Genocide – the Holocaust, Armenians, Pol Pot, Stalin, Sarajevo, Killing Fields, Mao, ISIS, Native American Indians, the Disappeared, now all of Nature

Genocide – the Holocaust, Armenians, Pol Pot, Stalin, Sarajevo, Killing Fields, Mao, ISIS, Native American Indians, the Disappeared, now all of Nature.

Lest we forget

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We’re very good at it. Throughout history we storm through and kill everyone who is different. It probably started with the Neanderthals – maybe even before that with other species of hominids.

We are xenophobic, racist and have a cruel, barbaric streak.

The Mongols were good at it. Colonists are good at it. We ruthlessly cull the populations we encounter.

In the modern times we have got industrial.

In South America and North America we used germ warfare – smallpox, chicken pox, flu, measles. There were no defences in the indigenous populations.

In Australia you could shoot aboriginals as if they were rabid dogs.

In New Zealand and the Philippines, everywhere we’ve gone.

On the Crusades we slaughtered. On the Jihads we slaughtered.

All races, all places, all times, all people. It is no particular race ; it is all of us.

It’s in our genes!!

Right now we are still doing it!!  These days ISIS is at it.

We use the excuse of religion or politics – even science.

But our viciousness towards each other is not restricted to our own species. We are just as cruel when it comes to everything else. We’ve already wiped out most of the mega fauna and are now working our way through the rest.

We are slaughtering trees, insects and animals, butchering our way around the world.

It’s time we stopped! It’s time we started respecting each other and other forms of life.

It’s time we start to grow up and become intelligent and civilised!

Terrorism is not as bad as we are made to think.

Every death is a tragedy. Every injury too. Terrorism is deplorable, evil and disgusting. The fact that somebody actually sits down in cold blood and plans ways to kill and mutilate innocent civilians is almost beyond belief. Those people are heartless scum. The act is somehow made worse when it is religiously motivated. For anyone to believe that any god would be pleased that they have mutilated women and children shows some sick thinking. For any religion or sect to believe that it alone has the correct insight into the thinking of god is arrogant stupidity. For any terrorist bomber of innocent people to believe they will be rewarded by any god and wake up in paradise is fanciful brain-washing. No sane god would sanction such a thing. If there was a god, which I do not believe, they would certainly book those callous terrorists into the worst hell imaginable.

Terrorism is horrendous because it is designed to terrorise. It is intended that the fear it creates is out of proportion to the reality. It is designed to produce terror and division.

To that extent Islamic terrorism has succeeded. It has produced widespread fear, division and hate. It has produced racism aimed against the peaceful Muslim community, distrust of Muslims and a rise in fascism and xenophobia. This fear was used extensively in the Brexit and Trump campaigns to divide and create hysteria which could be directed to produce a populist result. We now have what the terrorists set out to produce – chaos and division. Both Brexit and the election of Trump have brought Britain and the US into unnecessary chaos and division, stoked up hatred and emboldened fascist minorities.

I contend that this fear is out of proportion. Terrorism is horrendous but the terror it has produced, resulting in this chaos and siege mentality, is nowhere near as great as it appears in our imagination.

By creating such disruption and public fear the terrorists have achieved what they set out to do. They have made us weaker and divided us. Without this exaggerated fear they generated, neither the harmful disarray of Brexit or damaging election of Trump would have happened. Xenophobia, the fear of immigrants, demonising of Muslims and Mexicans, the building of walls, tightening of immigration laws, exclusion of foreigners, all go against natural warmth of welcome and openness of our culture. We have been fed lies about rape, murder, crime, terrorism, jobs, religions, no-go areas, Islamification and threats to our culture that are out of proportion to the reality. Yes there has been too much mass immigration and not enough integration. Yes there has been some crime, some rapes and areas where there are concentrations of minority groups. But these have been built up out of all proportion. Most immigrants are not extreme or terrorists but are grateful for being given a haven. They have escaped from war, starvation and horror. They have a new start.

