Boats in the Channel Food on the Table

Boats in the Channel Food on the Table

Small boats in the channel.

                Everyone’s on strike!

                                A cost of living crisis.

                                                A huge tax hike!

Tax loopholes for the wealthy

                MPs profiteering

                                Nepotism, cronyism.

                                                All our money disappearing.

Long queues at the ports.

                Public services in crisis.

                                Delays and red tape

                                                With soaring food prices.

The country’s in a mess:

                VIP lanes and sleaze.

                                The architects of Broken Britain

                                                Doing as they please!

It’s everybody else’s fault.

                They never are to blame.

                                For us it’s trying to survive.

                                                For them it’s just a game!

Opher 30.5.2023

These last thirteen years of Tory corruption and lies have been a complete disaster for the country.

They lied to us about Brexit.

They have imposed austerity on the poor.

The rich have never had it so good.

There is widespread corruption and sleaze.

They have one rule for themselves and one for everyone else.

Public services have been robbed and broken.

The poor and immigrants have been demonised.

They’ve been partying and having a great time while we were all locked up.

They’ve taken over the BBC.

They are pouring out a stream of propaganda.

They have driven out doctors, nurses, fruit pickers, midwives, HGV drivers, chefs, hotel staff, carers.

Driven down wages.

Britain only works for the rich.

They have made huge profits for themselves – pulling in millions.

Tories are a selfish, greedy, callous, unscrupulous bunch of profiteering conmen – not only that – they are incompetent too!

They have broken Britain!

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