How are the Tories getting away with this diabolical performance?

Sleaze, corruption, incompetence, worst in Europe, lies, lies, lies, utter contempt. Nothing seems to matter.

Why I detest Brexit!!

Brexit, for me, has been the biggest disaster for this country since the Second World War. It has diminished us greatly and made us a far worse place to live.

Here’s why I think that is the case:

  1. It has empowered the minority of British who are racist, xenophobic and nationalistic. They now think they represent the mainstream of British thinking and have the right to feel superior and abuse foreigners.
  2. It has driven a wedge between us and our closest allies – the European nations. The EU was devised as a means of opening trade and fostering collaboration between our neighboring countries, thus tying us closely together, bonding us economically and preventing disputes and division leading to conflict and war. Hostility has been a hallmark of Europe throughout history. It could again. We’ve already had gunboat diplomacy.
  3. It has insulating Britain and removed our freedoms to travel, study and work. This has made it much harder for Brits living in the EU, students wanting to study or travel in the EU, Brits wanting to work in the EU. There is now less freedom, less opportunity and a mound of red tape. My grandchildren have narrower horizons.
  4. It has created chaos with all the joint ventures, scientific, commercial, law enforcement, antiterrorism, and information. We have had to replicate, at great cost, many of the things that we previously shared with Europe.
  5. Travel and Trade used to move completely freely. Now we have massive amounts of red tape, huge border controls with extra complexes customs officers, delays, inspections, bureaucracy and costs.
  6. It has cost us an absolute fortune. Far from saving £350 million a week we have already spent more than we paid into the EU during the whole of our 40 years! We have employed an army of solicitors, bureaucrats, customs officers and officials. Firms have fled into Europe or gone bust.
  7. It is threatening to rip the union apart. Scotland and Ireland might well break away to the detriment of us all.
  8. It has landed us with the most extreme right-wing incompetent, sleazy government we have ever had.

I cannot think of a single benefit of this disastrous decision.

We wrested back control from an EU government which we were an important part of and helped shape and gave it to a bunch of arrogant Eton Schoolboys who have not the slightest degree of understanding or compassion for ordinary people. They are in it for themselves.

Somehow many people think this was worth doing.

I think we were lied to and conned!!

This has been an unmitigated disaster and the worst of it is that we now have this lazy, inept clown as a Prime Minister!

Social Care and broken promises.

We will fix Social Care once and for all with a plan we already have.

a. There was no plan.

b. There still is no plan

c. He is taxing the poor and pensioners to pay for a botch

Instead of taxing the wealthy, who have had an absolute bonanza this last two years; instead of stuffing up the tax loopholes and stopping the exodus of money to the Cayman Islands tax free, he is making those he has been imposing pay cuts and austerity on pay.

Tories – from the rich and for the rich!!


No raising of taxes

No taking the triple lock off pensions

Poetry – Denial of Truth is a Cancer

Denial of Truth is a cancer

Denial of truth is a cancer

Destroying democracy.

A vile scourge from the mouth of a liar

Dividing a land once free.

You choose what to believe

From the ones who deceive.

It’s all a political choice;

The truth a mere victim

Of those with the loudest voice.

The use of fake news

Now flavours your views.

You don’t believe your own eyes

You’d rather believe lies.

So get on your knees and rejoice!

The denial of truth is a cancer

The belief of a self-serving chancer,

A twisting of history,

Fascism no mystery,

Now a thing of the left.

We now live in a world built of lies,

Hating those we despise;

The truth a victim of theft.

The world – one great conspiracy

All a question of belief;

A gigantic hoax.

Hitler was a socialist

The earth is really flat

Truth nothing more than what it evokes.

We’d rather believe

What our neighbours believe

Than trouble ourselves with the truth.

So covid’s a lie

There’s no climate change

It’s a commie trick

Donald has all the proof!

The Whitehouse is run by lizards.

We’ve got to drain the swamp.

Though he’s scuttled with one point six billion

To keep him in his pomp,

We know he’ll make America great,

We wear the hat with pride!

When it comes to the final reckoning

He knows we’re on his side!

We don’t believe our own eyes.

We don’t agree with what we see.

We would rather believe the lies.

So America descends into a nightmare.

Osama Bin Laden won!

He tore apart the fabric;

The destruction has only begun!

The Taliban are laughing

As they drive the Americans out.

Their truth lies in a medieval book

Of that there is no doubt!

The truth is now a cancer!

Eating humanity.

All from the mouth of a chancer

Destroying democracy.

Opher – 14.8.2021

I wrote this after listening to a Jonathan Pie tirade. Trump has created a monster that is destroying the fabric of society, undermining truth, demeaning science and experts and throwing America back into an age of darkness and superstition.

They’d rather believe in a fake story than see what is happening before their eyes. So the election was stolen, the storming of the Capitol a commie plot, 9/11 was set up by the CIA and Democrats eat babies.

Trump has opened Pandora’s box in order to plunder for his own ends. Now the stupid are spouting his lies. The evil has been let loose.