Human Life is of no concern!!

There is a total disregard for the soldiers being used as cannon fodder. All that matters is Putin’s pride! He’s put Russia at great risk!!


On The Brink

On The Brink

On the brink of a nuclear holocaust


                With the promise

                                Of assured mutual destruction.

The apes are insane.

                Consumed with the madness of paranoia

                                Tinged with lust for power

                                                As Putin dishes out instruction.

He’d rather wipe out humanity

                Turn the planet into ash,

                                A glowing ember,

Than lose face.

With his hypersonic

                Ballistic missiles

                                Throwing the whole world

                                                Into yet another arms race.

Forget about poverty,

                Global warming and biodiversity

                                We’ll deal with them another day.

                                                This is about pride.

Who cares about the future?

                Who cares about the billions?

                                Who cares at all?

                                                Just cast all sense aside.

We dangle on the brink of oblivion,

                Waiting for Putin to bring it on.

Opher – 2.4.2022

I am old enough to have lived through the Cuban Missile Crisis when we hung on the edge of nuclear catastrophe. I remember going into school not knowing if I would live to see home again. Hiding under our desks was never likely to work, was it? All day we listened to the news on our portable trannies. The Russians ducked out at the very last minute. We lived.

I have visited the underground bunkers with all their strategic planning. Places where our masters would sit it out while we fried. They spent billions on them. There were bolt-holes under parliament, Buckinghan Palace and country hall – miles down. They were preparing for the holocaust. The holocaust was very real. Not that they wanted us to really know the extent. We were expendable.

For people like Putin the whole planet is expendable.

I Don’t Believe

I Don’t Believe

I don’t believe in humans –

                A crazed bunch of chimps

Creating war and poverty

                In a world of spivs and pimps.

I don’t believe in magic.

                I don’t believe in God.

I don’t believe in reality.

                Everything is odd!

I don’t think there’s a purpose

                Any revelation to find.

But living in infinity

                Really blows the mind.

I don’t believe in Angels,

                Heaven or Paradise,

Even though believing

                Would be very nice.

I do believe in nature

                Evolution and mutation.

I don’t believe in religions

                Or the theory of creation.

I think all us humans

                Are as gullible as hell.

If we dumped superstition

                We could do very well.

I do believe pollution

                Is poisoning the Earth.

I believe in overpopulation –

                Far too many births.      

I don’t believe in politics

                It’s all a crazy game.

I think they’re all lying

                It’s such a dirty shame.

I don’t believe in fascism

                Or dictatorial control.

I think Trump’s a conman

                Digging us a big hole.

I don’t in communism –

                Creating another elite.

I do think that Putin

                Is heading for defeat.

I don’t believe in Tories

                With their fabled trickle down –

A bunch of millionaires

                Who own half the town.

I don’t believe in history

                Or anything that’s gone.

They falsify the story.

                As bad as QAnon.

I believe the crazy apes

                Are busy creating war;

Chopping down the forests;

                Stealing from the poor.

Paradoxically the apes

                Make great music and art

Appreciate great beauty –

                Matters of the heart.    

They are capable of care

                Love and compassion;

Of empathy and justice,

                Feelings and passion.

I don’t believe in cool

                Or the art of being hip.

Just another fashion

                Complete with a quip.

I do believe the mad monkeys

                Will turn everything to profit,

While always saying one thing

                Then doing the opposite.

I do believe society

                Is hanging by a thread.

A lack of belief

                Could leave us all stone dead!

Opher – 16.10.2022

A mutation created a mad bunch of crazed chimpanzees.

We’re all obsessed with a greed for more.

We’ve created poems, Gods and war.

Power is more important than fairness.

All our religions and political systems have been perverted to create power systems, elites and dominance.

There’s more than enough to go around but the ones at the top are never satisfied.

They’ll wage war (using us) and destroy the planet just to have more than they can possibly need in a million lifetimes.

Human beings are insane! We value slave owners, robber barons and murderers over artists, poets and dancers.



