Poetry – Meaning


Forged in the centre of a star

                Where atoms are stripped

                                And split,

The molecules of my mind were created.

As it spewed its substance forth

                In a supernova blast,


The nascent energy permeated.

Into matter, carbon and DNA

                In wondrous meaning


As if all life was fated.

The unique fire was lit,

                A spark of consciousness,

                                Of life,

A spark that cannot be equated.

For without that spark

                The whole infinite universe

                                Is meaningless

In darkness unalleviated.

Opher – 19.12.2019

I find it hard to imagine and a joy to wonder at, that all the matter and energy in the universe blasted into existence in the instant of the Big Bang. That naked, basic matter, condensed in stars, nuclear dynamos of heat and pressure, in which the more complex elements were created.

So all the atoms of my planet and my body emanated from the inferno of a star.

Those suns spawned matter and give light and warmth to nourish life. They are truly the gods of the heavens. No wonder primitive people worshiped them.

But it is us that give this incredible spectacle meaning.

Poetry – Creating Wonders

Creating Wonders

Within a thin blue layer

Where all the colours

Of the spectrum play;

Where biochemistry conspires

                With water

                                To create wonders

Beyond our understanding;

Where complexity

                                Is spawned

                                                From simplicity;

Where we awake

                For our brief moments

                                In the sun

And wonder

                At the stars

                                And atoms.

Opher – 16.12.2019

I do think the incredibility of life is wondrous. Our consciousness provides us with the whole of a universe to wonder at.

For a brief time we are free to experience life, to see, feel, hear and taste the wonder around us – just for one brief time – then gone.

Without life, without senses, without conscious, it would be unobserved and pointless.

I believe it is we who give the universe its purpose.

Poetry – I’ve been waiting

I’ve been waiting

I’ve been waiting for a feeling

That’s as warm as any sun.

I’ve been searching for a meaning

That explains the holes inside.

Because I want to feel satisfied.

I’ve been seeking out a love

I could dive into and dissolve.

I’ve been wanting a truth

I would like to hold inside

It’s a hunger that cannot be denied.

Opher – 8.12.2019

It seems to me that life is a quest in which we seek love, knowledge and wonder on a journey to fulfilment.

I am excited by the search for answers and understanding. I am moved by spiritual connections to nature, sunsets and rainbows. I am seeking love and friendship

Maybe there will come a day when I feel replete.


Poetry – Words are not enough

Words are not enough

Words are not enough.

They never can be.

Words paint pictures

But do they connect?

Are the words the same

For you and me?

Can words do justice

To a majestic vision?

A leaf in words

Is not a leaf.

A sunset

Cannot be described.

I use my words to paint pictures

In your mind.

But they are pale imitations

Of reality.

We always fall short.

Even our reality

Is a pale imitation

Of what really is.

Our limitations

Make us fail.

Our senses are too few;

Our mind too little

Opher – 18.11.2019

I am always struggling with realisation that what we see is not real. The world is filtered through a limited number of senses. There is so much we do not see. Our minds interpret the electric patterns and turn them into pictures. But our minds are tiny; our perceptions limited. The world we see is not the world that is. It is so much less.

When we attempt to use words to describe the world we must always fall short – for even the greatest poet cannot use such limited symbols that connect in ambiguous ways, to describe a partially understood phenomenon. We must always fall short.

Poetry – Drabness


They would stifle our lives,

Suffocate us

With their drabness,

Steal our joy,

Silence the notes

And create

Oppressive sadness.

Opher – 12.11.2019

I was minded to write this poem after watching the Ken Loach film Jimmy’s Hall. In that film the claustrophobic Catholic Church put a stop to dancing, teaching and music. They had the hall burnt down and Jimmy forcibly transported.

But it could have been any fundamentalist religion. It could have been the Taliban, ISIS or Boko Haram. They would have our women uneducated, locked up at home or behind veils, to ban music and to force everyone to pray.

Poetry – Snakes and Ladders

Snakes and Ladders

There’s a game being played.

Some play by different rules,

While others are told what rules to play by.

If we dare to move

To a different tune

They create a cacophony

To drown us out.

For they have all the ladders

While we are left with snakes.

The games that I would choose to play

Have no snakes

And every square has a ladder.

But they play by different rules.

Opher 13.11.2019

My tax is calculated to the last penny but they are free to form companies and stuff their millions off-shore tax-free.

I am subject to the law but they employ lawyers to bend the rules, find loopholes and evade justice.

I, like the vast majority, use the public services, hospitals, schools and police but they pay to jump queues, get better service and enhance their privilege.

They influence the law with lobbying, bribes, promises and sweeteners. I am subject to the law.

Privilege buys a ladder to the heights.

They think this is alright.

I think it stinks.

Poetry – Cosmic Dance

Cosmic Dance

Life is a dance,

Without rehearsal,

                                Moves of beauty

Elegance and eloquence

Play out

                On a green jewel


Through a void.

                Each step

                                A glide

                                                Into the unknown

                                Each gesture

                                                                A motif of defiance


                                In joy.

Opher – 8.11.2019

My wife is a dancer. She sees the world through movement.

I too see it that way. It is beautiful.

The ripples of corn, the waves in the sea, the waving of branches, the shimmering of leaves.

A murmur of starlings, a shoal of fish, the breaching of a whale, the sprint of a leopard.

The waving of hands, the creases of a smile, the grasp of a handshake.

The orbit of planets, the radiance of a sun. The throbbing of atoms, swirling of electrons and flash of light.

All life is a dance.

Poetry – Life is a losing game

Life is a losing game

Life is a losing game.

No matter how great the joy

It always ends in pain.

But I wouldn’t swap it for anything.

With a look towards infinity.

It’s got to be better than nothing.

So when we’re all gone

Remember it was all worthwhile –

We didn’t get it wrong.

For though life is a losing game

To live, share and laugh

Makes it worth all the pain.

Opher – 25.10.2019

No matter how well you live your life it always ends in death, tears and loss.

But while we are alive we need to live it to the full. That makes it all worthwhile!

Death where is thy sting?

Love is a refuge

Love is a refuge

Love is a refuge;

A sphere of unreality

That immunises us

From normality.

 Within that bubble

Lies a cosy warmth

Strong enough

To melt the coldest ice.

Peering out,

The world looks friendly

And every problem

Has an answer.

If only love

Could be inoculated

Into the whole population

Of the world.

What a paradise

We would inhabit.

Opher – 14.10.2019

What the world needs is more love.

Yet people kill for love.

Poetry – Wonders


Spinning atoms,

                Spinning stars,

                                Spiralling arcs

Of fiery sparks.

Lighting up the heavens

                Creating dreams

                                Where even reality

Is not as it seems.

Energy flies,

                Matter jiggles,

                                Thoughts meander,

Truth wriggles.

A whole universe

                From out of nowhere

                                A whole consciousness

Out of thin air.

From DNA

                To evolution

                                Amazing life

In rich fruition.

Opher – 28.9.2019

Anyone who is not in awe concerning the nature of our universe, the mystery of consciousness or the beauty that surrounds us, must surely be a moron.