Poetry – Aversion to the Truth (A poem for Boris Johnson, Donald Trump and Elon Musk)

Aversion to the Truth

Tories don’t like the BBC –

                A dose of the truth.

They won’t appear

                While it asks for proof.

Tories want to scrap it;

                Replace with propaganda.

They hate being challenged

                Having to speak with candour.

Unable to defend policy.

                Caught out telling lies.

Attacking reporters with venom

                Until democracy dies.

Anything that opposes them

                They crush with vicious ire.

Destroying any institution

                With everything in their power.

Tories don’t like the BBC –

                A dose of the truth.

They won’t appear

                While it seeks the proof.

Opher -17.1.2022

Distraction from the lawbreaking of Partygate!!

The NHS and the BBC are casualties in this culture war. Neither lend themselves to Tory greed and lawlessness.

Making money out of sickness – that’s the Tory way. the slow creep of privatisation is hampered while there is the BBC to expose them.

Telling lies without challenge is their aim.

They’ll only be happy when it’s a one-party state and they can exploit everyone without challenge.

The BBC is labelled leftish because it dares to challenge their policies and hold them to account.

Without any opposition in the media (little though it is at present) they know they can get away with anything. They can dismantle the welfare state, destroy the public sector and exploit the poor.

All that matters is power and wealth.

Democracy? Forget it!

The BBC is an obstacle to total domination. They prefer propaganda outlets.


Poetry – The Winter of Democracy

The Winter of Democracy

Living in the winter

                Of democracy

As factions stifle voices.

Dead leaves

                Of hope

Blow among the garbage.

Fascism erupts

                From the

Rotting corpse.

Conspiracy replaces truth.

Certainty replaces quest.



                                As a black

And white scripture.

Those not with us

                Are always wrong.


                Comes with a gun.


                                                With a fist.

Freedom is a prison

                Whose walls

                                Are closing in.

It’s the winter of democracy

                Lies and fake news


For the fools.


Watching the news as the Tories desperately spin the story. Red meat is thrown to the gullible. Throats are cut. Scapegoats selected.

Careers are ruined.

Anything but the truth.

The lust for power rules.

Operation Save The Big Dog is in full swing – Lie, obfuscate, cover, lie some more.

All singing from the same script.

If you say it often enough……..

Over in the States Trump trots out the same lies, holds the same rallies, cons the same people.

He spills his lies, conspiracy and spin and the fools lap it up.


Who cares for democracy??

This is the business of money and power.

There are no rules.

There is not a shred of truth.

The First Victim of War

The First Victim of War

We’re listening to the news

                To find what we have in store.

Always a sanitised version;

                Truth is the first victim of war.

We’re told the casualty numbers

                So that we can keep the score.

We know that we can’t trust them;

                Truth is the first victim of war.

The rich are making more money

                Sanctions only hit the poor.

This is carefully hidden up;

                Truth is the first victim of war.

The sight of those broken victims

                Touches us to the core

But how much is propaganda?

                Truth is the first victim of war.

Opher – 15.3.2022

We know we’re being manipulated but that doesn’t help much. You merely select the lies you prefer to believe.

The mainstream media has its agenda and that online shit is probably worse. Our cynicism is preyed on as conspiracy is mixed with fact.

Populist leaders lie through their teeth all the way to the bank.

Wealthy individuals buy the politicians and policies they want.

When there’s a war there is propaganda.

Better the devil you know.

I hope we won’t be fooled again.

Everything You Think

Everything You Think

Everything you think you knew

                Was fed to you

By us.

We control your every thought

                All the things you bought

From us.

We tell you what to believe

                Which lies to conceive

About us.

Every single thing you do

                Is what we told you to

No fuss.

The very life you live

                The gifts you give

From us.

We tell you how to vote

                Who to promote

It’s us.

You no longer can tell the truth

                All the proof

Comes from us.

Opher 3.9.2022

He who controls the news controls the minds.

He who owns the media can make the truth whatever he wants it to be.

He who writes the news makes the news.

Say it often enough and it’s true.

Spin it 180 degrees. Lies become truth.

It is the populist story of Bois Johnson, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Jaire Bolsonaro. They repeat what they think you want to hear. They control the message. They make lies true. They know you have short memories.

So he got all the big calls right. He got Brexit done. He got us through Covid. He was responsible for vaccination.

