Lies, Spin and Deception

Lies, Spin and Deception

Cheaper prices,

                A glorious NHS

Everything will be Better!

Make Britain

                Great again!

Even make

                The water wetter!

Controlling our borders!

                We’ll take back control!

Ship them off to Rwanda!

                Make Britain whole!

Cheaper prices,

                A glorious NHS

Everything will be Better!

Make Britain

                Great again!

Even make

                The water wetter!

Immigration the great bogie-man

                To xenophobic Brexit man

Promised in the tens

                Is now pushing a million!

Seizing back control

                Has become a matter of opinion!

Cheaper prices,

                A glorious NHS

Everything will be Better!

Make Britain

                Great again!

Even make

                The water wetter!

We’ve got Brexit

                To thank

For making us


It only costs us

                Forty Billion!

We’ve got

                The Brexit


Cheaper prices,

                A glorious NHS

Everything will be Better!

Make Britain

                Great again!

Even make

                The water wetter!

Opher – 27.5.2023

So despite the promises of getting immigration down to the tens of thousands we are pressing a million immigrants! So much for seizing back control!

We’ve driven out good, cheap EU nurses, doctors, carers, fruit pickers, chefs, midwives, electricians, plumbers and HGV drivers without a clue of how to replace them.

Training takes years if you can find the British people who want to do the jobs.

Who’d train to be a nurse where the chief skill is how to use a food bank?

Which British people are falling over themselves to wipe old peoples’ arses or be bent over in the rain and cold cutting broccoli on minimum wage?

So we pay more, pull in less-skilled workers from Africa and India, let fruit rot in fields, pay tariffs on what we import and have endless strikes while people like Johnson, Farage, Rees-Mogg, Theresa May, Cameron and Osborne (the architects of this disaster) pull in millions!

Empowering the Racists (needs to be spoken out loud!)

Empowering the Racists

Pandering to the xenophobes;

                Empowering the racists.

Chucking out the bath water

                With baby, belt and braces!

Not a clue on what they do!

                They didn’t think it through!

Chucking out the doctors!

                Chucking out the nurses!

Who needs the fruit pickers!

                To them a thousand curses!

Not a clue on what they do!

                They didn’t think it through!

How long to train a doctor?

                How long to train a plumber?

Where’s the sunlit uplands?

                You couldn’t get much dumber!

Not a clue on what they do!

                They didn’t think it through!

The British will wipe arses

                Pick fruit and save the day!

They’ll do it on minimum wage

                They don’t require good pay!

Not a clue on what they do!

                They didn’t think it through!

Johnson’s made eight million!

                Rees-Mogg makes millions too!

Brexit’s working for all of them!

                Shame about me and you!

Not a clue on what they do!

                They didn’t think it through!

They sold us all a pack of lies

                Like all good conmen do!

They’re walking off with all the loot

                While we drown within their pooh!

Not a clue on what they do!

                They didn’t think it through!

(or did they?)

Opher – 30.5.2023

When the architects of this Brexit disaster set about conning us with their promises of sunlit uplands they had many reasons:

Some wanted power at any cost,

Some wanted wealth,

Some worked from racist hatred,

Some from patriotic fervour,

Some from hate of the EU.,

They knew they were telling lies for their own selfish reasons. They knew that we would all end up picking up the tab and be paying for generations. They knew that it was going to cost us a fortune and create massive problems with customs checks, tariffs and rising prices.

They either didn’t care or thought that it was a price worth paying.

They knew that they’d all come out of it better off! Many of the bastards have made millions out of Brexit. We’re the ones who have decades of austerity ahead of us. They’re sitting pretty.

The First Presidential Debate – Opher’s verdict – The Schoolyard Bully V the Gentleman

One strutted a preened – one stood proud.

