Poetry – Crazy Lemmings

I wrote this four years ago. I was right. Brexit and Johnson have been the disasters I predicted. What a mess our country is in!! He used xenophobia, division, fear, racism and hate. Sadly he won!

Crazy Lemmings

Crazy lemmings leaping off of cliffs.

Of common sense hardly a whiff!

Fuelled on fear, lies and hate

They’d rather drown than open the gate!

Opher – 17.8.2018

England used to be a friendly place always willing to extend the helping hand. Islamophobia and racism has been deployed by politicians eager to gain power and influence. It has unleashed a wave of fear and hate that resulted in us going for Brexit and cutting off our own noses!

Brexit has made Britain poorer already and will make us a lot poorer yet. It has made us mean-spirited and filled us with hate and fear.

Instead of solving problems we have created more of our own!!

I dislike Islam intensely. I think it is an intolerant religion.

I think we have had too much immigration too quickly.

I don’t think Brexit will help.

I do not believe that our 4.8% of Muslims are going to take over and impose sharia law on us. I do not believe they are all terrorists or rapists.

Instead of Brexit we should be focusing on integrating them so they do not become extremists. In time they will become secular.

I want to move about freely without restriction. I think there are much better ways for the EU to sort out this mass migration problem without resorting to Brexit.

Brexit will only serve to make us poorer, less powerful and peripheral.

What a stupid response – talk about lemmings jumping off cliffs!! The extreme right-wing have set an agenda that is madness!

Poetry – Reality is Death

Reality is Death

Stability is the illusion.

Reality is transience.

Mud and blood

Banishing all innocence.

On the battlefields

                The innocent are sacrificed.

In games of power

                Nothing less will suffice.

Brick and mortar made of dirt,

                Built to the sky with sweat.

Missiles and bombs

                Pulverise with threats.

A world run by madness;

                The chaos of war,

Leaves one wondering

                What civilisation is for?

Opher – 27.3.2022

We have been the lucky generation – living our days in peace and stability. It felt as if the world was safe; that we were getting better. How easily that security was undone.

We are never secure.

The world is a dangerous place. We are the most dangerous element of all.

History is littered with our madness, lust for power and greed.

So much is destroyed in an endless cycle of violence.

We build our cities up. We knock them down and rebuild.

What a waste.

So much money that could have been used to create, to improve, to make lives better, to make the world better. Instead we go through this endless cycle of barbarity!

Quantum Fever – A Sci-fi novel. Capitalism out of control.

Quantum Fever

Capitalism gone mad.

The System is made up of thousands of planets housing trillions of people in tiny doms arranged in tiers.

The Consortium are a group of wealthy capitalists who live above the metropolis in floating mansions. The name of the game is expansion and profit.

The Quships cross quantum space in search of planets to either colonise or plunder for resources in order to maintain the system.

Quantum Fever is a disease that affects people who jump the weird reaches of quantum space.

Was Tahsin Roeg suffering from Quantum Fever or were the Consortium seeking to control her?

What of the alien planet she discovers?

Were the Primitives going to achieve their dream?


Chapter 1

I hate every minute of being in such an elite club. I play the game and I know I do it well but it really is not me. Inside I am still Tahsin Roeg, the ordinary girl from the deeper beltways of Haven.

Having this rare ability has been my ticket out of the lower tiers. At first, I revelled in it. Who would not feel good about being able to do something that so few other people could do? For someone like me, now in my middle age, short, rather dumpy and plain looking and possessing a phobia about Nano surgical recontouring, it surely proved a lifeline for my ego.

Who would not feel great about being made to feel so special, or having the potential to be elevated into such a high position in society? That skill provided me with a status that was otherwise unattainable.

My rare ability transformed the future for my entire family and gave me a pass to a life, that as an otherwise rather average girl, I could only have imagined – attaining that place in the sky we all dream of.

The skill made me wealthy and famous, but it had not made me happy and now I was finding that it was not at all fulfilling either.

Disillusionment leaves a rancid taste.

I began to see it for what it was – emptiness – sheer emptiness – all sham, all front.

We thought we were part of their club but we really were not. All we Quship Skippers were being used. We were expendable. They, ‘The Consortium’, exploited our talent, paid us handsomely but would discard us as soon as we were of no further use to them. We moved in their world but we were not part of it.

