Chaos, Butterflies, Planes and Walls – A short story for 9/11

Chaos, Butterflies, Planes and Walls

‘BUILD THAT WALL!!  BUILD THAT WALL!!! BUILD THAT WALL!!’ The chant echoed around the stadium as Donald Trump, strutting and preening, basked in the hysteria he had created and gloated. He had it in the can.


‘Damn CIA,’ I thought as I sweltered in the lousy Ford Taurus, a heap of junk that should have been scrapped years ago. ‘It’ll blend in,’ they’d told me. ‘Blend in! It was so battered it stood out!’

37 degrees and the damn air-con didn’t work! I had to have the windows shut so I could safely watch them. My shirt was sticking to my back. The fan was on full but made no difference – just blasted hot air in my face.

Mohamed Atta, Marwan al-Shehhi and Ziad Jarrah were loading luggage into the hire car – a top of the range Buick. I bet the air-con worked in that mother! There’s no justice.

We’d had intel that Al Qaeda were planning a big one. The air was full of Bin Laden and his crew. They were up to something. Nobody knew what. Although they were not high on the list, there were bigger fish, my job was to find out.

As usual there was no money. We were spread thin. The Feds had shunted me over to CIA. I was it – the entire operation.  

I’d read up on what we had – a whole bunch of these guys had been trained in Afghanistan but nobody knew what they were planning. Their activity was being monitored but in a cursory manner.

These three had flown in from Germany, where the cell was based. We’d given the luggage the once over, no sign of explosives, no clue as to what they were up to. A mystery.  All nineteen jihadists were being loosely watched. A motley bunch mainly recruited from Saudi with odd ones from the Lebanon, Egypt and the UAE. Seemed to me that the top guys didn’t take them too seriously, just one of many threats.

My brief was to tail them and see where they were going, find out what they were planning, probably nothing – no way of knowing.

Fucking Florida! Hot as hell and muggy with it!

They looked like young kids. I met their flight and followed them to the car park – no problem. They headed out through town towards the freeway and I slid in behind, a couple of cars back, travelling fast.

A relief to be moving. I wound the window down to get some air!

A large butterfly was whipped into my face, flapped right into my eyes. Instinctively I swatted at it. The car veered and with a shriek of tyres I was up on the sidewalk. By the time I backed out and got going again there was no sign of them. They’d disappeared.


When American Airlines Flight 11 struck the North Tower at 8.46 a.m. on the 11th September 2001 the world changed.

Poetry – Denial of Truth is a Cancer

Denial of Truth is a cancer

Denial of truth is a cancer

Destroying democracy.

A vile scourge from the mouth of a liar

Dividing a land once free.

You choose what to believe

From the ones who deceive.

It’s all a political choice;

The truth a mere victim

Of those with the loudest voice.

The use of fake news

Now flavours your views.

You don’t believe your own eyes

You’d rather believe lies.

So get on your knees and rejoice!

The denial of truth is a cancer

The belief of a self-serving chancer,

A twisting of history,

Fascism no mystery,

Now a thing of the left.

We now live in a world built of lies,

Hating those we despise;

The truth a victim of theft.

The world – one great conspiracy

All a question of belief;

A gigantic hoax.

Hitler was a socialist

The earth is really flat

Truth nothing more than what it evokes.

We’d rather believe

What our neighbours believe

Than trouble ourselves with the truth.

So covid’s a lie

There’s no climate change

It’s a commie trick

Donald has all the proof!

The Whitehouse is run by lizards.

We’ve got to drain the swamp.

Though he’s scuttled with one point six billion

To keep him in his pomp,

We know he’ll make America great,

We wear the hat with pride!

When it comes to the final reckoning

He knows we’re on his side!

We don’t believe our own eyes.

We don’t agree with what we see.

We would rather believe the lies.

So America descends into a nightmare.

Osama Bin Laden won!

He tore apart the fabric;

The destruction has only begun!

The Taliban are laughing

As they drive the Americans out.

Their truth lies in a medieval book

Of that there is no doubt!

The truth is now a cancer!

Eating humanity.