One interrupted and bullied – one remained unruffled

One looked and sounded like a thug – The other looked and sounded like a President

One appealed to neo-Nazi white supremacists – one stood against fascism

One was the schoolyard bully – the other was a gentleman President


There was no doubt about it – Biden won hands down. He showed Trump up for the uncouth fascist he is.

The Land is Free – for Moshe.

Once upon a time, the land was free,

As free as the wind, rain and sea.

Then, on the African plain

A mutation created man.

We prospered and increased in number

Moving out across the world


We formed little clans and tribes.

We were hunter-gatherers and began to think of the tracts of land we hunted in as ours.

It brought us into conflict with neighbouring tribes.

But the land was not owned. It belonged to all.

The tribes prospered and coalesced and we invented nations.

The nations had leaders who became kings and religious leaders.

They claimed the land as theirs.

They waged war against other tribes to seize their land, to pillage and plunder

And increase their own wealth and power.

The robber barons who helped them subjugate the people and conquer were rewarded.

The kings and religious leaders gave them big tracts of land.

The robber barons sold or leased off small parcels of land to the people

Thus increasing their wealth.

The people farmed or lived on the small parcels of land they were sold.

The robber barons fenced off the land and called it private.

The kings, religious leaders and robber barons waged war, set up empires and increased their wealth and power.

The ordinary masses of people were enslaved, exploited, used and abused.

Down through history.

The descendants of the robber barons, kings and religious leaders still ‘own’ the vast tracts of land they purloined from the people. They use this land to generate vast wealth.

The descendants of ordinary people still cling on to their tiny parcels of land or rent their space.

The same wealthy robber barons own Britain, the USA and Israel. They still seize land, plunder and pillage out of greed and selfishness. They do it through war, corruption, manipulation and economic control. They manipulate us through the media, through patriotism, religion, politics, nationalism, xenophobia and racism. They divide people so that we turn on each other and not on them.

So, my friend Moshe, we are the exploited ones, We are not responsible for our rulers. They are the robber barons of old. They manipulate us. History is the story of the exploits of the robber barons – not our folk.

The land is as free as we want it to be. It is never owned, only borrowed or stolen. We are just passing through.

One day we will take all the land back. Hopefully, we will find a better way of living – not part of this system of greed, inequality and environmental destruction. We will all be equally important and there will not be this inherent racism and artificial division. There will not be nations or races. There will be people.

That is why I support the UN – because it is a way of taking power from those who are presently abusing it and exploiting us, and damaging our planet.

I am idealistic, realistic and far from stupid. I clearly see what is going on.

You, Moshe, are playing into their hands.

The land is free.

The Trump guide to Economic Success – and the downside.

Creating short-term economic success is easy:

  1. Give big tax cuts to the wealthy so that they have more money to invest.
  2. Remove the environmental legislation so that they can pollute and do not have to waste money cleaning up their act.
  3. Remove environmental and planning restrictions so that they can build where they like, mine, log and dump without thought for nature or people.
  4. Remove health and safety regulations so that workers can work faster and cheaper.
  5. Deunionise and remove labour laws so that wages can be lower and working conditions worse, thus increasing profits.

The economy will grow.

There will be more jobs.

The wealthy will make a lot more money.

The Downside:

The economic miracle has large downsides – all of these appear further down the line

  1. The wealthy use tax loopholes to avoid paying their taxes and take their money abroad to invest in higher yields and tax havens.
  2. The water, soil and air are polluted creating a massive health problem – allergies, asthma, cancers.
  3. Nature is destroyed.
  4. The landscape is ravaged by mining, logging, fracking and factories. It looks ugly.
  5. The climate and weather are affected.
  6. Thousands die or are injured at work through unsafe work practice.
  7. People find themselves on zero-hours contracts, working all hours for peanuts.
  8. The inequality worsens. We have a bunch of the superrich and the rest of us languish in increasing poverty.
  9. Crime worsens.
  10. We have ghettos in cities and huge unemployment.
  11. It costs a fortune to clear up the mess that is created by the slackening of environmental and planning laws and relaxing of health and safety.
  12. We have a lot of early deaths and poor health.

