Poetry – They are armed!

They are armed!


They have a lot of weapons in their armoury.

They have the money to employ the best.

They use unemployment as a threat

And deploy it as a warning,

To demonstrate their power and control.

They use the media to disperse their lies,

To provide the spin, spread the fog and obfuscate

The issues.

They use the media to undermine, to destroy

And ridicule.

They use the media for propaganda.

The tactic is to divide and rule.

They use their privilege to gain advantage.

They buy people.

They subvert rebellion by incorporating it.

They rely on deference.

Their lies are deployed in volleys –

A bombardment of fear.

They had established an establishment,

Set in concrete.

The police are in their pockets.

The army follow their instructions.

They use their power to confuse and subjugate.

They are not restricted by nation.

Theirs is network spread throughout the world.

They know who they are.


Opher – 20.11.2019



Every election, every law, every representative, every move, is subject to their interference.

Their fingers are in every pie.

Through lobbying, bribes, corruption, donations and threats they control the world.

Money doesn’t speak – it shouts!

Who are they?


Hope – I thought it was worth circulating this. We all need a bit of hope.

Hope – I thought it was worth circulating this. We all need a bit of hope.

Dear amazing Avaazers,If you ever doubt that our efforts together are worth it, or if you’re just needing a bit of hope and light in your day, read on.

Bet you won’t be able to stop :).

Avaaz Movement Wins 

Fin whales swim free

For years, Icelandic millionaire badboy Kristjan Loftsson has massacred hundreds of endangered giant fin whales. But no more!! Working with allies, a million of us pressed the Dutch government to close their ports to him, then German Avaazers helped to block ports there too. Then we caused a media and political storm in the Caribbean where Loftsson’s ship was registered. After years of pressure, he’s called off the hunt!

“The global pressure brought by the Avaaz community has no doubt played a big role in Loftsson’s welcome decision.”
– Vanessa Williams-Grey, Whale and Dolphin Conservation.
Saudi Arabia: No More Weapons For You

Saudi Arabia is a human rights nightmare, but after they bombed schools and hospitals in Yemen, calls rose in Europe for an arms embargo. When EU politicians started to waver under the pressure of powerful Saudi lobbyists, 740,000 Avaazers weighed in, flooding members of parliament with messages and calls. And we won — for the first time in history, a Western parliament voted to ban arms sales to Saudi Arabia! Now the pressure is on for governments to follow the European lead.

“We’ve received calls from Scotland to France to Yemen calling for action, Avaaz played a major role to bring this message to the European Parliament.”
– Alyn Smith, Member of European Parliament
Blocking Monsanto's most profitable poison

Monsanto’s glyphosate weedkiller is everywhere, providing much of the mega-corporation’s revenue. So when UN experts said it likely causes cancer, 1.5 million of us called to ban it! With Europe set to re-approve its licence for 15 years, Avaaz delivered our petition and thousands of us sent urgent messages to our governments. In the final hour, support collapsed, and the EU commission was forced to postpone the vote! We’ll keep the pressure up until we get the ban our planet needs.

“The Avaaz campaign helped to raise awareness and concern of the general public about glyphosate. This helped me as a parliamentarian to work on this issue… Stay with us in this fight”
– Pavel Poc, MEP and Vice Chair of the Environment, Health and Food Safety Committee for the European Parliament.
Winning for Palestine

After horrendous civilian death in Gaza, almost 2 million of us called on 6 major companies to stop profiting from the Israeli military occupation of Palestine. Our movement sent messages to CEOs, held rallies from London to Ramallah, met with government and corporate officials, and lobbied other countries to cut ties with those companies. And as of last month, 3 of the 6 have pulled out!! It’s a tactic that’s having impact in the struggle for freedom and peace.

“The 1.8 million signature Avaaz petition was powerful, and we hope that Avaaz members will continue campaigning.”
– Mahmoud Nawajaa, BDS Civil Society Coordinator in Palestine
Saving the lost Refugee Children

Thousands of Syrian children seeking refuge are lost in Europe, without their parents and preyed upon by child traffickers. That’s why 40,000 of us donated to fund lawyers to find them, provide legal support, and get them to safety. Dozens of children are already being helped. And just this week, three boys arrived in London and were reunited with their families for the first time in months!

