Will Putin survive this catastrophe for Russia??

The more we see of this repulsive regime the worse it seems. Repression, oppression, gross inequality, propaganda, lies, violence and genocide. It’s brutal.

Hopefully Ukraine will come back to bite him!

Poetry – We Have War

We Have War

We have love.

                We have art.

                                We have music,



                                And dance.

We have war.

There’s the spirit.

                There’s the sea,

                                The sun

                                                And nature’s


There’s war.

We have life,


                                Wonder and awe,

                                                Guiding us

                                                                To what life’s for.

Then we have war.

Opher – 31.3.2022

Mankind is capable of great things yet while we have war it all counts for nothing.

There is violence, there is hatred and there is war.

War negates everything.

We build things up, nurture and create and war reduces it to nothing.

Death, rape, trauma and agony. War and violence is the greatest flaw in our nature. It feeds on greed and the lust for power.

Poetry – All Around the World

All Around the World

All around the world

There are mindless men in uniform

With guns, helmets and body armour.

Trained not to think.

They no longer have minds.

They do as they are told.

All around the world

There are arrogant men in power

Who command their minions to do their will.

They do not care about anything

The believe they deserve everything.

We do as we are told.

Opher – 11.6.2020

The various totalitarian states are propped up by mindless goons carrying out orders.

Some enjoy the power.

Some like to have the freedom to indulge their prejudices.

Some like the violence and licence to hurt or kill.

Mindless goons.

Mindless goons propping up tyrants.

Poetry – Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

The same thing

Time after time

Injustice and violence

‘Dominate the jerks’

Says Trump.

One rule for you

And one rule for me

Complete lack

Of empathy

From the chump.

Life is cheap

If you are black

In America.

Where’s the leadership?

Where’s the compassion?

Where’s the country’s Cazar?

Hiding away in his bunker

With the lights out

Tweeting threats!

Devoid of answers.

Devoid of humanity.

Displaying no regrets!!

Opher 1.6.2020

How long does it take for a people to gain justice?

How many years?

Civil rights is not a gift to bestow; it is a right.

Human beings are all one species.

It is time we started to judge people by their character and not their colour.

Long overdue!!

Poetry – Stupidity, Insanity and Terror

Stupidity, Insanity and Terror

Intelligent people

                Believing in invisible beings

Do terrible things

                For dubious reasons.

Ordinary people

                Joining tyrannical regimes

Are fully trained

                To follow orders.

Military people

                Following instructions

Dispense violence

                In sterile basements.

Wealthy elites,

                Powerful dictators

Employ mindless monkeys

                To control the masses.

Mindless monkeys

Are trained

To overcome morality

                Humanity and compassion.

The cycle of terror


As it benefits a few

                And controls others.

Opher – 25.2.2022

I was thinking of the religious terrorism, political extremes and war. I was thinking about the powers that lurk behind it all.

All over the world the masses of people are controlled, fed lies and propaganda, exploited and used, abused, threatened and beaten.

The system is self-perpetuating. A powerful, wealthy elite ensure that the right people are elected, the right propaganda is issued and back it up with violence.

Protest is crushed.

Faceless minions are dispensed to create ‘law and order’ and maintain the status quo.

The masses are persuaded to vote for their own jailers.

The elite is maintained. All the wealth flows into their coffers. The people are given just enough to stop them waking up from the thrall, to stop them rioting.

The faceless elite ensure that Putin, Trump, Bolsonaro, Erdogan, Modi, Johnson and Orban are put in place.

A force of minions are employed to suppress the people. These zombies are trained to follow orders, put aside their own feelings and shoot their own people. The more psychotic are trained as torturers.

They are called soldiers, police, security guards, secret police and peace keepers. Without them the system doesn’t work.

Poetry – Ruining Tomorrow

Ruining Tomorrow

Taking land

                With blood and terror

Tanks and missiles

                Putin’s error.

World watches

                Disbelief and horror

Destroying today

                Ruining tomorrow!

Opher 25.2.2022

Will the world all come together to condemn this horror or will certain nations just shake their heads or watch with glee?

Is violence and terror always going to be a part of humanities repertoire? Are we just cruel and psychotic?

Poetry – War


Down the ages,

                Every race,

                                Every nation,

                                                Every tribe,

Has fought,

                Waged war,

                                And died.

History littered

                With forts,


                                                And citadels.



                                With crosses

                                                And tombs.

Nations bled dry

                By cost


                                                And defence.

Cities burnt,



                                                And destroyed.

People tortured,



                                                And traumatised.

Madness from a genetic flaw.

Opher 22.1.2022

There is no hope for us as a species. We are all imbued with this lust for violence, this yearning for power and greed for more.

Instead of love we are ensnared in hate, petty tribalism and a sense of superiority. We have to impose our views on others.

There is no hope.

Poetry – History


Blood, pain and games

                Down the desert wastes of history;

A struggle

                For wealth and power

Where the winners

                Write the wrongs

And most

                Just disappear.


                To slay, torture and desire,

                With impunity,

In a game

                That has no rules;

Where compassion

                Is a stranger.

Opher – 19.12.2019

History is no more than a record of the wealthy and powerful in their ridiculous games; tales of intrigue and cruelty, greed, passion and fury in which ordinary lives are of no consequence.

It is peppered with violence and ruled by the worst of human nature.

History is a record of our failure.

Are we approaching the end of the USA as a major global power??

Is America about to eat itself up? Are we on the verge of it destroying itself in a self-destructive civil war based on division, hate and conspiracy??

Looks like a possibility to me.

That’s what many of my American friends are reporting.

The Republican Party has been taken over by Trumpist authoritarian fascists who want power by any means. They are currently putting in the way to gain power unfairly. They are using all means possible – by excluding the votes of democrats and rigging the polls and by putting in place officials who will call it for them whatever the true vote.

Trump has put this in motion by contesting the election and claiming he was robbed when it is manifestly clear that he lost by some margin.

What will happen next time? Will this descend into a bloodbath? A Civil War that will destroy America as a global power? Or will it result in an authoritarian fascist government?

Either result is just as frightening.

This is a section from a Guardian article from yesterday.

‘Although most Americans have grown up taking its stable democracy for granted, this is also a society where violence is the norm, not the exception, from the genocide of Native Americans to slavery, from the civil war to four presidential assassinations, from gun violence that takes 40,000 lives a year to a military-industrial complex that has killed millions overseas.’

Is America going to eat itself up on a wave of fury born of ignorance, stupidity, lies and political conniving??

It started with the ludicrous extremism of the Tea Party – which, from here, appeared so extreme and silly that it was a joke. Except it wasn’t a joke. Half the population actually believe that silliness.

In a land run on ignorance, religious fanaticism and the rule of mobs, violence and guns, anything could happen. It’s a powder keg waiting for a spark and Trump, for his own ends, could just be the psychopathic nutcase willing to apply that spark.

If the USA implodes what does that leave in its wake? The rise of China? Russia or perhaps the EU?

Is there anybody who could stand up for global fairness and democracy? Is the whole world going to be thrown into a totalitarian nightmare? Perhaps even a massive truly global world war?

I don’t remember anything in my life being quite as dangerous as this.

What has Trump unleashed?

What is going on in the minds of the GOP?? Have they gone insane? Can’t they see the terrible outcomes from the paths they are taking?