Worse than that – they thought they possessed the right to control us.

There was an epiphany when I woke up to what the Consortium was really doing. For some reason I had shut my mind to it. Now my eyes were opened. I could clearly see what game they were playing. It was so obvious.

No matter how much I tried to kid myself that I was doing a good job and bringing back the resources that everyone needed, I knew I was really working for a bunch of crooks who I did not think were very nice. They certainly were not doing it for the people – that was for sure. The whole business made me feel used and grubby. Somehow, despite all my best intentions, I had lost contact with the friends I used to have in the lower tiers. Looking back now I can see that the moment I left to start the intensive training was when I subconsciously broke away from my roots. I severed that umbilicus. It was something I was now regretting. I was starting to wonder what had become of my friends. We had shared so much. They must have felt abandoned, betrayed.

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Poetry – Body Bags

Body Bags

Hundreds of body bags loaded onto planes;

                Billions of roubles explode;

Thousands of families tear apart their brains;

Psychotic masters unload.

Greed and power distort their world view

                As paranoia bites deep.

The dead are just numbers

                It won’t disturb their sleep.

Two million years of evolution

                And still we’re insane.

Five thousand years of civilisation

                Blown down the drain.

They sit inside their war room

                Plotting their games.

Throwing everlasting gloom

                As they stake their claims.

These are the madmen

                That we place in power –

Psychotic sad men

                Who turn the whole world sour!

As the body bags pile up

                We never seem to learn.

Sipping from the devil’s cup

                We watch the world burn.

Opher – 26.2.2022

It’s our own fault. We support this warmongering system. We place these narcissists, psychopaths and sociopaths in place. We demand action. We like ‘strong men’. We see things in black and white. We always think it is good to be strong.

We have a love of fascism.

We elect he likes of Trump, Bolsonaro, Putin and Johnson.

We like violence.

It’s time we really became civilised and stopped being primitive apes. It’s time we elected sane people!!

Poetry – Peace Keepers

Peace Keepers

Peace keepers

                Dishing out war.

                                Mindless monkeys

                                                Covered in gore.

Following orders

                Dispensing death

                                Invading lands

                                                With Hell’s breath.

War machine

                In full swing

                                On the orders

                                                Of a Russian King.

Skies full

                Missiles and planes,

                                Bullets and shells

                                                ‘Til nothing remains.

Madness of war,

                Stench of power,

                                Horror and terror

                                                Build by the hour.


                Fades away.

                                Power games

                                                Have their day.

Most condemn

                But some abstain

                                Watching on

                                                Enjoying the pain.

Opher 25.2.2022

It is interesting to watch the world’s reaction. Most condemn the bloody onslaught but some watch on with admiration or understanding. It shows clearly who you can trust, who is looking to cosy up, who is out to profit and who is planning the same.

In the 21st Century we are still behaving like violent chimps!!

Poetry – Build Them Up

Build Them Up

Build them up

                Knock them down

Village, city

                House and town

Human beings

                Primitive apes

Psychotic minds

                No escapes

Huge expense

                Complete waste

Madness reigns

                Dangers faced

Shells fired

                Bombs dropped

Bullets fly

                Insults swapped

Lies spoken

                Power struggle

Lives lost

                Families broken

Build them up

                Knock them down

Village, city

                House and town

Opher 22.2.2022

There is a major flaw in human nature. We are forever at war. We always think it’s the easy solution. We have to assert ourselves violently.

We elect belligerent leaders.

We like inflicting pain.

We think violence is alright.

Periodically we destroy each other and ourselves.

Just think what a world we could build if all the money spent on this endless war machine was spent on education and eradicating poverty. Just think.

This is madness.

There is no excuse.

This is really madness.

We build things up and we destroy them.

We terrify each other and traumatise generations.

There can be no excuse.

It is madness.

This is 2022!! Are we going to have another senseless war in Europe??

Ukraine is a reminder of the stupidity of mankind. Our psychotic leaders keep taking us down this destructive path.

Have we learnt nothing????

I remind everyone – the major reason behind the creation of the EU was to bind countries together in trade and prevent us descending into this madness again!

We have such short memories!