The madness of DUP nationalism and the lunacy of the ERG!

The DUP and the ERG go together like Strychnine and Arsenic. They are poison. This far-right extreme nationalism has broken many countries and it’s broken Britain!

The ERG, with their rabid loonies, are the biggest bunch of crackpots in the country. Their xenophobia and outright racism know no limits.

The benefits of Brexit!

The main benefit is that Rees-Mogg, among others, made millions out of it!

Benefit number two is that it managed to get a bunch of inept ultranationalists elected with a whacking 80 seat majority so they can do what they like and make loadsa money.

Benefit number three is that it enabled the loony right to completely take over the Tory Party and oust all the moderates so that they were unopposed.

Apart from that there are no benefits. All those easy trade deals never materialised. It’s costing us £37 million a year and all the fears about trade and firms leaving the country came true. All the higher costs, red tape, tariffs and destabilisation of the UK came true. All the shortages of labour, delays, long queues, loss of freedoms and subsequent price rises came true.

We took back control from the EU and handed it to a bunch of rabid, lying, corrupt, overprivileged, overgrown Eton schoolboys who are buggering everything up while profiting greatly!

Poetry – We’re Tory!!

We’re Tory!!

We’re Tory!  We’re Tory!

If you like the EU you’re history.

We’re Tory!  We’re Tory!

Sticking in knives – nice and gory.

We love Cummings

We love the rich

Make the poor poorer

Ain’t life a bitch!

We’re the Tories

The Eton crew

We know we’re worth it

We’re better than you!

Lurch to the right

Into the ditch

Loaded with lies

Delivering the pitch.

Who cares about mandates

Or democracy?

All that matters

Is our victory.

We’re Tory!  We’re Tory!

If you like the EU you’re history.

We’re Tory!  We’re Tory!

Sticking in knives – nice and gory.

Opher 4.9.2019

Written in response to the Tory lurch to the right – as the long knives remove the moderates and discard them. Never have we had such an extreme right-wing group!

Not accepting responsibility!!

We create wars, watch cities becoming pounded into dust, spawn terrorism and religious extremism, reduce peoples’ lives to ruins and walk away.

No responsibility is accepted.

No solutions for the misery we leave in our wake.

We run a world where a minority have so much they can fly to the stars while the majority are struggling to feed their families.

Our solution: tighten the borders – push them back into the sea.

We’ve taken back control to discover that we are helpless. The solution is cooperation not isolation.

We have to deal with the root causes – wars, inequality, extremism, climate change.

Poetry – May is Standing Down

It is quite interesting going back to read these poems about the hapless May and the Tory ERG just a few years ago. What a callous cynical opportunist Johnson was. What an extreme incompetent rabble the ERG are.

May is Standing Down

She’ll be off to write her memoirs

To make a bob or two.

Describing what a wonderful job

The Tories always do.

Just like Cameron and Osborne

We’re all in it together,

Except some of us use soup kitchens

And sleep out in all weather.

‘Brexit means Brexit’,

She’ll happily explain.

We know the many forms of it

All end up causing pain.

Not for the privileged few

She’ll lie through her teeth

While shitting on the poor

Who are sitting underneath.

It seems incompetence

Was not the skill

To carry out

The peoples’ will!

Opher – 24.5.2019

Good riddance to the most divisive, incompetent Prime Minister we’ve ever had!

While the country has gone to rack and ruin under the shambles of the Tory Brexit they have quietly been privatising, cutting and throwing people on the slag heap!!

Now we’re staring down the barrel of the most extreme Tory leadership in history!!

What a bloody mess!!

How to fuel extremism!

We see it so clearly – the cynical ploy of A Qaeda, Isis, Boko Haram, the Taliban and Hamas.

Use terror to create fear out of all proportion to the actual threat.

Make your targets spectacular (Two Towers, music concerts, underground).

Make your killings graphic and terrifying – beheadings, bombs stuffed with nails, random missiles.

Try to incite a response that is out of proportion that will create division – invasion, bombings – that will kill civilians.

Create, threat division and deaths.

Offer martyrdom.

Harvest the hatred.

Recruit a new army of recruits eager for revenge.

We see it now with Hamas. They are fueled through the long years of humiliation, racism and prejudice. They grow or fear and hate. Every death, every bit of destruction, every threat, every humiliation and injustice adds to their recruitment drive.

Wars breeds hate and extremism.

It’s a cycle that needs breaking!

War is a breeding ground for extremists.

War traumatises everyone.

The Middle East needs diplomacy, reparation and agreement to create a lasting peace and pull the rug out from under the feet of both Hamas scum and Jewish religious fanatics.

Poetry – There was a boy

There was a boy

There was a young boy

With a bomb

Strapped to his chest.

In the shadows

Stands a man

With a button.

All because of what

Is believed

And why?

They are waiting

For the innocents

To gather.

Hate and lies


And fury.

All in the pressing of a button.

Opher 14.4.2016

There was a boy

The news was reporting that Boko Haram were using young boys and girls as suicide bombers.

Like paedophiles they groom their innocent children victims, feeding them lies.

They point to the people who they claim are evil. These people believe differently. They are heretics, apostates and loathed by god. They are thoroughly loathsome. The Koran states that the unbelievers should be killed.

Allah demands that they should be punished for their crimes of belief.

They were required to do Allah’s will.

They would open their eyes in paradise.

They are not trusted with the button.

The man in the shadows presses the button, watches the outcome, and smiles as the nails and bolts fly among the organs, tissues and limbs.

Behind every great fortune lies a great crime – Balzac.

I am sometimes accused of being extreme. I do not believe that is true. I merely oppose a system that I see as grossly unfair.

The world is run by the rich for the rich. The mass of people (us) are manipulated, controlled and given as little as they can get away with.

They control the media and use it to denigrate anyone who is a threat to this system.

They promote their own, use corruption and inducements and buy off politicians.

The result is that wealthy people like Trump, Johnson, Cameron, Osborne and May are put into power. They then fail to address the tax evasion loopholes, give tax cuts to the wealthy and corporations, and support a system of corruption.

The result is a small elite who cream off a huge slice of the wealth and the rest of us who have to live off what is left.

The result is public services that are grossly underfunded.

We have a grossly unfair system.

The inequality gap widens. The rich get richer and the poor become poorer.

After a decade of Tory mismanagement and austerity we have a lot more very rich people, decaying public services and the poor being demonised and placed in terrible straits. Rough sleepers, soup kitchens and food banks.

Do the Tories care? Not at all. They have just been elected with an increased majority. They’ve conned everyone again!

So I ask – is it extreme to ask for a fair wage?

Is it extreme to ask for better public services?

Is it extreme to suggest the tax evasion loopholes should be blocked?

Is it extreme to want a graduated tax system to reduce gross inequality?

I think not.

I want a fair and just society – not paupers and princes!

As Balzac said: Behind every great fortune lies a great crime.

The wealthy elite, through greed and selfishness are creating mass poverty and destroying the environment for obscene amounts of profit.

They need curtailing.