Poetry – The Ballad of Donald Trump

The Ballad of Donald Trump

My name is Donald Trump

My friends they call me Don.

I was born into privilege

And taught the art of con.

My father was a millionaire

Rich on government grants.

He practised racist policies

But led me a merry dance.

I tried to be a businessman

My Dad had to bail me out.

I went bust so often.

I didn’t have the clout.

But I am quite a playboy.

I am a ladies man.

I sure do like to party

Of pussy, I’m a fan.

I became a TV star

With arrogance and show.

I found the people loved me

It made my ego grow.

I loved the fame,

It all felt so good

I thought I could do anything.

I really believed I could.

I thought I’d stand for office.

For the publicity.

The thought of the adulation

Buzzed with electricity.

I thought out my tactics

To pander to the right.

To promise them everything

And keep my focus tight.

I had nothing to lose

I did not have a chance.

So I could be outrageous

And scare them out their pants.

I tweeted day and night

About immigrants and drugs,

About some ‘Deep State’

And all the leftist thugs.


I labelled Hilary crooked

And told them I’d build a wall.

I talked about the ‘Deep State’

And had them all in thrall.

I told them I’d make us great again

And that guns were good.

That Jesus Christ was coming

And I was Robin Hood.

Now I am the President

They love me to bits,

And I love the power

Over all those little shits.

I don’t know what I’m doing.

It’s all off the cuff.

I make it up as I go along

It’s been good enough.

We don’t believe in experts

We think the world is flat.

All that matters are the bucks

You can’t argue with that.

So I gave the rich the tax cuts

And gave the poor a tad.

Played the racist card

Just like my good old Dad.

I can feel the people turning.

They’re seeing through my lies.

They know I am defeated

They can read it in my eyes.

My name is Donal Trump

I want to continue this good run.

If I lose at the ballot box

I still might make it with the gun.

Opher – 11.10.2020

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