War Crimes

It’s about time we took the whole bunch of War Criminals and locked them up – Bush, Blair, Putin, Bashir and the rest!

There is no place for war!!

Johnson in the Last Ditch

The Tory Party is pulling itself apart. Johnson is leading them down his last ditch.

He tells us that he is tightening everything up. Ha Ha. He can’t! This man simply doesn’t possess the ability or skill to lead and manage. He never has and never will. The only thing he had going for him was his popularity. Ordinary people liked his clownish personality.

You don’t really want a clown leading you to battle with a cry of ‘Tally Ho’. You want someone who has thought all the tactics and strategy through, has a plan that might work and the ability to lead.

What we have with Johnson is a court jester charging recklessly into the valley of death on a wing and a prayer. That’s his approach. Nothing is ever thought through.

He makes these soundbite announcements with no idea on how to make them work.

Long may he reign! The further down that ditch he leads the Tories the more damage he does to the Tories. I want rid of the whole bunch of these greedy, selfish, arrogant profiteers.