Genocide – the Holocaust, Armenians, Pol Pot, Stalin, Sarajevo, Killing Fields, Mao, ISIS, Native American Indians, the Disappeared, now all of Nature

Genocide – the Holocaust, Armenians, Pol Pot, Stalin, Sarajevo, Killing Fields, Mao, ISIS, Native American Indians, the Disappeared, now all of Nature.

Lest we forget

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We’re very good at it. Throughout history we storm through and kill everyone who is different. It probably started with the Neanderthals – maybe even before that with other species of hominids.

We are xenophobic, racist and have a cruel, barbaric streak.

The Mongols were good at it. Colonists are good at it. We ruthlessly cull the populations we encounter.

In the modern times we have got industrial.

In South America and North America we used germ warfare – smallpox, chicken pox, flu, measles. There were no defences in the indigenous populations.

In Australia you could shoot aboriginals as if they were rabid dogs.

In New Zealand and the Philippines, everywhere we’ve gone.

On the Crusades we slaughtered. On the Jihads we slaughtered.

All races, all places, all times, all people. It is no particular race ; it is all of us.

It’s in our genes!!

Right now we are still doing it!!  These days ISIS is at it.

We use the excuse of religion or politics – even science.

But our viciousness towards each other is not restricted to our own species. We are just as cruel when it comes to everything else. We’ve already wiped out most of the mega fauna and are now working our way through the rest.

We are slaughtering trees, insects and animals, butchering our way around the world.

It’s time we stopped! It’s time we started respecting each other and other forms of life.

It’s time we start to grow up and become intelligent and civilised!

Pol Pot – Cambodia’s mass murderer – Security Prison 21 – Tuol Sleng – Site of torture and genocide. The Killing Fields.

There is a madness and hysteria that grips people sometimes. It turns normally pleasant ordinary people into crazed torturers capable of doing the most terrible things.

The Cambodian people were some of the most friendly I have met.

The people carrying out these tortures and killings were brutal, callous devils.

Pol Pot did not start out as a crazed evil psychopath. He was an idealistic freedom fighter.

It all has shades of ISIS, Taliban, AlQaeda, Boko Haraam and the rest.

What happened in this camp was beyond words. Pol Pot was responsible for the torture and death of one and a half million people in the Killing Fields. There were 150 killing  camps like Prison 21.


Pol Pot – a callous man, paranoid and ruthless. A psychotic despot and mass murderer.


A few of the victims

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I met Chum Mey – survivor of the camp and he signed his book for me.


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What goes on in the mind of a torturer? how can they live with what they do? How can they justify it?

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