The Winter of Democracy

The Winter of Democracy

Living in the winter

                Of democracy

As factions stifle voices.

Dead leaves

                Of hope

Blow among the garbage.

Fascism erupts

                From the

Rotting corpse.

Conspiracy replaces truth.

Certainty replaces quest.



                                As a black

And white scripture.

Those not with us

                Are always wrong.


                Comes with a gun.


                                                With a fist.

Freedom is a prison

                Whose walls

                                Are closing in.

It’s the winter of democracy

                Lies and fake news


For the fools.


Watching the news as the Tories desperately spin the story. Red meat is thrown to the gullible. Throats are cut. Scapegoats selected.

Careers are ruined.

Anything but the truth.

The lust for power rules.

Operation Save The Big Dog is in full swing – Lie, obfuscate, cover, lie some more.

All singing from the same script.

If you say it often enough……..

Over in the States Trump trots out the same lies, holds the same rallies, cons the same people.

He spills his lies, conspiracy and spin and the fools lap it up.


Who cares for democracy??

This is the business of money and power.

There are no rules.

There is not a shred of truth.



I’m in love with QAnon

Fighting the lizard kings.

Seeking out the commies

Who run the paedophile rings.

I love my guns

My right to kill


God’s will.

Under the constitution

I am free.

No government

Is gonna tax me.

I’m a QAnon believer

I know the world is flat.

The government’s my enemy.

I want my coup d’etat.

He may be a billionaire

Chubby chump

But I’ll put my faith

In President Trump.

He don’t hold with global warming

He’ll sort that old trade gap

Resurrect the oil industry –

No commie claptrap.

He says he’ll drain the swamp.

End these years of pain.

Build us a wall.

Make America great again!

I believe in the superiority

Of the white man.

God and my country.

I’ll give it all I can.

I’m a QAnon believer.

The UN’s a commie plot.

Trump’s our saviour

I’ll give him all I’ve got!

Opher – 6.1.2022

Somehow all these conspiracies come together in some absolutely crazy scenarios.

We all are cynical about self-serving politicians, supposed experts and the media and the populists have milked that to their own advantage.

The irony is that nobody is more self-serving than Trump, Bolsonaro and Johnson. They love conspiracy and help spread it.

QAnon has gathered all these absurd conspiracies together, pasted it tight with racism and elected Trump as their saviour.

It’s a weird conglomeration of religion, myth and absurdity, denial and fear.

Alien lizards, flat earth, paedophile rings, Satanists, Covid, vaccination, inequality, space ships, the UN, socialism, moon landings, holocaust, control, Muslims, immigrants and racism are all brought together in an insane Science Fiction conspiracy.

Can anyone imagine a more unlikely saviour that the philandering, misogynistic, racist, conniving billionaire?

You have to wonder how sane people come to believe this crap.

Fake News

Fake News

You can’t trust the media.

The experts are all wrong.

The scientists are all

In the pockets of the strong.

The net pumps propaganda:

Covid is about control.

There is no global warming.

Just burn the gas and coal.

Vaccines are poison.

The election was stolen.

Everything is fake

As coffers are swollen.

All the happy populists

Busy dividing countries,

Counting all their profits

Bringing nations to their knees.

Opher 5.1.2022

We’ve just suffered a great wave of populism. Cynically milking peoples’ dissatisfaction with politicians, experts, scientists and the media they have set themselves up as the only dispensers of truth.

While rubbishing other politicians, undermining experts and media, they have set out to divide and rule, spreading fear, hate and conspiracy.

For some reason a segment of the public seem to believe them. These populist sociopaths home in on genuine concerns. They set themselves up as saviours.

The truth is that they are using their power for their own ends and greatly profiting. Trump made $1.6 billion out of conning Americans. Bolsonaro is pocketing billions. Johnson will walk away from the mess he is creating with a fortune.

It is to be hoped that this wave of extremism burns itself out.

But then…. There has never been either a shortage of snake-oil quacks or gullible people.

Playing Politics

Playing Politics

Playing politics with life.

Playing politics with death.

With Freedom Days and Moonshots

That might just steal our breath.

The variant factory is coming

As the virus jumps with glee

From one new victim to another

And it could be you or me!

All the eggs in one basket!

In the search for popularity!

As scientists are side-lined

Because they do not agree.

So Freedom Day is looming

As the virus cases soar.

Chuck away your masks

We’re cramming through the door.

It’s all fine! Nobody’s dying!

There’s nothing to worry about!

And when it all goes pear-shaped

Guess who will explain it out!

Who could have seen that coming?

Nobody could have done it better.

It wasn’t me who bodged it up

I’ve been following the letter!!

Opher – 6.6.21

Picking and choosing the science that you want!! It’s called politics. Just a matter of popularity and polls.

The truth doesn’t matter. It’s who can tell the biggest lies. Who can brazen it out and get away with it.

We’re in the post-truth era. It’s all propaganda and the biggest showman/conman takes the prize!!

128,000 dead and counting! Ten points clear in the polls.

Job losses, collapsed firms, companies fleeing abroad, buggered economy, oodles of red-tape and tariffs, break-up of the UK, loss of freedoms and costs in tens of billions. Ten points clear in the polls.

Choose a Side

Choose a Side

It’s hard to choose a side

When both sides are wrong.

Hard to believe the news

When propaganda’s strong.

We use our intuition

To read between the lines.

Probing through the entrails

Interpreting the signs.

