Why won’t any of the Government appear on Newsnight?

It is scandalous really. Boris Johnson and the cabinet are refusing to appear on Newsnight or any other news programme where they and their policies might be questioned.

  1. They do not like being scrutinised.
  2. They know that their policies do not stand up well with the electorate
  3. They do not want their real policies and attitudes revealed and talked about
  4. They think that be keeping silent things will quickly fade away

The Tories are getting away with murder. Their covid policies have resulted in many tens of thousands of needless deaths. Their Brexit lies have been shown to be lies. The Brexit we have got, the hardest possible, has cost the country an absolute fortune. The trade deals are not there like they assured us they would be. The hit to GDP is huge. The cost of Brexit is being hidden. The cronyism with untendered contracts is being swept under the table. The loading of institutions with Tory chums is tightening control or many institutions. The control of the BBC with threats and Tory placements is threatening any unbiased reporting. The lies about solving the care system have been shown to be lies. The privatisation of the NHS by stealth is proceeding. The cuts to the public sector are continuing. The war against those on benefits continue. Those on benefits are presented as scroungers while those evading taxes and stashing millions abroad on the Cayman Islands are praised. International laws are broken. Procedures to ensure that corruption is dealt with are blatantly ignored.

With an 80 seat majority they arrogantly think they can do what they like and are not accountable to anyone – not even parliament.

They are quite content to continue to quietly manipulate things behind the scenes and keep out of the public eye. The opposition are currently useless, the media are in their pocket, the wealthy elite are filling their coffers, they have a revolving door into a life of affluence after office.

They do not have to account for their actions. They do not want they actions or motives scrutinised. We are moving to totalitarian control.

Poetry – Gullibility of the No-Dealers

Gullibility of the No-Dealers

We don’t need no NHS

Sell it to the Yanks.

We don’t need no industry

Give it to the banks.

We don’t need fresh chickens –

Chlorine is good.

We don’t need no fairness

Save that for Robin Hood.

We don’t need no immigrants

They really have no merit.

They might make us lots of money

But we have Dunkirk spirit!

We are British through and through

We’ve no need for the others.

They should all stay where they are

We are not their brothers.

We’ll sell our souls to the world

We’re going to make a killing.

We’ll sell at a cut-rate price

And make a merry shilling.

We don’t need no EU!

What have they done for us?

We’re better off on our own

Not on that Euro bus!

We can take eggs out of omelettes

We think it will be easy.

Survived the blitz didn’t we?

It’ll all be fine and breezy!

We like zero hours contracts

And the joys of austerity!

We don’t care about our pensions

In this land of the free.

We’ll guard our own borders

And are guardians of our fate.

The elite can control us.

It’ll all be bloody great!

We’re pawns being pushed around

On this board of life.

Our souls are owned by them

With their secret tendrils rife.

We’re out on our own now.

It’s great in isolation.

We’re far better off alone

Who needs collaboration?

Honda, Ford and British Steel

Have shut down for good.

And Dyson and the bankers

Have fled our neighbourhood.

We don’t need jobs in this free land

There’s no need to be skittish.

We’re all stiff upper lip

Because we are all British!

Besides, the ones who really matter

Have their money safe elsewhere.

We don’t need to worry

They’ll still get more than their share!

It’s because of the floods of Muslims

Taking all our jobs and more.

Hordes from the East

With their veils, mosques and sharia law.

We think we’ve got it in proportion

All this dread and fear.

We know the threat is real

The implications are quite clear.

So we believe everything from Farage,

Tommy Robinson is right!

We love Rees-Mogg and Boris

Because they are all white!

We want to take back our nation

And build walls so high.

We’ll make our own laws

And never wonder why.

Who cares if it makes us poorer?

Who cares if the rich get richer?

Who cares if Britain loses power?

For we see the bigger picture!

Opher 7.6.2019

I despair when I hear stupid people talking about just leaving. As if one can just end decades of collaboration and walk away without any problems; as if it’s easy.

They are ignorant of the difficulties of extricating ourselves from the close unions and joint ventures.

