The Spider And His Web – by Dave Burnham!

The Spider And His Web

Printed rags and Fox turds flexing incantations

Aussie hobgoblin overheard hexing nations

Championing antivaxers and climate change deniers

Fuelling hatred and division

Stoking the fires

Hacking cell phones and rifling bins

Inventing sleaze and fabricating sins

Huntsman at the centre of his threads

Spinning deceit with media-driven webs

Shopping for MySpace on the slide

Silicon Valley took him for a ride

Slithering towards the last gasps of life

Adorning himself with a trophy wife

Emailed his notice of separation

She burnt an effigy with indignation

Deadly nightshade disguised as burdock

A place in Hades for Rupert Murdoch

Thank you Dave!! He’s evil!!