“Nothing I could say could convey how grateful I truly am to all of you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
– One of the boys on arriving in the UK
Somalia ban FGM

The Prime Minister of Somalia just joined over a million of us by signing our petition to support a full ban on female genital mutilation! Somali women’s rights experts told us that global pressure could help them outlaw female genital mutilation — but we never imagined that the Somali Prime Minister, Foreign Minister, and dynamic Minister for Women and Human Rights would respond by signing the petition, too! Working with these leaders, UNICEF and survivors, it’s now likely that FGM, done to 98% of Somali women, will become illegal!

“I am committed to outlaw FGM in Somalia through legislation, advocacy, education, and community engagement.”
– Somali Prime Minister, Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmark, as he signed our petition.

Shining Our Light in 2016

These battles are part of deeper struggles — between forces of love and fear, hope and despair, ignorance and understanding. Sometimes Avaaz campaigns are about shining our movement’s light into these struggles, to help shift our culture and politics. Here’s some awesome light-shining examples from the last few months:

Celebrating Greek Heros

Inspired by Greek fishermen and pensioners who have saved and cared for thousands of desperate refugee families, Avaaz member, Alkmini, started a petition to nominate these unsung heroes for the Nobel Peace Prize. Then more than 600,000 of us backed the request, and Desmond Tutu endorsed an official submission by 230 academics to the Nobel Committee.This moving story of humanity triumphing over fear captured the world’s media from CNN to the BBC.

“In times when fear and racism are threatening our societies and Europe is raising fences, the big mobilisation of Avaaz members made the voice of humanity echo loudly around the world.”
– Co-Founder of the Leros Solidarity Network, Matina Katsiveli
Guatemala Slavery

After decades of silence, 14 brave women just went to court to confront the Guatemalan generals who kept them as sex slaves. As they entered the courtroom we surrounded them with love, delivering messages from over 40,000 Avaaz members across Latin America. The women’s courage prevailed and for the first time ever these generals were convicted of crimes against humanity!

“I was happy to hear the messages of support. I know I’m not alone, and I wanted to uncover my face when I heard that there are people all around the world that support me.”
– One of the women, Doña Rosa

After women were attacked on New Year’s Eve in Germany, a flood of racism and xenophobia spread. Refugee men responded by handing out flowers to women on the streets as a show of respect. To return the gesture and show solidarity and welcome, a hundred female Avaaz members went out to hand flowers back to refugees in Cologne, the site of the attacks. Their video went viral!

“Refugee men handed out flowers to women as a sign of peace. As Avaaz members we wanted to reciprocate this courageous gesture to show that we counter hate with humanity.”
– Maresa, Avaaz member

Achh, that stuff just lifts your heart doesn’t it?

The really crazy part is, those stories are a small fraction of our movement’s work together over the last few months!

What we’re doing matters, we’re winning, and we’re winning in a way that is building the kind of world we dream of for our children. There is much to do, but this is a moment for gratitude for the 43 million scrumptiously wonderful people in this beautiful movement. What a joy it is to do this together.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

With love and gratitude,

Ricken, Alice, Ben, Maria Paz, Emily, Risalat, Mike, Lisa, and the whole Avaaz team.

PS — a big reason Avaaz can do all this is we are 100% funded by small individual donations — no corporate, government, foundation, or large donor money. To keep it all going, click here:

A Blue Moon for Boris

A Blue Moon for Boris

‘Hhhhrrrmmmph, by gad, gadzzoooks. We’re gonna bash that Marxist Corbyn back into his commie politburo.’ Johnson spluttered, piggy eyes screwed up, shoulders hunched in his characteristic Churchillian slouch.

‘Yes, but that might prove harder than you think,’ Dominic Cummings deliberated, easing himself back into his armchair and sipping his single malt. ‘What Corbyn is putting forward makes sense and what we are pushing is a bunch of lies, fake news and promises that we have no intention of keeping.’

