Poetry – May is Standing Down

It is quite interesting going back to read these poems about the hapless May and the Tory ERG just a few years ago. What a callous cynical opportunist Johnson was. What an extreme incompetent rabble the ERG are.

May is Standing Down

She’ll be off to write her memoirs

To make a bob or two.

Describing what a wonderful job

The Tories always do.

Just like Cameron and Osborne

We’re all in it together,

Except some of us use soup kitchens

And sleep out in all weather.

‘Brexit means Brexit’,

She’ll happily explain.

We know the many forms of it

All end up causing pain.

Not for the privileged few

She’ll lie through her teeth

While shitting on the poor

Who are sitting underneath.

It seems incompetence

Was not the skill

To carry out

The peoples’ will!

Opher – 24.5.2019

Good riddance to the most divisive, incompetent Prime Minister we’ve ever had!

While the country has gone to rack and ruin under the shambles of the Tory Brexit they have quietly been privatising, cutting and throwing people on the slag heap!!

Now we’re staring down the barrel of the most extreme Tory leadership in history!!

What a bloody mess!!

How to fuel extremism!

We see it so clearly – the cynical ploy of A Qaeda, Isis, Boko Haram, the Taliban and Hamas.

Use terror to create fear out of all proportion to the actual threat.

Make your targets spectacular (Two Towers, music concerts, underground).

Make your killings graphic and terrifying – beheadings, bombs stuffed with nails, random missiles.

Try to incite a response that is out of proportion that will create division – invasion, bombings – that will kill civilians.

Create, threat division and deaths.

Offer martyrdom.

Harvest the hatred.

Recruit a new army of recruits eager for revenge.

We see it now with Hamas. They are fueled through the long years of humiliation, racism and prejudice. They grow or fear and hate. Every death, every bit of destruction, every threat, every humiliation and injustice adds to their recruitment drive.

Wars breeds hate and extremism.

It’s a cycle that needs breaking!

War is a breeding ground for extremists.

War traumatises everyone.

The Middle East needs diplomacy, reparation and agreement to create a lasting peace and pull the rug out from under the feet of both Hamas scum and Jewish religious fanatics.

Poetry – There was a boy

There was a boy

There was a young boy

With a bomb

Strapped to his chest.

In the shadows

Stands a man

With a button.

All because of what

Is believed

And why?

They are waiting

For the innocents

To gather.

Hate and lies


And fury.

All in the pressing of a button.

Opher 14.4.2016

There was a boy

The news was reporting that Boko Haram were using young boys and girls as suicide bombers.

Like paedophiles they groom their innocent children victims, feeding them lies.

They point to the people who they claim are evil. These people believe differently. They are heretics, apostates and loathed by god. They are thoroughly loathsome. The Koran states that the unbelievers should be killed.

Allah demands that they should be punished for their crimes of belief.

They were required to do Allah’s will.

They would open their eyes in paradise.

They are not trusted with the button.

The man in the shadows presses the button, watches the outcome, and smiles as the nails and bolts fly among the organs, tissues and limbs.

Behind every great fortune lies a great crime – Balzac.

I am sometimes accused of being extreme. I do not believe that is true. I merely oppose a system that I see as grossly unfair.

The world is run by the rich for the rich. The mass of people (us) are manipulated, controlled and given as little as they can get away with.

They control the media and use it to denigrate anyone who is a threat to this system.

They promote their own, use corruption and inducements and buy off politicians.

The result is that wealthy people like Trump, Johnson, Cameron, Osborne and May are put into power. They then fail to address the tax evasion loopholes, give tax cuts to the wealthy and corporations, and support a system of corruption.

The result is a small elite who cream off a huge slice of the wealth and the rest of us who have to live off what is left.

The result is public services that are grossly underfunded.

We have a grossly unfair system.

The inequality gap widens. The rich get richer and the poor become poorer.

