Do you REALLY think there was no political pressure???? 126 fines! 83 people fined! Johnson was there with them at many of those events!!

The Masons is big in politics and the police.

Javid’s brother ran the MET investigation.

They put pressure on Durham police to investigate Starmer at a work meeting (as if that is in any way comparable!!)


SHOCK!!!! HORROR!!! British Public Grossly Misled By British Gutter Press!!! Who Would Believe it!!!!

Wonderland of Brexit!! £900 Billion oven-ready trade deals!! We’re all going to be rich!!!

Not only are we going to be immensely richer – but our food is going to be DIRT CHEAP!!

To suggest anything else is PROJECT FEAR!!!!

Poetry – The Conspiracy Boogie

The Conspiracy Boogie

Joe’s got an earpiece and the world is flat.

Joe’s on drugs – what you think about that?

Don’s fighting a secret war against the deep state

If he doesn’t win it’ll seal our fate!

Nine Eleven was a CIA plot.

There’s a communist insurgency that’s really hot.

The holocaust was just fake news.

More propaganda from the Jews.

The UN wants to control the whole world.

And the WHO has completely failed.

The Dems want to take out guns from us!

They’ll do it too if we don’t make a fuss.

Trump’s a genius that’s why he’s a billionaire.

He’s clever, he avoids taxes – and we don’t care.

We never landed on the moon.

It was all Hollywood – filmed in June.

Covid-19 comes out a Chinese lab.

It was also caused by 5G, put that on their tab.

Hitler was a socialist, fascism is a leftist thing

The right is right about everything.

Evolution is a communist lie.

We all go to heaven when we die.

The Democrats and Hollywood have a paedophile ring.

They eat babies while doing their satanic thing.

Obama wasn’t a true American

He was an African man.

Antifa and all this George Floyd stuff.

A bunch of vandals – and we’ve had enough.

The whole of the media spews out fake news.

You have to check the internet to get the right views.

If we drain the swamp we can save the day

And stop the evil lefties from getting their way.

Immigrants are rapists and drug pushers too.

We need a wall to stop them coming through.

Trump is the saviour of the American way.

We’ll vote for him come what may!

They’re stealing the election with their fraudulent votes!

We’ll take to the streets and rip out their throats!

Opher – 1.10.2020

I’m sick to death with this constant stream of conspiracy garbage being cooked up by Trump and broadcast by right-wing propaganda sites. It is obscene.

The whole bunch of garbage is so preposterous that it defies all rational thought.

If there is anything that can be considered as ‘The Deep State’ – a conspiracy of billionaires – then Trump is in it up to his neck.

The irony is that the person spewing all this rubbish is the prime candidate!

Poetry – Servants of the People

Servants of the People

It’s never the people who create war,

                They just die for the cause.

It’s the leaders who serve the people

                Who take the applause.

Protectors of the nation,

                                They give their orders loud and clear

                For us to die for our country

                                No price is too dear.

Psychotic, paranoid narcissists;

                They prepare the people well.

Ratcheting up fear and propaganda

                Before blowing them to hell.

They are supposed to be our servants,

                Though you’d never guess.

They think they are superior

                But we clear up their mess.

These grandiose leaders

                Live in their opulent bubble.

Inflated opinions of themselves

                With us to sort the trouble.

It’s never the people who create war,

                They just die for the cause.

It’s the leaders who serve the people

                Who take the applause.

Opher – 3.5.2022

Standing for high office – it’s rarely the ‘normal’ folk. It’s people with big egos, narcissists with no doubts, psychotics and sociopaths who simply do not care and paranoid maniacs who are prepared to sacrifice the world.

Why can’t we be led by people who have compassion, who really do care, who are not drunk on power or lining their own pockets. Wouldn’t the world be a lot saner and better for everyone?

No. It never is.

They believe themselves superior. They think we deserve to be where we are. They are privileged; we should be humble and know our place. They know better than us.

They think they can exploit and manipulate us. They can give us as little as possible while taking for themselves and their chums. They think they can tell us what to believe.

Their arrogance and entitlement is sickening.

Yet we elect them, support them and help inflate their egos.

That’s why the world’s a mess. That’s why there’s war.

What has happened to politics??

