Poetry – Irony


It is the people who make the most fuss about freedom

Who are the ones quickest to deny the freedom of others.

Is their idea of freedom little more than licence for themselves

And oppression for their brothers?

Are the people who delight in derogatory language

Not the ones who are

Intolerant of criticism,

Like bullies in the midnight choir?

Opher – 9.5.2019

I hear a lot of talk from many Americans who cherish their freedom, who feel that PC is an infringement of their rights.

I feel that what they really crave is not freedom but the license to abuse and bully.

Any freedom that robs other people of their power, rights or freedom, that causes oppression or fear, is nothing more than tyranny and bullying.

Communities are about compromises, empathy and understanding. Nobody is entitled to absolute freedom.

This John Wayne fantasy is incredibly harmful.

Freedom is fairness, consideration and finding the middle ground.

Everyone should have their rights preserved – not just a loud, brash few.

License is freedom to abuse and oppress.

Trumpists and Religious Nutcases – Selfishness.

There is a big selfish movement around – centred around this populist movement.

It is evil.

It is fanatical.

It is extreme.

It is selfish.

It is egocentric.

It is aggressive and violent.

It wishes to impose it’s own view on others.

You shall all think like me, believe in what I believe and act how I want you to act.

I want my freedom.

I don’t care how that impacts on you.

I want my guns.

I want to intimidate.

I want rid of abortion.

I believe in Jesus so you must.

I am pro-life – against abortion – but I reserve the right to kill you with my gun.

You have no rights if you don’t think like me.

Two-faced Republicans exhibit moral cowardice and gross self-interest – exemplified by McConnell

It is quite incredible to see the hole that the Republican party has dug itself into. Trump, as a charismatic fascist leader, has a large and vociferous fanatical following.

The extreme fascist tendency that began with the Tea Party is now a majority of Republicans. It has been consolidated under the extreme nationalistic movement – MAGA – Make America Great Again. The traditional conservative Republicans are now a minority in the party. Without support from the Trumpist wing no Republican can become elected. So they hold the power.

Any Republican who votes against Trump is met with a tirade of threats and threat of deselection.

McConnell is two-faced and exemplifies the cowardice and self-interest that pervades the party.

McConnell was unequivocal about Mr. Trump’s responsibility for initiating the insurrection and orchestrating a coup. “There is no question, none, that President Trump is practically and morally responsible for provoking the events of the day,” he said, and added that Mr. Trump watched the events unfold on television. “A mob was assaulting the Capitol in his name,” he said. “These criminals were carrying his banners, hanging his flags and screaming their loyalty to him.”

“This was an intensifying crescendo of conspiracy theories orchestrated by an outgoing president who seemed determined to either overturn the voters’ decision or else torch our institutions on the way out,” McConnell said.

But McConnell argued that he believed it was unconstitutional to convict a president who was no longer in office.

So McConnell knew Trump was guilty and abhorred what he had done bur recognised that in order to have a political career he had to vote to acquit.

Where does the morally bereft Republican Party go from here? Does it become more fascist and oust it’s conservative wing? Does it fight back against the fascists and reinstitute traditional conservative values and repudiate fascism? Or does it split into two – neither of which is likely to be electable?

We’ll see if there is any morality left, won’t we?

The Republican Party’s lurch to Fascism

The Donald Trump populist movement seized on extreme nationalism as it’s core creating the MAGA movement (Make America Great Again). In many ways it paralleled Hitler’s rise to power. Hitler used the Jews as scapegoats while Trump used immigrants and Muslims. Hitler used his Brown Shirt bully boys to intimidate and cause fear. Trump is deploying his MAGA mob. Hitler rose to power with a minority but caused such fear that people were afraid to speak out – just like what is happening in the USA today.

I think the party has to make a painful decision. Does it continue down the path of the Trump cult – a path of extremism, fascism and racist white supremacy or does it pull back and base its values on those espoused by Abraham Lincoln – honesty, decency and conservative values.