The Trump economic miracle is a short-term plan to make rich people a lot richer at the expense of everyone else and nature.

It’s a recipe for disaster.


Trump’s Financial crimes???

Here’s what a friend was reporting to me. I’m not sure of all the facts but it sure looks bad:

Apart from not paying any taxes for eleven years – except the paltry $750 (far less than a nurse pays each year) – he was paid $73.9 Million rebate! That is $73.9 million of American peoples’ money!

It was 73.9. Million and yes… it’s still being disputed from what I understand. For some reason people are really focused on the $750.00. Not the fact that monies were given to Ivanka as a consultant when she is a CE of the companies. That is tax fraud. Or the tax refund… also tax fraud.. but in IRS litigation most likely because Trump spends money like a whore and can’t pay it back. No one paid attention to the fact he left NYC and his biggest pride and joy , TRUMP TOWER but why. He owes a note that the family isn’t paying any principle on. Either they are getting ready to short sell which they won’t get their price or they will default. Trump is a personal guarantee for the loan. He is personally liable. It’s how he went bankruptcy 6 times. No one is catching this stuff. He is in debt and using American tax monies to bail himself out. All his properties are in the red.

I’m telling you to read his niece’s book, it’s not a joke. I don’t need to read it… I know about his crap

He will cheat his way into winning the next election. The only shot the Americans have is a) taking control of Congress which isn’t likely or b) war.

The Trump casino was built on mafia property with construction crews out of philly- all mafia.

So is any of this true??? I must read the book!

Salutary post from Attila the Stockbroker

Trump nominates a far-right fundamentalist to the Supreme Court and calls postal ballots ‘fraudulent’ while his militia supporters plan intimidation of in-person voters.
Cummings wants former Mail editor Paul Dacre as head of Ofcom and former Telegraph editor Moore as chairman of the BBC. Tories want ‘anti-capitalist’ ideas banned from schools.
Carl Von Clausewitz defined war as the continuation of politics by other means. Having witnessed political violence at very close hand I am intractably opposed to it, and since there is a natural left of centre majority in both the USA and the UK I remain absolutely certain that a unified Left can prevail.
But unified is the point. Our opponents are not the right-wingers of old. They are fascists. And the only alternative to unity between everyone who is not a fascist is…..fascism. The 1930s proved that.
One non-Tory candidate in every local and national electoral seat from now on, or far-right authoritarian rule. Our choice.
(If you think these words are hyperbole, or indeed that my analysis is wrong, please explain why you believe Trump and Cummings are not fascists. I’ll listen.)
I think he’s right – we are on the verge of full-blown fascism.

Stupidity in these times.

It seems to me that the world was going along sweetly – the same old problems, the same aggravations, some war, destruction of nature and general malaise – then we had 9/11 and Muslim extremism and everything went apeshit.

Wars in the Middle East, refugees, terrorism and the fear and hate kicked in.

It lumbered us with Brexit, Trump, Bolsonaro and Johnson as the world knee-jerked to the right.

The populists, riding the wave of fear and hate stoked it up – promising walls, an end to immigration, to stamp out terrorism and easy violent solutions.

Isn’t it obvious – these snake-oil salesmen don’t have the answers. They want power and wealth at any costs. They have been actively stoking up hatred and division for their own ends. The more the better. The sad thing is that stupid people are falling for it.

Poetry – Peace in the Middle East

Peace in the Middle East


There will be no peace

In the Middle East

Until all sides are resolved

And past sins absolved.


Two thousand years of injury

Leave a bitter legacy,

A toxic history,

Requiring an end to misery


We should all abhor

The men of war

Who firmly shut the door

To fester the sore.


Not the people to blame

In this vale of shame

They are all the same

Caught in a hapless game.


All sides around a table –

Dispense with the fable!


Opher – 23.9.2020