Given Time

Given Time

We’ll all be friends again

                                                Given time!

Though cities flattened

                                                In unprecedented crime.

Things will change

                                                Without sense or rhyme.

Cities restored

                                                In softer clime.

Once again

                                                All things will chime.

It will have all been for nothing!

                                                Given time!!

Opher – 28.3.2022

While the politicians play their games of power using people as pawns. It’s a game where lives are just statistics. Trillions of dollars are spent killing and destroying.

For spurious reasons the politicians ruin lives.

The people are caught in the middle, manipulated, exploited and lied to.

It’s all about power and wealth though they try to convince you that it’s really about safety.

So Putin kills to liberate in an Orwellian doublethink. He’d have the Russian population believe that it is necessary as there is an existential threat.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we had one world without the stink of war and all that money could be spent on education, solving poverty, art and recreation.

I went to visit Vietnam and Cambodia recently. It clearly demonstrated to me the sheer stupidity of war – a devourer of huge resources and creator of trauma.

It’s time for the UN to step in and arrest all the leaders who resort to such barbaric evil practices.

The Long Table

The Long Table

Cowering in his bunker

                At the end of a long table.

Fist full of death.

                Escape? He is unable.

Putin the oppressor

                Fake news and conspiracy.

Dealing out destruction

                Deaf to every plea.

Opher – 23.3.2022

I had a picture of Putin cowering at the end of his long table, distancing himself from the world, isolated and alone.

He looked weak, threatened and pathetic.

This was a man scared of his own shadows.

All he had left was a desire to hit out.

A Big Black Cloud

A Big Black Cloud

There was a big black cloud

                In the deep blue sky.

One moment sunshine

                Then wondering why.

We were shopping,

                Eating meals,

                                Laughing and planning

                                                Trips to the cinema.

Tanks rolled down the streets

                With bullets

                                Shells and missiles

                                                A howling, satanic choir.

No more normal.

                Ordinary forever gone.

After the days of terror

                Life is always wrong.

Opher – 5.4.2022

In this day and age it is hard to imagine the barbarity of war coming out of the blue.

This is Europe in 2022!

It’s barbaric.

I do not believe that the Ukrainian people really believed it would happen. One minute they were living normal lives in modern cities and the next they were hiding in cellars as the Russians turned their cities to rubble.

Putin and NATO

Putin and NATO

Fast on the trigger.

                Face off on Main Street

                                Eyes narrowed

                                                Quick on their feet.

Safe in their bunkers

                Button under thumb

                                One press of the finger

                                                Death for everyone.

Defender of the people

                Totalitarian control

                                Oppression reigns

                                                Secret police patrol.

Feigning democracy

                But the elite pull the strings

                                Western democracy

                                                With faceless kings.

World War Three

                Knocks at the door

                                One single twitch

                                                They’ll dispense with the poor.

Opher – 16.3.2022

If there is another nuclear holocaust you can bet that the wealthy elite will either be far away from the action or safe way underground.

Who will be incinerated?

Bodies in the street

Bodies in the street

The last touch

                Before they left the universe;

The last touch

                Before they are gone forever,

Was the frozen hard ground.

Bodies abandoned

                In the street

                                With no-one to care,

No-one to provide that final embrace.

Left to freeze

                In the icy street

                                With no warmth

In those last seconds;

                No human touch

                                No final goodbye.

Opher – 13.3.2022

I wrote this in response to the scenes of Russian soldiers left strewn across a city street, abandoned and uncared for.

Their body heat seeps into the ground until they become frozen lifeless lumps of meat.

They, and the thousands of Ukrainian citizens and soldiers killed by the Russians, were disposed of in mass graves dug by machines.

Death has lost all humanity.

No War!! No War!!

No War!! No War!!

No War!!  No War!!

There is no war!

                That’s fake news!

To say there is

                Is worth fifteen years!

No War!!  No War!!

Controlling the narrative,

                Suppressing dialogue,

This is the truth!

                Shout the puppeteers!

No War!!  No War!!

Putin’s in control.

                Tanks and troops

Are peace keepers.

                Have no fears.

No War!!  No War!!

Destruction is from

                Ukranian insurgents.

Russians bring chocolate and hope

                (death and tears)!!

No War!!  No War!!

Opher – 5.3.2022

He who controls the narrative controls the people. The news is being suppressed, the people oppressed.

Putin and his oligarchs walk off with the cash while the people live in tiny apartments and eat boiled cabbage.

Communism was meant to be about equality! About the people being in charge.

This form of totalitarianism coupled with extreme inequality and a ridiculously wealthy elite is about as far away from communism as you can get. This is repressive totalitarian control.

The people are on the street. The hierarchy is crumbling fast.

The rat is trapped – a victim of his own greed and paranoia.

Why is Trump not in jail??

I watch this painful process in disbelief.

Mafia connections?

Dodgy business deals?

Russian connections?

The incitement to the storming of the Capitol?

The tax evasion?

The lies?

The destroying of various dossiers with information of his wrongdoings?

The storage of top secret documents in his home in insecure storage?

The taking home of incredibly secret documents putting countries at risk?

The attempt to pressure officials to steal an election?

Surely any one of these is sufficient to lock him away forever?

What is it?

The threat of civil war?

Body Bags

Body Bags

Hundreds of body bags loaded onto planes;

                Billions of roubles explode;

Thousands of families tear apart their brains;

Psychotic masters unload.

Greed and power distort their world view

                As paranoia bites deep.

The dead are just numbers

                It won’t disturb their sleep.

Two million years of evolution

                And still we’re insane.

Five thousand years of civilisation

                Blown down the drain.

They sit inside their war room

                Plotting their games.

Throwing everlasting gloom

                As they stake their claims.

These are the madmen

                That we place in power –

Psychotic sad men

                Who turn the whole world sour!

As the body bags pile up

                We never seem to learn.

Sipping from the devil’s cup

                We watch the world burn.

Opher – 26.2.2022

It’s our own fault. We support this warmongering system. We place these narcissists, psychopaths and sociopaths in place. We demand action. We like ‘strong men’. We see things in black and white. We always think it is good to be strong.

We have a love of fascism.

We elect he likes of Trump, Bolsonaro, Putin and Johnson.

We like violence.

It’s time we really became civilised and stopped being primitive apes. It’s time we elected sane people!!