We have Too Much Information

We have Too Much Information

We don’t trust the government or the media.

It’s the truth that the wealthy are getting greedier.

That their corrupt ways are becoming even seedier.

The poor are forgotten and just becoming needier.

With QAnon spreading daft conspiracy,

Corruption, spin and political lunacy,

Intrusions on our phones into our privacy,

Who to trust is taking on immediacy.

Not believing what is written in the news,

Reported on TV or said in interviews,

People turn to the internet to reinforce their views.

Shrewd people manipulate items that they choose.

Truth and freedom can make a heady brew.

Government lies and spin has torn apart the glue.

So many people who don’t know what to do.

We have too much information and little of it is true!


I think the media and politicians have brought this on themselves. Their lies, spin and bias have undermined the truth. Nobody trusts them anymore.

They do not believe what they are being told.

They turn to the internet to find the truth.

But they are fed more lies and conspiracy theories that are absurd.

They are being manipulated by shrewd operators and conmen.

Brexit, Trump and Erdogan, Bolsonaro and QAnon.

The world is flat, Trump is fighting alien lizards, there is no global warming, the holocaust never happened and they are eating babies on Capitol hill.

The deep state spread lies about the deep state.

The establishment pretends to be anti-establishment.

Billionaires pose as champions of the people.

The glue of society is becoming unstuck.

We are bombarded with information with no way of telling what is true and what isn’t or who is targeting us.

Too much information. Too little truth.

7 thoughts on “We have Too Much Information

  1. Remove the word “Brexit,” Opher, and I can agree with all of this!

    We (human beings) need to get rid of politics. Politics is the problem.

    1. I don’t see how you can get rid of politics Neil. Politics is how we organise ourselves. It is necessary. What we can do is make it work better.

      1. For me, politics as it exists today is a top-down organization – a command-and-control system. Which, if not stopped, will eventually destroy freedom and prosperity. What we need is a more bottom-up organization, in which everyone, at every level (individual, household, neighbourhood, town, etc.) has maximum autonomy and self-determination.

      2. I’m all for maximum autonomy and self-determination but for me it isn’t about the politicians so much as Big Business – the ones who control the politicians. We need a system that will control this greedy elite. For the majority of -people in the world it isn’t about how much freedom they have; it’s about managing to stay alive. The greedy elite do not care a jot about ordinary people or the planet – just so long as they can buy their superyacht and have their ridiculous lifestyle. It’s pure greed. Left to their own devices they would take bigger slices and destroy the planet. These are the morons who are responsible for bad politicians, environmental destruction and world poverty. They need controlling.

      3. I’m not so sure Neil. They glimpse part of the problem but no way forward.
        I agree that the politicians and elite are in it together. The wealthy elite control things through bribes, threats and big money. They look to make even more money for themselves and do not give a shit about the damage they do.
        They are after making big money out of the environmental crisis, just as they did out of Brexit, Ukraine and Covid. That does not mean that the threats are not real. They exploit everything.
        It is that elite that need controlling. We need an anti-establishment political party with the power to control them. Left to their own devices they’ll wreck the whole planet. Their greed is beyond anything.

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