Poetry – War Crimes

War Crimes

Bombing hospitals, schools and power stations,

Executing civilians,

Blowing up women and babies

The evil stench of war

With no holds barred

Spreads like a nasty dose of rabies.

This is not war!

These are war crimes!

Targeting houses and civilians

Threatening nuclear holocaust

To intervening nations

With costs soaring into trillions.

As obscene as it is absurd

To resort to such barbarity

At one man’s behest.

Putin ignores the wrath of the world,

Arrogantly striking out

With no crimes confessed.

Ultimately we need the courts

To hold all perpetrators to account,

To bring them to the justices.

But will the brainwashed Russian people

Wake up to reality

And hand over Putin and his accomplices?

Opher – 5.5.2022

This is where bodies like the United Nations need to live up to their lofty ideals and step in. This is where all nations need to be united to condemn any nations that use war to invade sovereign states. This is when the targeting of hospitals, schools and civilians need to be called out for what they are – WAR CRIMES!!

It is a disgrace that, for political reasons, many nations are refusing to stand up for justice and human rights, are refusing to condemn aggression and violence and are condoning this evil perpetuation of WAR CRIMES!

No matter where in the world, or by whom, all perpetrators of WAR CRIMES need to be dragged before the courts and properly punished.

I would love to see the day when Putin and his loathsome warmongers are handed over by the Russian people and tried before international courts.

The same should be true for all those guilty in Syria, Yemen, Eritrea, Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Somalia and the rest.

It’s time the UN had the power to intercede.

Putin will Pay!!

His decision has killed thousands and made Russia a pariah state. He has bankrupted his own country and reduced Ukrainian cities into rubble.

He systematically lies to his people but one day they will wake up and rise up.

His elite clique will only stand for so much. At some point they will move in and kick him out.

At some point he, and the other architects of this barbarity, will be dragged before an international court and tried for war crimes.

Russia will be forced to pay reparations to the Ukraine.

It will happen!

Ukraine – If they can’t win by fair means!!

Outfought by the Ukrainians, bogged-down, picked off, shot down, humiliated and demoralised. All that Putin has is the atrocious tactics of pounding civilians with artillery and missiles in this reprehensible war.

What next?? Chemical weapons?? Nuclear??

Putin needs to be put in a dock before the whole world and convicted for these terrible war crimes!!