Poetry – No One Knows

No One Knows

Beware the ones with answers,

Ignore the ones who’re sure.

For no one knows

What it all is really for.

They ponder the mysteries

Breeding answers more improbable

As they seek to pierce

The armour of the impossible.

But all we know

Is no one knows.

Their answers

Are all no-shows.

No one has the key.

There are no messiahs;

No texts that reveal;

Just power-mad desires.

So beware the ones with answers.

They know what they do.

They are spinning you a tale

Some would like to believe it too!

Accept that no one knows

And love the mystery.

It’s full of awe and wonder

A paradise for free!

Opher – 13.5.2019

There are those that say that you not having the answers is proof that only their answers are correct. Only they have the solution to the mysteries around us. Yet their answers are more fantastical than the mysteries themselves.

So beware the ones with answers for they know not what they think.

Live among the mystery and love every second. I believe it’s all we have.

I know not where it came from or how it arose – but I sure like thinking about it.

Science Vs Superstition


Science has only really got on its feet these last two hundred years. Before that we were in the Dark Ages.

The enlightenment took place in the eighteenth century. Only then was superstition replaced by science; only then was science free to really investigate the natural world; only then were scientists able to reveal the truth without fear of being burnt at the stake for heresy.

So we were able to say that the Earth orbits the sun; that we are not the centre of the universe, below us was magma, not hell, above us were a trillion galaxies, not heaven.

In two hundred years we went from horse and cart and candle, to electric lights, Maserati’s, space stations and trips to Mars.

We understood evolution, genetics, DNA, atoms, viruses, black holes and quasars. We found out about quarks, nuclear energy and how to vaccinate against killer diseases. We invented telephones, satellites, TV, computers and instant communication.

Back in 1800, when people just had prayer and herbs, life expectancy at birth was 35 years. 25% were dead before the age of 5 years old.

Today life expectancy for men is 79 years and for women is 83 years.

That is due to science discovering bacteria and viruses leading to better sanitation; to science creating vaccinations that have eradicated killer diseases like smallpox, polio and tuberculosis; science creating better medicines and treatments and science creating better food and living conditions.

Prayer and herbs did not work. Science does!

The only way that 8 billion of us can survive on this planet is due to science – not prayer or herbs.

Unfortunately we have not rid ourselves of superstition. It still holds us back. The religious fanatics forsake science for belief. They mistakenly believe that you can banish covid with prayer, that vaccination is unnecessary, that social distancing and masks are not necessary.

That’s why they are dying in droves in the southern states of the USA. They refuse to believe in science. They don’t believe in evolution and many of them still think the Earth is flat.

Science has even studied stupidity – unfortunately it has not yet found a cure for it!

While certain people believe that truth and education are commie plots there is no hope for humanity!

Science is powerful but it can’t educate the profoundly stupid!

The famous historian A J P Taylor was asked when the Dark Ages ended. He replied that they hadn’t yet; we were still living in them.

Let’s hope that we don’t get another Trump undermining science and experts for his own ends and promoting superstition, fake news and propaganda in order to gain wealth and hold on to power.

Let’s hope science prevails over ignorance!! Even the Taliban use mobile phones and Kalashnikovs.

Vaccination – The Truth

Vaccination – The Truth

An Antigen – is a protein in the capsule of a virus.

An Antibody – is a chemical produced by the body in response to the presence of an antigen. Antibodies fight the disease.

Illness – when a virus invades the body it takes a while for the body to analyse the specific antigen and produce antibodies against it. During this period you become ill. If the response is too slow or ineffective you could become extremely ill or die.

Immunity – your body will not have antibodies against a new antigen. You have to be in contact with an antigen to produce antibodies.

Live Strain Vaccines – Edward Jenner discovered that the antigens on Cowpox were very similar to those on Smallpox. They both induced the same antibodies. Smallpox was a killer, Cowpox wasn’t. By injecting people with Cowpox, which caused a mild illness, it produced natural antibodies that were effective against Smallpox. This led to the complete eradication of Smallpox.

Dead Strain Vaccines – It was later discovered that you could kill viruses with radiation or chemicals and inject the protein antigens into the bloodstream. This created natural antibodies which protected against infection. This has successfully controlled TB, Dipheria, Polio, Measles, Mumps, Cholera, Chickenpox, Rubella – and a host of other diseases – which previously killed or disabled many millions of people.

mRNA Vaccines – The latest scientific advance (as a result of our knowledge of DNA) has resulted in these new vaccines which are going to revolutionise our ability to fight diseases.

mRNA is a messenger molecule that is produced in the body from sections of DNA code. It carries the code for a protein.

By introducing mRNA molecules coding for the antigens of a virus we get the body to manufacture the antigens of the virus which then creates a natural immune response so that the antibodies are present in the blood.

mRNA molecules are short lived. They do not affect our DNA. They have no long-term effects. The antibody response is our natural immune system.