After a decade of Tory mismanagement and austerity we have a lot more very rich people, decaying public services and the poor being demonised and placed in terrible straits. Rough sleepers, soup kitchens and food banks.

Do the Tories care? Not at all. They have just been elected with an increased majority. They’ve conned everyone again!

So I ask – is it extreme to ask for a fair wage?

Is it extreme to ask for better public services?

Is it extreme to suggest the tax evasion loopholes should be blocked?

Is it extreme to want a graduated tax system to reduce gross inequality?

I think not.

I want a fair and just society – not paupers and princes!

As Balzac said: Behind every great fortune lies a great crime.

The wealthy elite, through greed and selfishness are creating mass poverty and destroying the environment for obscene amounts of profit.

They need curtailing.

The Referendum releases an upsurge in racism and hate crime.

The vote for Brexit appears to have empowered a tiny minority of extremists to feel that it is alright to express their hatred and racism.

People of different colour or culture are being approached ion the streets and in their own homes and threatened and harangued. This is intolerable.

This is not the type of country I want to live in. I want to live in a tolerant, pleasant, friendly cosmopolitan country.

These mindless hate-filled morons must be dealt with.

Poetry – Music is no good – a poem about freedom


Music is no good

I am happy if anyone else wants to live in the seventh century. I am happy for them to live in whatever costume they like and to apply their own laws as long as I am free to have my say, and that they don’t indoctrinate children, or practice inequality and intolerance.

I despise the blind hatred and psychopathy that is fundamentalism.

I want to live in peace and harmony without constraint.

If there was a god who sanctioned rape, torture and ritual slaughter then I would be forced to oppose him.

This universe is too awesome to have been created by a psychopathic deity.

I love this world – its colour, life and beauty. I love literature, art, poetry, dance, drama and music. I love diversity, love, friendship and fun. I am an individual. I will not be bound, shackled or made to follow any doctrine not of my choice.

I love life.

I do not love death.



Music is no good


Music is no good

Science is no good

Thinking is no good


What is wrong with being free?


Women are no good

Freedom is no good

Dance is no good


What is wrong with freedom?


Film is no good

Other religion is no good

Fun is no good


I will fight to be free.


Love is no good

Individuality is no good

TV is no good


Freedom is a cherished belief.


When good is no good there is a cause.


Opher 14.11.2015

The trouble I have with religion. The violent gang-rape of prepubescent girls.

The book of ginny

The trouble I have with religion was illustrated very clearly by an article I read in the Guardian Newspaper regarding the Yazidi girls. These are Christian, which in the eyes of Islamic fundamentalists means they are infidel unbelievers. When ISIS captured the Yazidi people they were instructed very clearly from their scriptures what was required. Allah wanted them to behead non-believers or convert them to Islam. Allah wanted these grown men to bind the young girls of ten or eleven, gag them and rape them. They could be used as sex slaves.

Now in our civilised world we would consider any grown men who tied up a young terrified girl of ten, gagged her and gang-raped her as being a depraved animals. If they used the excuse in court that they were merely carrying out the wishes of Allah that would be inexcusable. They would be rightly locked up for a long time as disgusting paedophile rapists and their actions considered more vile than anything Jimmy Saville had done.

Yet according to the Koran these things are permissible. Allah sanctions the beheadings, the terrorism and maiming of innocent people, the rape of young girls, the torture, the horrendous deaths, the cutting off of limbs, the destruction of pre-Islamic artifacts and the persecution of all non-believers. These are not perversions of Islam. They are contained in the scriptures.

The Koran is not unique. The Bible has similar gruesome and barbaric practices – particularly the Old Testament. There are instructions and sanctions for dashing babies heads against rocks, taking an eye for an eye and worse. Throughout history fundamentalists have focussed on the parts they wish to emphasise to sanction inquisitions, pogroms, crusades and the torture and burning alive of innocent people who simple disagreed.