Is this response to terrorism justified? I think not.

I am not belittling the effects of terrorism. It is horrendous. I am merely putting it in proportion and saying that it is not as bad as it appears. The horrors in the news show the terrible outcomes but the incidents are relatively few and minor in light of the bigger picture.

Death and injury are unfortunately part of everyday life. People are killed, maimed and become terminally ill all the time. Every one of those deaths, diseases and injuries is a tragedy for individuals, families, friends and colleagues. We are all touched by it. But terrorism plays a tiny part in this overall scheme of things.

I will illustrate what I mean by the statistics from the UK. I chose a 15 year period from 2000 – 2015.

All Deaths in UK (aprox) – 7,500,000

Deaths from road accidents – 51,006

Deaths from murder – 6,750

Deaths from Air crashes (estimate) – 6000

Deaths from terrorism – 90

In fact the deaths from IRA terrorism in the 1980s was much worse. Yet the effect of those terrible 90 deaths (and the hundreds of people maimed and injured) creates a public fear that is out of all proportion. You are 566 times more likely to be killed in an accident on the roads yet we do not get totally paranoid about driving. We accept that as a fact of life, an acceptable risk. Is that because we are under the illusion that we are somehow in control of what happens on the road? As someone who has survived a serious accident I know that we are not. When something happens at speed there is nothing you can do.

Terrorism plays on our psyche because of the deliberate callous act of mass murder. Yet your chances of being caught up in it are minimal.

I believe it is time to put this illogical fear out of our minds. We cannot allow the terrorists to win like this. These brainwashed evil extremists should not be allowed to cause such division, hatred and mayhem. They are not the menace we think they are. It is time to put the threat in proportion. Terrorism’s whole purpose is to achieve this reaction from us. We cannot let them do this.

Don’t let the evil, brainwashed monsters win. Unite and reach out. We’re better together. Let’s build a caring, open society, not a fear-ridden xenophobic culture skulking behind walls.


Poetry lives

Poetry lives

And in the land where happiness is banned

They tried to wipe out beauty.

The burnt the musicians on pyres of their own instruments,

Cut off the legs of the dancers and the hands of the artists;

They cut out the tongues of those who told stories,

And electrocuted the brains of writers

Until words no longer filled their now empty heads.

Then they rounded up the most dangerous of all –

Those who distilled the essence –

Those who found the metre to exaggerate the feeling

And convey the emotion;

Those who used rhythm and rhyme

To tease minds and ears into ecstasy and understanding.

These they nailed to the huge tree to slowly dry in the sun.

Laughingly they called it the poet tree.


But poetry still lived.


To be creative one must be brave.

To be a poet you must sacrifice.

The poets’ very lives and deaths were poems.

Their life force entered the poet tree

So every leaf and flower

Shone with the essence of life

For that is poetry –

And poetry lives in the very breath of the planet

And cannot be destroyed.


Opher 2.9.2017

I was inspired to write this by the horrors of ISIS. In their wisdom they decided that all dance and music is evil. They banned it. They burnt musical instruments and lashed anyone who sang or danced. They cut off the faces of statues and burnt painting that shoed faces. They desecrated the temples and churches of other faiths and destroyed the icons. For it is written in the Koran that these things are evil.

Yet the musicians hid their instruments. The writers hid their tools. The dancers practiced alone. And when Isis were finally driven out their tongues, legs and fingers exploded with joy.

ISIS in its death-throes – Adnani killed – the murderous, brutal jihadist meets his end.

Like the other caliphates before them this one is doomed.

Bin Laden and Adnani claimed to have god on their side but he isn’t showing much support for their actions. They are being wiped out on all fronts, driven out of all the territory they took and utterly destroyed.