‘Hmmm, gosh, since when has truth got anything to do with it?’ Johnson blustered. ‘All they care about is Brexit. Brexit. We can do anything we want.’

‘Just as long as we keep it focussed on Brexit,’ Cummings murmured. ‘That’s where we’ll win.’

‘Yes, by gad, hmmmppphh, snort, snort, get the job done. It’s all sealed – like an oven ready chicken, what. Prick it, slap it in the microwave on gas mark 4 and baaamo. There’s your baby. Die in a ditch and over my dead body.’

‘Yes,’ Cummings muttered. He was studying Johnson with a critical eye. The man was a loose cannon. Could he be trusted to deliver and not go off on one? Unsure. But he was all they had – an Eton toff, bumbling Billy Bunter on amphetamine. For some reason the public seemed to love him. ‘Just keep it on Brexit.’

‘Wilco, hrrmmpphhh’ Johnson said with a flourish. ‘te potest numerare in me!’ (You can count on me)

Cummings raised his eyebrows, took a sip of his whisky and sighed deeply. At least they stood a good chance of getting Brexit done, crashing out and sending the whole country flying. That might just make it worth it.’

‘Cripes, I mean blimey, I’m putting blooming billions into the NHS, police and, and, and bally education! Won’t that bally well please the blighters!’

Cummings shook his head. ‘No, no, no.’ He sighed again. ‘You keep off of that. Brexit is it. Stick to Brexit’

Johnson nodded like a dopey-eyed hound eager to please his master.

Cummings fixed him with his sternest look. ‘Brexit. Brexit. Brexit. Alright?’

‘Yes, by Jove, I know, but well, well cripes, it’s like wasting all that loot,’ Johnson protested.

‘We’re not wasting any loot,’ Cummings reminded him. ‘We’ll never spend it. They are just election promises. After the election nobody will remember. Once you’re in, they can’t do anything about it can they? They expect it. Nobody keeps election promises, do they? Not even Labour.’

‘But, but, but bloody hell, blithering bilgehooks, bloody Corbyn might,’ Johnson blustered. ‘He means it! The man’s a, a, a, a blinking real socialist. He’d give all the bloody loot to the oiks, to every Tom, Dick and Harry! He’s a bloody commie through and through.’

‘Yes he might,’ Cummings agreed, sipping the single malt, which now seemed to have lost its appeal. ‘That’s precisely why we’ve set the media running at full steam painting him as a dangerous extremist who would break the country. But we don’t want him deflecting us onto the NHS, Education or the crime wave do we? That would be a mistake, wouldn’t it? You’ve been shafting them for the past ten years, haven’t you?’ He rolled his eyes. It was like training cats to chase and fetch.

‘Well, well, cripes,’ Johnson spluttered. ‘What have they contributed to the bally country? Bunch of parasites.’

‘Yes,’ Cummings sighed with more than a hint of exasperation. ‘Precisely. But if you want to get elected you have to pander to the common people. One Nation Toryism and all that. Make them feel you are on their side and they’re getting something out of it. You don’t remind them that you’ve spent ten years screwing them to give more to your chums, do you?’ He peered hopefully at Johnson but remained unconvinced by what he saw. ‘Brexit. Brexit. Brexit. Alright?’ He continued to pound the message home more in hope than expectation. ‘And while you’re at it don’t ever say anything that leads into plugging tax loopholes, food banks, homelessness, more doctors, knife crime, Windrush, hostile environment, climate change, Trump and the NHS, fiddling expenses, Russian donors, May’s husband making a killing from bombing Syria, Tax cuts for the wealthy, tax cuts for corporations, doctoring Kier Starmer, housing, letter boxes, bank robbers, battle bus promises, Hunt’s backhanders, fake news, chlorinated chicken, social benefits, universal credit, student fees, potholes, councils, nurses, firms fleeing abroad or anything other than Brexit, Brexit, Brexit! Those are all things we’ve lied about, failed to deliver, messed up, or stink of corruption. Got it??’

