Jerusalem – The Church and tomb of Mary – Photos

It was, as one might expect, lavish, spectacular and beautiful. The artists and artisans had certainly gone to town.

One had the feeling that there was definitely an edge of competition here.

As an atheist, I could appreciate the artwork and wonder at the devotion and ecstatic expressions of the worshippers – reminded me of the expression on my face when I met Bo Diddley.

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My ten favourite artists! This is a lot easier than books and a million times easier than song!

This is art!I love art and have a number of favourite artists that I never tire of. These are they:a. Rene MagritteThe man looks so ordinary but his mind zings about with weirdness. I like weirdness. He makes me laugh.b. Salvador DaliNot only an incredible mind but what an artist and showman.c. Pablo PicassoAn imagination loose in the world.d. Auguste RenoirI did not much like Renoir until I got to see his paintings displayed in Paris. The colours shot out at me. He is an artist that does not transfer to prints. Books do not do him justice.e. Edward BurraI was knocked out by his paintings of Harlem and the underworld.f. Auguste MackeA German impressionist who left an impression on me. I loved his colours.g. Heironymus BoschA surrealist from the past who depictions of hell were astonishing.h. Vincent Van GoghThat use of colour was incredible. Such a shame that he wasn’t appreciated in his own time.I. Paul GauginThose mauves get to me and I’m colour blind!j. Wassily KandinskyI could lose myself in all those shapes and colours.k. Joan MiroIt looks so easy and yet it is the hardest thing to do. OK That’s my ten. They look incredibly predictable. It makes me think I should have dredged up more of my more obscure likes.