Johnson and the G7 – Chris Riddell

The clown is prepared for war in Ireland, to break the UK up and wreck the economy for the sake of ideology and his job!!

What must Biden and the rest of the world think??

Democracy!!! The Majority of the Public Want a SECOND Referendum!!!

Now that the ramification of the disaster involved in leaving the EU is becoming clear the majority of the British people are realising that they were lied to. It is not going to save us money. It is not going to get more jobs or stop immigration. It is not going to stop terrorism. It was just a nostalgic trip back to a time that didn’t exist led by a bunch of extreme nationalists.

Now we know what we were really voting for we want a second vote!!!

We want democracy!! We want our country back!!

What is wrong with the idea of a European Superstate?

What is wrong with the idea of a European Superstate?


America and Australia are unencumbered with countries. They operate as a series of States or regions that operate autonomously with an overarching federation joining them together. The same could be said for China, India, Russia, Canada and New Zealand – large land masses with sizeable populations united in confederations. This unity gives them strength and power.

Would America be a powerful nation if all its States operated as separate countries? I think not.

Do minority groups totally lose their identity? I think not. The Sioux, Maori, Amish, Hippies, Surfers and a thousand other minority and ethnic groups seem perfectly capable of maintaining their culture in the midst of the prevailing culture.

When I live abroad I do not automatically lose my culture or values, even if I assimilate.

Countries are largely artificial constructs whose borders are arbitrary and fluid. They were once based on tribal, ethnic groupings but these have become either diluted with time or altered through the vagaries of war. Many were simply drawn up by various powers without consideration of ethnic groups, cultures or tribes.

I believe it is time to do away with countries altogether and move to a more global perspective. Our world has universal problems that surmount these artificial borders. We cannot deal with inequality, multinationals, pollution, war, poverty, justice, conservation, nuclear proliferation, crime, terrorism, fanaticism or a hundred other things when operating as isolated countries.

I see the possibility of a unified Europe operating as a single Superstate, much in the same pattern as the USA, as an exciting prospect.

Why not?

Why not improve our cooperation?

Why not pool our resources?

Why not unify our efforts?

We would be much more effective, powerful and efficient. We would not be reinventing the wheel in every individual country. We would talk on the world stage with a bigger voice. We could press for a fairer world and deal with a lot of the world’s problems more effectively.

So what has the EU ever done for us?

So what has the EU ever done from us – apart from a bureaucratic system, mass immigration and costing us money?

Well –

  • It has brought peace for the longest period of time in European history – that was why it was set up in the first place
  • It has created a forum for dialogue between European countries that cannot be underestimated
  • It has provided international legislation and enforcement of environmental issues that has stopped pollution and produced countless conservation schemes
  • It has created a multinational Human Rights that protects the rights of all people living in the EU and sets an example to the rest of the world
  • It has brought in legislation to protect the rights of workers and their health and safety
  • It has enabled free trade that has improved the British economy. It enables trade without restraint, tariffs or visas.
  • It has brought in regeneration programmes that have transformed inner city areas such as Liverpool, Newcastle and countless others
  • It subsidises areas with great poverty or who are in need – Scotland receives a lot of money as does Wales, Ireland and parts of England
  • It has financed scientific research and enabled projects (such as CERN) that no one nation could have managed – space projects, University research, international cooperation
  • It has instituted conservation projects and protected nature in large projects throughout Europe
  • It subsidises agriculture and practices that protect nature
  • It has enabled Britain to operate as a gateway into Europe. Many firms, such as the car industry, Siemens alternative energy, Banking and Finance and many manufacturing companies set up production and headquarters in London and Britain to service the continent. This has greatly contributed to our wealth.
  • It has provided a source of labour and brains that has kept our science at the top, brought in consultants and specialists, doctors, nurses, teachers, skilled individuals, builders, field workers, care home workers etc. who have provided services and kept our economy going.
  • It has financed joint ventures that would be too risky or expensive for any one nation to attempt (eg. aviation)
  • It has enabled our students to go to any EU country to study and broaden their horizons and students to study here and set up crucial links. We are attracting brains.
  • It enables me to travel to Europe with needing visas or passport control.
  • It enables cooperation between EU countries to coordinate intelligence, operations against terrorism and crime.
  • It provides a powerful bloc for negotiating deals with the resat of the world.
  • It provides a stronger, unified voice in the world that carries the weight of the combined population and economies.

