Why is Trump not in jail??

I watch this painful process in disbelief.

Mafia connections?

Dodgy business deals?

Russian connections?

The incitement to the storming of the Capitol?

The tax evasion?

The lies?

The destroying of various dossiers with information of his wrongdoings?

The storage of top secret documents in his home in insecure storage?

The taking home of incredibly secret documents putting countries at risk?

The attempt to pressure officials to steal an election?

Surely any one of these is sufficient to lock him away forever?

What is it?

The threat of civil war?

The Land of Misinformation

The Land of Misinformation

In the land of misinformation

                The populist holds sway,

Pumping out his mischief

                Each and every day.

Sowing the seeds of discord,

                Dispensing fake news,

Seeking to undermine

                To confound and confuse.

In the land of misinformation

                Nobody knows what to believe.

The propaganda machine

                Is designed to deceive.

Undermining the scientists,

                Treating the experts as fools,

Using lies and promises

                And breaking all the rules.

In the land of misinformation

                The people are easily fooled.

They do as they are directed

                By the hand that is bejewelled.

Under the spell of spin doctors,

                Manipulated and confused,

The media tells us what to believe

Offers that can’t be refused!

Opher 6.8.2021

As the Express, Mail and Sun dictate the political climate, the people are easily manipulated.

Trump-lite has them in a trance, hypnotised by lies.

He’s such a jolly chappie; he couldn’t possibly be a conniving, evil twat – could he?

The Success of Tory Propaganda!

The Tory Party represent the top 5% yet they con 32% of the population into believing that they represent them

Throughout these last twelve years of Tory rule, the rich have become much richer while the rest of us have suffered huge austerity cuts and public services have been devastated.

The constant stream of Tory propaganda from The Mail, The Express, The Sun, The Telegraph, The Times and even the BBC has poisoned minds.

Are we really that gullible??

Empty Words

Empty Words

Looking for loopholes,

                False promises,

                                Empty words.

We are watching you.

The young will not forgive.

                They will write your history.

Their words will be as harsh as the weather.

We are watching you.

Not enough wood for the pyres.

                Not enough oxygen for the lungs.

Not enough understanding of the need.

We are watching you!!

We are watching you!!

We are watching you!!

Opher 23.4.2021

The politicians lie about the way they love and cherish the environment when all the time the only things they are cherishing is power and the size of their bank deposits!!

All over the world nature is threatened.

It’s time everyone came together to put a stop to this massacre!!

We are watching you!!

History will remember who it was who raped the planet!

The Tory Goebbels Propaganda Machine. Keep telling a lie often enough and people will begin to believe it’s true.

This is a classic bit of Right-wing propaganda!

Gave who freedom??

In actual fact the only people who got more freedom out of Brexit were the corporations and wealthy magnates. They got leave to exploit us. They avoided the EU clampdown on stashing money in tax havens. They had markets open to exploit.

As for us:

We lost the right to travel freely through Europe

We gained the right to pay more for our goods

We gained the right to wait longer

We gained the right to fill in more red tape

We lost the right to work in Europe

We lost the right to study in Europe

We lost the right to have cheaper labour for restaurants, vegetable picking, lorry driving, nursing, caring etc etc – so all our prices go up.

We gained the right to have cheaper labour coming in from Africa and India rather than Europe.

We lost the right to decent environmental protection

We lost the right to our workers’ rights – protecting holiday pay, work conditions, pay, sickness etc.

The reality is that Brexit has already cost us £130 billion (more than we ever paid into the EU), it has ruined our trade – exports and imports are well down, is currently costing us a staggering 4% of our GDP, is strangling us in red tape and threatening to break up the United Kingdom.

We are now in a cost of living crisis with a diving economy.

Thanks Boris – you complete div!

If this is what you call FREEDOM!!!! To allow a bunch of selfish, greedy Bullingdon boys to rip us off!!



I’ve been studying justice.

It’s been hard.

I could not find too much of it.

I looked in the courts

But it wasn’t to be found –

Only the tiniest bit.

I searched the battlefields.

There was none.

All lost in the fog of true grit.

I hunted for it on the streets,

Searched high and low

Justice had taken a hit.

It seems we don’t value justice

We have no wish to be fair.

We’re happy to tolerate poverty

And injustice everywhere.

Justice is just for the rich.

They make sure they get their share.

Opher – 11.4.2021

The courts do not dispense justice. They undergo procedure according to the law. It very much depends on how good a barrister you can afford. The courts protect the state. They require scapegoats as deterrents.

Violence in war, by tyrants, by gangs, by the authorities, overrides all justice.

We live in a world of our own design. We have created massive inequality, exploitation and poverty.

These things have not come about by chance. They were designed.

The powerful choose injustice, unfairness and selfishness. They think they deserve it.

The World Spins

The World Spins

The world of fake news

                Runs on spin and lies

                                Conspiracy rules.

Dictated by media bias,

                Owned and run by

                                Wealthy fools.

Truth lost, QAnon spaghetti

                Spin-doctor stew and

                                Poitical gruel.