Of course in the modern age where it is not considered polite to smash your next door neighbours baby’s brains out because they follow a different faith there has been a tendency for religious instruction to follow the ‘nicer’ texts. We are taught to love our neighbour, share our fish and turn the other cheek.

The hypocrisy, contradiction, blood, fire and intolerance is glossed over. But it is there.

These religious texts come from primitive cultures where misogyny, violence and retribution were the order of the day. They are seeped in it. It permeates the doctrine. When ever an extreme fundamental cult comes along they unearth the texts that support their doctrine and apply the dogma.

In Europe we had to fight for the enlightenment. It brought an end to centuries of religious tyranny with all its viciousness and augured a new age of science. We threw off the shackles of theocracy and separated politics from religion. It enabled a flourishing of science that has created all the wonders of the modern world from electricity to space exploration.

Without the enlightenment we would still be in the Dark Ages. Our women would be walking around in veils and we’d likely be riding about on horses. Now perhaps there is something to be said for that kind of society we see vestiges of in America with the Amish culture. They live happily without electricity, cars and modern conveniences. They wear quaint medieval costume.

Personally I’d prefer the choice and like my car, electricity and music.

ISIS, and other religious fundamentalist groups of all religions, are merely feeding off the sections of their doctrine that sanction their actions and justify their desires. They really wish to take the whole world back to the time of Mohamed, Jesus or Krishna and force everyone to live in that medieval culture described in those texts.

The problem as I see it lies in the basis of those religions. They were devised by men in a culture that was primitive and unpleasant. I do not subscribe to those values. I consider them flawed.

I wish to live in a world that has equality, tolerance, peace, freedom, respect, responsibility, justice, love and friendliness as its core values. I place caring, compassion and empathy as higher values, not just for people but all life and the planet. I value debate, differences and argument and deplore violence, hatred and cruelty.

That is why, without entering into any esoteric discussion regarding god, I reject all religion. As far as I am concerned all religions are outmoded, flawed and supporting a culture I despise.

The world has moved on and human beings, while still showing a great propensity for hatred, violence and callous cruelty, are a lot more civilised than we used to be. I would hate to see religion undo that.

Time to terminate Faith Schools and Madrassas!


Following David Cameron’s speech regarding the reason so many of our Muslim youth are turning to extreme, barbaric, violent ideology it is wise to look at the ways of solving the problem.

One of the main reasons identified for the turning to extremism was the lack of integration into British society and culture. Many Muslims felt excluded, threatened and marginalised. They did not know, accept or value the British values of tolerance, freedom and democracy. They felt themselves to be outsiders.

There is also the problem of indoctrination at a young age. Once an ideology is introduced at an age prior to the mind being able to assess its validity it is assimilated without being processed. This evil of indoctrination is pernicious.

Part of the answer is simple: shut the Faith Schools and Madrassas. We need our children growing up together with respect, tolerance and empathy. We need a shared set of values that goes across all faiths, races and creeds. We all need to buy in to the shared culture and contribute to its enrichment. We need inclusivity.

What we do not need is separation, isolation, differing values, and indoctrination.

If people are British they should be integrated. If they reject British values perhaps they should not be here. For Muslim children to be taken off after school to be indoctrinated is wrong. For Faith schools, including Hindu, Catholic and Protestant, to preach their ‘brand’ of religion to children too young to think is child abuse. It is as bad as the Creationists peddling their propaganda and distorted views to children.

Religion in schools is simply wrong!

Indoctrinating children is child abuse!

Education is a big part in the creation of shared values, integration, self-esteem, empathy, respect, thinking, civilised behaviour and a wider perspective. The evil suppression, misogyny, violence and barbaric intolerance of ISIS needs countering with a superior view of a harmonious, tolerant world.

Education builds a better zeitgeist.

I simply do not agree with the ridiculous idea that religion is somehow related to morally. I think ISIL, the Crusades, Inquisition, Pogroms and witch burning, to name a few of the atrocities carried out in the name of religion,  put pay to any attempt to equate religion with morality.