The Trumpist MAGA FascistsAbraham Lincoln conservatives
Conspiracy theories Lies Threats, intimidation and violence Neo-Nazis White Supremacists Fascist Proud Boys Extreme nationalismTruth and honesty Conservative values Decency Small government Low taxes Free market capitalism

Personally I think the Republican values stink in any form but the lurch to the extreme right and undermining of the whole democratic process is utterly repugnant. It’s a new all-time low.

If they continue down the Trump route I reckon they will trigger a civil war.

The Republican Party’s Existential Choice

There is a stark choice for the Republican Party:

a. Do they go with the Trumpists, QAnon, white supremacists, neo-Nazis, fake news and conspiracy

b. Do they go back to traditional conservative values.

There is the Marjorie Taylor Greene version – believe the QAnon conspiracy – the Democrats are all Satan worshipping paedophiles who eat babies, storm the Capitol and shoot Nancy Pelosi in the Head.

Or Liz Cheney and small government, low taxes and conservative values.

It seems to me that there is going to be a battle for the heart and soul of the party.

Personally I think Greene is an ignorant imbecile who is a danger to democracy and Cheney is just simply wrong.

What is needed is a more equal society, progressive taxes and far better public services – particularly education. If education was better we would not have so many deluded Americans ready to believe the earth is flat.

Dear Mr President

This is from an American…

President Trump,

I wonder how much pain you’re willing to cause America.

Apparently, more than you already have.

It isn’t enough that you have spent your every waking moment of the past four years appealing to the very worst nature of your followers; weaponizing them against their neighbours, friends, family members, and strangers.

It isn’t enough that you have perpetually trafficked in lies, when the truth would have been much simpler; that you were almost habitually allergic to honesty even when honesty would have greatly benefited you.

It isn’t enough that you have steadily stoked the fires of racism, that you have courted wild conspiracy, that you’ve never once taken the path of maturity, compassion, and sober judgment in stewarding this nation.

It isn’t enough that you have been so guilty of presidential malpractice, that you have inexplicably made a public health crisis a partisan event, allowing a quarter of a million Americans to die, many of them needlessly

And now, after all that, you’ve chosen to do something far worse as your swan song: to go to war with the very bedrock of this nation: a free and fair election by the people — simply because you cannot live with what they are telling you.

You are indicting a process that you spent months poisoning and polluting and sabotaging. Even those unprecedented efforts to create chaos and silence voters would not deter a record number of Americans from telling you that you are not worthy to lead them.

You are revealing your true character in these moments.

A decent man would honour the unequivocal and clear will of the people.

A decent man would concede with dignity immediately in order to allow calm to prevail.

A decent man would agree to a peaceful transfer of power, as every previous outgoing president has.

A decent man would look at a nation ravaged by a pandemic, devastated by job loss, and exhausted from internal strife — and decide to end his tenure here by finally, for the first time, doing something selfless.

But you are not a decent man and that is simply not your way. You are incapable of the elemental goodness required when called upon by moments of gravity and consequence.

I should have known it would end this way.

This is who you have always been: a man lacking a single noble instinct or humane impulse; a parasitic presence who only takes from things it attaches itself to.

Your ornamental America First rhetoric is burning up in the presence of your caustic conduct right now.

If you loved this nation or cared for its people, you would be an adult man and a true leader, and admit defeat and allow this nation to begin to heal and recover. Instead you incite violence and stir your unhinged base and speak reckless, incendiary lies that will only serve to injure more people and try and avoid your eventual departure.

And make no mistake, that departure is imminent.
You are leaving.  The American people have made that clear. Every president before you has honoured that. And whether you like or not, you will, too.

It’s just really sad that you couldn’t take this moment and finally become a better version of yourself; instead your final days here are ones marked by unnecessary suffering and manufactured sorrow; that in one more traitorous, belligerent salvo, you will assail the very heart of democracy in order to defend your brittle, fragile ego.

History is recording the truth: that you will have caused more injury to America and its people than any of the men who have served the office you hold and will shortly be removed from. You will have even done more destruction to our sovereignty and safety than any imagined foreign threat.

Joe Biden is going to be our next president.

You will soon be leaving, Mr. President.

And sadly, it looks as though you will leave the way you have led and the way you have lived your entire life: disgracefully.