Opher Goodwin – Tory Leadership Bid!

Yes – I have looked at the candidates and think that my pet rat could do a better job than any of these so I have decided to run against them.

Here is my manifesto:

I would immediately revoke article 50 and save the country from ruin.

I will kick all extreme right-wingers out of the party (basically most of them).

I will cut off all ties with big business.

I will plug all those tax loopholes.

I will properly fund all the public services.

I will raise the basic wage.

I would ensure that all workers’ rights are properly protected.

I would overhaul the welfare system to ensure people were treated fairly and given incentives to work.

I will introduce student grants instead of loans.

I will raise taxes for corporations and the rich.

I will nationalise the railways, electricity and gas.

I will subsidise all green energy initiatives.

I would look to protect nature across the whole country and beyond!!

I would then disband the Tory party so that they can never inflict their injustices on us again!

So vote for Opher Goodwin – a Leader who really cares!!

Opher Goodwin for PM!!



State of play with writing.

My new Sci-fi novel Quantum Fever is currently with my editors. I will pick up the draft from one editor this afternoon.  That will provide me with the means to begin a fourth rewrite. I’m looking forward to that. When I get the book back from my other editor I will see if they concur.

I have completed work on my Roy Harper book. This is the one that is the first volume of 4 of his lyrics that we worked on together. I need to go back now and talk to Roy. If we do go ahead with this I will need photos.

I will be starting work again on my Ruminating on Roy Harper book – the story of a friendship. That should be interesting.

I am also putting together a fourteenth book of poetry and am thinking about a book of my short stories.

So there is, as always, a lot of activity on the writing front!

Left and Right – a poem

Left and Right


Left is for fairness and equality

For tolerance and the people.

Right is for profit, business,

For the elite and wealth.


By the people


Buy the people.


We vacillate between the two.

Left Right Left Right Left Right.


Opher 12.6.2019



The dilemma is how to produce a society based on fairness and equality where those who have the power do not make themselves the new wealthy elite?

How to create a thriving economy when the wealthy withhold their money to stop it from working?

Let’s Dump Them All – a poem

Let’s Dump Them All

Let’s dump them all
And start a new world order!
Bring in someone who cares!
Let’s start all over again,
Not elect the deranged
And let all of us get our share.

The world could be run better.
That goes without saying.
They run it for themselves.
But we want to look after the planet,
Put an end to war,
And put exploitation on the shelves.

Opher – 11.6.2019

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could run the world properly and not just for profit; if we could run the world in cooperation for the common good; if we could run it in a way that nature was cared for? Wouldn’t that be great?
Instead we elect a bunch of self-serving politicians who always pander to the wealthy elite, who bring in competition, exploitation and dissent in order to rape, pillage and gain in ordinate amounts of profit for themselves.
Let’s dump them all!!

We Came From Oblivion – a poem

We Came From Oblivion


We came from oblivion and opened our eyes

Upon a wondrous universe

We lived to fill each second with marvels.

We lived to the full.

Then we closed our eyes

And went back to the oblivion

From whence we had come.

There were no fairy tales;

No reawakenings;

No meetings,

Just oblivion.

It was not long enough.

It is never long enough.

Yet it was long enough.


Opher – 5.3. 2017



It seems so human to me to attempt to deal with death by imagining mystical reunions, reincarnations or an afterlife in some future world that lasts for ever.

I see us as biological organisms living in a physical universe of wonder.

I think it is amazing. That is enough for me.

Life is an amazing phenomenon.

Life is to be lived to the maximum. Not to waste a second. It is rarely long enough.

Life in the Lost Property office – a short story

Life in the Lost Property office


Thomas brought me to life with the beat of his delicate fingers. He conjured me from the void in which I languished.

I was a child of his life; I lived for him and him for me.

For two years I was of utmost importance to him.

We were so completely wrapped up in each other and I mirrored all that was good in him. I knew every aspect of his life. His role in the Arab uprising against the Turks; the daring young man who became a leader; who spent his life with the Arabs and learnt their ways and came to admire them. I revelled in his exploits as he revealed himself to me; the long treks across the desert from Wadi Rum, the sabotage, blowing up of bridges and insurrection against the Turkish masters.

Then came that fateful day in 1919 when we lost each other.

Thomas was running behind schedule and anxious. He wasn’t functioning well. I could sense that.

As we approached the station at Reading he became very agitated. He had to make the connection to London. Time was tight. Anxiously he kept looking at his watch, and as the train pulled in he flung the door back and rushed across the station.

…….. However he had forgotten about me.

Inexplicably, unimaginably, he left me sitting on that train, alone and bereft. I could not move. I could not shout out. I just sat there helpless as Thomas strode out of my life.

I don’t know how long I sat there. The train pulled out of Reading station and continued its journey for what seemed a long time.

I had been abandoned.

Eventually a man began to take an interest in me. When he left the train I went along with him. I was grateful. He took me home and I spent the night at his house. I could hear much discussion taking place across the table as the man and his wife ate their evening meal and talked about what to do with me.

The next day he set off early, taking me with him. He called in on the stationmaster, they had a brief conversation, and then he left me there.

I had high hopes of being reunited with Thomas but that was not to be. The stationmaster was a busy man. He had no time for the likes of me. I was a nuisance and of no concern. He plonked me in the corner and paid me no attention.