Opher 6.2.2021

People have lost faith in the media and whatever politicians say. They know that it is either spun out of all recognition or a pack of lies.

Whatever comes out of a politician’s mouth is political.

What we need is the truth.

People are turning to other sources of information and unscrupulous people are feeding in even worse lies.

We are a gullible mob. We are cynical too. We have learnt not to believe what is in the news but we are open to nonsense from unknown sources.

We are seduced by people who appear to be talking without spin. Hence we end up with liars like Trump, Farage and Bolsonaro and are lumbered with Brexit.

The populist crap plays on our fears and cynicism.

The Deep State, where alien Lizards run the world and join with the Democrats to eat babies, is believed by millions. They pour cash into the Trump coffers to drain the swamp.

The politicians’ lies and spin have brought us to this – the loss of all reason.

We’re spinning into the darkness of nonsense and superstition.


When a Prime Minister lies to the public and lies to the House of Parliament it is a big thing!

A Prime Minister who lies is in no position to lead a country!

We have been given the full treatment by the Tory Party. They have tried to trivialise it as only a bit of birthday cake. It was not only a bit of cake! There were 21 parties with booze, quizzes and party hats. Johnson was at a number of them. This was a culture of breaking the law at a time when draconian rules were imposed on all of us. They behaved as if they were above the very laws they had imposed on us!

It is not trivial!

They have tried to make out that these 21 parties were the same as Starmer’s beer and curry. They weren’t! Starmer WAS at a work event. He did not hold quizzes or smuggle in booze in shopping trollies. He wasn’t wearing a party hat and he had not issued invites saying ‘BRING A BOTTLE’.

It is not comparable in any sense.

The Tories have tried to suggest that it was a hard-working team battling covid letting off steam at the office. It wasn’t! These were organised parties!!

They broke the law!! There were big gatherings and no social distancing. They knew. They were laughing about their law-breaking as we saw from Allegra Stratton’s practise press conference. They were taking us for mugs.

They tell us that it is time to move on, that there are more important things to deal with – Ukraine and the Cost-of-living. The truth is that there are enormous problems – and most of them have been caused by this incompetent twat of a greedy, selfish clown and his equally self-serving government.

Lying, incompetence and corruption are not things to move on from! The guilty people should all be sacked and replaced with honest, competent people we can trust – people who will work for us and not themselves!!

The MET have shown themselves to be corrupt. They have largely punished the minions and excused the leaders and organisers. SHAME ON THEM!!!!

Now we wait for SUE GRAY to set the record straight!!

We have already heard about the SECRET MEETING!!! What pressure has been brought to bear???

I put nothing past this craven bunch of fascists!! They are taking over the BBC, dismantling Channel 4 and trying to silence any opposition.

Are we any different to RUSSIA???

What a terrible journey this has been!!

Partygate – the way the propaganda works.

The Tory Party decided that Boris Johnson, despite everything, was still the best chance they had of hanging on to power. Power is all that matters. Power means status and wealth. It’s highly addictive. They launch ‘Operation Save The Big Dog’.

The media were deployed to tell the cretins what to think.

The law-breaking and lies of Partygate were played down. It was a trivial bit of birthday cake – there are far bigger issues with Ukraine and the Cost of Living.

The police were pressured to muddy the waters by investigating Starmer. This was built up to appear as if Starmer’s beer and curry at a working by-election meeting were the same as a series of planned parties with quizzes, party hats, booze in shopping trolleys and bring a bottle in Johnson’s house and back garden.

The police were pressured not to prosecute Johnson.

There was a secret meeting with Sue Gray to tailor the report.

The fact that Johnson had repeatedly lied about parties he had attended to the public and in the House was glossed over. It was just a bit of birthday cake. Starmer had done the same. He’d said sorry. Move on.

Lying to the House was downplayed as trivia.

They tried to big-up Johnson’s wonderful Ukraine contribution – lots of photo ops.

They hid from scrutiny as much as possible.

The Press kept up a stream of anti-Starmer, pro-Johnson propaganda.

The heat died down. Johnson is still there.

Meanwhile, they are stifling all opposition and removing all scrutiny – taking over the BBC and Channel 4, banning protest and pouring out propaganda through the Daily Express, The Daily Mail, the Telegraph, Sun and Times.

They want a world without scrutiny or accountability so that the population can be controlled and manipulated.

The media will run scare stories about the opposition. The failures and corruption of the Tories will be glossed over.

People will forget the law-breaking, nepotism, huge handouts to their chums, illegal donors, Russian connections, second salaries, Partygate, Lies, Brexit failure, Covid corruption, cash for secret meetings, cash for peerages, tens of thousands dead, tax rises, broken promises, Care lies, VAT hikes, benefit cuts, food banks, homelessness, cost of living crisis ………………………..

The Tories will be blameless.

Johnson, the most corrupt, sleazy, lying, incompetent Prime Minister we have ever had will tighten his grip.

It is becoming a lot like Russia.