The Orkneys – The Amazing Italian Chapel.

A bunch of Italian prisoners of war created this incredible chapel out of an old mizzen hut. None of them were artists but the painting was awesome.

An amazing site. All in a corrugated old hut.

Lima – The cathedral

I’m not attracted to religious buildings because of religion. Being an atheist that side of things is amusing. What interests me is the architecture and art.

Religions run a power business. They compete with royalty in the game of impressing. While Kings and Queens build palaces and fortresses that are intended to intimidate religions build temples, mosques and cathedrals.

They both employ the very best artisans and artists.

It was fun to see the school kids dressed in bright coloured uniforms so that they can be easily spotted.

Sydney – The waterfront park with its incredible plants, flowers and art.

We walked out through the wonderful park with all its tropical plants, trees and flowers, great sculptures and wonderful views over Sydney. A hot lazy day. A beer on a bench. A meal of tropical fish and chips from the fish market. Great company. Lots of laughs. What could be better?