Riding out the Parties – Chris Riddell

Are people as fickle and stupid as Johnson thinks they are?

Some obviously are!!

They’ll forget about the sleaze, incompetence and nastiness altogether.

Goldfish come to mind.

Happy New Year from the self-serving liar who couldn’t care less!

Thanks John Peachey and Chris Riddell!! Happy New Year to you!!

Maybe 2022 is the year we finally dump these sleazy Tory extremists!! The ERG is as obnoxious a bunch of profiteers as we’ve ever seen. Led by the most inept of populist clowns!!


Johnson – all his cards in one basket!!

After crapping on the NHS Johnson is now ordering them to deliver a million shots a day!!

The fool knows that his ‘Irreversible’ relaxation is about to be reversed!! Goodbye Christmas!! (Unless, of course, you are a Tory then you can ignore all laws, rules and legislation. No need for masks, distancing or not having parties!!)

Plenty money to be made!!! Become a donor and gain a contract or two!! You can even buy a peerage!!

And have Christmas parties!!

Get boosted to save Johnson’s millions!!!