‘Cor blimey Dom, er, er, I mean, cripes. That’s quite a list, quite a list I tell you. How the bloody hell am I meant to remember all that?’

‘Just remember Brexit, Brexit, Brexit,’ Dominic Cummings said wearily, ‘And be glad the elections only come around once in a blue moon.’

Reprehensible policies – the real politics. Behind the smokescreen of Brexit.

Reprehensible policies – the real politics.

Surely any government that even considers stealing money off the poorest and most vulnerable to give to the rich needs booting out?

This government is brazen. It hides its actions behind glib lies.

Tax cuts for the most wealthy putting billions in the pockets of the richest (last budget).

Corporation tax cuts putting billions into the profits of the massive corporations.

Cuts to disability allowance taking money out of the pockets of the most vulnerable.

Pension payments brought in by stealth taking billions out of front-line services in health, education and police.

Freezing of public servants pay.

Cutting of all public services.

We’re all in it together? This is a war against the poor and public servants.

No wonder the equality gap has been yawning wider than ever. These guys are feeding their chums.

Corruption and dirty tricks in Politics. Are politicians now above the law??

It is a sad state of affairs when politicians are caught out lying, doctoring videos, breaking laws, giving bribes, fiddling expenses and using all manner of promises – peerages and enticements to gain advantage and we have become so used to it that we no longer react. The truth is that we have accepted that they lie and are corrupt. It no longer surprises us!

So now the Tory Party has been offering peerages to Brexit candidates to get them to step down. Isn’t that an illegal scandal?? Wouldn’t that have brought down governments in the past?

Now we have the Tories deliberately hiding up a report on Russian interference because it will show that Russian oligarchs are major donors to the Tory Party and Russia had an impact on both the Brexit vote and the election of the Tory Party. Isn’t that corruption?

Now we find that the Tory Party deliberately doctored videos to create fake news and Tory propaganda. But we just accept it.

We find that the Vote Leave campaign used intrigue to cover up illegal excess spending in the campaign.

We find that immoral philanderers like Johnson and Trump who have a history on cheating on their partners are considered honest and honourable.

We find that lies and made up figures on Labour spending is trotted out and presented as facts.

The list goes on and on. Why aren’t people being taken to trial and locked up??

Worse than that – why do people find this scurrilous behaviour acceptable??

This is surely an all-time low. They are getting away with unlawful behaviour that we would find ourselves sued, prosecuted and imprisoned for.

Are politicians now above the law??




The BBC are going around the country stopping various members of the public to ask them about Brexit and the election. They either deliberately pick out complete morons or edit the intelligent responses out.

The people they select seem to be uniformly ignorant and stupid.

Yesterday they picked on a pub in the north of England. A bunch of old fools were sitting round a table and came out with the most moronic tosh I have ever heard. They could not see why we just could not pull out of Europe overnight without any understanding of the partnerships, collaborations and complexity of international trade relationships. They wanted our borders secured but had no concept of the massive checks, tariffs and complexity that this would entail.

The biggest stupidity was one imbecile who thought that we’d do very well because we are British; we used to rule half the world.

I felt like nutting the guy.

We never ruled half the world. The people who ruled half the world are the ones who live in the big mansions, the Stately Homes, and penthouses. The likes of us were either signed up in the army and being used for expendable cannon fodder, or working twelve hours a day, six days a week, in the factories. We did not even have a vote!

Those people still rule the world!

They set about taking over the world so that they could exploit the natives and strip the assets. All that wealth from the colonies went into the pockets of the wealthy elite so they could live in their mansions with their myriad of servants and lavish lifestyles. That enormous wealth did not filter down to ordinary people. Our conditions were appalling. We were every bit as exploited as the natives of the countries we conquered.

The Tory Party was formed by that wealthy elite in order to look after the interests of the wealthy elite – and that is what they do. Over the last ten years they have systematically robbed the poor to give to the rich. They have cut social services and public services while giving tax cuts to the wealthy. They have enabled the wealthy to use tax loopholes to avoid paying taxes.

