Poetry – QAnon


I’m in love with QAnon

Fighting the lizard kings.

Seeking out the commies

Who run the paedophile rings.

I love my guns

My right to kill


God’s will.

Under the constitution

I am free.

No government

Is gonna tax me.

I’m a QAnon believer

I know the world is flat.

The government’s my enemy.

I want my coup d’etat.

He may be a billionaire

Chubby chump

But I’ll put my faith

In President Trump.

He don’t hold with global warming

He’ll sort that old trade gap

Resurrect the oil industry –

No commie claptrap.

He says he’ll drain the swamp.

End these years of pain.

Build us a wall.

Make America great again!

I believe in the superiority

Of the white man.

God and my country.

I’ll give it all I can.

I’m a QAnon believer.

The UN’s a commie plot.

Trump’s our saviour

I’ll give him all I’ve got!

Opher – 6.1.2022

Somehow all these conspiracies come together in some absolutely crazy scenarios.

We all are cynical about self-serving politicians, supposed experts and the media and the populists have milked that to their own advantage.

The irony is that nobody is more self-serving than Trump, Bolsonaro and Johnson. They love conspiracy and help spread it.

QAnon has gathered all these absurd conspiracies together, pasted it tight with racism and elected Trump as their saviour.

It’s a weird conglomeration of religion, myth and absurdity, denial and fear.

Alien lizards, flat earth, paedophile rings, Satanists, Covid, vaccination, inequality, space ships, the UN, socialism, moon landings, holocaust, control, Muslims, immigrants and racism are all brought together in an insane Science Fiction conspiracy.

Can anyone imagine a more unlikely saviour that the philandering, misogynistic, racist, conniving billionaire?

You have to wonder how sane people come to believe this crap.

Poetry – It’s a Dark Matter

It’s a Dark Matter

There is dark energy pervading politics

Creating ninety-five per cent ignorance.

At its centre is a dark matter.

It is driving everything apart

Swirling, spinning and careering

Into isolation.

It is banishing the warmth

Of togetherness.

Will we ever come back together again?

Opher – 30.10.2019

I was reading about Dark Matter and Dark Energy. It makes up 95% of the mass of the universe and yet we know nothing about it.

It made me think.

All the energy and matter in the universe, every single atom and ray, makes up a mere 5% of what is out there. That is all we know about.

It is the Dark Energy that is driving the expansion of the universe. If it wasn’t for the Dark Energy gravity would pull us back together. Instead all our trillions of galaxies will spin off into the vacuum, become more and more isolated and die alone.

I thought this was analogous to the state of politics right now. There is a dark centre of populism and nationalism that is driving us apart, isolating us. It is based on ignorance. We can call it Trump, Brexit, Farage, Johnson or Bolsanaro.

Poetry – Madness






                Forest fires,



                Population growth,


Who allows these leaders to get away with it?

Opher – 25.9.2019

Sometimes I think human beings suffer with mass insanity!

We elect psychopaths.

We do the most ridiculous, foolish things.

We are so cruel and thoughtless.

Poetry – Imagine


Imagine a world with no dance;

A world of silence

Filled only by prayer,

Where no music stirs the soul.

Conceive a world without fashion

Or cosmetics.

Where women are hidden

Behind the bars

Of a social prison.

Think of a world where history is denied

But which is trapped

Within a medieval system

Of primitive law.

Envisage a world without sport

Or fun.

Where entertainment

Is a sin.

Visualise a world where science

Is denied,

Ruled by superstition

And words written in ages past.

Picture a world where society

Celebrates slavery, martyrdom,

Mutilation and death.

There are those who believe

God demands a drab

And soulless life

Based on mindless recitation

And total acceptance.

I am not one of these.

Opher 16.5.2016


Fundamentalism is a contagious disease that is inherited through a vaccination of ignorance, as one generation injects the venom into their children.

Once someone accepts that every word of their holy book is sacred, is the exact word of god, must be taken literally and acted upon, they are lost.

It is the end of tolerance and freedom. There is no discussion.

Once a parent believes that they have the right, in fact the imperative, to brainwash their children into the same doctrine, they are all lost. There is no doubt or questioning.

Once a person accepts that the only truth is the version they hold and all other ‘truths’ are wrong we are on the road to division, hatred and war.

Once a person believes that women a lesser breed and should be segregated, hidden away, disabused of rights and freedoms, and always hidden from male gaze, we have abuse.

Once someone denies science, entertainment, music, sport and dance we are heading for a totalitarian fascism.

Once we have a regime that accepts mutilation, torture, slavery, arbitrary execution and martyrdom we have a society without human rights.

Fundamentalism is a scourge of insanity that needs opposing in all its forms.

The world I want to live in is alive with fun, beauty, tolerance, variety, fairness, freedom, awe, wonder and justice.

A hundred years wasted!!

Over the course of the last hundred years we have spent countless trillions of pounds developing horrendous weapons to intimidate and kill each other.

Just imagine how that money could have been spent.

Just imagine if they had spent a quarter of it on research to develop generic antiviral drugs we might not live in fear of virus pandemics. Viruses could be a thing of the past.

Just think.

Instead we have invented ways of wiping each other out!

Are we mad?

Trump is Playing a dangerous game!!

Trump is playing an extremely dangerous game – petulantly claiming rigged voting all over the country with no evidence what-so-ever.

The Georgia recount is due any time soon and Trump is still losing so he is tweeting that it is a joke and that it is rigged.


He is inciting his base, telling them that the Democrats have been cheating, but is totally unable to back up his claims.

It’s all lies.