I would not underestimate the huge contribution the EU has made. Of course, you can believe all the lies, exaggerations and fabricated stories put out in our incredibly biased media. The picture they paint is simply not true.

Do we get value for money? I think so. I reckon the benefit to the economy far outstrips what we put in.

Are there problems? Too true – the bureaucracy, costs and corruption, unelected bodies, negative effects of mass migration, freedom of movement of criminals and terrorists, and the difference between the members with weaker economies and those with stronger are all problems.

Could they have been addressed without Brexit? A resounding yes.

It is not beyond wit to modify the system to deal with corruption, bureaucracy and unelected people. (Not that our politics doesn’t suffer from all of these problems).

There needs to be checks put on migration.

In time the weaker countries will come up to the level of the stronger.

Imagine the United States with borders between States, visas, tariffs, and restrictions. What a nightmare. That is what we will be doing.

But we are out. That is it.

The challenge now is to ensure the government keeps the cooperation, the outward looking stance, the environmental, science and conservation work, the human and workers rights, the free trade without tariffs and the skilled workers we so desperately need – to maintain public services with a poorer economy.

If we are not a gateway to Europe and all those firms and headquarters creep away to Berlin, Paris and the rest, we will be screwed. We have to keep them here. That means a free trade agreement and that means free movement. If we close our borders our economy will dive.

That is the battle.

Do we want a soft or hard Brexit? Who is making the decision?  – An unelected right-wing government.

The pressure from Big Business is to exploit people for more profits. The pressure from little Englanders is to go all patriotic and nationalistic.

The people who will inevitably suffer will be the poor, the disabled, elderly and public servants. I guarantee that the ones at the top will still get their bonuses!

Scaremongering, lies and Project Fear

Scaremongering and Lies


Scaremongering and lies

Scaremongering and lies

Were the substance of their cries.


Project fear

Project fear

They made their feelings clear.


Independence day

Independence day

Who cares if we will have to pay.




We’re losing our nation.




The fear that is a sham.


The fascists and nationalists rub their hands;

It’s beyond their wildest dream.

Isolationism and poverty

As the economy leaks from every seam.


Heading for a meltdown

In the uncertainty pit.

The rising of the right

The result of it.


As the country turned blue

In a day we’ll live to rue.


Opher 24.6.2016


Right now I am thoroughly depressed. I fear for my children – all four of them at risk.

Interest rate rises will plunge tens of thousands into despair.

Corbyn was the silent man. He has to go.

Cameron has gone.

What now? Blundering, bluff of blustering Boris? Snide viciousness of Gove?

More austerity is inevitable.

How many companies will flee?

How far will house prices drop?

The pound will rise but to what level?

How many billions will the country lose?

How much damage will the uncertainty do?

How will the terrorists exploit the confusion?

And Russia? – more war in Europe?


Already the reassurances of Stupid Boris and Gove have proved inept and naïve – perhaps even cynical.


I fear for the future of the country. This is a self-created crisis and nobody knows how bad it will get. The saddest thing is that the ones who will be hit by it will be the ones who gleefully voted for it.

All we can do is hope and try to minimise the effects and heal the divisions.


Be afraid.

The reason to Remain – in a nutshell


Get out and vote Remain – don’t let the extremists in!