All from the mouth of a chancer

Destroying democracy.

Opher – 14.8.2021

I wrote this after listening to a Jonathan Pie tirade. Trump has created a monster that is destroying the fabric of society, undermining truth, demeaning science and experts and throwing America back into an age of darkness and superstition.

They’d rather believe in a fake story than see what is happening before their eyes. So the election was stolen, the storming of the Capitol a commie plot, 9/11 was set up by the CIA and Democrats eat babies.

Trump has opened Pandora’s box in order to plunder for his own ends. Now the stupid are spouting his lies. The evil has been let loose.

Poetry – Donald Trump’s Strange Brain

Donald Trump’s Strange Brain

Well the scientists held a conference and everybody came

There were Innuits from Alaska and Sufi’s from Bahrain

Doctors from the States and neurosurgeons from Ukraine

They’d all come together to discuss Donald Trump’s strange brain.

Some focussed on the medulla others on the cerebral region

Searching through the notes and x-rays for anomalies and lesion

Analysing his every word and deed for signs of some cohesion

They all were in agreement that the irregularities were legion.

There were psychologists from Greece and Austria, birds of a feather

Biochemists from Zimbabwe, even a UFO chaser named Trevor

Surgeons from Brazil and Ecuador all embarked on this endeavour

Studying the evidence in ways most deep, varied and clever

The psychologists all oohed and aahed as they studied his behaviour

You could hear them all muttering that he thought he was the saviour

According to the consensus things could not get much crazier

If he chose to warm his bum by sitting on a red hot brazier

They brought their microscopes, scanners, computers and pens

Scribbled many notes and squabbled like excited clucking hens

Exchanging all their stories with hows and whys and whens

Making their diagnosis with this and that and thens

After many days of examination Chris Rock brought them to a halt

 He wanted to summarise their observations and their thought

To determine what diseases President Trump just might have caught

To see if remedies could be applied in this, their last resort.

‘Tell me you great scientists but try to keep it brief.

What have you discovered that is lurking underneath

That flapping yellow toupee that is causing us such grief

Tell me bold scientists what is your profound belief?

An eminent neurosurgeon rose to receive their great acclaim

As the spokeswoman of the whole group – the one with the most fame

She gathered up her notes and prepared to lay the blame

From her august demeanour you could see she was no lame dame

She weighed up all her words and spoke most eloquently

‘I have gathered up the conclusions from you and him and me.’

Looked at it from every angle and found we all agree

A normal brain has a hundred billion cells but we only counted three!’

Opher 8.9.2018

I woke up in the night with a Randy Newman song floating round my head and it gave me this bit of fun.

In these days with tales coming out concerning the strange, erratic and childish behaviour of the leader of the Western World, of rear-guard actions by his staff to prevent insane decisions damaging to America and the world being carried out, of damage limitation and despair, I thought his mind might need examining.

I imagined a symposium of all the world’s great scientists brought together to address the issue.

Chris Rock seemed the obvious choice to host it. This poem is what came out.

Poetry – The Ballad of Donald Trump

The Ballad of Donald Trump

My name is Donald Trump

My friends they call me Don.

I was born into privilege

And taught the art of con.

My father was a millionaire

Rich on government grants.

He practised racist policies

But led me a merry dance.

I tried to be a businessman

My Dad had to bail me out.

I went bust so often.

I didn’t have the clout.

But I am quite a playboy.

I am a ladies man.

I sure do like to party

Of pussy, I’m a fan.

I became a TV star

With arrogance and show.

I found the people loved me

It made my ego grow.

I loved the fame,

It all felt so good

I thought I could do anything.

I really believed I could.

I thought I’d stand for office.

For the publicity.

The thought of the adulation

Buzzed with electricity.

I thought out my tactics

To pander to the right.

To promise them everything

And keep my focus tight.

I had nothing to lose

I did not have a chance.

So I could be outrageous

And scare them out their pants.

I tweeted day and night

About immigrants and drugs,

About some ‘Deep State’

And all the leftist thugs.


I labelled Hilary crooked

And told them I’d build a wall.