When anybody asks you:

Who’s side are you on.

Say you’re still deciding

And you hope it won’t take long!

Opher – 19.5.2021

When faced with the fanatical religious Jews using obscure biblical claims for lands that they’ve never lived in and the bullying terror of the Hamas scum; it’s hard.

I can’t defend either.

As bad as each other? Possibly. I can’t decide.

I just wish that instead of falling into the hands of extremists who feed off hate and martyrdom people were able to listen to tolerance and rational thought. Instead of religious extremism they practiced empathy and compassion.

You reap what you sow.

Violence breeds hate.

Death breeds martyrdom.

It’s an all-consuming cycle.

It needs breaking – talk, reparation and concord.

Empty Words

Empty Words

Looking for loopholes,

                False promises,

                                Empty words.

We are watching you.

The young will not forgive.

                They will write your history.

Their words will be as harsh as the weather.

We are watching you.

Not enough wood for the pyres.

                Not enough oxygen for the lungs.

Not enough understanding of the need.

We are watching you!!

We are watching you!!

We are watching you!!

Opher 23.4.2021

The politicians lie about the way they love and cherish the environment when all the time the only things they are cherishing is power and the size of their bank deposits!!

All over the world nature is threatened.

It’s time everyone came together to put a stop to this massacre!!

We are watching you!!

History will remember who it was who raped the planet!



Propaganda is all we get;

                An endless stream of bias.

With calculation and intent

                Out of the mouths of liars.

Targeted spin and lies

                Aimed at the gullible.

Callous disregard

                For all the vulnerable.

The arrogant entitled

                Take us for fools.

Reciting the lessons

                They learnt in their schools.

Manipulate us like cattle

                In their lust for wealth and power

Voting them out

                Would be our finest hour.

Opher – 23.6.2022

The truth has always been the first victim in this endless war. Nothing has changed down the ages. It’s all a front.

The wealthy establishment still rule. Where once they used force to subjugate the masses and treated them with utter disdain, now they use propaganda.

The same people who ordered the troops to kill at Peterloo now use the media to keep the masses in their place, working for the prosperity of the minority.

Where it used to be mansions, carriages and a host of servants it is now superyachts, penthouses and supercars.

They give us as little as they can get away with and blind us with stark warnings, smoke and mirrors.

They appear reasonable, plausible and understanding but they are really cynical exploiters and profiteers.

Every now a revelation leaks out about their scummy workings – Greenswill or lobbying, Russian connections and cash for peerages, but it’s all soon glossed over.

They get away with deception, spin and murder.



I’ve been studying justice.

It’s been hard.

I could not find too much of it.

I looked in the courts

But it wasn’t to be found –

Only the tiniest bit.

I searched the battlefields.

There was none.

All lost in the fog of true grit.

I hunted for it on the streets,

Searched high and low

Justice had taken a hit.

It seems we don’t value justice

We have no wish to be fair.

We’re happy to tolerate poverty

And injustice everywhere.

Justice is just for the rich.

They make sure they get their share.

Opher – 11.4.2021

The courts do not dispense justice. They undergo procedure according to the law. It very much depends on how good a barrister you can afford. The courts protect the state. They require scapegoats as deterrents.

Violence in war, by tyrants, by gangs, by the authorities, overrides all justice.

We live in a world of our own design. We have created massive inequality, exploitation and poverty.

These things have not come about by chance. They were designed.

The powerful choose injustice, unfairness and selfishness. They think they deserve it.

Spreading faster than the virus

Spreading faster than the virus

It’s surging through the cities

At a billion miles an hour

Growing exponentially

Turning ideas sour.

It’s spreading across the airwaves

At the speed of light

Turning brains to mush

Causing many a fight.

It’s tearing through families

Ripping them apart

Tearing at the jugular

Ripping out the heart.

Where it originates

Is greatly disputed

But nobody has yet invented

The cure for stupid!


You would think that people would see through the rabid tabloid propaganda. You think that the bubble of lies and conspiracy would burst. You would think that people would see the blatant profiteering. You would think people could see when our leaders are incompetent, lying fools.

But no.

What a good job Trump, Bolsonaro and Johnson have done.

Nobody could have done better.

Death-rates, cronyism, exploitation, hypocrisy and lies – self-serving arrogance.

It counts for nothing.

People suck it in.

There is just no accounting for stupid!

The World Spins

The World Spins

The world of fake news

                Runs on spin and lies

                                Conspiracy rules.

Dictated by media bias,

                Owned and run by

                                Wealthy fools.

Truth lost, QAnon spaghetti

                Spin-doctor stew and

                                Poitical gruel.

Opher 6.2.2021

People have lost faith in the media and whatever politicians say. They know that it is either spun out of all recognition or a pack of lies.

Whatever comes out of a politician’s mouth is political.

What we need is the truth.

People are turning to other sources of information and unscrupulous people are feeding in even worse lies.

We are a gullible mob. We are cynical too. We have learnt not to believe what is in the news but we are open to nonsense from unknown sources.

We are seduced by people who appear to be talking without spin. Hence we end up with liars like Trump, Farage and Bolsonaro and are lumbered with Brexit.

The populist crap plays on our fears and cynicism.

The Deep State, where alien Lizards run the world and join with the Democrats to eat babies, is believed by millions. They pour cash into the Trump coffers to drain the swamp.

The politicians’ lies and spin have brought us to this – the loss of all reason.

We’re spinning into the darkness of nonsense and superstition.