All day I sat there, full of Thomas, longing to be reunited.

Days went past and nothing happened. I knew nothing of the horror that Thomas had gone through on discovering my disappearance – of the anguish he felt. I knew nothing of how he had retraced his steps vainly trying to track me down, and I had no inkling of the public notifications that were part of his frantic search.

The stationmaster had me transferred to another office where once again I sat and waited.

Weeks turned into months and then years. Nobody bothered about me. I was pushed to the back and ignored.

Inside me, Thomas remained just as vivid as ever, captured with all his vitality, but I knew he had moved on. His life had become obsessed with another. He had come to terms with the loss and I knew those delicate fingers had brought another to life.

Fortunately I was spared the news of his death, in a motorbike accident, fourteen years later. All I understood was the Thomas that had been, the young man so full of life and adventure.

He will live on in me forever.

Thomas Edward Lawrence never found me and neither has anyone else. To this day I sit in a dust coated briefcase on a shelf, waiting to be claimed.


Post script


The Seven Pillars of Wisdom – by T.E.Lawrence – the first manuscript was left in a briefcase on a train at Reading station in 1919 and lost forever. Despite public appeals and frantic searching it was never tracked down. It had to be rewritten from memory and a second draft finally produced in 1922.

I imagine it sitting on a dusty shelf in a Railway Lost Property office.

Television for the Elderly!


The cost of providing free TV for the over 75 year olds will soon rise to over a billion!!!

The country cannot afford it!!

We are only the 5th most wealthy country!

The elderly are not productive!!  They are living too long!!

Yes it might be a lifeline for the lonely. It might be their only companion, their only news, their only connection with the outside world, their only friendly voice, their only entertainment and their only participation in society, but why should we pay for them?

Perhaps they’ll give up and die quicker?

One Billion pounds is far too much!!

Yet ten Billion pounds in tax cuts for the rich is perfectly acceptable!!

Have the callous Tories got their priorities right?

Hapless, Horrid and Hopeless – a poem

Hapless, Horrid and Hopeless


Snorting coke, smoking opium and weed,

The Tory Party are all agreed

They need tax cuts for the wealthy,

And that the drug laws are really healthy.

Though the NHS and schools are in ruin

And the police and social services have trouble brewing

It’s the wealthy who are the ones in trouble

They’ve only seen their incomes double!


Hypocrisy is alive and well

As Tories give the same old hard sell –

‘One Nation’ – ‘All in it together’.

They think we’re all not very clever!

As they continue to rob from the poor –

Who still don’t have a clue what’s in store!

Fed on a diet of tabloid lies

They’re a bit short on the ‘Whats?’ and ‘Whys?’


So a mere 160,000 will make their choice

While the rest of us are supposed to rejoice!

2.2% of the electorate have a vote!

97.8% of us are kept well remote!

The country watches the vision of a hard Brexit!

As the hard right Tories try to wreck it!

Austerity is the inevitable outcome

And it’s only the rich who are not looking glum!


Opher 11.6.2019



Incredible as it seems the ten Tory candidates crawl out of the woodwork in the ugliest beauty contest on the planet.

What a bunch of no hopers, chancers and ideologues. All with saliva dripping down their chins as they slaver after power!!

What a choice!!

With the country in crisis and our institutions falling apart what is it that they have to offer?? More money for the NHS maybe?? More money for schools?? More money to police to stem the wave of violence? More money to social services to protect poor families perhaps? NO NO NO NO!!!!

They want to give more money to the rich who have already doubled their incomes under this bunch of callous fools.

It’s the hypocrisy that most upsets me.

They lie and cheat!

We’re all in it together – as they rob the poor to give to the rich.

We’ll bring harmony – as they plot to cause mayhem.

We represent the whole nation – as they blatantly steal our pensions, our wages and our allowances to give to the rich.

Draconian laws for drugs – as they snort and smoke with impunity!

One rule for us another for the plebs!!

Boris Johnson the Bufoon!! Our next Prime Minister?

Good heavens – is this the best the Tories have to offer?? A muddling nincompoop! A lazy populist who fires from the hip without thinking??

A man whose first thought is to give 10 Billion in tax cuts to the wealthy while the NHS, Police, Education, Local Authorities, Defence and Social Services are all in meltdown crisis?????

A man who thinks that leaving without a deal is great??? (Even if it ruins the country!!)

The man’s an idiot!!! But seemingly the 120,000 ageing Tory imbeciles who now make up the paid up membership think he’s great!! They think he can do no wrong!!

So seemingly Boris Johnson is the new Tory Teflon man. The faeces slides off him.

Cocaine – slide.

Marijuana – slide.

Water canons – slide.

Bendy busses – slide.

Boris bikes – slide.

Financial irregularities – slide.

Spaffed up the wall – slide.

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe – slide.

Libya dead bodies – slide.

Lying about £350 Million a week to the EU – slide.

Kipling poem in Burma – slide.

Garden bridge – slide

Proseco/Fish and chips – slide.

A ‘congenital liar, serially disloyal, untrustworthy, irresponsible and hopelessly chaotic’ (according to the New Statesman)!

And this idiot could be our next Prime Minister!!!

I give up – if the Tories go for this fool it demonstrates the stupidity of the public. I am seriously losing all belief in democracy!!!