Foreign NHS Staff and Dido Harding.

She failed at Talk Talk. She failed with Track and Trace. But she’s a Tory so they are looking to put her in charge of the NHS where she wants to get rid of all foreigners!!

Brexit xenophobia and racism gone mad!

Chris Riddell – The Money Tree and the NHS. Look who’s paying for Covid and Brexit!

It seems that we have a magic Money Tree – but it only operates for certain people.

It is full of fruit for Tory Donors. It is full of fruit for exploiters and profiteers. It is full of fruit for opportunist procurers. There is an endless stream for massive carparks, customs offices, solicitors, bureaucrats and red-tape producers (anything to do with Brexit).

When it comes to the NHS and Carers (who risk their lives and work themselves into the ground), for the teachers, council workers and public servants it bears no fruit.

We saw it with the financial crash – the bankers and politicians caused and the poor and public servants suffered the austerity. It wasn’t the bankers’ bonuses that were frozen.

Same again!! Look who’s paying for Covid and Brexit!!

A Political song about Tory policy.

Cuts Cuts Cuts Cuts

Take from the poor and give to the rich

Cuts Cuts Cuts Cuts

Leave them naked without a stitch

Cuts Cuts Cuts Cuts

Take from the schools the NHS too

Cuts Cuts Cuts Cuts

Who needs those when private will do?

Cuts Cuts Cuts Cuts

The social care we’ll slash to bits

Cuts Cuts Cuts Cuts

Disabled and elderly can stew in their pits

Cuts Cuts Cuts Cuts

For the rich need the lot, they really do

Cuts Cuts Cuts Cuts

They’re worth it you see – unlike you!

Corbyn Magic – Labour Tide coming in like a Tsunami! Tories down to 3% lead – A hung Parliament!

The latest YouGov poll gives the gap down to 3%. If that was the result there would be a hung parliament! 

But Labour have advanced from -24% to -3%. The gap narrows daily. If it continues at this rate they’ll have a majority of a hundred MPs by polling day!

People have seen through the Tory lies.

They think May is running scared and she’s weak.

They think Corbyn will deliver a better Brexit.

They are fed up with cuts, austerity and greed.

They are fed up with the poor being screwed to give to the rich.

They don’t care about the hysterical lies of the media.

They like Labour policies and want to see a fairer Britain.

This time it is not Blair the watered down Tory; it is proper Labour fairness and justice.

Have faith in democracy!!

A Tory majority spells doom for the NHS, Schools and Social Care for the elderly and disabled.

Get out there and VOTE!!!! Save the country from this Tory tyranny!! Bring in a Labour victory!!

Time for change!! Time for something different!! TIME FOR LABOUR!!!!

Public Services are in the process of being destroyed!!

Not safe in the hands of Tories?? The proof is in the pudding!!

Social Services – Crisis!

Mental Health Services – Crisis!

Care of the elderly – Crisis!

Nurses – Crisis!

GPs – Crisis!

Hospitals – Crisis!

A&E – Crisis!

Ambulance Service – first response by firemen without equipment! – Crisis!

School funding – Crisis!

Teachers – Crisis!

Councils – Crisis!

Crime – rising!

Policing – falling!

Armed Services – Cut to the bone!

Disadvantaged and disabled – blamed and impoverished!

Cut upon cut upon cut – expensive new systems, expensive and useless reforms, pay freezes, pension cuts, job losses, underfunding, change for the sake of change, no rational thinking, creeping privatisation …………. and a bunch of cynical ministers who are totally out of touch, out of their depth and applying large doses of dogma!

When it goes wrong they blame it on the staff or suggest even more expensive changes!

What public services need is proper funding, proper pay, decent conditions of service (including pensions), reasonable workloads, adequate equipment, recognition of the essential roles and hard work put in by staff and stability – above all stability!.

Expensive and stupid reorganisations are the last thing needed! They are a smokescreen to hide the real issues!

Safe in their hands? I don’t think so!

The issue is that the Tories are robbing money from public services to give tax cuts to the rich!

Surely our children, health, safety and old folk deserve better than this?