Poetry – All Answers Are Contained Within

All Answers Are Contained Within

Mosques, Cathedrals, Temples and Idols,

Rituals, Prayers, Sacrifices and Adornment.

Holy Books, Psalms, Offerings and Pageant.

Indoctrination, Incantation, Lessons and Ceremony.

All falling well short of the mystery;

Not coming close to capturing the essence;

Not explaining the unexplainable;

Not shedding any light on reality;

But arrogantly asserting that all answers

Are contained within.

Opher 1.8.2018

Every religion claims to have the answer. Seemingly it is only contained within their holy books and rituals. All other religions have got it wrong.

My God is better than your God.

Yet the mysteries go on untouched by the words in the holy books. There are no answers to be found – but lots of questions.

Poetry – There Are No Answers

There Are No Answers

There are no answers

To the heavens,

To life,

To thought.

There are no answers.

There are no answers

To death.

There are no reasons

To be found

For being,


Or wondering.

There are no answers.

But there are mighty questions

To be wondered at.

Opher 1.8.2018

To sit among the wonders of infinity and wonder – that is remarkable. I find myself surrounded by questions with no answers in sight.

But it is good to wonder.

Poetry – Ode to a Fundamentalist

Ode to a Fundamentalist

If he had a woman she’d not be allowed to think

He’d keep her shackled to the kitchen sink.

When not popping babies she’d clean up the house

Then sit looking pretty as still as a mouse.

She’d have to obey his every whim

For as is obvious she’s not really equal to him.

And as for the faggots and those perverted by porn

He’d have them rounded up to be shot at dawn.

The wanking police would be knocking at your door

Checking for spills so they could give you what for.

Those that were guilty of teaching sex ed

Would be tortured and maimed until better off dead.

And as for the commies, those who crave equality

Death is too good for you, them and me.

And as for the stoners – those that get out of their head

There’s another group who’d be better off dead.

So round them up with the queers, sluts and wogs

Kick ‘em and lash them

They’re worse than stray dogs.

When he was all through and had cleaned up the perverse,

Using archaic texts in Arabic verse,

He’d proclaim the world free of perversion and sin –

Herald a new age and usher it in.

He would be King of the whole damned world

And all nature would die as his plans unfurled;

For the scientists all lie – there’s no extinction rate

And as for the climate – that’s going just great!

He knows that god wrote the words from his realm up in space

And gave them to us cos we’re such a disgrace.

So stone all the women and bash out baby brains,

Wage war on the infidel who are obviously insane.

They believe the wrong words from the wrong book

So bomb them to bits and hang them from hooks.

But the new age is the past in his universe

Where superstition rules with lessons so terse.

Rules that were written thousands of years gone

Now applied to the letter to right every wrong.

In his universe it’s all white and black

You do as you’re told and don’t dare answer back.

For in the new age we’ll all be white male

With a society like that you just cannot fail!

No room for inferiors or the depraved

They’ll all be wiped out or rightly enslaved.

They’ll be no point in arguing – no ifs and no buts

But fortunately ….. we all see …….. that he is just nuts!!

Other 17.6.2018

I wrote this for a particular religious nutcase who writes on a forum I contribute to. It is an accurate picture of what the guy believes. These people actually manage to get themselves in positions of power where they inflict their horrendous fundamentalist views on the rest of us.

Their misogyny, homophobia, racism and religious intolerance is scary.

This is the type of thing Margaret Atwood wrote The Handmaid’s Tale about.

They are real.

York Minster – Photos

I love these old buildings – glimpses of a faded power. Once Christianity exerted its power over everyone. We were all brainwashed and brought under its spell. The Bishops held huge power, lived in opulence and controlled the country. Even Kings and Queens paid homage. Their power has gone. People are no longer brainwashed. But their fortresses linger on for us to marvel at.

The mighty always fall. That’s history.

Poetry – Scientists


Scientists do not know what they are doing!

Electricity doesn’t work!

Evolution and the Big Bang – Ha!

They’re just a bunch of berks.

We know the sun goes round the Earth

And that the planet’s really flat!

The bible says it’s Adam and Eve

So that’s the end of that!

Scientists do not have all the answers

Or the missing link.

They argue amongst themselves

So we don’t know what to think!

We don’t trust scientists at all;

We’d rather trust our wits!

Global warming, deforestation?

We don’t believe the shits.

