Stupidity in these times.

It seems to me that the world was going along sweetly – the same old problems, the same aggravations, some war, destruction of nature and general malaise – then we had 9/11 and Muslim extremism and everything went apeshit.

Wars in the Middle East, refugees, terrorism and the fear and hate kicked in.

It lumbered us with Brexit, Trump, Bolsonaro and Johnson as the world knee-jerked to the right.

The populists, riding the wave of fear and hate stoked it up – promising walls, an end to immigration, to stamp out terrorism and easy violent solutions.

Isn’t it obvious – these snake-oil salesmen don’t have the answers. They want power and wealth at any costs. They have been actively stoking up hatred and division for their own ends. The more the better. The sad thing is that stupid people are falling for it.

19 thoughts on “Stupidity in these times.

  1. I think of Dick Cheney and gang twisting the 911 terror attack into a war against Iraq, but there’s always been a confederation of angry conservatives and white supremicists, religious lobbies, arms manufacturers, oil interests….. that have generally called the shots.

      1. Cheney’s daughter carries the torch. they keep coming. Harry Truman, who chaired oversight committee that unearthed WWII profiteering, said that every decade or two,such a cleaning is required.

    1. The nincompoop is you – spreading the silly conspiracy theories put out by right-wing propaganda. You’ll be telling me they didn’t land on the moon and there was no holocaust next.

      1. Silly pooche ya bark at your own reflection in the glass. I studied and lived socialism for years. My brother studies Communism while at Washington and Lee. My parents and grand parents socialists. Your ignorant noise proclamations… you really missed your calling ya need to become a catholic priest and condemn Jews over another blood libel slander.

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