Poetry – Medieval

Seemed appropriate with the Taliban taking over Afghanistan!! I feel so sorry for the women – back to being slaves.


Medieval customs;

Beliefs passed down from ages past.

Medieval costumes:

From the splendid to absurd.

Medieval superstition;

Posing as the rational.

From the Dark Ages

Into the darkness of thought.

Shackling our breath

To a system that counts for nought.

Medieval thoughts

From medieval minds

Masqueradinf as sense.

Medieval values

From prescientific times

From there to thence.

Mass hallucinations

Reinforcing a multitude of sins.

Opher – 28.12.2018

I wrote this a year ago for all those who follow fundamentalist religions. Their intolerance is abhorrent. Their intransigence is exclusive.

They seem stuck firmly in the ancient past. They need to move on.

Poetry – We need a Scalpel

We need a Scalpel

The law must be our scalpel

To lance the boil of hate;

To cut out the cancer

Completely wipe the slate.

If there is no legal system

That can tie them down

Then the bastards will escape

And the cancer’s still around.

They work outside the boundaries

Doing anything they can –

Cutting, slashing, burning

Until the shit does hit the fan.

They need to be brought down

Before they do more harm.

We need a legal system

That possesses a long arm.

Opher 28.10.2018

There are a bunch of extremely rich people who are outside the law. They work internationally, beyond taxes, beyond health and safety, beyond reason.

They exploit workers in the undeveloped countries. They destroy the environment with impunity.

There is no control on what they do.

They need controlling.



Consumer units

Dreaming of lottery wins

To own or not to own

But you cannot take it with you

Your body or my home

Keep off my girl

I’ll defend it with my life

Building the future

I must buy me a wife

Legalize the medicine

That takes away the pain

In front of the silver screen

Sanitizing the insane

OPHER 10.5.98

The ‘it’ does not refer to the woman – it refers to the way of lifelessness.

The population seems to drift through a haze towards inevitability. Days are full of moronic nothingness, soporific TV and narcotizing ALCOHOL. Lust fills the time in between.

Dreams and hopes are of escalation, ownership and purchasing power.

Sometimes I wonder what the average person (if there is such a one) would do with £25 million when they get bored on a rainy day? It appears to me that life is vacuous for most people and lacking in substance.

No wonder some turn to religion. It fills the gap. The trouble is that, from my perspective, it fills the gap with something unreal.

I yearn for creativity. Music was the vehicle for the raising of my sensibilities. It got me thinking and bopping.

Poetry – Nobody likes Taxes

Nobody likes Taxes

Nobody likes taxes

But most of us like roads.

Without structure

Society implodes.

The schools are important

And we all like to be secure.

That’s what we have

The police and army for.

We like all our services

To run smooth as silk.

But moan about politicians

And people of their ilk.

We all want our freedom

But don’t like being bombed.

We expect the secret services

To stop us being wronged.

We don’t like to be controlled

Or our liberty constrained.

But we want all the terrorists

Locked up and contained.

No, we don’t like paying taxes

Until things start going wrong.

Then the daggers start coming out.

It doesn’t take too long.

Opher -25.11.2020

Once we were free and now we’re not. We have 68 million people crammed in this island. Most of them are OK, if a little awkward at times, but a minority are a real problem. We have thiefs, murderers, religious fanatics, rapists, scammers, bullies, violent idiots, crazy fools, paedophiles and obnoxious troublemakers. Without law and order we’d be in trouble.

We no longer live in little tribal groups where we can easily sort matters out. Even back then, when we could, there were always bands of brigands who rampaged around killing, raping and plundering. We had to build great walls around our cities to keep us safe.

We need to get around. We need an infrastructure – roads, train, air. It needs to be secure from the idiots.

We need safety, police and army. There are threats from inside and threats from outside. It’s sad.

We need laws, courts and justice to control the lunatics and violent people.

We need a health service to help us when we’re ill, a welfare system for those who fall on hard times, a pension system.

We need energy and water, sewage and garbage collection.

We need local services.

It needs organising and paying for.

If anything goes wrong we soon start to notice. It doesn’t take long.

It needs organising.

With 68 million that takes a lot of doing.

We don’t like interference. We want to be free.

I think it’s a question of balance.

We don’t like paying taxes but they are a necessary evil.

In Scandinavia, where the taxes are high, the standard of living is high, playgrounds, cycle paths, public baths, parks, great education, good housing, low crime. In the USA there are ghettos, poor education, an ignorant population and high crime rate, thugs for cops and armed militia.

I know which I prefer – a tolerant, liberal society with higher taxes.

Poetry – Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

Black lives matter.

How can that be controversial?

In a world

Where blacks are shot for being black

There is no level playing field.

Until we achieve true equality

It is tribal warfare.

But we should be fighting for progress.

No split: no wedge.

Poor whites too

Require equality.

It is better that we are together,

Fighting the same battles

Against the exploiters.