Scientists are a bunch of twats

They haven’t got a clue.

They don’t know what they’re talking about

No more than me or you.

For I believe in faith

It’s far better than fact.

It doesn’t have to make sense

Even if details are lacked.           

Opher 26.12.2017

There is a new age of superstition and ignorance where science is disbelieved. They’d rather believe in magic and old archaic books full of man-made cultural garbage.

Instead of confronting the problems and wrongs we are able to ignore them and pretend they are not happening. We can say that the scientists don’t know what they are talking about; they don’t have all the answers. We know better. Scientists are too political. They’ve been bought off. There is so much bad science.

Instead of looking at the great benefits science has given us we’d rather put blind faith in things that have no substance – religion and internet sites.

There is no truth. There is only belief.

Bollocks. Science doesn’t have all the answers but internet sites and religion are pure garbage. A good skeptical cynicism is fine but faith in garbage is foolish.

Poetry – Mystery to Misery

Mystery to Misery

Rocks, Stones, Moon and Sea

Mystery, Mystery.

Sun, Lake, Sky and Tree

Mystery, Mystery

Stand the Stone, Eyes that See

Mystery, Mystery.

Locked in Books and Decree

Hypocrisy, Misery.

Opher 13.6.2017

I woke up this morning with this poem in my head. I think it sums up my feelings about spirituality and religion. There is a vibration that runs through the universe. It is something to marvel at. It seems to vibrate through nature. I can become ecstatic at the sight of a rock formation or sunset. I feel the power of the sky and sea. It connects. It is when humans try to give that mystery a name, call it a god and worship it, try to load their psychological needs on to it and lock it in words, holy books and decrees that they reduce it, misrepresent it, and begin to use it for their own power. Spirituality good; religion bad.

The words in those holy books are written by people who seek dominion, ownership and authority over something that cannot be confined, defined or reduced.

We are all part of that mystery. It exists within us and without us – as George so succinctly put. People whose minds are limited by the texts are imprisoned by their own limitations.

Poetry – That’s what it’s all about

That’s what it’s all about

You put your hat on

You take your hat off

Off on – off on

Easy to get wrong.

You do the hocus pocus

Wail and shout

And that’s what it’s all about.

Oh hokus pokus pokus

Oh hokus pokus pokus

Kneel down


Blah blah blah

Take your shoes off

Put your shoes on

Off on – off on

Easy to get wrong.

You do the hocus pocus

Wail and shout

And that’s what it’s all about.

Oh hokus pokus pokus

Oh hokus pokus pokus

Kneel down


Blah blah blah

You put your shawl on

You take your shawl off

Off on – off on

Easy to get wrong.

You do the hocus pocus

Wail and shout

And that’s what it’s all about.

Oh hokus pokus pokus

Oh hokus pokus hokus

Kneel down


Blah blah blah.


That’s what it’s all about

Jerusalem – a cauldron of hate – as three different branches of the same religion vie for dominance. Synagogues built on top of the holiest temples. Crusader churches built on temples and synagogues. Everywhere desecration, disrespect and intolerance, intransigence and fanaticism as everyone becomes more extreme in costume, behaviour and attitude, clutching holy books, reciting text, praying and genuflecting, holy books stuck to their heads, shawls, beads, crosses and medieval costume.

In amongst it all is some great history, wonderful architecture and brilliant art as each religion strives to outdo the other and pours their resources into proving they are the best.

As I stepped from church to temple to synagogue I found myself putting hats, shoes and shawls on and off as each branch interpreted the word of their god in different ways. Yet it is the same god!

I found it bizarre.

As an antitheist I thought the fanaticism exemplified everything that is wrong with religion. I was particularly disgusted at the little kids being brought into the places as part of the indoctrination programme to produce the next generation of unreasonable devotees.

Is it all a wicked joke?

The Story of God – for George Rehema

Once upon a time there was a man who asked questions:

Where did the universe come from?

Some people said it was always here.

Some people said it came out of nothing.

The man was puzzled.

Everything has a beginning. How can the universe not have a beginning? How can it always have been here?

But if it came from nothing how is that possible? All the matter cannot just suddenly be created out of nothing, could it?

He went to ask the Holy Man (who lived in a very nice house and was worshipped by many).

‘Holy Man, please tell me where did the universe come from?’

The Holy Man said ‘God made it.’

That made sense.

