Boris’s Lament

Boris’s Lament

You kicked me out, you bastards!

Threw me in the gutter!

I tell one teeny lie;

Down comes the shutter!

Just a bit of fun.

But I got Brexit done, didn’t I?

Even if it’s a fuck up.

Might cost us all a fortune

Cleaning the mess up.

But I got Brexit done.

What’s a hundred thousand deaths?

I got us all through covid!

I blustered my way through –

Splurge of Latin, dash of Ovid.

Didn’t kill everyone.

Who cares about the Care Homes?

Or all the lies I told?

Who cares if I’m leaving broken Britain

Shivering in the cold?

I’m the chosen one!

I brought in loads of food banks,

Brought the NHS to its knees;

But I had loads of parties

And really had a wheeze.

Filthy lucre by the ton.

You’ve given me more than I can take:

I still want it all!

No need now to redecorate;

Paper’s coming off the wall.

Now my race is run.

You kicked me out, you bastards!

Threw me in the gutter!

I tell one teeny lie;

Down comes the shutter!

Just a bit of fun.

Opher – 4.9.2022

This inept, immoral buffoon has run roughshod across every shred of decency left in politics. His legacy is a completely broken Britain. The public services are wrecked. The media is controlled. The wealthy have been raking it in as poverty creates misery. We’re heading for a totalitarian state.

Brexit was an absolute mess. The cretin negotiated the worst deal possible and has left the country weaker and poorer.

Covid was a nightmare with dithering Johnson going too late, too early and coming up with a raft of useless hugely expensive schemes that merely put huge sums of money in wealthy peoples’ pockets. He was bailed out by the vaccines.

This dithering clown has been receiving massive freebies from Russian oligarchs and lining his own pockets and is now off for a life of luxury leaving us to starve and freeze.

His legacy – BROKEN BRITAIN!!!

Out of touch Wet Rag or the Lying, Idle, Self-Serving Buffoon?

Some choice eh?

Not that it matters. The rabid looming of the Tory fascist ERG call the tune and the country is in rags.

Neither of these two really care and neither will sort the mess out. They’re both sitting pretty!

Shame the nurses can’t give a few speeches and pull in a million or two or don’t have a fancy donor to provide crates of £180 wine, or luxury houses and holidays. Shame Shame Shame.

Employ more Police

Employ more Police

They’d better employ more police

                Cos we’ve got nothing to lose;

We’ll have to fight back.

It’s a divided world,

                Giving us the blues,

Gotta give these politicians the sack.

Which side are they on?

                It’s us that vote them in!

A bunch of self-serving liars!

Two-faced and deceitful;

                Promises ooze out of their skin.

Supported by the shires.

We can see who they represent

                As the rich get ever richer;

The poor starve and freeze.

Superyachts and dirty slums,

                Yes we get the picture.

Time to get off our knees.

Yet time and time again we vote them in

                As they tell us one thing, then do another

Siphoning the cash in one direction.

Time to kick them all out!

                To look out for our brother

And start the insurrection!!

Opher 29.7.2022

They promise the earth and always do the same – look after themselves and the rest of the elite.

So the Tories tell us that it’s global factors beyond their control as their assembly line churns out billionaires and paupers.

The rich have never had it so good – the cash is flooding in. The poor have never had it so bad, huddled in the cold, eating from food banks.

Always nothing to do with the government – factors beyond their control.

Unfairness and inequality rules.

People are fools.

They still love Boris though they can see he’s a self-serving lying conman. They still love Trump though he’s taken everything he can and given billions to his chums. They still support a system that creates billionaires at the expense of death and poverty.

While a tiny elite gather in more than they could ever need the vast majority scratch a living out of what’s left. They give us just enough to keep us quiet.

But the gap is growing, yawning, widening as the poor are squeezed and the rich become bloated beyond reason.

This is the system they are selling us. It’s called capitalism.

They tell us there is no choice. The media scream it.

Socialism never works. Fairness and equality is failure. The poor deserve to be poor and the rich deserve to be rich. It’s for the best.

They dangle the impossible carrot that you can be like them! It’s a lie! Who would want to be? It’s immoral. It’s disgusting. You’d need to be a monster to know that you are responsible for mass suffering.

So as the wealthy, greedy bastards ransack the planet, destroy the forests for profit, rape the seas and sell us their baubles, we pick up the bill.

Equality and fairness are a dream.

Time to rebel!!

The Mess the Country’s in!! So much for the Sunlit uplands!!

Twelve years of Tory cuts have brought us to this!

The Tory vision for Britain – A land of billionaires and paupers!! The haves and have-nots! Public services for the poor! The rich have their private schools, private health care and gated communities.

Britain declines into slums and poverty as the rich get richer and richer.

The world’s seventh-biggest economy shrinking into a banana republic.

Brexit. Broken Britain. A land of lies.

Up Shit Creek without a paddle! Same old Tory shit whatever the leader.

They are running around like headless chickens, panicking because they are over 20 points behind in the polls. They are going to lose power and the golden eggs that go with it.

That’s all they care about. It’s always the same old shit no matter how they dress it up – cuts, austerity and hand-outs. By the wealthy for the wealthy.

Nothing changes.

They tried slick greasy liberal, moved on to fake populist bonhomie, then crazed economic psychopath to boring supertoff car salesman. Whatever the brand it’s the same old river of shit. A river of sleaze, corruption and gross inequality. They’ve been waging a nasty class war while spouting about levelling up. The lies and propaganda have always got them into power. They arrogantly think it will once more.

God! I sincerely hope not!! I don’t think broken Britain can take another bout of vile Tory madness. We’re on our knees.

The door may be open but nobody wants to listen. Suck it up! It may kill you but it’s what you voted for!!

Are the scales falling??

Christmas – the time of giving! of joy to all people! Peace, love and gifts! Not in Broken Britain! Toryland is a land of despair and broken promises!

My door is open! But you’ll get nowt! Key workers? More like Key Plebs.

You get nothing unless you’re a Tory donor!

Sunak, the toff with the new bland. He doesn’t lie – just hides away and does nowt! Trying to do a Thatcher and break the unions and coming over like a soggy teddy bear.

Inequality – The only thing growing in Tory Broken Britain.

No money for the workers. They can all freeze and starve.

Plenty of cash for the likes of Mone, Johnson, Cameron, Osborne, Rees-Mogg and Hancock’s landlord!

Donate to the Tory Party and you can walk away with millions for doing nothing. Work hard at a good honest job and you receive fuck all!

Welcome to Toryland – the broken UK!!

You can strike but nobody is listening. You can starve but nobody cares. You can freeze and your children die in front of your eyes but the ministers are all busy sorting out tax cuts for the wealthy rather than wasting money on your problems.

Welcome to Toryland – the land of mansions, super yachts, food banks, warm hubs, rough sleepers and penthouses. Winners (a few) and Losers (the rest of us!).

By the Rich! For the Rich!

Things have become simply wrong!

This country seems to have lost all its common sense and short-term memory. It’s as if the tabloid press has everyone in thrall. It’s not a pleasant place.

The Tories are making hay out of union bashing now and some people are swayed by this! Unbelievable.

The current wave of strikes are due to twelve years of deliberate government pay cuts, service cuts and imposed austerity.

They are now refusing to talk to the unions because their union bashing is making them more popular. Isn’t that obvious?

Without the unions we’d be living in extreme poverty, six-day weeks, no holidays, no maternity leave, no health and safety, no rights. Just look at those jobs which are not unionised.

Meanwhile, the rich get richer and richer. The tax dodging continues. The exploitation and corruption gets worse.