It’s all utter bollocks.

He forced through an extreme damaging Brexit in order to gain power. His short premiership will cost the country hundreds of billions.

He made mistake after mistake during covid costing thousands of lives.

The drug companies produced vaccines for profit and the NHS (which he had brought to its knees) administered it.

In this age of lies, spin and propaganda everything you think is being planted in your head by them.

We have Too Much Information

We have Too Much Information

We don’t trust the government or the media.

It’s the truth that the wealthy are getting greedier.

That their corrupt ways are becoming even seedier.

The poor are forgotten and just becoming needier.

With QAnon spreading daft conspiracy,

Corruption, spin and political lunacy,

Intrusions on our phones into our privacy,

Who to trust is taking on immediacy.

Not believing what is written in the news,

Reported on TV or said in interviews,

People turn to the internet to reinforce their views.

Shrewd people manipulate items that they choose.

Truth and freedom can make a heady brew.

Government lies and spin has torn apart the glue.

So many people who don’t know what to do.

We have too much information and little of it is true!


I think the media and politicians have brought this on themselves. Their lies, spin and bias have undermined the truth. Nobody trusts them anymore.

They do not believe what they are being told.

They turn to the internet to find the truth.

But they are fed more lies and conspiracy theories that are absurd.

They are being manipulated by shrewd operators and conmen.

Brexit, Trump and Erdogan, Bolsonaro and QAnon.

The world is flat, Trump is fighting alien lizards, there is no global warming, the holocaust never happened and they are eating babies on Capitol hill.

The deep state spread lies about the deep state.

The establishment pretends to be anti-establishment.

Billionaires pose as champions of the people.

The glue of society is becoming unstuck.

We are bombarded with information with no way of telling what is true and what isn’t or who is targeting us.

Too much information. Too little truth.

The Fog of Conspiracy

The Fog of Conspiracy

Rabid hordes of fascist muscle

Wave their flags and grip their clubs

Engaging in the racist hustle

In their camouflage scrubs.

The future of the country wanes

In reckless grinning idiocy

The sense of all logic

Consumed by a fog of conspiracy.

Opher – 9.1.2021

Fighting for freedom. No they are not. A bunch of racist thugs fighting for a fascist state, a racist state. They’re still fighting the Civil War. They want a white America ruling the world with black slaves fuelling the economy.

Their commander in chief pushes all the buttons, encouraging their madness, feeding lies and conspiracy while filling his bank account.

America is dissolving in a sea of madness.

Climate Change Deniers.

Do you still believe Trump and the Petrochemical-industry? There is no such thing as climate change!

Droughts and massive bush fires in Australia

Catastrophic Australia fires are the latest climate change horror – here are the facts | Greenpeace UK

Unprecedented floods in Belgium and Germany

Germany floods map: Which areas are affected and why? | The Independent

Flash floods in London

Flash floods: Parts of London receive a month of rain in one day – BBC News

Wildfires in Oregon and California

Wildfire burning north of Lake Tahoe grows to more than 100,000 acres (sfgate.com)

Droughts all around the world – Africa, California, Australia, Taiwan

Drought Threatens Millions in Southern Africa (nasa.gov)

Unprecedented loss of ice in Greenland

Climate change: ‘Unprecedented’ ice loss as Greenland breaks record – BBC News

Heatwave in the Artic Circle

Arctic Circle sees ‘highest-ever’ recorded temperatures – BBC News

Highest temperature ever recorded on Earth

Death Valley, California, breaks the all-time world heat record for the second year in a row » Yale Climate Connections

Coral reefs suffer mass bleaching

Great Barrier Reef’s third mass bleaching in five years the most widespread yet | Great Barrier Reef | The Guardian

Species are migrating in response to climate changes

Half of All Species Are on the Move—And We’re Feeling It (nationalgeographic.com)

So we have floods, mass migrations, droughts, sea-level rises, heatwaves, massive bushfires, death and destruction on a massive scale.

All predicted.

All following the computer modelling.

All going to cause chaos and destruction on a scale we have never witnessed.

All caused by man-made destruction of forests and burning of fossil fuels.

Trump and the petrochemical industry, in search of massive profits, denied it was happening, put out fake news and paid scientists to lie.

Trump walked out of office having pocketed $1.6 Billion! He’s a conman – and you believed him??

Still in denial????????