Johnson the cause of the crisis! Guardian editorial.

It’s about time that the media started pointing the finger at the people whose cynicism, poor judgement, laziness and incompetence has created the disaster we are living in!!

They need to be taken to task for their colossal mistakes and corrupt ways.

Part Guardian Editorial.
Mr Johnson is a master of political escapology. He has undisputed talents as a performer, but they are mostly deployed getting out of the difficulties that arise from his deficient attention span and lack of administrative capability. For his next trick, he will try to turn the Conservative conference in Manchester into a showcase of plans to tackle health inequalities and bring prosperity to all, without reference to the role that he and his party have played in generating the crisis to which he shamelessly then sells himself as the solution. It is an act that wears thinner with each improbable repetition. The prime minister would be well-advised to spend less effort devising new ways to avoid responsibility and more time on the old-fashioned business of competent administration.

Oven Ready Classics – Larry & Paul – I’ll Lie To Thee My Country and Others.

Thanks John for sending this through. Though I laughed and laughed at its cleverness and delivery I despair at the truth of the message it conveys.

Land of shit and despair.

Available at your local Track and Trace Centre now!!

They used to be the Nasty Party – they’ve got much worse than that!!

With Tories it is all about making money!

They are always looking to service profiteers – Greenswill, PPE, Brexit or selling off the NHS.

They don’t tax the rich or block off the tax loopholes; they just tax the poor, cut public services and cut benefits!

It’s immoral!! Corrupt!! Illegal!!

But they’re getting away with it!!

The Hunger Games – a political drama

The Hunger Games

‘I say Pinocchio, have you seen the news? My shares are taking a dreadful tumble. Have to do something about it. Can’t have that can we?’

The toff with the top hat folded his Times and scowled.

‘Arrf, hmmmmppph, yes, quite, all in hand Moggy old chap. All in hand.’

Pinocchio shuffled, slouched and bumbled

‘That’s all very well but what are you actually doing, old boy?’

‘Yes, well, er, er, well, it’s been jolly hard, you know. They keep remembering what I promised and, er, er, wanting, you know, hmmmph, me to deliver.’

‘You should remember who put you here, who’s paying for your wallpaper, wine and holidays, old chap. They’re the ones you need to look after.’

‘Err, hmmmmf, yes, yes, jolly right. But you know Moggy, you made a cool seven million out of Brexit didn’t you? Not that bad.’

The toff peered down his nose at Pinocchio with a sinister glare. ‘It only takes a few words to our friends at the 1922 committee to get your goose cooked.’ He allowed the threat to sink in. ‘It’s this bally social care business that is unsettling the market. Needs sorting old chap.’

Pinocchio looked miffed. ‘Err, yes, jolly right. I’ve been racking my brains. It costs a lot of money, you know. Then there’s the bally NHS. We’ve been farming patients out to the er um, private sector, but er, this bally Brexit is costing an arm, leg and kidney. We’re still going to have to hmmmpph bail it er out.’

‘That’s your problem old boy. Should never have promised in the first place. Let it all fail and go bust so we can sell it on. The Yanks are busting a gut to get their teeth into it.’

‘Can’t do that,’ Pinocchio said. ‘You know hmmmph er we have a long-term plan. We err err sell it off bit by bit so they don’t notice.’

Pinocchio looked forlorn.

Moggy the Toff peered through his spectacles with a supercilious grimace.

‘So what are you planning to do?’

‘We’re going to er, hmmmm raise taxes.’

Moggy the Toff looked dumbfounded, lost for words. ‘No you are not,’ he finally said angrily. ‘Don’t forget who pays for your wallpaper! They’re expecting a big bonus not a tax hike.’

‘But, er, dear boy, I er er don’t think they pay taxes do they? Don’t they erm erm, shove it all abroad, like you?’

‘Not all of it,’ Moggy the Toff said in exasperation. ‘Find another way.’

‘But we’ve er, er, done everything we can. We’ve arf er, already had twelve years of austerity. Hmmmf we can’t squeeze any more out of them. They’d starve.’

Moggy the Toff glared at Pinocchio. ‘If they had anything about them they wouldn’t be in that predicament, would they? It’s their own fault. They should have worked harder. These people have to know their place. They need incentives. They cannot go through life expecting handouts.’

‘Er yes, jolly right. They deserve it don’t they.’ He looked crestfallen and at a loss.

‘Tax the rich. Whatever next,’ Moggy the Toff muttered. ‘They’re the ones who make the money – the entrepreneurs. Without them the country’s sunk. They need the money to invest.’

‘Yes, er, yes, quite. But there are starving children, you know.’

Moggy the Toff scrutinised Pinocchio from head to foot. ‘Then their parents need to bally well get on their bikes and get a proper job and those silly girls should not consort with feckless youths, get themselves pregnant and expect the state to pick up the bill. They deserve all they get!’

Pinocchio sighed and shook his head.

‘Get a grip man. Take back that £20 benefit and raise the rest through raising the National Insurance.’ He glared at Pinocchio. ‘They are a useless bunch of ne’er-do-wells. Make them pay for it. A bit of hunger will get them up off their bottoms. There’s plenty work out there. They can pick the fruit. Lazy blighters.’

Is it right that MPs who strongly canvassed for Brexit, or have interests in firms who won multimillion pound untendered covid related contracts, have made millions out of it?? Isn’t that morally and legally wrong??

Take Rees-Mogg. He is paid £500 an hour for his extra-parliamentary work!! Yet he votes to take £20 a week off the poorest and impose pay freezes on nurses, teachers and other public servants.

Rees-Mogg received dividends from Somerset Capital Management (SCM), the investment firm he set up in 2007. An analysis of its accounts shows that in the past two years, the fund has seen profits almost double and it has paid £47m to members over that period.

  • Mr Rees-Mogg owns at least 15% of the firm which according to one financial expert’s estimate could have put him in line for a pay-out of around £7m since 2016.
  • Asked if the figure of £7m is accurate, Mr Rees-Mogg told Dispatches: “The amount that I received is not for public disclosure. I’m entitled to the same privacy in my affairs as anyone else in parliament is.”
  • Mr Rees-Mogg declares in his House of Commons Register of Interests that he is paid £500 an hour for his work at SCM and takes home around £15,000 a month on top of his MPs salary.

SCM invests in emerging markets like China and Russia and one expert said that the fall in the value of the pound since the referendum result has helped SCM’s profits. Mr Rees-Mogg denied that the increase in SCM’s earnings was related to Brexit describing such claims as “living in cloud cuckoo land”. 

He also rejected claims that SCM’s decision in the past year to open two new funds in Dublin rather than London had anything to with Brexit. “Our decision to do it predates Brexit,” he told the programme.

Should people in public office benefit to this extent from their vested interests? Should they be allowed to make huge personal profit from things such as Covid and Brexit?

The sleaze is a stinky cesspit!!