Hamilton Island Australia – A place of beauty. Photos.

We arrived in the early morning. It was very hot. We set off into the interior walking along trails through the tropical forests. We came across secluded pebble beaches and then headed up to the heights.

Poetry – A Work Of Art

A Work Of Art

Billions of years

A web,

A work of art.

Greater than

Any Picasso

A diamond

In the dark.

With eyes and ears

To see and hear

The wisdom

Of the epochs


In seas of green

Great herds

And flocks.

Brightness of flowers

Nectar and scent.

Fur, scale and feather,


Awe and wonder


That beauty meant.

Opher – 23.1.2021

What could possibly be more beautiful than the world we live on.

Nature is the greatest artist.

Life is the most wondrous piece of art.

Living sculptures that can see their own beauty.

Nothing can come near.

I wish we would appreciate it more, value it more and look after it better.

Poetry – The Price of Everything

The Price of Everything

Everything has a price –

From a pen to a kidney;

From a baby to a new knee.

If you have the money

You can buy anything –

From a woman to a gold ring;

From a tree to a bird’s wing.

You can buy the land,

The water – even blood.

From a book to a life;

A trinket to a wife.

You can purchase an elephant

Or an elegant diamond stud.

Everything has a price –

From a new heart to a glove;

From a pin to simulation of love.

With enough cash

You can buy everything.

You can set out a new city

Lay it out and plane it.

The one thing you can’t afford

Is a new planet.

Opher – 23.1.2021

We are bought and sold.

Nothing is sacred.

There is nothing that cannot be bought.

The rarer something is the greater its price.

The last elephant tusk will be bought and sold.

Your daughters have a price.

Your life is cheap.

We consume and consume. There is no limit, no rationale, no control.

We consume our souls, our world and every creature and living organism around us.

We are on a sealed unit hurtling through space.

There is no life-raft.

We are buying and selling the very thing we depend on to stay afloat.

We cannot buy another.

Once it’s gone it’s gone.

Poetry – Miracles and Wonders

Miracles and Wonders

Walking on water –

It’s easy;

Just a question of temperature.

Performing miracles –


Merely a case of nomenclature.

Everything an issue of perspective,

For all new science is wondrous.

Where religion is reprehensive,

The universe is simply lustrous.

Each day a miracle;

On the bridge

Over the river.

We walk on water

With wonders

To deliver.

Technology has a metre;

A poem of substance.

Science reveals mystery

Its understanding to enhance.

For the world is real,

An orgy of Quark,

Gathered in clans,

Holding hands

In atoms

In the dark.

We mould them,

Bolt them,

And quietly

Jolt them.

Linking them in bricks

In struts and girder,

Nails and wood,

Cement and solder.

Constructing all around us

Out of forces

We have not yet found

The sources.

Science adores the mystery

It is the basis of our history.

Opher 4.8.2015

Miracles and Wonders

Presenting science to people who have not seen it before would be the same as presenting magic.

Technology harnesses the knowledge of science to create pragmatic solutions. It makes the impossible an everyday event.

How quickly we accept the wonders given to us by science and technology. They transform our lives but we no longer accept them as miracles.

Yet every day is a miracle. The universe is a wonder.

Science is unlocking understanding on an ever widening front. Its rate is incredible. The world we live in has no comparison with the world of a mere hundred years ago. That is not due to prayer it is due to science and technology.

Yet the wonders we work with are only beginning to be understood. The densest solid has a billion times more space than matter. The forces that make the world solid are still barely understood. We have to learn to harness them and are only just beginning to unlock their secrets.

Science is only at the beginning. It thrives on secrets and mystery. Soon we will know the secrets of forever.

Poetry – Eyes Open

Eyes Open


Petal and scale

Iridescent –





Wing and crystal,

Aromatic scent


Awe and wonder

We cannot repeat.

In the midst

Of splendour

We exist

With sense

To feel

It all;

With open eyes

And ears

To insist

That life is here

To feel

That pull.

There is wonder in our being;

Greatness in our seeing,

And love enough

To hold it all in


Opher 27.7.2015

Eyes Open

I wanted to write a poem to encapsulate the incredible beauty of the universe and life on this vibrant jewel of a planet.

Evolution has provided us with sense in order to enable us to survive. It has provided us with a brain to process the data. Our senses see all that is around us in order to protect us from predators and enable us to find food and shelter.

An offshoot of this is that we have developed consciousness that allows us to comprehend, create and wonder.

The world around us is full of immense beauty. Life on this planet has evolved into immaculate forms. The natural features of this planet are marvellous to behold.

We should open our senses to the full and bask in it and thank chance for dealing us this hand.

We are possibly the only intelligent life in the whole universe who are able to witness the extent of this wonder. We may be unique. I hope that we are able to not only appreciate but preserve the splendour we are surrounded with; much of it is delicate.

Poetry – Trees


Green sap,

Green leaves,

Oxygen, soil, fruit and shade –

Fine rewards.

Slow grow,

Tall trees,

Serene giants, majestic calm

Strong and broad.

Chain saw,

Short sight,

Dead to lumber and away

Cash in hand.

Bare soil,

Stark stump,

Arid rock, no life and now

Desert sand.

No fruit,

No leaf,

No oxygen, water, muse

Or rich life.

All poor,

No breath,

No food, animal, music

Drum or fife.



Savagely ripped apart

Without a thought.

Seas of

Green now

Now parched joyless rock; all life

Sold and bought.

Opher 18.7.2015


This short-sighted destruction of the world’s great jungles is the most wicked vandalism of all. To sell the future for a handful of gold is plain stupid.

Trees are our oldest living organisms. Some are three thousand, five hundred years old. There is no respect. Thousand year old trees are senselessly chopped for profit.

Pristine rain-forest, teeming with life, is being cleared to provide food, cosmetics and beverages for a burgeoning human population. Our numbers are destroying the world. Coffee, palm-oil and short-term slash and burn farming are destroying the world.

The trees provide fruit, habitats for most of our planet’s land-based life, soil consolidation, carbon recycling, oxygen production, medicines, shade and water recycling.

Without the trees the soil is rapidly eroded, fertility declines, the wild-life dies, the oxygen is not released, the carbon is not absorbed and all life is the less.

The short-term gain is soon spent. The long-term loss goes on for ever.

Who is to say that these incredible long-lived life-forms are not sentient? Perhaps they think and dream in their own languid manner? Perhaps they feel fear and pain? Who knows?

Poetry – Read Me

Read Me

Read me

I am chaos.

My world is full of atoms

And stars.

Read me

For I tell of futures;

Possibilities that collide

With Quasars.

Read me

I am all possibility

Found in minds

And bars.

For I do not conform

To the limits imposed.

I explode the myths

Of those opposed.

Read me and you might learn

As I teach,

I reach

To those who are

Out of reach.

Opher  12.7.2015

Read Me

We are all alone in this universe; islands of minds, who think we connect. Yet we are marooned in the distance of our thoughts and being. We do not even know for certain if anyone else exists.

We are figments of our own imagination.

Yet, even so I try to communicate, to cross bridges, to relate. Reach out to me and I will take you on trust.

I am alone but I would be together. Reach out to me, read my thoughts and I will reach out to you and give you all I’ve got to give.

I hold nothing back. Read me.