I talked about the ‘Deep State’

And had them all in thrall.

I told them I’d make us great again

And that guns were good.

That Jesus Christ was coming

And I was Robin Hood.

Now I am the President

They love me to bits,

And I love the power

Over all those little shits.

I don’t know what I’m doing.

It’s all off the cuff.

I make it up as I go along

It’s been good enough.

We don’t believe in experts

We think the world is flat.

All that matters are the bucks

You can’t argue with that.

So I gave the rich the tax cuts

And gave the poor a tad.

Played the racist card

Just like my good old Dad.

I can feel the people turning.

They’re seeing through my lies.

They know I am defeated

They can read it in my eyes.

My name is Donal Trump

I want to continue this good run.

If I lose at the ballot box

I still might make it with the gun.

Opher – 11.10.2020

The Trump guide to Economic Success – and the downside.

Creating short-term economic success is easy:

  1. Give big tax cuts to the wealthy so that they have more money to invest.
  2. Remove the environmental legislation so that they can pollute and do not have to waste money cleaning up their act.
  3. Remove environmental and planning restrictions so that they can build where they like, mine, log and dump without thought for nature or people.
  4. Remove health and safety regulations so that workers can work faster and cheaper.
  5. Deunionise and remove labour laws so that wages can be lower and working conditions worse, thus increasing profits.

The economy will grow.

There will be more jobs.

The wealthy will make a lot more money.

The Downside:

The economic miracle has large downsides – all of these appear further down the line

  1. The wealthy use tax loopholes to avoid paying their taxes and take their money abroad to invest in higher yields and tax havens.
  2. The water, soil and air are polluted creating a massive health problem – allergies, asthma, cancers.
  3. Nature is destroyed.
  4. The landscape is ravaged by mining, logging, fracking and factories. It looks ugly.
  5. The climate and weather are affected.
  6. Thousands die or are injured at work through unsafe work practice.
  7. People find themselves on zero-hours contracts, working all hours for peanuts.
  8. The inequality worsens. We have a bunch of the superrich and the rest of us languish in increasing poverty.
  9. Crime worsens.
  10. We have ghettos in cities and huge unemployment.
  11. It costs a fortune to clear up the mess that is created by the slackening of environmental and planning laws and relaxing of health and safety.
  12. We have a lot of early deaths and poor health.

The Trump economic miracle is a short-term plan to make rich people a lot richer at the expense of everyone else and nature.

It’s a recipe for disaster.


George Floyd – What a ‘real’ President should do!

The riots are the result of a terrible murder in which a black life was held to be cheap.

The riots are the result of decades of political ineptitude and the continuing loss of black lives.

The riots are the result of centuries of institutionalised racism and prejudice.

A ‘real’ President would sympathise with George Floyd’s family and friends and reassure them that change will happen, his death won’t be in vain.

A ‘real’ President would ensure that George Floyd received justice and all the perpetrators of his death would be brought to court.

A ‘real’ President would reassure everyone that their peaceful protests were noted and would result in change.

A ‘real’ President would condemn the minority who are violent.

A ‘real’ President would press for legislation to counter the racism and prejudice that is rampant in America.

A ‘real’ President would press for a an overhaul of the police to ensure that things like this did not happen again.

A ‘real’ President would not stir up hatred and division but would try to calm things down.

It’s a shame that America doesn’t have a ‘real’ President!

Trump – Connect The Dots

Trump – Connect The Dots

This is a view from an American who is well respected and usually posts on subjects such as  space and astrophysics.

Gringa of the Barrio

The gringa likes to steer clear of controversial politics. However, after researching Donald Trump’s candidacy for almost 12 months now, I feel compelled to share. Although all the candidates for the US presidency have their fair share of baggage and issues, I sincerely believe Donald is the only one who threatens to cause irreparable damage to my nation as well as to other countries around the world. So, while some candidates may be troublesome, Donald is downright dangerous.

This election season is historical and a struggle for the heart of our nation. Donald’s bigotry is dangerous. Those who deny this are: A. Right wing extremists who are trained in the art of subversion and misinformation; or B. Average folk who really don’t want to destroy their country but are caught up in the celebrity of Donald and doing nothing more than believing everything he says. This post is for those…

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Trump Gets the Message!! Nick Harper makes the Point!