Side Effects – all treatments have side effects. If you get a virus infection it will cause changes to your body chemistry. In the case of Covid (apart from damage to heart, lungs and other organs)this will include the major risk of blood clotting. By inducing an immune response it could trigger milder symptoms of the disease – ie. With Covid it could, in a small number of people, cause some clotting.

The Risks

Short-term – the risks of clotting as a result of a vaccine are miniscule compared to the risk of clotting from getting the disease. The risk of a cerebral blood clot from vaccination is 4 per million (the risk from catching Covid is 39 per million).

Long-term – because mRNA molecules are short-lived there should be no long-term effects.

Vaccination has saved tens of millions of lives. It is safe and effective.

People do not have natural immunity against a new virus. Some react less severely than others – so some are asymptomatic – others die. There is no way of telling how an individual will react – though age, immune problems, respiratory problems and obesity are factors.

Long Covid – millions of people of all ages are suffering Long Covid due to organ damage. This can take the form of extreme fatigue, shortness of breath, inability to walk or carry out tasks, heart problems and mental fog.

The internet is spreading scare-stories and misinformation about vaccinations. An immune response is a natural response. The benefits are great. The risks are miniscule.

Don’t be conned by anti-science propaganda. Science is far better than superstition.

(BTW – T-cells and B-cells are other parts of the immune response).

Poetry – Denial of Truth is a Cancer

Denial of Truth is a cancer

Denial of truth is a cancer

Destroying democracy.

A vile scourge from the mouth of a liar

Dividing a land once free.

You choose what to believe

From the ones who deceive.

It’s all a political choice;

The truth a mere victim

Of those with the loudest voice.

The use of fake news

Now flavours your views.

You don’t believe your own eyes

You’d rather believe lies.

So get on your knees and rejoice!

The denial of truth is a cancer

The belief of a self-serving chancer,

A twisting of history,

Fascism no mystery,

Now a thing of the left.

We now live in a world built of lies,

Hating those we despise;

The truth a victim of theft.

The world – one great conspiracy

All a question of belief;

A gigantic hoax.

Hitler was a socialist

The earth is really flat

Truth nothing more than what it evokes.

We’d rather believe

What our neighbours believe

Than trouble ourselves with the truth.

So covid’s a lie

There’s no climate change

It’s a commie trick

Donald has all the proof!

The Whitehouse is run by lizards.

We’ve got to drain the swamp.

Though he’s scuttled with one point six billion

To keep him in his pomp,

We know he’ll make America great,

We wear the hat with pride!

When it comes to the final reckoning

He knows we’re on his side!

We don’t believe our own eyes.

We don’t agree with what we see.

We would rather believe the lies.

So America descends into a nightmare.

Osama Bin Laden won!

He tore apart the fabric;

The destruction has only begun!

The Taliban are laughing

As they drive the Americans out.

Their truth lies in a medieval book

Of that there is no doubt!

The truth is now a cancer!

Eating humanity.

All from the mouth of a chancer

Destroying democracy.

Opher – 14.8.2021

I wrote this after listening to a Jonathan Pie tirade. Trump has created a monster that is destroying the fabric of society, undermining truth, demeaning science and experts and throwing America back into an age of darkness and superstition.

They’d rather believe in a fake story than see what is happening before their eyes. So the election was stolen, the storming of the Capitol a commie plot, 9/11 was set up by the CIA and Democrats eat babies.

Trump has opened Pandora’s box in order to plunder for his own ends. Now the stupid are spouting his lies. The evil has been let loose.

Poetry – Telling the Truth

Telling the Truth

The dead don’t talk

But their wounds tell a story.

Animals can’t talk

But their ivory speaks volumes.

Trees can’t talk

Bure bare soil tells the tale.

Humans can talk

But their words are often lies.

Opher 28.10.2018

There’s a disaster going on. It’s all around us. But if you ask about it you’ll only be told untruths.

There’s wanton destruction going on in the name of profit; in the name of progress.

Money never tells the truth.

The Truth – a bit of humour.

The Truth

‘Hmmmmppphhh, hmmmmmmppph, arf arf, I say.’

‘Boris, ya mean old son of a gun, how are you out there in blighty? Still doing bigly? Real bigly?’

‘Ya ya, arf. Heavens to Murgatroyd, all going bally well.’

‘Can’t talk long. On the golf course, bigly shot, big, bigly shot. I’m going for another hole in one on the eighteenth. Should have seen the seventeenth. Such a good shot down the green. The best. The best shot ever in history. Best ever. But some leftie went an’ put a bunch of trees in. Commie plot to undermine me. It’s a witchhunt. They’re all out to get me, to steal my perfect shot! Some magnetic thing they put in the ball. Took it way off. Way off. They stole it from me!’