I think we can trace it right back to 9/11. When the planes flew into the World Trade Centre the world changed.

We were going along quite nicely – standard of living was good, we were getting on top of racism. Progress was slow but we were heading in the right direction.

9/11 and the wave of extreme Muslim terrorism sparked off a reaction. Fear created paranoia. There was a rise in racism and a surge of nationalism – kick out immigrants, shut the borders.

Populists seized their opportunity, rode this wave of fear and racism, stoked up hate and division and gained power.

Politics became extreme.

In the USA it resulted in Tea Party madness and then Trump. The rabid far-right populist loonies took over the Republican Party and transformed it into a fascist party.

In the UK we had the lunacy of Brexit followed by a take-over of the Tory Party by the ERG and the election of Johnson the affable populist clown (really a cynical narcissist).

The whole world lurched to the far-right with the election of nutcases like Bolsonaro, Oban, Modi, Erdogan and Morrison.

Poetry – Unseen Wounds

Unseen Wounds

The wounds unseen

                Bleed into the mind.

Some will bleed forever

                Others leave a deep scar.

Lives have disappeared,

                Homes smashed.

Possessions lost,

                Stolen by a Russian Czar.

What help can we give

                To those who have

                                Been hurt so much?

Who mourn their loved ones?

Who can heal

                Wounds cut so deep

                                Into the tissues of brains?

Where do we find the funds?

Opher – 26.4.2022

The physical damage is obvious – the destroyed houses, the blown up schools and hospitals, bleeding, broken bodies and heaps of corpses tossed into mass graves.

The physical destruction wrought by war is devastating.

What is not so obvious are the wounds cut into peoples’ minds.

Those grieving for destroyed lives, for loved ones killed or maimed, for what should have been. Those who have lost so much.

What cannot be seen are the traumas created by witnessing the horrors, seeing death, seeing the dead bodies of those you have loved.

These images cannot be erased. These fears and grief cannot be comforted away.

These ae the injuries that destroy minds and last a lifetime.

War creates trauma.


We all want our freedom!!

What’s that actually mean?? Can we ever be completely free? I think not.

If we live with other people then freedom is a compromise. One person’s freedom infringes on others.

If we live alone with nature that too has its limitations. The creatures and plants have rights every bit as much as you. Some of them have nasty habits that might well limit what you can do. Then there are other limitations such as the weather.

What is this idea of freedom? Isn’t it often confused with licence?

A few definitions might help – ‘the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants.’ Or ‘the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved.’

That seems simple enough until you start to analyse it.

To act, speak or think as one wants. Pretty straightforward. I want that. But then I am someone who is not prone to violence or abusing others. What if I was a person who enjoyed punching people, setting dogs on fire or raping children? Should I have my freedom? Supposing I was someone who enjoyed intimidating others with weapons or thought that bullying was fun. Should I have my freedom? Or if I liked to take whatever I wanted from anywhere I wanted? What if I liked shooting endangered species or chopping down trees, or throwing my waste in next door’s garden? Or if I owned a company and wanted to make more money by selling dangerous goods or dumping pollutants in the river?

What is this freedom? It’s a bit of a moot point. In all human communities, there are laws to prevent people from doing harm to others.

Is freedom merely a question of where we place the boundaries for those laws? How much should the state become involved with a person’s freedom? Should it insist that all children have to attend school? Should it set the limits on drinking and driving? What about drugs? Should individuals have the right to choose? Should eight-year-olds be allowed to use heroin?

What about guns and knives? We see the madness in the USA. There were 39,707 deaths from firearms in the U.S. in 2019. I wonder how many were injured? In the UK there were  In 2020/21 there were 235 homicides involving a knife or other sharp instrument in England and Wales. Should the state say that it’s too dangerous for people to have knives?

What about the right to speak – to say what we want? Elon Musk has just bought twitter. He says it is to promote the right for people to say what they want. Should we be allowed to say what we want?

I was watching some old episodes of Monty Python’s Flying Circus. It was hilarious but………………. there were a number of scenes with people blacked up and expressing racially stereotyped views that were highly derogatory. It made me cringe. Society has moved on. But should the racists and fascists have a platform to intimidate, demean, threaten and bully? Should they have the right to take away the rights of whole races of people and create a society with institutional racism that generates second-class citizens on the basis of their colour, religion or race? Isn’t that promoting hatred and division, depriving society of many skills and artificially creating a hierarchy that doesn’t exist?