It is scandalous.

This poem is aimed at that ignorant, ill-educated segment of society. They should read a bit more of our history!




The heroes and the thinking people – they’ve all gone away!

They’ve left behind the morons – now we’re all gonna pay!

They believe everything they read in the bloody Daily Mail,

The Sun, the Express, Telegraph and Nigel Farage as well!


We’re morons! We’re morons!

We’ve forgotten how to think!

We’re morons! We’re morons!

It’s a wonder we can blink!


Opher 13.11.2019

Why we should vote Labour – a post copied from Proper Gander News

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The Pierced ProtagonistLike Page

I agree 100% with this article. I shall be voting Labour. The elite are running scared of Corbyn and the media have done a job on him but he stands for a decent set of values.
Meanwhile the Tories have got away with murder and destroyed our public services while giving tax cuts to their wealthy friends.


After being promised that we’d be out of the EU by now, we’re not.
And after being promised that we were not going to get a general election, that’s now exactly what we are getting.

Anyone who has ever spoken to me for longer than ten minutes will know that I’m an avid Remainer.
So, ultimately, yes, I’m glad that Brexit didn’t go ahead on October 31st.

But I’m much more glad that we’ve been offered the election.

I’m so glad.

But I am not glad because of Brexit.
I’m not glad because of a better deal, or a second referendum – even though I want both of those things.
I’m not glad because I’m an unpatriotic remoaner.

I’m glad because we now have the chance to oust the Tories.
We have a chance to save this country.

For the last three years, all we’ve done is argue.
We’ve had our little factions and bickered over Brexit whilst our politicians have lied and played games and had meaningless vote after meaningless vote.
And whilst we’ve been bickering over Brexit, austerity has tightened its grip.

Since the Tories came into power, they’ve cut basically every public service they can get their hands on.
They’ve given massive tax breaks to the rich, whilst cutting benefits to the poor and the needy.
They’ve hit us with VAT hikes, and stagnated public sector wages, whilst the super rich get richer.
It’s costing us more to live, but our incomes are going down.
They’ve cut free school meals to needy children.
They’ve forced cancer sufferers back to work.
They’ve caused an increase in homelessness but, instead of giving them aid, they’ve given them spikes to sleep on.
They’ve cut our schools so much that our education system is failing and our kids are struggling.
Our police force are so underfunded that they just don’t have the staffing levels to keep up with the crimes being reported.
Firemen are having to work second jobs just to keep food on the table.
Nurses are using food banks.
Our NHS, envy of the world, is being intentionally cut and sold off to make way for private healthcare companies to make money out of our illnesses.

Yet we just sit about wittering about Brexit.
We keep voting for parties who promise to deliver Brexit, instead of the parties that promise to deliver safety, security, a good quality of life.

They point the finger and we look the other way.

Brexit isn’t going to be the answer to all our problems because, despite what the media would have you believe, it’s isn’t Europe who has caused the mess in this country.
It’s us.
We did.
By voting for a government that consistently undermines our needs and treats us like nothing.
That laughs about there not being a “money tree”, yet hoards vast amounts of money in off-shore bank accounts so they don’t have to pay their taxes.

Tell me again why we’ve voted them in.

Because we don’t want “extremist” Jeremy Corbyn, right?
And why the hell not?

Genuinely, we must have spent the last few decades moaning about how everyone in Westminster is cut from the same cloth, and how there is never any real choice yet, when we finally get someone different, we run scared and refuse to vote for him.

Since he first made an appearance in the Labour leadership contest, Jeremy Corbyn has been a victim of a horrendous smear campaign and I would urge anyone to fact check anything and everything you read about him.
The media hate him with a passion.

And that, in a nutshell, is precisely why I’ll be voting for him.
He’s a danger to the establishment.
And that’s exactly what we need.

People have been sucked into this idea that he’s a terrorist-sympathising communist who hates Jews.

But he’s not.