Wretchedly preparing for death

Arming themselves with Molotov Cocktails

Resigning themselves to horror

Wrestling land from the hands of patriots

Acting as brutal occupying forces

Rolling tanks across other peoples’ land

Welcoming invaders with fury

Attacking them with blind hate

Repelling advances with unleashed passion

Wondering why they were being lied to

Aghast at the reactions of the defenders

Reeling from the ferocity of the response

Wholeheartedly determined to fight or die

Aggressively throwing themselves into action

Raging with incandescent fury

Waging war with the lies of Putin

An army of confused conscripts

Reluctant to attack their friends

Opher 2.3.2022

There is nothing positive anyone can say about war.

The loss of life, destroyed lives, losses, injury, the permanent trauma, environmental catastrophe and cost.

War is run by madmen for power, for gain.

Everyone pays the price.

Those who wage war are monsters!!!

Stupidity, Insanity and Terror

Stupidity, Insanity and Terror

Intelligent people

                Believing in invisible beings

Do terrible things

                For dubious reasons.

Ordinary people

                Joining tyrannical regimes

Are fully trained

                To follow orders.

Military people

                Following instructions

Dispense violence

                In sterile basements.

Wealthy elites,

                Powerful dictators

Employ mindless monkeys

                To control the masses.

Mindless monkeys

Are trained

To overcome morality

                Humanity and compassion.

The cycle of terror


As it benefits a few

                And controls others.

Opher – 25.2.2022

I was thinking of the religious terrorism, political extremes and war. I was thinking about the powers that lurk behind it all.

All over the world the masses of people are controlled, fed lies and propaganda, exploited and used, abused, threatened and beaten.

The system is self-perpetuating. A powerful, wealthy elite ensure that the right people are elected, the right propaganda is issued and back it up with violence.

Protest is crushed.

Faceless minions are dispensed to create ‘law and order’ and maintain the status quo.

The masses are persuaded to vote for their own jailers.

The elite is maintained. All the wealth flows into their coffers. The people are given just enough to stop them waking up from the thrall, to stop them rioting.

The faceless elite ensure that Putin, Trump, Bolsonaro, Erdogan, Modi, Johnson and Orban are put in place.

A force of minions are employed to suppress the people. These zombies are trained to follow orders, put aside their own feelings and shoot their own people. The more psychotic are trained as torturers.

They are called soldiers, police, security guards, secret police and peace keepers. Without them the system doesn’t work.



Down the ages,

                Every race,

                                Every nation,

                                                Every tribe,

Has fought,

                Waged war,

                                And died.

History littered

                With forts,


                                                And citadels.



                                With crosses

                                                And tombs.

Nations bled dry

                By cost


                                                And defence.

Cities burnt,



                                                And destroyed.

People tortured,



                                                And traumatised.

Madness from a genetic flaw.

Opher 22.1.2022

There is no hope for us as a species. We are all imbued with this lust for violence, this yearning for power and greed for more.

Instead of love we are ensnared in hate, petty tribalism and a sense of superiority. We have to impose our views on others.

There is no hope.

Poetry – Crazy Lemmings

I wrote this four years ago. I was right. Brexit and Johnson have been the disasters I predicted. What a mess our country is in!! He used xenophobia, division, fear, racism and hate. Sadly he won!

Crazy Lemmings

Crazy lemmings leaping off of cliffs.

Of common sense hardly a whiff!

Fuelled on fear, lies and hate

They’d rather drown than open the gate!

Opher – 17.8.2018

England used to be a friendly place always willing to extend the helping hand. Islamophobia and racism has been deployed by politicians eager to gain power and influence. It has unleashed a wave of fear and hate that resulted in us going for Brexit and cutting off our own noses!

Brexit has made Britain poorer already and will make us a lot poorer yet. It has made us mean-spirited and filled us with hate and fear.

Instead of solving problems we have created more of our own!!

I dislike Islam intensely. I think it is an intolerant religion.

I think we have had too much immigration too quickly.

I don’t think Brexit will help.

I do not believe that our 4.8% of Muslims are going to take over and impose sharia law on us. I do not believe they are all terrorists or rapists.

