Poetry – Ignorant savages

Ignorant savages

Ignorant savages

And psychopathic lunatics

Imbued with cruelty

And lust to inflict pain;

Using excuses

Of medieval texts

To justify

Their sadistic thirst.

Killing in the name of God,

Torturing for pleasure,

In vain hope of paradise.

If only Karma were real.

If only there was a just god.

Their ‘paradise’

Would be every bit

As horrific

As the hell

They create on Earth.

Opher 25.4.2015

Ignorant Savages

I wrote this following the spate of disgusting murders in Bangladesh carried out by barbaric, uncivilised, ignorant religious fanatics in the name of Islam.

They have taken to hacking people to death with machetes.

They feel it is their religious duty to kill all who do not believe in what they believe.

So far they have brutally hacked to death secular bloggers, university lecturers, westerners, people of other faiths, gays and people who have given up Islam.

In their eyes they are justified to mete out this inhuman punishment because god demands it through the selected texts they chose to twist.

They are planning to hack their way through 6.7 billion of us.

I do not understand this insane logic of intolerance, arrogance and cruelty. These insane imbeciles have no doubts and show no mercy.

They include the uneducated and brainwashed.

There is no place in the modern world for such depraved monsters from the Dark Ages. They blacken the name of Islam and religion. Their arrogant fundamentalist intolerance needs stamping out by the twin powers of the gun and education.

No sane god would tolerate such depravity or reward their viciousness.

If there is a god or karma they will all rot in hell.

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