Laughing all the way.

We were just kids.

We knew we were immune

We had the bravado of youth.

We could write any tune

And sing it on the hoof.

Rejecting all the leader’s men

Institutions and the laws.

Throwing out the court’s pen

The rules and the scores.

We were just kids.

We knew we saw a better path

One without greed and power.

A way that was full of laughs

Making love by the hour,

Full of naïve innocence

That provided amazing clarity.

We were certain it all made sense

Armed with great hilarity.

We were just kids.

We were just kids.

Opher 1.8.2015

We Were Just kids

I often think back to the days of my youth when everything seemed so clear. I looked at the way the world was being governed and thought it was completely insane.

I’d met people from a range of cultures and discovered they were people just like me. We could laugh and love without hatred or prejudice. So where did all this fear, violence and paranoia come from?

It had to be the politicians, the media, and the institutions. The world was being run for people to exploit and make money, for power and wealth. It created nations, wars, inequality and led to distrust, paranoia and hatred.

I believed there was a better way. But I was just a kid. I thought it would be easy. All you had to do was explain it well enough and everyone would understand. It isn’t as easy as that. A small minority of people are vicious, deranged, damaged and indoctrinated. They need to feel good about themselves and they do that be placing themselves in positions of power. We are governed by sociopaths and psychopaths. They set the tone for everything that happens. Too many people are traumatised by abuse, war, bereavement, ill-treatment, bad upbringing or bad experiences. They need assistance.

I was young. I believed everyone had a core of humanity and was open to reason. I had faith that I could talk my way out of any bad situation.

I’m not so young any more. I think it isn’t quite so easy. But I still believe that most people are good and that those who aren’t are sick and damaged. That should be our priority; to heal the sad and traumatised. That’ll make things better.

I’m not so young anymore.

I know it’s a big job.

Poetry – I’m White

I’m White

I’m white in the light

But I’m black at night.

For a genus so bright

It seems we rarely get it right.

Now I don’t mean to be facetious

But I’m not proud of my species.

Geologically we’re new

Though we think we know it all.

We take in the view

But before the sky we’re small.

We may share all the genes

But don’t know what that means,

Worship Gods, Kings and Queens

And still want to steal the scenes

Now I don’t want to be facetious………

I see air-head studs

Posing on the beach

Of the apocalypse

For dead-brain bitches

With fake tits

Smacking their lips.

I guess that while there’s still air to suck

We’ll fuck it up.

Opher  5.4.98

I’m White – a poem about my species and stupidity.

Somewhere out there are a bunch of blinkered white supremacists.

Somewhere out there are a bunch of blinkered black supremacists.

Somewhere out there are a bunch of blinkered brown, red, pink, orange, yellow and green supremacists.

The Jews, Christians and Muslims all worship the same god and kill each other for it. Seemingly she delights in giving different commandments to different cliques. She probably is a bit disturbed and enjoys watching the terror it causes.

There are some with so much they can afford to sponsor wars while others cry because they haven’t got a mouthful to feed their children.

Politics, religion, skin colour, ear-lobe shape, gender, height, eye-colour, nose shape, breasts – it doesn’t take much to start a war.

Poetry – Leave me be

Leave me be

Leave me be,

Sandpaper me,

Put pins in my body.

Burn me with fire

To the dirge of some midnight choir.

Don’t ease my thirst

Make it worse.

I don’t want to recover;

I want to suffer.

As you can see,

I’m happy here

In agony.

I’m quite alone,

Cut to the bone,

Happy in silence,

With nothing

To make any sense.

Don’t give me another session

I’m deliriously happy

In my depression.

Opher 7.1.96

I wrote this poem in response to a strange court case. A group of sado-masochists were being prosecuted. They were performing weird and extremely painful acts on each other that included sandpapering their genitals, putting pins through their testicles, and nailing themselves to the table. They were filming this and sending it to each other.

Now I have no inclination towards S&M, I find it peculiar and a sad reflection on our repressive sexual culture that ends up confusing sexual feelings with pain, violence, punishment, subjugation and degrading acts, but I could not see why a group of consenting adults who were doing no harm to anyone else but themselves should be prosecuted. They were publicly humiliated (they might have enjoyed that bit), lost careers, split up families and were imprisoned.

Surely what consenting adults chose to do in private is up to them?



You can build a machine that goes to the Moon

Talk across the world

Design the shape of a new teaspoon

Make a camera that records the beauty of a moment

Write a poem

That speaks of new love in a ferment

When you can breed a new type of flower

Or make a garden gnome

You should be able to see further

Than your last hormone

Together we could build paradise here on Earth

With a bit of wisdom

And a whole lot of shared mirth

Build the machines that take away the drudge

Travel the universe

On a wink and a nudge

When you can talk to the world

On your cheap car phone

You should be able to see further

Than your last hormone.

