Give It all You’ve Got.

Give It all You’ve Got.

All the laughs,

                All the love,

                                The agony

                                                And loss.

Will be forgotten,

                Count for nothing,

                                With nobody

                                                Counting the cost.

In the darkness of forever

It won’t matter

That we went for it

                Hell for leather.

All we have is

                A brief moment in time

In which

                We love and shine.

Though it won’t matter a jot.

We’ll still give it all we’ve got!

Opher – 25.6.2022

I often feel that life is a gesture, nothing more.

It is testimony to man’s essential nature that, despite knowing that it is all meaningless and destined to end, we still strive to create.

Pointlessness does not matter.

In the moment we attempt to understand, to express and to raise our puny flags as if staking out eternity.

In this moment there is no death, no aging; no such thing as futility. In this moment all things are possible.

In this moment we can experience everything, fill ourselves with bliss, understanding and love; we can live. Only in this moment.

That is what makes life worthwhile.

Poetry – The Power of Laughter

The Power of Laughter

Laughing and joking

When times are rough;

That’s the way to do it

Even when the going’s tough!

Economic mayhem

From the blind man’s bluff

Death stalks a handshake.

That ain’t funny stuff!

Opher – 28.4.2020

At times of stress or sadness the British always turn to humour as a way of dealing with the fears!

In this time of great uncertainty, worry and fear it is humour that will help us through – Oh – as well as a choccy biscuit, a cup of tea and a nice cuddle!

Poetry – Searching for Paradise

Searching for Paradise

I’ve been searching for paradise.

Under a blue sky with warming sun

I’ve hunted for where it might be.

I’ve asked my many friends;

Travelled over green hills and mountain peaks,

And through many a grove of trees.

Taking my love by the hand

We’ve wandered through magnificent lands

In the hopes that we might see.

I’ve read a thousand books

And heard a million heart-warming tales

With which I thoroughly agree.

I’ve looked through microscopes and telescopes

At crystals and planets,

Magnificently huge and exceptionally twee;

I’ve studied multitudes of wondrous creatures,

Beautiful blossoms,

And many a restless sea.

I’ve read gurus, poets and philosophers

But none of them agree

So I’ve come to accept that what will be, will be.

I think that finally,

I’ve come to understand

That paradise

Is always close at hand.


Isn’t this life wonderful?? It has such a range of wonderful experience.

All we can do is dive in and sample it all, lap it up and try the full gamut.

Why limit yourself?

Launch yourself at everything!

Search for what is important.

Search for beauty.

Search for love. It’s all out there!

Poetry – Warmth


There’s warmth from the sun

                Caressing the skin

With gentle fingers.

The warmth of an open fire

                Bringing a glow

                                To the face.

There’s the warmth of a coat

                A blanket

                                Or a cup of tea.

But none of them

                Warm the heart

                                As much

                                                As the warmth of love.

Opher – 2.1.2020

Love warms the spirit in a way that no other heat can.

I crave all kinds of warmth but love is by far the best. I could not exist without it.

Poetry – Friendship


Sunshine entering the room,

                Lightening one’s step,

                                Lifting spirits,

                                                Directing mind.


                Freedom to be yourself,

                                To say anything

With complete security.

                Exchanging jokes,

                                Knowing smiles,             


From shared experience.

                At ease,

                                With light asides,

                                                Deep argument,

Emanating from common history.

A past

A future

                And a present.

Melting into cells,

                Empowering strength

                                Donating energy

Pouring forth

                In torrents of laughter.

Opher – 2.1.2020

Friends are for life even after they are no longer with us.

They do not have to be here. They can be distant or gone. But they are still inside you.

Friends are chemical. They change your brain like an addictive drug with no harmful effects. They propel you up.

They are family.

Poetry – Love is

Love is

Love is a dream

                A sanctuary

                                And a cuddle.

Love is a scheme

                A priority

                                And a puddle.

Love is euphoria


And caring.

Love is aphasia


And sharing.

Opher – 26.12.2017

Love makes a euphoric mess of us. We cannot speak. Our emotions are in turmoil. It is ecstasy.