Opher – 28.10.2020

Racism is a handy tool in the toolbox of inequality.

By keeping us all diverted onto religion and racism they can continue their practice of exploiting us all.

By creating fake political divisions (and orchestrating both sides) they can divert us from what is really going on.

What is really going on is that the wealthy are manipulating us so that they can cream off the world’s wealth while giving us as little as they can get away with.

They like war, pandemics, racism and political division.

Ask not who is in control.

Poem – I’ve got a new TV. – I wrote this for the mindless celebrity culture and the entertainment industry.


I’ve got a new TV.

Everything is newer, bigger and better. But it is empty. The quality diminishes.

We consume.

Celebrity culture robs us of creativity.

We are guided into a wish for fame but it has no substance or purpose. All the fun is simulated. All the squeals and laughter added or orchestrated through a seies of mindless pap that is supposed to entertain.

I am not entertained.

I want something real, with depth and meaning, passion and integrity.

I want to become involved emotionally, intellectually and creatively. I want to be stimulated. I want something that addresses the real problems that we are faced with.

I don’t want to consume – I want to experience!


I’ve got a new TV


I’ve got a new TV

It’s bigger than me.

It tells me

Who I want to be.


It has twenty three thousand channels

And all of them are crap

All in super 3D

And HD with Soap overlap.


I can watch the Game Shows,

Sport and MTV,

Filling all my hours

With tasteless wannabe.


My new TV is great

It fills my whole head

With everything forgettable,

Where nothing,

Absolutely nothing,

Of any consequence,

Is said.


Opher 15.9.2015

Poetry – I am a number – a poem about being controlled.

Stanzas and Stances cover

I am a Number

I do not like to be controlled.

I am controlled.

Every time I use my computer or purchase something my tastes and preferences are noted. My choices are analysed and I am then presented with other options that will appeal to my demographic.

I am a number in a commercial racket.

I am a statistic on a graph.

I am categorized.

I can be taken for granted.

I can be wooed.

It is so easy to fall into this trap as your preferences are manipulated and you are presented with dreams, aspirations and nudged down an avenue towards the nirvana of possession.

We are numbers in a game that is busy devouring the world to create wealth for a minority. We are plied with goods, entertainment, distraction and life-styles.

It’s all good – as long as we do not think about it too deeply.

I am a Number


I am a number

I do not know what I think,

Fed with all my preferences

And narcotised with drink.


I am a statistic

To be analysed in the tank

A consumer

To provide figures

In someone else’s bank.


My needs are measured

As I am fed with dreams,

Thoughts and aspirations –

Nothing is as it seems.


A plastic universe

Surrounds me in full 3D.

A ring through my nose

Leads me to its melody.


What I think

And who I am

Is guided

By a group

Of businessmen.


They know best.


What if everyone was free

To think

And do what they wish?

Who would know

What products

To stream

Through the satellite dish?


Best that someone thinks

For me

Keeps me happy

With a head full of air;


And distracted

So I don’t have to care.


I am a number

I do not do what I dare.


Opher 15.8.2015

Poetry – The machine – a poem about the world

Stanzas and Stances cover

The machine

The world is run by people who do not care. They do not care about the misery they create. They do not care if their profits are based on exploitation, starvation and despair. They do not care if their methods leave instability, war and chaos. They simply do not care.

All they care about if the bottom line, how to earn more and maximize their profits.

It helps if there is chaos. It helps if there is inequality. There is a market to exploit. Desperate people take lower wages. The powerful require protection. There are weapons to be sold.

These people provide the funds for our politicians. They own our media. They lobby the government. Without their support the politicians are unelectable. They control the system.

They control the money markets that are the blood our economies. Without their investment we become bankrupt.

The control the price of commodities and manipulate the markets without regard to the misery that might be created.

The world is run by a machine of faceless, uncaring, selfish, greedy men who are simply doing business.

There is enough to go around.

There is a better way of organizing the world.

It does not have to be like this.

We could solve all the problems and make it fairer.

But we are driven by the desire to be one of them.

The lottery is not a victimless crime.

The machine


There is a machine that grinds away day and night

Sucking our essence into its claws,

Equipped with clamps, suckers and syringes

To suck the life out of our pores.


It is an engine that never stops

That runs on control

Manned by faceless, nameless men

With selfish, greedy roles.


We are fed into its guts

Into an all-consuming void

That leeches all our dreams

Leaving mindless androids.


Somnambulistic dreams and phony fun,

To distract us from the truth,

That we are being milked and then confused

To disguise the living truth.


A processing plant

Of computerized precision

That saps all intent

And robs decision.


The world is run for profit

Without regard to pain or price,

As the short term interests are met

Putting up the cost of rice.


We may die in war or starve

In slums amongst the sewage and disease

But somewhere in a villa

The cause relaxes, smiles and is at ease.


Opher 25.11.2015