Instead of Brexit we should be focusing on integrating them so they do not become extremists. In time they will become secular.

I want to move about freely without restriction. I think there are much better ways for the EU to sort out this mass migration problem without resorting to Brexit.

Brexit will only serve to make us poorer, less powerful and peripheral.

What a stupid response – talk about lemmings jumping off cliffs!! The extreme right-wing have set an agenda that is madness!

Poetry – Reality is Death

Reality is Death

Stability is the illusion.

Reality is transience.

Mud and blood

Banishing all innocence.

On the battlefields

                The innocent are sacrificed.

In games of power

                Nothing less will suffice.

Brick and mortar made of dirt,

                Built to the sky with sweat.

Missiles and bombs

                Pulverise with threats.

A world run by madness;

                The chaos of war,

Leaves one wondering

                What civilisation is for?

Opher – 27.3.2022

We have been the lucky generation – living our days in peace and stability. It felt as if the world was safe; that we were getting better. How easily that security was undone.

We are never secure.

The world is a dangerous place. We are the most dangerous element of all.

History is littered with our madness, lust for power and greed.

So much is destroyed in an endless cycle of violence.

We build our cities up. We knock them down and rebuild.

What a waste.

So much money that could have been used to create, to improve, to make lives better, to make the world better. Instead we go through this endless cycle of barbarity!

Quantum Fever – A Sci-fi novel. Capitalism out of control.

Quantum Fever

Capitalism gone mad.

The System is made up of thousands of planets housing trillions of people in tiny doms arranged in tiers.

The Consortium are a group of wealthy capitalists who live above the metropolis in floating mansions. The name of the game is expansion and profit.

The Quships cross quantum space in search of planets to either colonise or plunder for resources in order to maintain the system.

Quantum Fever is a disease that affects people who jump the weird reaches of quantum space.

Was Tahsin Roeg suffering from Quantum Fever or were the Consortium seeking to control her?

What of the alien planet she discovers?

Were the Primitives going to achieve their dream?


Chapter 1

I hate every minute of being in such an elite club. I play the game and I know I do it well but it really is not me. Inside I am still Tahsin Roeg, the ordinary girl from the deeper beltways of Haven.

Having this rare ability has been my ticket out of the lower tiers. At first, I revelled in it. Who would not feel good about being able to do something that so few other people could do? For someone like me, now in my middle age, short, rather dumpy and plain looking and possessing a phobia about Nano surgical recontouring, it surely proved a lifeline for my ego.

Who would not feel great about being made to feel so special, or having the potential to be elevated into such a high position in society? That skill provided me with a status that was otherwise unattainable.

My rare ability transformed the future for my entire family and gave me a pass to a life, that as an otherwise rather average girl, I could only have imagined – attaining that place in the sky we all dream of.

The skill made me wealthy and famous, but it had not made me happy and now I was finding that it was not at all fulfilling either.

Disillusionment leaves a rancid taste.

I began to see it for what it was – emptiness – sheer emptiness – all sham, all front.

We thought we were part of their club but we really were not. All we Quship Skippers were being used. We were expendable. They, ‘The Consortium’, exploited our talent, paid us handsomely but would discard us as soon as we were of no further use to them. We moved in their world but we were not part of it.

Worse than that – they thought they possessed the right to control us.

There was an epiphany when I woke up to what the Consortium was really doing. For some reason I had shut my mind to it. Now my eyes were opened. I could clearly see what game they were playing. It was so obvious.

No matter how much I tried to kid myself that I was doing a good job and bringing back the resources that everyone needed, I knew I was really working for a bunch of crooks who I did not think were very nice. They certainly were not doing it for the people – that was for sure. The whole business made me feel used and grubby. Somehow, despite all my best intentions, I had lost contact with the friends I used to have in the lower tiers. Looking back now I can see that the moment I left to start the intensive training was when I subconsciously broke away from my roots. I severed that umbilicus. It was something I was now regretting. I was starting to wonder what had become of my friends. We had shared so much. They must have felt abandoned, betrayed.

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