You can walk out of a marriage and then the solicitors move in on the divorce and you find it costs an arm and a leg and life is twice as hard. And a divorce is a doddle compared to this.

One only has to look at the car or aero industries where components are manufactured in different countries and assembled. No wonder they are all pulling out of Britain.

After the war various institutions were set up in order to prevent another horrendous conflict – NATO, the UN and then the EU. All promoting talk, collaboration and peaceful ways of trading and solving problems. All based on working together and reducing tensions.

Yes they are gravy trains. Yes there is corruption. Yes they cost a lot. Yes there is a heavy-handed control. Yes there are undemocratic aspects. But isn’t that a small price to pay?

How much did the Second World War cost? It cost us an Empire. It broke the country.

I’m sick of all this Dunkirk spirit and ‘we survived the Blitz’. There was no choice. We did what we had to do – just like they are doing in Syria right now.

Before the EU life was hard. We were poor. People forget. Life wasn’t good. No Irish, No Blacks. Fascists on the streets, boot boys, skinheads, paki bashers, bomb sites and prefabs. Irish terrorism, poor food, two favours of ice-cream and black and white telly. We couldn’t afford a phone.

Yeah – we’ll be alright on our own!!

Poetry – No One Knows

No One Knows

Beware the ones with answers,

Ignore the ones who’re sure.

For no one knows

What it all is really for.

They ponder the mysteries

Breeding answers more improbable

As they seek to pierce

The armour of the impossible.

But all we know

Is no one knows.

Their answers

Are all no-shows.

No one has the key.

There are no messiahs;

No texts that reveal;

Just power-mad desires.

So beware the ones with answers.

They know what they do.

They are spinning you a tale

Some would like to believe it too!

Accept that no one knows

And love the mystery.

It’s full of awe and wonder

A paradise for free!

Opher – 13.5.2019

There are those that say that you not having the answers is proof that only their answers are correct. Only they have the solution to the mysteries around us. Yet their answers are more fantastical than the mysteries themselves.

So beware the ones with answers for they know not what they think.

Live among the mystery and love every second. I believe it’s all we have.

I know not where it came from or how it arose – but I sure like thinking about it.

We’re all doomed!!

I just looked out my window today to see five million Turks tramping past – all heading for the dole office to sign on.

Simultaneously they were heading off to take all our jobs and women.

Every one of them was a fanatical Muslim. They are intent on usurping Christianity and declaring Britain an Islamic state.

In the opposite direction there were lorries passing in a big convoy – all carrying cash from the EU and heading for the hospitals to buy everything they need.

I went to the supermarket but I could not recognise the food. It was all eastern European. Nobody spoke English anymore so I could not ask what it was.

It’s not safe to go out after dark because all the immigrants around here are rapists and murderers. The ones that aren’t are trafficking women, forming gangs and, armed to the teeth, are hunting down anyone white.

The whole area is full of drug gangs. You can’t recognise the place!

The police turn a blind eye to mass murder and gang rape of children because they do not want to cause offence to immigrant communities. Besides, all the laws are made in Europe and they only pertain to sausages and curved cucumbers.

If only we could get our borders back under control and make our own laws – everything would get back to the glorious life it used to be – just like Dickens described. If we could only seize back control!

We could be a global force again! We could reclaim our empire and rule the world!!

Before me I saw Farage – a prophet – speaking truth to power, daring to tame the beast in his den. He might be a merchant banker with a finger in the pie but he had his other fingers on the pulse. He might be a tad rude but he was an Englishman. He drank beer and smoked a fag. He probably had a fag or two when he was at Dulwich College. Who knows?

I saw Johnson with the truth spewing out of his mouth, a halo on his head! In the distance I saw Trump dispensing wisdom and advice. Gove trotted along beside a golem of infinite wisdom, an apparition of loveliness.

I blinked and the vision evaporated. I started to shake. I realised that I was seriously ill. I didn’t know if what was left of the NHS could possibly save me. I had succumbed. I had a severe case of the Expressmailitis malady. It had drilled into my head and poisoned my brain!! I don’t think there’s a remedy.

I’m doomed!! We’re all doomed!!