Today’s Music to keep me SSSSAAAANNNNEEEE in Isolation – Cliff Richard

OK – I guess you think I’ve really gone nuts – that isolation has done me in. Maybe.

But Cliff, before he became a sugary-sweet pop, mainstream Christian boy – was probably Britain’s greatest Rock ‘n’ Roller. His first album and first few singles were dynamite.

If he had died then we’d be in awe of how good he was (instead of thinking of him as wet).

Take a listen to this:

(unfortunately that first album is not on youtube – it’s been removed). this is Cliff as you might not have heard him.

Poetry – The Ballad Of Boris Johnson

The Ballad Of Boris Johnson


I was born with a gold spoon in my gob.

Clowned through Eton like a mawkish yob.

Had my fling with the Bullingdon boys,

Using poor people like they were toys.


Some are born to be great

It’s my fate

I couldn’t wait.


Never had to work but the cash flowed in,

Writing columns and drinking pink gin.

I blustered and joked like a complete clown.

Now I’m turning the country upside down!


Some have connections,

Social inflections,

Paternal protections.


Lots of young fillies, red wine at the club,

Boozy nights and lots of good grub.

Paternity suits and a portly build

Were no obstacles for me, down at the guild.


Some have the confidence,

Based on no evidence,

A matter of providence.


A marvellous gig on Have I got News

Secured wider appeal on behalf of the blues.

Before I knew it I was mayor of the City,

Clowning it up and living quite pretty.


Some have the luck,

The pluck,

To make big bucks.


I messed up and joked my way through it.

Many were the times that I nearly blew it.

Stuck on zip wires like a shambling fool;

Blustering and buffooning like a complete tool.


Some are born to be great.

I couldn’t wait.

It’s my fate.


But the people loved me, thought I was fun

They labelled me the chosen one.

I ran the Home Office off my cuff.

Got kicked out when the going got rough.


Some have the confidence,

Based on no evidence,

A matter of providence.


When it came to Brexit I changed my mind.

Here was an opportunity for me to find.

Thanks to Cummings I pulled it off;

Lying to the top with a huff and a puff.


Some have the luck,

The pluck,

To make big bucks.


I’ve blustered my way to the top of the tree

They put me in charge of the whole country.

With all this power I’m completely free.

With all that loot just waiting for me.


Some are born to be great.

I couldn’t wait.

It’s my fate.


Then came covid, that messed me up.

I was out of my depth, all tits up.

I’m dithering around like a complete dick.

Everyone can see I’m completely thick.


They’ll give me the boot

But I’ll have the loot

And I can scoot.


Opher – 21.9.2020

Sri Lanka – Colombo – Buddhist Temple Gangaramaya – Elephants

Elephants seemed to be venerated. It seemed strange to me. Inside the temple there was a big Elephants head and huge stuffed elephant.

Outside, in a tiny pen, they had a young elephant chained up so that it could hardly move. It seemed a very unbuddhist type of thing to do.

The poor elephant looked half-crazed and was exhibiting all manner of disturbed behaviour.

Sri Lanka – Colombo – Buddhist Temple Gangaramaya

Our next port of call was the Buddhist temple of Gangaramaya.

Outside the florists sold their flowers as offerings.

Inside it was like a museum of porcelain Buddhas.

The wood carvings on the panelling were delightful.

The monks were very friendly.

Like most Buddhist temples, it had a serene feel to it – though this was far busier than many I have been to.

The Corona Diaries – Day 180

Even though it was a lot cooler and cloudy we managed a nice walk up my hill. There was an amazing sight. I heard a lot of loud cawing and looked behind me to find a whole group of hundreds of crows massing together, flying round in spirals, rising upward and cawing loudly. They rose high in the sky, drifted away and then disappeared. I’d never seen crows behave quite that way. Very interesting. Anybody know what that was about?

Nature is amazing.

Back home I started back on my Roy Harper book and played some Carl Perkins to get my blood flowing!

Outside in coronaland it’s becoming dire. The rate of new cases has risen to 4422 with 27 deaths. It’s on the up. The government has let it get out of control again. Sadiq Khan called them hapless. He’s right. They are useless. We are well past the level where we locked down last time and that was too late.

They are now talking about £1000 fines for those who break isolation and are talking about giving £500 relief to poor families who have to isolate. I wonder what hoops you have to jump through to get that?

It is obvious that a lot of things need to tighten up and work better if we are to regain control – the testing, tracking and tracing must surely be top of that list. Working from home, not meeting inside (pubs and restaurants) and avoiding public transport must be part of it.

They are talking about a 2-week lockdown to act as a circuit breaker.

What would be good would be if Johnson was to start giving us a daily explanation of thinking and action – to start to really put us in the picture. But the Tories would rather keep him out of sight because he keeps putting his foot in it. With Johnson and Rees-Mogg who needs enemies?

The sad truth is that with parliament not functioning properly, emergency conditions and an eighty seat majority this inept bunch of extremists are not accountable for anything they do on Covid or Brexit. They are literally getting away with murder!

Trump must be getting pretty desperate – still trailing badly in the polls and another 43,628 new cases and 672 deaths. Bolsonaro likewise, 33057 new cases and 735 deaths.

Populists are literally killing people!

It’s up to us! Stay safe!

Today’s Music to keep me SSSaaaaNNNeee in Isolation – Carl Perkins

A Rock ‘n’ Roller from the Sun alumni. Carl was the original writer and performer of Blue Suede Shoes and a great Rockabilly star. If it hadn’t been for a car crash he could have been as big as Elvis! A good guitarist too.


Poetry – John Phillips – Cassino




They’ve taken all our tanks away

To service and renew. They say

We’ll have to fight as infantry.

The Poles have fought  without relief

For several weeks and , ours the brief

To deputise and give them leave;

Whilst, overhead the bombers fly

With total air-supremacy

To pound and smash the monastery.


We’re issued rifles, tommy-guns,

Hand grenades and mortar bombs;

Tools for the work that’s soon to come.

We leave our transport, shoulder packs,

With shaking legs and aching backs

In darkness climb the mountain tracks.

Still, overhead the bombers fly;

Wing to wing they fill the sky,

To pound and smash the monastery.


The Poles descend with shouts and cheers

To days of leave and rest, but we

In silence contemplate our fears.

Soon dawn will chase the stars away

To bring a smoking, darkling day

Of thunder and atrocity;

And overhead the bombers fly,

Their cargoes raining from the sky

To pound and smash the monastery.