He’s a man who was instrumental in negotiating peace in Northern Ireland, and even got awarded two international peace prizes for his efforts.
He’s a socialist who believes in decent public services and wants to renationalise our railways and NHS and repair our education system.
He doesn’t believe that people should be billionaires when others are starving to death.
He isn’t anti-Semitic, he’s against some of Israel’s policies – and he’s not wrong.
He’s spent his entire political career fighting for the rights of groups that he isn’t even a part of; women, disabled people, ethnic minorities.
He’s pro-animal rights and is an advocate of green environmental policies.
His policy regarding Brexit is to negotiate a sensible deal and let us vote on it – far removed from Boris Johnson’s gung ho “lets just drop out and hope for the best” attitude.

But he’s “unelectable”?
How is a man like that deemed “unelectable”?

Because the media tell us he is.
The media moguls who would be forced to pay more tax under a labour government, seek to scapegoat him and make you vote for the Tories.
Tories, who benefit them, not you.

The media isn’t unbiased.
The media is owned by people with an agenda.
And those people aren’t your friends.

They don’t care about you.
They care about money and profit margins.

Jeremy Corbyn is a danger to those profit margins, so they tell you he’s a danger to you.
He’s not.

The real danger isn’t the man with an allotment, who rides a bike and who wants an end to poverty.
The real danger are the people who will leave thousands in poverty to protect their billions.

We’ve been given a chance to change the course of this country, and we need to take it.
The NHS cannot survive another 5 years of Tory cuts.
It can’t.
It’s either going to collapse, or be sold off.
We’re going to lose everything.
And for what?
To line another fat cat’s pocket?

Wake up.
Please wake up.
This isn’t about Europe, or immigrants, or Brexit.
This is about a greedy, selfish government using public funds to line their own pockets.
Please don’t let them.

No more cuts.
No more deaths.
No more apathy.

For goodness sake, wake up.
For once in our lifetime we have someone with policies worth voting for, and we’re running the other way.

The Tories are pulling this country apart at the seams and we’re just letting them.

Now we have a chance to change that.

If you care about this country.
If you care about other people.
Our children, our elderly, our social workers and our teachers.
If you care about universal healthcare.
If you care about the rights and safety of others.
If you care about our animals and don’t support badger culling or fox hunting.
If you care about anything other than money.
Please don’t vote Tory.
Vote Labour.
Or Lib Dems or Green on SNP if you need to, but not Tory.

I’m voting Labour.
I’m voting Labour because they have the best chance of beating the Conservatives.
And I’m voting Labour because I stand with Jeremy Corbyn.

Not because I’m an extremist or a hippie or a snowflake, but because I want a better future for everyone, not just for myself.
And I think a Labour government has the best chance of doing that.

I think they’d be hard pressed to do much worse than what we’ve had this past decade.

So my plea to everyone who wants a better future is this.
If, like me, you are a moderate misfit who wants better than this, then put your X on your ballot paper and make a stand.

No excuses about being powerless.
You want change, then you vote for it.
On our own we won’t make much of a difference, but together we can make waves.

Philip Davies is the MP in my constituency.
He won last term by just 5000 votes.
Let’s oust the anti-feminist, anti-LGBT+, pro-hunt up-skirting advocate and replace him with someone who actually gives a shit.
Let’s have an MP actually worth sending to Parliament.

Moderate, decent people too often spend their lives being quiet.
But we’ve been quiet too long and we’ve let this happen.
We can’t let it happen anymore.

December 12th.
Vote for what is right.
Vote for change.
Vote Labour.

Don’t give the Tories another term to take more of what is ours.
Don’t do what the media tells you.

Don’t be the turkey that votes for

December 12th.

Get the Tories out.

Our lives are not currency.
Our futures will not be gambled.
Keep your hands off our NHS!

The decisions I make when deciding who to vote for.

I don’t find it at all difficult deciding who to vote for. I merely ask a number of questions to myself and answer them.