‘Well actually, hrrrmmmppphh, arf, haa, I’m is a teeny, errrr, spot of bother.’

‘Yah. All’s good though. One of my flunkies put the ball where I really hit it! In the hole. I’m not gonna let them commies steal my game from me! What did you say Boris? Seventeen holes in one!! Greatest ever. Real great. Never greater’

‘Yo, errr cripes, I mean, err, I’m in a bit of a pickle.’

‘You mean that dill sauce they put on hamburgers? That pickle? You dribbled it down you? I always dribble it down me. Every time I take a bite of one of those whoppers. Don’t you just love those whoppers?? Best damn hamburgers in the world – best ever! The most bigly hamburgers! I love those hamburgers. But that Biden. You can’t trust him. He makes that sauce all slushy so you get all down your PJs. Every night I have three of those whoppers. Loads of fries. And I get the sauce everywhere. But Stormy, she loves it, licks it right off me. Don’t you just love ham? Best meat ever. Who invented the whopper? Should get the Nobel prize! I’ll see what I can do. Service to mankind. Stormy loves that sauce. Biden’s a loser! But hamburgers. Yum. That man took ham and made it taste like beef. Genius. Don’t worry if you get pickle down you. Just get that Arcuri bitch to lick it off for you. She’s hot. Works with me. Who invented that whopper?? And the cheeseburger…..’

‘Arf, arf, no aw, errr, nothing to do with hamburgers actually, bai Jove, just the jolly old press. They’ve got it in for me.’

‘Hang on. OOOOOffff! Aaaah no! Into the water! Some leftie Biden creep sabotaged my clubs!! The lying jerks! Ahh – It’s OK Rudy just dived in an’ got it out. Look at that dye run! That’ll teach that lyin’ Biden!! Messin’ with my clubs; tryin’ to steal my game! ………. Nearer the hole Rudy. That’s where it would have gone. That’s where it is! It’s a witchhunt! They stop at nothing these lefties.’

‘Errrr umphhhh, ya, They keep saying I’m lying. I mean, lying arf arf. I’m a politician. What do they jolly well expect?’

‘Fake news! Tell ‘em it’s all fake news. It’s the lefty press trying to make you look bad. They tried to make me look bad. Real bad. Badly bad. They lied about the bleach. That corona stuff. It’s a hoax. Yeah, nothing but a big hoax. Biden and Clinton dreamed it up. Came out of a chinky lab. It’s a commie plot. They’re just trying to make me look bad. Bigly bad. But I told them. It’s nothing. It’ll go away. Get back to work. All fake news. The media has it in for me. They lie. They say that bleach doesn’t work. I know it works. It says on it – kills 99.9%. They just wanted to make me look bad so Biden could steal the election. Those suckers should have stormed the Capitol and lynched that Peolosi bitch like I told them to. Restore order. The UV works. They know it does. All lefty witchhunts. Now they shut down my twitter! They stole my Presidency. They all lie. It’s all fake news. When I drain that swamp I’ll bury them all in it. That’s it Rudy. I think it went in. I’m sure it went in. If Biden hadn’t messed with my clubs it’d be a hole in one! I deserve it. I did it. That shot was great – the greatest. Nobody could do it better! Hole in one. Clean sweep. I did it again. Eighteen holes in one. Let that decrepid Biden try doing that! I’m a pro – a bigly pro. Damn commies. Vlad told me. He said they’d try to mess with me. They cheat. ‘

‘ But err, err, I say, arf arf, what do I bally do about it?’

‘Do what your mate Farage did. He’s a great guy. Would make a great prime minister. I could get on with him. He’s bigly good. Came on my rallies. Said nice things about me. I like that guy. He never let facts get in the way! Never trust experts. The scientists are all bought off by Biden. All that climate change. All a hoax. They just want to stop me making money. Cash. You can’t beat the cash. Vlad always says that. Cash is truth. The scientists say what they’re paid to say. Follow the cash. They all lie. It’s all fake news. Everyone knows the world is flat. Science is all lies. But they didn’t stop me. I made $1.6 billion big ones! I would have made a lot more but I had to pay off a lot of guys, a lot of guys, big guys. Vlad and the mafia don’t mess around. You want those guys on your side. And Stormy, she loves cash. The more cash the better she licks. I love cash. You can’t beat a dollar. Those losers took it off me! They’re trying to check my tax returns. I paid tax. I paid some back in 2007. Thirty dollars! It’s just a witchhunt.’

‘But err, arf, even my party are saying I lie. My ratings are hmmmmppph, errr, bally dropping!’

‘Great Rudy!! A hole in one!! Plonk it in Good guy!! I knew it was. Hole in one. That’s the truth.’