Good riddance. An appalling death cult that wanted to take people back to the Dark Ages, shackle women and enforce medieval conditions on everyone is being systematically taken apart. An intolerant set of religious extremists are being rightly exterminated. They sanction rape, slavery and the brutal, savage killing of innocent people. There is no place for such savages in a modern world. It is a superstitious sect that needs exterminating for good.

Their aim was to take over the world and impose their strict superstition on everyone. Their chances were nil. But like all fanatical religious nutcases they believed god was going to come through for them against all the odds. Well it is patently obvious that he isn’t. All the prayer and ritual in the world is not going to save them from annihilation. They dream of paradise but the reward for their monstrous actions should be to rot in hell. Any sane god would reward them with such.

I don’t happen to believe in any god but there are times when I really wish there was one. He’d give all the fanatics (Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Jew, Buddhist or Atheist) who believe in terror, threats or violence short shrift.

I would hope the world learns from this reign of terror and puts a stop to the pernicious indoctrination of children.

What is it that the ISIS scum want to achieve with their campaign of terror?

After another week of atrocities and cowardly barbarism straight out of the stone-age we are left with a lot of questions. The initial response of all civilised people is one of anger, shock and horror at the sheer callousness of their actions. But that is nothing new. Any group of people capable of burning people alive in cages, crucifying people or the innumerable other inhuman practices is capable of anything. They are subhuman and not privy to the same standards of behaviour as the civilised world. Their tactics are to induce shock and fear, create division and hatred, and then exploit it.

ISIS want to drag the world back to a society based on life in the time of Mohamed – 1300 years ago. They want a strict adherence to customs that the rest of the world has left behind in the aptly labeled – Dark Ages. They want to either wipe out the rest of the world or impose their ridiculous customs on everyone. The fact that it is impossible to do this even if the entire 1.2 billion Muslims all shared this insane ideology and joined in is beside the point. They have been indoctrinated to believe they are carrying out god’s law as laid down in their religious book. They are prepared to die for it and believe they will die martyrs and open their eyes in paradise. There are 6.8 billion people who do not believe their lies.

ISIS is presently being battered back and is losing ground on a daily basis. You might think that if god was on their side they might be doing a bit better. Today 120 of their ‘soldiers’ were killed in a single airstrike along with one of their leaders. You could say that it is not going well for ISIS and they will, in a year or two, meet a bloody end. The leadership will be rooted out and killed and the rest will be dead or dispersed in ignominy. In their death throes they are hitting out at the soft and easy targets using criminals, the disaffected poor and the mentally ill to pull the trigger.

So what is their aim?

  • Firstly they want to generate as much fear and hatred as they can.
  • They want to create division between countries, people, religions and anyone they can divide – whether that is Jew/Muslim, Christian/Muslim or Shia/Sunni.
  • They want to foster hatred. If they can get people to react and attack immigrants they can garner a whole new bunch of recruits.
  • They want to create racism and promote isolation and distrust of immigrant communities so that they can gain more radicalised support.
  • They want a terrified population to put pressure on their governments to stop the attacks on ISIS.
  • They want an all-out war between Islam and Christianity that they can exploit.

The knifing of the poor eighty six year old priest is typical of their actions. They filmed it and will use that on social media to cause more fear, hatred and division.

What should we do? How should we react?

  • We should keep it in proportion so that the fear does not cripple us.
  • We should continue to smash ISIS into oblivion in the battle-field and take back all the land they have sequestered.
  • We should use our intelligence to root out all known sympathisers in our midst.
  • We should starve them of funds.
  • We should refuse to allow division and hatred to act as a recruitment bureau for terrorism and instead reach out to the immigrant communities and integrate them.
  • We should use education as the biggest weapon against such ignorance.
  • We should close down all religious schools immediately and start with a secular curriculum and the full integration of children.

Refuse to hate and fear! – fight terrorism in your community with love and a welcoming hand!

Poetry – Ignorant savages – a poem for all fundamentalists everywhere.

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Ignorant Savages


I wrote this following the spate of disgusting murders in Bangladesh carried out by barbaric, uncivilised, ignorant religious fanatics in the name of Islam.