The fact that it is all fictitious is irrelevant to his fanatical base. They are so stupid they believe him. They hang on every bit of propaganda pumped out of the extreme right-wing propaganda machine. They have no faith in democracy.

So what happens when a large minority no longer believe in democracy? That is really scary. That leads to social unrest on a huge scale, to violence and the break down of law and order.

So let’s be quite clear – Trump has consistently been the most unpopular President in the history of the USA. Despite having a fanatical base he has a popularity record worst than any other. So it is no surprise that he lost the election. The real surprise is that he only lost by 6 million votes!!

But lose he did – fair and square and nothing is going to change that. Biden won by a considerable amount. Currently Biden 306 votes Trump 232. That is comprehensive!!

Trumps silly legal challenges are being thrown out left, right and centre. They are costing a lot and changing nothing. They are not changing it because it was all fair!!

President Trump said he “terminated” Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (Cisa) chief Chris Krebs for his “highly inaccurate” remarks on vote integrity. The guy reported that the election was the fairest in history.

What a fool he is being! All he is doing is undermining democracy, stirring up division, inciting hatred and getting nowhere!

Why am I not surprised?? That has been his tactics all along!

What is he hoping for? A coup? An armed insurrection? To reverse the votes?

I don’t know. He is behaving appallingly. He needs to concede and get out of there. The man is a loose cannon! He’s mentally deranged!!

This could all end in bloodshed!!

Poetry – Lost


Lost on the highway,

Adrift on the wind,

Searching for direction

In the aftermath of chaos.

Inside the humdrum

Order’s an illusion.

Quiet desperation

Pervades reality.


Out of control

Mindless hierarchy

Directing where we go.

Power is all,

Wealth and perpetuation

Selling the planet

Maintaining position.

Having more

Than could possibly need.

With no end in sight

To their appetite.


In the aftermath of the US election it seems obvious to me that our society is lost. Those in power merely seek to perpetuate their own power and wealth. There is no direction, no will to tackle the issues, no empathy, no compassion.

We’re on a mad dash to nowhere where all that matters is the cash.

Utterly pointless.

Utterly empty.

Utterly disastrous.

Anecdote – Road Sweeping Through the Floods on a Wave of Madness




Road Sweeping Through the Floods on a Wave of Madness

The rain had been relentless but it had stopped. We had resumed our road sweeping duties. I was paired up with Jim. He was fragile. It was felt that he needed someone to work with because he was unstable. Jim had a mental condition. He was subject to psychotic episodes. For Jim reality was a very thin and highly transparent sheath; it kept breaking down. Jim’s whole life was a series of hospitalized episodes with spells in institutions. It was good that the council employed him. Jim was a pleasant, friendly, harmless soul who needed employment. Without it he would have vegetated.

We had both been on bin duties for a few days. The torrential rain had made sweeping roads extremely difficult. We’d largely confined our duties to emptying litter bins. Now it had turned fine and we were back clearing up the debris from the gutters and drains.

The area we were working in must have been low-lying. We were working our way steadily along when it happened.

There was a series of loud clangs.

I looked back down the road to where the noise had come from. The heavy cast-iron manhole covers for the sewers were exploding up into the air or pillars of water and clanging back to the ground. They were popping up all along the road and heading towards us. Each of the manholes was spouting a solid column of water four feet high.

I stood and watched with amazement. I had never seen anything like it. Fortunately there was no traffic or there could have been some serious accidents. Jim carried on regardless pretending that nothing extraordinary was happening.

The manhole covers near us shot up in the air on pillars of water. It was incredible. Those covers were solid cast-iron and weighed a lot. It took considerable force to lift them. They were popping up into the air like corks. The swollen river Mole had broken its banks. The water had gushed down the sewers and was erupting back out in the lower areas.

Within minutes the water was lapping up to the kerbs. Jim was continuing to sweep even though the water was flowing around his feet.

It was obvious to me that we had to move to higher ground quickly. The whole area was in the process of being flooded. I urged Jim to come out. He refused and was totally focused on sweeping, trying to ignore the water as if it was not happening.

I could see we had a problem. These strange events were outside the norm. Jim had learnt that things that happened outside the normal range of experience were usually figments of his imagination. They augured the start of a breakdown. Jim did not like that. It meant frightening periods of incarceration and treatment. All he wanted was normality.

Unlike me, who found the events of exploding manholes and fountains of water quite exciting, Jim found them terrifying. He was desperately trying to hold his world together. If he could just go on as normal it might all go away and he’d be alright. Exploding sewers were not part of the normal world.

Except it was real.

I coaxed Jim out of the water and got him t trundle his cart in front of mine up the rise away from the rapidly expanding lake of water. He was becoming more and more agitated as he tried to come to terms with what was happening.

At the top of the rise it was dry. A police car parked up and a policeman donned a white mac and took up post directing traffic away from the now deeply flooded road. He was standing at the edge of the water and waving cars away.

Jim took one look at him and thought that he’d been sent to pick him up. He lost it, ran across to the startled policeman and, in a highly agitated manner, started gibbering at him, clutching at him, and telling him that it was alright; he would go with him.

I managed to prise Jim off the bewildered man and lead him away. We went round a friend’s house. I made him a mug of tea and we played some Moody Blues. He liked classical music; that was the nearest we had. It soothed him and gradually he regained control of himself. It had frightened the wits out of him. We talked to him until he managed to grasp that it had been real and the river had merely overflowed and burst out of the sewers. It settled him.

There is a fine line between reality and the worlds inside the head. For some the fabric is exceedingly thin.