No-one Was Available

No-one Was Available

No-one was available.

                Ducking into fridges.

                                Hiding behind locked doors.

No-one was available.

                Keeping heads down.

                                Pretending it will go away.

No-one was available.

                Missing in action.

                                Hoping it will blow over.

No-one was available.

                Avoiding scrutiny.

                                Sidestepping accountability.

No-one was available.

                A new Tory policy.

                                A way to deal with criticism.

No-one was available.

                No challenging of power.

                                No defence of policy.

Opher – 14.3.23

A policy that was brought in under Boris ‘in the fridge’ Johnson. Simply vanish. Do not answer questions or defend policy. That scrutiny will only show up weaknesses and inflame the situation – so hide.

Time after time we are told that no government spokesperson was available.

Scrutiny and accountability is the bedrock of democracy.

But then the Tories have undermined democracy every step of the way, taking over the BBC, running the media as an arm of Tory propaganda; using slurs and fear to control. Lineker was right.

I want to hear Ministers with the balls to defend their policies. I want the policies dissected. I want them made accountable for what they do.

No hiding away!


Poetry – Aversion to the Truth (A poem for Boris Johnson, Donald Trump and Elon Musk)

Aversion to the Truth

Tories don’t like the BBC –

                A dose of the truth.

They won’t appear

                While it asks for proof.

Tories want to scrap it;

                Replace with propaganda.

They hate being challenged

                Having to speak with candour.

Unable to defend policy.

                Caught out telling lies.

Attacking reporters with venom

                Until democracy dies.

Anything that opposes them

                They crush with vicious ire.

Destroying any institution

                With everything in their power.

Tories don’t like the BBC –

                A dose of the truth.

They won’t appear

                While it seeks the proof.

Opher -17.1.2022

Distraction from the lawbreaking of Partygate!!

The NHS and the BBC are casualties in this culture war. Neither lend themselves to Tory greed and lawlessness.

Making money out of sickness – that’s the Tory way. the slow creep of privatisation is hampered while there is the BBC to expose them.

Telling lies without challenge is their aim.

They’ll only be happy when it’s a one-party state and they can exploit everyone without challenge.

The BBC is labelled leftish because it dares to challenge their policies and hold them to account.

Without any opposition in the media (little though it is at present) they know they can get away with anything. They can dismantle the welfare state, destroy the public sector and exploit the poor.

All that matters is power and wealth.

Democracy? Forget it!

The BBC is an obstacle to total domination. They prefer propaganda outlets.