Boris Johnson – Oven-Ready – World-Beating, no border Brexit!!

This clown represents us to the world!! Thanks Chris Riddell!!

Thanks John Peachey!

Curtains for the BBC

It’s wallpaper for Johnson and curtains for the BBC. Chris Riddell puts his finger on it again.

Liar liar your pants on fire!!

The Tories have been packing the BBC with Tories to make it a propaganda machine for the Tory party. Now they’ve got an excuse to do even more.

I remember back to the Miners’ Strike how the BBC was used to spread fake news. They even reversed the order of events at Orgreave to make it seem that it was the miners to blame and not the police.

The BBC has always been biased. I think it is going to be a lot more so in the future.

Johnson’s lies will go without comment!

Tory Party gleefully opening up!! Or will they be shutting down??

Having allowed the Indian variant in following some desperate attempt to gain a trade deal with Modi while the virus was rampant in India. For two weeks we allowed thousands of infected people into the country.

Then whoops!! It’s all going haywire. Who could have foreseen that???

The Tory Party have been riding the high of vaccine euphoria. We’ll see when the bubble bursts and people finally realise what an incompetent bunch of extremist twerps they really are.

Chris Riddell sums it up! Thanks John Peachey!

Cameron and Greenswill – Chris Riddell

Incredibly it is considered perfectly alright to be an adviser in a company and earn millions. It makes a mockery out of ‘working’ for a living.

I think it is corrupt to go from the government or civil service into an advisory role on grotesque salaries – especially if it is using contacts to gain unfair advantage or to use inside knowledge to help them evade tax. It’s verging on treason.

Brexit and the Red Tories – Chris Riddell

Brexit – hidden behind covid.

Brexit – taking back power = taking more of your money.

Brexit – a fascist nationalist’s wet dream.

Brexit – rising prices, less power and more red tape.

Brexit – narrowing horizons.

Brexit – xenophobes and racists love it.

Brexit – still playing out in the red wall.