Mariupol – Captain Beefheart – There Ain’t No Santa Claus on the Evening Stage

I am thinking of Mariupol which has been systematically destroyed by Russian forces. Seemingly, just like the Americans in Vietnam, the people had to be terrified and killed in order to save them!

It’s insane!!

It doesn’t look as if NATO is going to come to their help. There isn’t any help coming. Hundreds of thousands of civilians cringe in cellars, the city above them reduced to rubble, listening to the ongoing bombardment.

The Tories, Trump and the Russian connection.

With Putin interfering in elections in the USA and the UK to successfully install Trump, create Brexit and elect Johnson, one can see why!!

Putin wanted the UK and USA hopelessly divided, the EU weaker and these political leaders hamstrung and in his pocket.

The Tory party has received millions from Putin’s friends. London has been a centre for laundering dirty Russian money – putting billions into the pockets of Tory banker chums.

Trump’s shady business connections in Russia are all hushed up – including the film they are supposed to have of him with Russian hookers.

It’s like Putin has planned this all out and engineered it.

We’re in a crisis with a useless lying clown at the helm!!