The Holy Man added – ‘God has given me instructions. You must worship only God, you must wear these clothes, you must eat this food. You must behave this way. You must pray, fast and study the holy book. God has a purpose for you.’

The man went away. Everything was explained. God made everything. God told him how to behave. God had a purpose for him.

But the more he thought the more he came to realise that it wasn’t an answer at all. He went back to the Holy Man with more questions –

‘Who made God?’

‘Where did God come from?’

‘Where was God before the universe was made?’

‘Has God always been here?’

‘What is this mysterious purpose?’

‘Why are the moral codes given to us by God reflecting the values of the people the religion came from? Why are they racist? Why are they misogynistic? Why are they intolerant of homosexuals?’

The Holy Man had no answers to these questions and became angry.

And the man came to realise that the Holy Man’s answers were not answers at all. They just kicked the can down the road and provided the Holy Man with power and control. The Holy Man had invented God as an answers to questions that there was no answer to.

So the man went off and said to himself – ‘I do not know where the universe came from. I do not understand. But I have a life and I intend to enjoy it. I am a good person and I will continue to be as good as I can be not out of fear or out of promise of some future life but because I feel it is the right thing to do. That is enough.’

He knew the Holy Man was a charlatan.

Poetry – The Blissful Climax of Religion

The Blissful Climax of Religion

Throughout the countryside of Britain

Spires penetrate heaven

Like archaic ICBMs of the past faithful.

The members of God

Stabbing into the skies,

Once symbols of the fertility of faith,

Impregnating minds

With seeds of fear,

Now impotent and drooping

In decay,

Devoid of power,

No longer spouting

From their inner fonts

That christened many a virgin.

The bishop’s staffs 

Are grounded wands

Devoid of power,

Waving through the motions

Of birth, marriage and death,

Without belief,

With no libido

To erect

An entry into heaven.

For it is the neon lights

Of the retail outlets

That now seduce

And bring their acolytes

To blissful climax.

Opher 17.9.2016

The Blissful Climax of Religion

No – it is OK. I haven’t gone mad. I am not having a road to Damascus conversion. I have not suffered a delusion. I have not turned religious. My antitheist credentials are still intact. I still believe all religion is constructed by men and it is all about power and control.

I wrote this poem because I was struck by all the ancient church spires sticking up into the sky. I saw the sexual symbolism and the power they exhibited.

Those churches once ruled over everyone around. Religion was compulsory. There was no escape. Terrible wars, crusades and witch-hunts were carried out in its name, but for me the worst aspect was the fear-driven control of the populace. They had to adhere to strict codes on dress, food and daily life, including compulsory worship.

Fortunately we have had an enlightenment. People are free of that terrible yoke. Now we are free to decide whether we want to believe or not. Most choose not to believe. The churches are empty and merely historical buildings of splendour and beauty. The power and control has gone.

There are still those who would wish it otherwise, who would wish to impose their beliefs on others, indoctrinate the children, enforce strict laws and return us to the Dark Ages of superstition and enforcement. Watching the antics of preachers in the US South and Muslims all over the world sends chills through me. Theirs is not a faith of tolerance but a superstition of fundamental control and power.

I oppose it with every ounce of strength. Give me spirituality, harmony, tolerance and peace any day.

I enjoyed playing with the sexual imagery though. I think sex is tightly bound up to religion.

Poetry – Bums in the Air

Bums in the Air

Bums in the air

Indoctrination everywhere.

Allah and sweet Jesus,


And God above.

How absurd they look

With their array of holy book.

Spouting words

From Neolithic lords

Dressed in fancy costume –

Medieval bride

And modern groom.

Opher – 14.9.2016

Bums in the Air

People are great joiner-inners. They go with the majority. I find it quite startling to see how conservative and fundamental things have become. Back when I was a lad my Muslim friends were all westernised. They didn’t take their religion to extremes. The girls did not go around in head-scarves let alone burqas. In Islamabad University in Pakistan the students wore jeans, T-shirts and listened to the Beatles, Stones and Pink Floyd.

How things have changed.

The children are taken off to their Madrassas where they are subjected to religious indoctrination.

I see families walking down the street, in the summer heat, with the poor woman completely enclosed in heavy black robes, breathing stale air behind a mask, while her husband is cool in T-shirt and jeans.

I am a believer in freedom but I hate misogyny, indoctrination and superstition.

Spirituality is about harmony with nature and the universe. Religion is about power, indoctrination and division.