Burton Agnes Hall – A marvel.

The fabulous old hall was open free to the music lovers at the Burton Agnes Jazz and Blues Festival. It’s a marvel, fabulous carved oak, lavish rooms, artwork all over the place, carvings, embellishments.

How some people lived!

The Suppression of voter registration.

Under the guise of ensuring validity they are bringing in measures that they know will disenfranchise millions of the poorer voters. They believe this will hit Labour more than them.

It is the same tactics being used by the Republicans to suppress voter registration by black and poor white communities.

Poetry – Things are never Black and White

Things are never Black and White

Things are never black and white,

They’re always shades of grey.

The certainties of the past

Are soon washed away.

Hitler had some redeeming features.

Mandela could be a swine.

Complexity becomes simplicity

Within the tale of time.

Things are never black and white,

They’re always shades of grey.

The certainties of the past

Are soon washed away.

Opher – 8.6.2021

People like things to be black and white. They want their villains thoroughly evil and their heroes pure.

Life ain’t like that.

Hitler was an evil man with a lust for power, a heart full of racism and a desire to rule the world. He oversaw war, constructed concentration camps, practiced genocide and callously killed without a shred of compassion, but he was quite a good artist. If only he’d been a little better and more successful with his art.

Mandela was an amazing man who oozed forgiveness, compassion and humanity; an example to us all. But he used to be a terrorist who practiced violence.

Even the most terrible of people have pleasant aspects to their personalities and the best have flaws.

Life is never black and white.

Poetry – Playing Politics

Playing Politics

Playing politics with life.

Playing politics with death.

With Freedom Days and Moonshots

That might just steal our breath.

The variant factory is coming

As the virus jumps with glee

From one new victim to another

And it could be you or me!

All the eggs in one basket!

In the search for popularity!

As scientists are side-lined

Because they do not agree.

So Freedom Day is looming

As the virus cases soar.

Chuck away your masks

We’re cramming through the door.

It’s all fine! Nobody’s dying!

There’s nothing to worry about!

And when it all goes pear-shaped

Guess who will explain it out!

Who could have seen that coming?

Nobody could have done it better.

It wasn’t me who bodged it up

I’ve been following the letter!!

Opher – 6.6.21

Picking and choosing the science that you want!! It’s called politics. Just a matter of popularity and polls.

The truth doesn’t matter. It’s who can tell the biggest lies. Who can brazen it out and get away with it.

We’re in the post-truth era. It’s all propaganda and the biggest showman/conman takes the prize!!

128,000 dead and counting! Ten points clear in the polls.

Job losses, collapsed firms, companies fleeing abroad, buggered economy, oodles of red-tape and tariffs, break-up of the UK, loss of freedoms and costs in tens of billions. Ten points clear in the polls.

Poetry – If Planets Dream

If Planets Dream

If planets dream

What lazy scenes

Flow through their minds

As time unwinds.

Millennia tick

Winds of space lick

And languid arcs

Translate the times.

What fears

Of solar fires

Of mighty collisions

Interstellar volition

Could proceed

To foster need

And banish dreams of

Unimaginable proportion.

Opher 25.8.2018

What is consciousness? A product of organic brains or something more?

Would size and longevity alter the speed and dimensions of thoughts?

What strange thoughts and fears might something as large and long-lived as a planet have?