  1. To vote out votes in a hard-line Tory government led by Gove and Johnson – goodbye public services, hello privatisation
  2. To vote out sends the economy into a huge crash costing jobs, running down services and making us all poorer
  3. To vote out does not solve the immigration problem
  4. To vote in puts us in the decision making processes
  5. To vote in gives us more power
  6. To vote in makes us safer with unity and cooperation to counter terrorism
  7. To vote in helps us protect the environment
  8. To vote in protects our human and workers rights
  9. To vote in is a move towards a global perspective that is the future of the world
  10. To vote in helps us all grow together
  11. To vote in is a move towards controlling Multinational Corporations
  12. To vote out will not lessen the red tape – we will still have to comply in order to sell

Who cares about the Queen? Sovereignty or the class system? We have sovereignty and identity now. We have control on our borders. We have the laws we need to deport criminals or lock them up. 93% of our laws are made by our parliament.

I don’t trust Gove and Johnson.

Hope is the currency.

We have to sort out the migration, bureaucracy and gravy train from inside the EU. We’d have influence.

So get out there and vote Remain. It is by far the lesser of two evils.

What will happen if we leave Europe. The sequence of events.

This is, in my considered opinion, what will happen if we vote to leave the EU.

  1. Cameron resigns
  2. Boris and Gove take over with a new hard-right government (for them it is all about power)
  3. That signals more austerity, privatisation and the decimation of public services (Schools, NHS, local government) – more tax breaks for the rich
  4. We have 7 years of economic turmoil in which we attempt to create trade deals with other countries
  5. The market retracts  as it reacts to the uncertainty and we lose billions on the stock market – makes the EU saving look like peanuts
  6. Many businesses/banks/insurance leave to go to Berlin and the centre of Europe – we have no production and our income drops substantially
  7. Scotland demands another referendum and leaves creating further economic woe
  8. The economy heads into a great recession
  9. House prices drop as money pours out of London
  10. Wages drop as the economy shrinks (the poor get hit hardest) – unemployment shoots up
  11. The EU is thrown into turmoil and heads into recession with further impact on Britain
  12. The USA takes advantage of the turmoil
  13. In order to access EU markets we have a worse deal and have to abide by EU rules anyway (all the EU legislation and movement of labour) – migration problem is the same
  14. The new hard-right government strips out Human Rights and Labour legislation and opens up a charter for bosses. More low wage and zero hours jobs, more low paid workers from abroad – more profits for the very rich
  15. Britain declines from the seventh biggest economy to a second-rate status
  16. Without Scotland, with the boundary changes (coupled with control of the BBC and media) we are saddled with a very hard-line Tory government forever.
  17. With the fragmentation and recession there is turmoil in Europe and the further rise of fascist parties
  18. Russia is gleeful about the turmoil in the EU and exploits it
  19. ISIS exploits the weakened surveillance and intelligence – They love disorder – more terrorist attacks
  20. War in Europe?? – a possibility.

All this as a result of wanting sovereignty, to curb immigration and a fear and hatred of ISIS.

A. it hands sovereignty to the hard-right

B. It does nothing to solve the migration crisis

C. It makes us more vulnerable to ISIS

These are my conclusions based on serious consideration of all the various experts. Giving considered, intelligent warnings of the drastic outcomes of any action is not scaremongering.

Scaremongering is building up the threat from ISIS and migration, putting out scare stories and lies about the EU bureaucracy and human rights/workers rights, and telling lies about the cost of the EU – as has been pouring out of the Tory media – that is scaremongering.

All Boris and Gove are interested in is getting into No. 10. They don’t care about the effect on the country. In my opinion they are criminally culpable. They have repeatedly lied.

I want migration managed and know it can be done within the EU. It is not rocket science.

I want ISIS defeated and know that more cooperation is the best way of doing that

I want the bureaucracy of the EU curbed and think that we should do that from the inside

I believe that the EU makes us stronger and more prosperous, protects our rights and freedoms and, despite all its faults, is by far the better option.

I have no doubt that being in the EU is good for Britain.

Now – if you don’t agree with me I’d be interested to hear your considered reasons.

The prospect of a far-right take over through Brexit and the effect on my country frightens the hell out of me!