What the world needs now ….. Is surely not another dose of conspiracy-spreading, lying, fascist conmen??

No sooner have we got rid of Bolsonaro than another fascist climate change denier appears on the horizon. What is wrong with people?

We need to start putting people, living creatures and the planet above profit!! Greed is killing us!!

Alien Lizards drinking Babies’ Blood in Satanic Rituals!

The election was stolen!! We never landed on the Moon! The Earth is flat! Build a wall! Make America Great Again! There is no global warming! Fight to save America! There’s nothing wrong with Racism! Free Speech! The right to Hate! Violence is great! The CIA were responsible for 9/11! The UN is a global government! The Democrats are paedophiles! We believe everything we’re told by Trump! Trump is fighting for our future! Trump is not a self-serving, lying, criminal conman! Fake news is the truth!, I Love Elon Musk!,

Oppression and Suppression

Oppression and Suppression

Oppression is necessary,

                Opposition a pain,

                                Suppression the answer.

Because freedom runs against the grain.

I like control!

                It’s just a game!

I deserve it all!

                Let others take the blame!

Because freedom runs against the grain.

Chess and poker

                All in one

Games of intrigue

                War is fun!

Torture and death.

                Tools of the trade.

                                Power and wealth

                                                The game that is played!

Oppression is necessary,

                Opposition a pain,

                                Suppression the answer.

Because freedom runs against the grain.

Opher – 31.3.2022

Putin sits in his magnificent secret Palace having stashed billions and billions in secret hordes.

The Russian people live austere lives in poverty.

Putin plots and schemes to make himself more powerful. He deploys his zombies to oppress and suppress. He commands his soldiers to kill and maim.

He sits back and plays the game.

He’s exactly the same as Trump and Johnson. It’s just a question of scale.

The Eclipse of Reason

The Eclipse of Reason

Drinking babies’ blood at the Capitol

In a Democrat paedophile ring.

Trafficking kids through pizza parlour

Won’t stop for anything!

They’re headed up by alien lizards

Who feed on baby flesh.

Order it up from the pizza place

Like we order through Hello Fresh!

George Soros is the puppet master

And Clinton’s the witch.

Trump is our only saviour

He’s gonna crucify the bitch!

There’s a big storm coming

In the war of good and bad.

Wanna make us consumer zombies

We’re fighting back! We’re mad!

They say we’re all idiots

Storming the Capitol was treason!

We say the world is flat!

This is the eclipse of reason!!

Opher – 15.2.2022

QAnon now obsesses 15% of republicans! Can you believe that??

We are being thrown back into the Dark Ages by insane conspiracy theories. Superstition mixed with ignorance and stupidity rules.

Millions of Americans really do believe that the earth is flat, that the UN is bad, that we never landed on the moon, and that the earth is only three thousand years old and Trump will solve it all!


We live in a world that is increasingly putting the power and wealth into the hands of a tiny elite of multibillionaires.

These billionaires only care about themselves, their wealth, their power and their profits. They are causing mass poverty and global destruction.

They are controlling us!

It appears that the answer to this problem, the ordinary people think, is to believe in alien lizards and baby eating cabals and elect one of the billionaire elite into power.

It is truly the eclipse of all reason. People have gone mad. They’d rather believe in conspiracy and elect an orange conman lizard!!



I’m in love with QAnon

Fighting the lizard kings.

Seeking out the commies

Who run the paedophile rings.

I love my guns

My right to kill


God’s will.

Under the constitution

I am free.

No government

Is gonna tax me.

I’m a QAnon believer

I know the world is flat.

The government’s my enemy.

I want my coup d’etat.

He may be a billionaire

Chubby chump

But I’ll put my faith

In President Trump.

He don’t hold with global warming

He’ll sort that old trade gap

Resurrect the oil industry –

No commie claptrap.

He says he’ll drain the swamp.

End these years of pain.

Build us a wall.

Make America great again!

I believe in the superiority

Of the white man.

God and my country.

I’ll give it all I can.

I’m a QAnon believer.

The UN’s a commie plot.

Trump’s our saviour

I’ll give him all I’ve got!

Opher – 6.1.2022

Somehow all these conspiracies come together in some absolutely crazy scenarios.

We all are cynical about self-serving politicians, supposed experts and the media and the populists have milked that to their own advantage.

The irony is that nobody is more self-serving than Trump, Bolsonaro and Johnson. They love conspiracy and help spread it.

QAnon has gathered all these absurd conspiracies together, pasted it tight with racism and elected Trump as their saviour.

It’s a weird conglomeration of religion, myth and absurdity, denial and fear.

Alien lizards, flat earth, paedophile rings, Satanists, Covid, vaccination, inequality, space ships, the UN, socialism, moon landings, holocaust, control, Muslims, immigrants and racism are all brought together in an insane Science Fiction conspiracy.

Can anyone imagine a more unlikely saviour that the philandering, misogynistic, racist, conniving billionaire?

You have to wonder how sane people come to believe this crap.

Fake News

Fake News

You can’t trust the media.

The experts are all wrong.

The scientists are all

In the pockets of the strong.

The net pumps propaganda:

Covid is about control.

There is no global warming.

Just burn the gas and coal.

Vaccines are poison.

The election was stolen.

Everything is fake

As coffers are swollen.

All the happy populists

Busy dividing countries,

Counting all their profits

Bringing nations to their knees.

Opher 5.1.2022

We’ve just suffered a great wave of populism. Cynically milking peoples’ dissatisfaction with politicians, experts, scientists and the media they have set themselves up as the only dispensers of truth.