They have taken to hacking people to death with machetes.

They feel it is their religious duty to kill all who do not believe in what they believe.

So far they have brutally hacked to death secular bloggers, university lecturers, westerners, people of other faiths, gays and people who have given up Islam.

In their eyes they are justified to mete out this inhuman punishment because god demands it through the selected texts they chose to twist.

They are planning to hack their way through 6.7 billion of us.

I do not understand this insane logic of intolerance, arrogance and cruelty. These insane imbeciles have no doubts and show no mercy.

They include the uneducated and brainwashed.

There is no place in the modern world for such depraved monsters from the Dark Ages. They blacken the name of Islam and religion. Their arrogant fundamentalist intolerance needs stamping out by the twin powers of the gun and education.

No sane god would tolerate such depravity or reward their viciousness.

If there is a god or karma they will all rot in hell.


Ignorant savages


Ignorant savages

And psychopathic lunatics

Imbued with cruelty

And lust to inflict pain;

Using excuses

Of medieval texts

To justify

Their sadistic thirst.

Killing in the name of God,

Torturing for pleasure,

In vain hope of paradise.


If only Karma were real.


If only there was a just god.


Their ‘paradise’

Would be every bit

As horrific

As the hell

They create on Earth.


Opher 25.4.2015

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Machete Murders – University lecturers, minority groups, secular bloggers, religious groups, westerners and now gay activists!


Two men, including an editor of Bangladesh’s only LGBT magazine, have been hacked to death by suspected Islamist extremists.

The shouted Alahu Akbar. The seven murderers then tricked their way in. They then callously hacked to death the two men with machetes.

This is now what they do in the name of Islam.

They train young children to put on suicide vests filled with nails, screws and ball-bearings.

They rape young girls as young as nine years old.

They murder people in the cruellest most barbaric way they can devise.

They take sex slaves.

They crow on the internet about the inhuman acts of throwing people off buildings, crucifying people, beheading them publically, burning them alive, drowning them, raping, pillaging and torturing.

They show no mercy or remorse.

They believe they are acting in god’s name.

No god would ever sanction the evil these men are doing.

Their victims are bloggers, secular advocates, apostates, Shia, Yazedi, gays, and anyone who does not believe their intolerant evil doctrine.

So what is Bangladesh doing about it? What is Pakistan doing about it? What is Nigeria doing about it?

Are they hunting down these scum?

Bangladesh English Literature Professor hacked to death by religious extremists.

Rezaul Karim Siddique, 58, was a professor of English at Rajshahi University. He was hacked to death on the streets on the way home with machetes. His crime – setting up a school.

This follows similar attacks on religious minorities and secular figures.

Bloggers who have stated they have no religion have been hacked to death.

People who have turned their back on Islam have been hacked to death.

People who belong to Ahmadi, Sufi or Shia sects of Islam have been brutally killed.

Westerners, Hindus, and Christians have been killed.

Are we looking at a new age of medieval barbarity? Is Bangladesh and Pakistan falling back into uncivilised ruin?

It is time the governments hunted down these sick individuals and eradicated them. There is no room in a civilised world for such disgusting animals.

There is justice!! – Radovan Karadzic jailed for Bosnia war Srebrenica genocide


The United Nations does have teeth!

Every killer, tyrant and barbaric thug around the world should no that there is justice and the world will bring them to justice. They will be hunted down and sentenced.

Nobody who has committed crimes against humanity can now feel safe.

Eighty criminals have been brought to justice! Karadzic has been given 40 years! He will rightly die in jail!


Now let us start to look to bring all the ISIS scum to justice and clean the planet up!!

Boko Haram, the Taliban, and all the other rapists, torturers and murderers who practice genocide and think they are immune will pay the price.

A clear message has been sent out to all who commit war crimes! YOU WILL BE BROUGHT TO JUSTICE!!!