OPHER  31.12.97

Foreign policy and public opinion seems to operate on the whim of hormones and not brains.

People are whipped into frenzy by the press.

Politicians go for popularity and votes.

The public react to headlines.

The people behind the scene manipulate the news.

Who are these people and what do they want?

Democracy runs on emotions. The manipulators of emotions lurk in the advertising agencies, think tanks and spin-doctors.

The truth is not what happens but what is perceived to have happened.

Instead of people whipping up public emotions for profit, power or advantage we should have more cerebral discussions. Decisions on how the world is run should be made with electricity – not chemicals.

Poetry – Angry


My mind is crippled

My emotions crawl

My memory limps

My psychology stalls

Somewhere between the mindless and the mean

Between the leaders and followers

What is and might have been

Between the sickeningly sweet and the vicious kick

Between the awesome mystery

Religion and the sick.

Somewhere between the ageing and the end

Between the discovery and death

The laws to break and mend

Between the exploiting cynic and the devotee

Between the moments that matter

And the lives of you and me.

There must be more than this

There has to be a way

That gives a sense of purpose

With something real to say

Opher 23.10.96

I am often dismayed by the vacuous nature of most people’s lives. Thoreau said that we lead lives of quiet desperation. Most of us get bogged down in narrow horizons of daily chores. We go through life like cattle chewing the cud in fields; without a thought for the future of life outside the field. I see a whole world the other side of the hedge and an abattoir just down the road.

I always promised myself that I would live life to the full, experience it and wring it dry. I promised myself that I would not sink into the rut that I saw my parents slide into. There was more than work, a routine and telly.

There is a world to engage in. There are huge issues to become involved with. There are things to create. There is a future to help build.

Once you start seeing what our glorious leaders are doing; the inequality, destruction and selfishness they instigate, and the level of hypocrisy that is involved, the insanity they preside over, it fills you with impotent fury.

I want a simple, happy life of enquiry, creativity, friendship and purpose in which we preserve the planet for our grandchildren and all manner of life that lives on it. I do not subscribe to endless growth, wealth creation and unsustainable destruction.

I am consumed with the desire to do something about it. I want a positive zeitgeist!

Poetry – Castles, Cathedrals, Banks and Facebook.

Castles, Cathedrals, Banks and Facebook.

Castles and cathedrals –

Once so clear

Where the power lay.

Ramparts and spires

To reach up to the heavens.

Kings and Bishops

Gave way to bankers.

Mighty edifices

Towering into the sky,

Screaming power and wealth.

Now Internet giants

Wielding power to make or break,

Build their temples –

Impregnable and glassy,

Reflecting their glory.

Whoever these people may be

It is always our money used

To elevate themselves.

They peer down at us,

And reign over us.

Opher – 15.10.2020

I found it interesting walking around in Vigo Spain. The Cathedrals were beautiful and empty, the castle ramparts dilapidated, the banks had incredible facades with statues and art but were beginning to look grubby.

Once the castles and cathedrals held all the power. The Kings and Bishops vied for supremacy. The buildings were the symbols of their authority.

Now the King’s power has gone and the churches no longer hold sway over people.

The power moved to the banks. They accumulated vast wealth – sufficient to make or break nations.

But in the modern day even their wealth is small compared to that of Google, Amazon and Facebook – whose wealth and influence dwarves everyone. They influence elections and control our lives. Their headquarters are the modern-day cathedrals – screaming where the power lies.

Poetry – Tory Propaganda Rag

Tory Propaganda Rag

I’m reading the Tory propaganda rag.

It makes me feel so good.

Hating all those foreigners

Just like I know I should.

Five million Turks

Are on their way

And the EU wants control.

But I’m wise to all their tricks

I know they want my soul.

The BBCs a leftist hive

And the civil servants are all red.

But Boris will sort them out

That is what he said.

The Muslims are all terrorists.

Refugees want my job.

There’s rapists, killers and drug dealers –

A complete leftist mob.

I’m reading the Tory propaganda rag.

I need my shot each day.

It puts me right on everything

And tells me what to say.

I know the facts are right

They tell it like it is.

With the Tories in power

We live a life of bliss.

Opher – 12.10.2020

The establishment run the media and drip-feed vitriol into the homes of everyone.

Lies and damn lies.

Spin and spin.

They tell us black is white, who to fear and which conspiracies are truth.

If you oppose the establishment then they’ll have it in for you. Everything you do will be exaggerated misreported and your name will be mud.

The media owns the minds of the people. They tell you what to think. The establishment formed the Tory party and bought up the media. They want to pu;ll the wool over our eyes, stop us questioning, stop us thinking and stop us voting in anybody who is not for the establishment.

That’s the way it works.