  1. Which party would support public services? Who would properly fund our schools, hospitals, police, armed forces and councils?
  2. Which party would address the gross inequality? Who would plug the tax loopholes, curb excessive pay and bonuses and look after the poorer members of society?
  3. Which party would look after the environment? Who would put money into sustainable energy, conservation and help nature?
  4. Which party would create a fairer society? Who would change the ethos away from greed and exploitation and towards a more caring society?
  5. Which party would produce a Brexit that worked for ordinary people? Who would bring in a type of Brexit that did not result in massive job losses and damage to the economy which would impact on poor people?
  6. Which party would produce a dynamic outward looking economy? Who would introduce investment for infrastructure that would create jobs and make us more efficient?

The answer to all my questions is LABOUR.

We have already seen that ten years of Tory rule has resulted in massive cuts to public services, a decade of bitter austerity for the poor, big increases in the wealth at the top creating massive inequality, an increase in greed, exploitation and a lowering of environmental and workers standards.

The Tories, via Tory media, use scare stories and lies to misrepresent what Labour would do. They cover up the huge amount of damage they have done to the structure of this country and they are planning a hard Brexit that will favour the wealthy and do great damage to jobs and our economy.

Killed by multinational capitalism – corporations that murder.

Killed by multinational capitalism – corporations that murder.

What I believe about Multinational Capitalism


This is what I believe:

  • I believe Multinational Corporations are destroying the planet
  • I believe they hold no allegiance to any country, people or ethics.
  • They exist entirely to make profit.
  • They are unscrupulous.
  • They pay their executives exorbitant amounts.
  • They control governments and nations through bribery, lobbying and threats of taking their business elsewhere.
  • The buy votes and politicians.
  • They use an army of lawyers to avoid paying taxes, avoid compensating victims, to flout laws and to avoid criticism.
  • They are responsible for the world’s inequality.
  • They control the media.
  • They do not care about people.
  • They do not care about the environment.
  • They will circumvent any law they can to increase their profits.
  • The profit they make goes to the shareholders and executives.
  • They like instability – they had profit from it.
  • They like war – they can profit from it.
  • They like poverty – they can profit from it.
  • They use politicians and governments to protect their interests.
  • There can be no democracy while they have power to control media and government.
  • The only people who can be elected have the support of Big Business billions. Poor people cannot get elected. So all governments represent the interests of big business.
  • They will pollute, destroy and pillage in order to make more profit.
  • They will use poverty as a means of reducing operating costs.
  • They will cut corners without concern for the impact on people or the environment.
  • They have created a monster that is presently eating up resources, causing immense pollution, changing the environment, creating inequality, fundamentalism and war, and destroying the planet.
  • The profits they are making goes to the top 0.01%. 99.9% of us are not profiting from this multinational corporative take-over. Half the world is starving.
  • We have created a monster that is going to destroy us in a mad rush to make more money for the few – at all costs.
  • This is the worst tyranny humans have invented.
  • Wild-life is being mindlessly sacrificed in the name of progress, expansion and growth.
  • We do not need growth. We need fairness, equality and justice.
  • This system cannot offer that. It is evil.

Russian Intervention – What are the Tories looking to cover up??

Why won’t the Tories release the report on Russian intervention??

The leaks suggest that they will not release it because it is incredibly damaging to the Tories and Brexit.

Are the Russians big sponsors of the Tory Party?

Did the Russians intervene to enable the Tory Party to get themselves elected?

Did the Russians interfere with the Referendum in order to gain a Leave vote?

From the leaks that are coming out it seems the answer to all three is yes. The reason the report is not being released is because it is extremely damaging to the Tories.

So why would the want the Tories and Brexit?

The answer is that the Russians want the power of the EU, NATO and the UK reduced. They see Brexit as a way of reducing the power of the UK, NATO and the EU. Slam dunk.

That is also why they conspired to get Trump elected.

Could it also be that they also see the Tories as supporters of the elite which they think enables them to exploit our tax loopholes and launder their money?

So it seems that the Tories are bankrolled by Russians and Brexit was bought by the Russians. No wonder they do not want that report publishing.