While rubbishing other politicians, undermining experts and media, they have set out to divide and rule, spreading fear, hate and conspiracy.

For some reason a segment of the public seem to believe them. These populist sociopaths home in on genuine concerns. They set themselves up as saviours.

The truth is that they are using their power for their own ends and greatly profiting. Trump made $1.6 billion out of conning Americans. Bolsonaro is pocketing billions. Johnson will walk away from the mess he is creating with a fortune.

It is to be hoped that this wave of extremism burns itself out.

But then…. There has never been either a shortage of snake-oil quacks or gullible people.

We have Too Much Information

We have Too Much Information

We don’t trust the government or the media.

It’s the truth that the wealthy are getting greedier.

That their corrupt ways are becoming even seedier.

The poor are forgotten and just becoming needier.

With QAnon spreading daft conspiracy,

Corruption, spin and political lunacy,

Intrusions on our phones into our privacy,

Who to trust is taking on immediacy.

Not believing what is written in the news,

Reported on TV or said in interviews,

People turn to the internet to reinforce their views.

Shrewd people manipulate items that they choose.

Truth and freedom can make a heady brew.

Government lies and spin has torn apart the glue.

So many people who don’t know what to do.

We have too much information and little of it is true!


I think the media and politicians have brought this on themselves. Their lies, spin and bias have undermined the truth. Nobody trusts them anymore.

They do not believe what they are being told.

They turn to the internet to find the truth.

But they are fed more lies and conspiracy theories that are absurd.

They are being manipulated by shrewd operators and conmen.

Brexit, Trump and Erdogan, Bolsonaro and QAnon.

The world is flat, Trump is fighting alien lizards, there is no global warming, the holocaust never happened and they are eating babies on Capitol hill.

The deep state spread lies about the deep state.

The establishment pretends to be anti-establishment.

Billionaires pose as champions of the people.

The glue of society is becoming unstuck.

We are bombarded with information with no way of telling what is true and what isn’t or who is targeting us.

Too much information. Too little truth.


BLOODY HELL!! They are rewriting history!!

So far they’ve got nearly all the big calls wrong!!

They negotiated an appalling Brexit deal that is costing us a fortune!!

They dithered and dithered on Covid and chucked infected people into Care Homes – killing tens of thousands unnecessarily!

They wasted tens of billions on useless apps, T&T, and useless PPE.

They handed out billions to their chums.

They have illegally screwed money out of donors for various promises.

They have been courting Putin’s money and even putting Russians into Parliament!

Then we have the illegal lobbying, Partygate, second jobs, sex scandals, cash for secret meetings, Russian Tennis…….


When questioned they have no answers. They avoid all scrutiny and hide in fridges. They hide away so that they are not accountable for all the crimes and incompetence.

The one big call they could get right is to resign!!!

Poetry – The Conspiracy Boogie

The Conspiracy Boogie

Joe’s got an earpiece and the world is flat.

Joe’s on drugs – what you think about that?

Don’s fighting a secret war against the deep state

If he doesn’t win it’ll seal our fate!

Nine Eleven was a CIA plot.

There’s a communist insurgency that’s really hot.

The holocaust was just fake news.

More propaganda from the Jews.

The UN wants to control the whole world.

And the WHO has completely failed.

The Dems want to take out guns from us!

They’ll do it too if we don’t make a fuss.

Trump’s a genius that’s why he’s a billionaire.

He’s clever, he avoids taxes – and we don’t care.

We never landed on the moon.

It was all Hollywood – filmed in June.

Covid-19 comes out a Chinese lab.

It was also caused by 5G, put that on their tab.

Hitler was a socialist, fascism is a leftist thing

The right is right about everything.

Evolution is a communist lie.

We all go to heaven when we die.

The Democrats and Hollywood have a paedophile ring.

They eat babies while doing their satanic thing.

Obama wasn’t a true American

He was an African man.

Antifa and all this George Floyd stuff.

A bunch of vandals – and we’ve had enough.

The whole of the media spews out fake news.

You have to check the internet to get the right views.

If we drain the swamp we can save the day

And stop the evil lefties from getting their way.

Immigrants are rapists and drug pushers too.

We need a wall to stop them coming through.

Trump is the saviour of the American way.

We’ll vote for him come what may!

They’re stealing the election with their fraudulent votes!

We’ll take to the streets and rip out their throats!

Opher – 1.10.2020

I’m sick to death with this constant stream of conspiracy garbage being cooked up by Trump and broadcast by right-wing propaganda sites. It is obscene.

The whole bunch of garbage is so preposterous that it defies all rational thought.

If there is anything that can be considered as ‘The Deep State’ – a conspiracy of billionaires – then Trump is in it up to his neck.

The irony is that the person spewing all this rubbish is the prime candidate!

Poetry – Who is it?

Who is it?

Who doesn’t pay his taxes?

Who’s telling porky pies?

Who’s claiming hoaxes?

As the population dies?

Who is arrogantly pouting?

Who ignores abuse?

Who shouts fake news

Every time he’s accused?

Who is using dirty tricks

To inflame and divide?

Who uses derogatory language

That many can’t abide?

Who operates in chaos

While feeding his base

Who brought his country shame

And is a complete disgrace?

I think I know the answer

It hits you with a thump!

Opher – 28.9.2020

Who is the worst leader America has ever had?

Who is a narcissist and arrogant sociopath?

Well it’s not hard to see. It’s Trump.