We say Trump, Johnson and other populists using Twitter and other social media to spread lies, fake news and false information. They undermined experts and scientists for their own ends and in so doing spread misinformation and conspiracy that generated hatred, division and even death. It has resulted in thousands of deaths from covid, the storming of the seat of democracy, racial hatred, the spread of ridiculous conspiracy theories, a disillusionment with all politicians, an undermining of democracy, the spread of superstition, the undermining of science, the ridiculing of the media and the spread of propaganda on the internet.

Now there is no doubt in my mind that politicians need holding to account, that the media lies, that democracy is a sham and scientists can be bought by big business ….. but do we want to replace experts with snake-oil merchants? Replace science with superstition and propaganda? Replace democracy with fascism?

That is what is happening.

Then we have the right to think as we like. That seems reasonable. Do we have that right? No. Definitely not.

In Putin’s Russia the views of the bulk of the electorate are controlled by the state. The only information they have is what they are told. The same in China. But is it any different here? We have a media run by the establishment spewing out propaganda and polluting minds. It is so obvious with the likes of the Daily Mail, Sun and Daily Express but it’s the same with The Telegraph and Times and the rest are not much better. Even the BBC is far from impartial.

The establishment owns the media and while the propaganda is less draconian the effect is the same. That is why we have the political system we have. That is why a party that only really represents the top 5% gets elected. That is why the non-establishment parties have to become establishment parties in order to be elected. The media controls minds.

Those who chose to get their news from the internet are in an even worse situation. The right-wing have that sewn up. They pump out even more extreme propaganda under the guise of free speech and unbiased news. A lot of it is pure hate and put out to stir up division.

If you live in any society your mind is not your own. NOBODY is immune to the constant drip of propaganda. We are not as free in our heads as we might think we are. Even our cultural (and religious) upbringing is simply brainwashing. Our own families are probably the worst source of brain control.

Unless you’ve been brought up by wolves you have already been indoctrinated.

The Hell’s Angels seem, in one sense, to epitomise personal freedom. Their hedonistic lifestyle is the very essence of freedom. Sex, Drugs, Rock ‘n’ Roll, freewheelin’, out on the highway doing what they like. Except when you scratch the surface and you find misogyny, racism, violence and intimidation. Their freedom comes at the expense of others. They remind me of the robber barons of long ago who would ride in, slaughter, rape and steal. They thought they were free too.

Freedom huh?

I think I might move on to not being enslaved or imprisoned.

Well you get imprisoned if you break the law. For the most part that is for serious stuff like killing, stealing, raping or violence. That seems reasonable. But I’ve known people harassed, fined and imprisoned for possessing marijuana. It’s these grey areas that seem to cause the most problems. What should be illegal and who should decide. In places like Russia you get locked up for opposing Putin, opposing the war or being against the state.

In Britain we supposedly allow protest (though they are trying to take that right away) and can call out our politicians as lying criminals. That is not against the law.

We do not have slavery – or do we?? We all know about the laws and also know that many people are still be held in slavery – girls brought over for the sex industry, the drug gangs holding people, illegal factories. Slavery takes many forms.

Isn’t work really a form of slavery? We have to work to live now that our natural way of life has been taken away. We sell our time and bodies. It’s all a question of degree. I certainly am not free when much of my life has been tied in to having to work. Someone else has been demanding I do as I am instructed for a good part of my working week.

We all want our freedom!! Getting it is something else!!

For me I am satisfied if I have the right to live how I want, wear what I want, practice whatever religion I want, believe what I want, vote for whatever political party I want, drink and eat what I want, read what I want, go where I want and say what I want.

I would like a few more liberties but I am aware that I have a pretty liberal existence. I don’t mind having laws to prevent people hurting others; I don’t mind having laws to stop me (or anyone else) from inciting hatred and violence; I’m glad we have laws to protect the weaker members of society and the environment.

For me freedom is about compromise. It is a question of getting the degree of compromise right.