A large number of people think that he and his isolationist policies are ugly and wrong.

A lot of people don’t like his racism, misogyny, arrogance, belligerence or environmental stupidity.

It seems that Nick Harper was being prescient with his Nobody Likes You


Nobody Likes You – Nick Harper


Daddy was a schooled cold Joe

In his beach haven white as snow

He always came up trumps you know

Keeping those dark devils down below

It’s all cold baby – it’s all cold


I’m not talking about a nuclear war

Or a reason anyone would push the button for

I’m not talking about the end of the world

I’m talking about all the boys and girls



Nobody loves you and you don’t know why

Nobody wants you and it makes you cry


You got hold of some of Daddy’s roll

A modest million or so

Time rolled by and lo and behold

Everybody could be bought and sold



It’s all cold baby – It’s all cold


I’m not talking about a nuclear war

Or a reason anyone would push the button for

I’m not talking about the end of the world

I’m talking about all the boys and the girls


Nobody loves you and you don’t know why

Nobody wants you and it makes you cry

Nobody loves you and you can’t think why

You’ve got it all and it’s all a lie

You’ve got everything and it’s all a lie


Donald Trump’s Son – Disgusting Elephant Killer!!


This is Donald Trump’s son with the tail of an elephant he killed. Trump just gave him a sick gift, changing the law to let bloodthirsty American hunters murder elephants and bring their heads home as trophies. Let’s build a massive global campaign to shame the US into dropping this disgusting plan — Avaaz will work with African countries to deliver our call at a major wildlife protection meeting in days. Sign with one click:


Disgusting Trump Sanctions the Killing of Elephants!!!

Dear friends,

Trump just gave a sickening gift to his son, changing the law to let bloodthirsty American hunters murder elephants in Africa and bring their heads home as trophies.

Trump Jr. shot and mutilated an elephant — and now his dad is rewarding him by making it so anyone can join the slaughter and bring home elephant body parts as souvenirs, even as ivory poaching threatens to wipe these amazing creatures out.

Let’s build a massive global outcry to shame the US into dropping this disgusting plan, and when it’s huge, Avaaz will work with key African countries to deliver it at a major wildlife protection meeting days away. Sign with one click:

Save the elephants, drop this disgusting plan!

To President Trump, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, and conservation authorities around the world:
Elephants are facing extinction and this is no time to strip them of protection. Trophy hunting drives the slaughter of elephants, increases demand for their body parts, and projects a double standard that makes it harder to tackle ivory poaching. We call on you to do all you can to reverse the US decision to allow the import of elephant trophies, before it is too late.

Save the elephants, drop this disgusting plan!

The Trump administration says it will only lift the ban on trophy imports from Zambia and Zimbabwe, countries it says have sustainable, well-managed elephant populations. But the population of elephants in Zambia is just 21,000, down from over 200,000 just 45 years ago, and in Zimbabwe government officials trap baby elephants to sell them to zoos!

Experts say it’s almost impossible to stop poaching when wealthy Americans are shooting elephants for fun. The only way to save elephants from extinction is to stop killing them, and reduce demand for their body parts.

When Cecil the lion was shot, an international outcry forced the US to better protect lions. Now we need to do it again – before it’s too late for elephants!

Let’s make sure that when government officials in charge of wildlife protection gather in a few days, we meet them with a giant call for the US to drop this disgusting plan. Sign now with one click and share with everyone!

Save the elephants, drop this disgusting plan!

Time and time again, our movement has rallied for elephants. We’ve pushed for ivory bans, funded undercover stings against poachers, and pushed for even greater protections. Now we need to come together for these amazing creatures again.

In hope and determination,

Bert, Spyro, Sarah, Danny and the rest of the Avaaz team


Donald Trump reverses ban on elephant trophy imports into US — The Telegraph

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Trophies from elephant hunts in Zimbabwe were banned in the U.S. Trump just reversed that. — Washington Post…