Poetry – Oh the Irony

Oh the Irony

Oh the irony.

A Prime Minister

Cared for by foreigners.

A Prime Minister

Whose immigration policy,

Whose hostile environment,

Whose extreme Brexit,

Drove so many carers away.

Who said we did not need these people.

Oh the irony.

But some stayed to save his life!

For a decade he starved the NHS.

For the last three years he told the EU to go.

For three years he’s been driving nurses away.

They were not wanted.

They were unskilled and

Not worthy of paying much.

Now they save his life.

The two who cared,

Nursed him for long hours,

Day and night,

Tending and caring,

At extreme risk to themselves and their families,

Came from New Zealand

And Portugal.

They risked their lives to save him.

They risk their lives each day

For pitiful pay.

Because the care.

Oh the irony.

Low paid and unwanted,

Abused and threatened,

Fearful and insecure,

They continued to give!

Now, perhaps,

There will have to be

A rethink!

We do need the low paid after all!

We do need cooperation!

The harsh policies and nationalistic jingoism

Are replaced with reality.

Though abused and driven out,

They gave their all!

It is time we recognised the irony

And got our principles right!

Opher – 13.4.2020

I bet those nurses, through all their protective gear, looked just like letterboxes.

Oh the irony!!!

But will Johnson learn the lessons, change his xenophobic posturing and set off down a new course?

I doubt it!!

Poetry – To be a Hero

To be a Hero

You don’t need muscles to be a hero,

Nor guns or violent ways.

You just need gloves

And a face mask

To deserve a lot of praise.

You do not have to shoot people

Or to beat them up

To show that you are brave.

You just need to care for the sick,

To help them to avoid the grave.

You can’t fight a virus with a gun.

The battlefield is in a ward.

The brave are on that front line

Of that we are in accord!

Opher – 30.3.2020

It was very salutary to see the American reaction to the virus – they went out and bought guns! It’s as if the idea of a society of neighbours helping each other is an anathema. They can only see rampaging hordes coming to take what is theirs!

That’s a sad state of affairs!

In Europe, after centuries of gruesome wars, I think we’ve finally become more civilised.

America still has that feel of the Wild West. Every man for himself and the weakest go to the wall!! The macho posturing.

Yet whenever there is a terrorist act abroad all these macho types disappear into the woodwork!!

The true heroes are those working on the frontline – caring for people, delivering, nursing, serving – risking their lives to help others! They don’t need guns, posturing or macho bullshit!!

Social Care – Another Broken Promise!! We pay Twice!! We pay through hike in National Insurance and still lose our house!! Lies Lies Lies!!!

BREAKING: The House of Commons votes by 272 to 246 for a government amendment to the social care cap that means some of the poorest homeowners in the country will have to sell their homes to pay for care.

Another Broken Promise!!

Johnson promised to fix Care for the elderly. He told us we were going to get a Brexit bonanza for the NHS.

Brexit has cost us £67 billion. Far from a bonanza, it’s a disaster.

So Johnson taxed the poor – raising both income tax and National Insurance to pay for the NHS and Care.

Now they are making us sell our houses anyway!!

Chris Riddell – The Money Tree and the NHS. Look who’s paying for Covid and Brexit!

It seems that we have a magic Money Tree – but it only operates for certain people.

It is full of fruit for Tory Donors. It is full of fruit for exploiters and profiteers. It is full of fruit for opportunist procurers. There is an endless stream for massive carparks, customs offices, solicitors, bureaucrats and red-tape producers (anything to do with Brexit).

When it comes to the NHS and Carers (who risk their lives and work themselves into the ground), for the teachers, council workers and public servants it bears no fruit.

We saw it with the financial crash – the bankers and politicians caused and the poor and public servants suffered the austerity. It wasn’t the bankers’ bonuses that were frozen.

Same again!! Look who’s paying for Covid and Brexit!!

A Political song about Tory policy.

Cuts Cuts Cuts Cuts

Take from the poor and give to the rich

Cuts Cuts Cuts Cuts

Leave them naked without a stitch

Cuts Cuts Cuts Cuts

Take from the schools the NHS too

Cuts Cuts Cuts Cuts

Who needs those when private will do?

Cuts Cuts Cuts Cuts

The social care we’ll slash to bits

Cuts Cuts Cuts Cuts

Disabled and elderly can stew in their pits

Cuts Cuts Cuts Cuts

For the rich need the lot, they really do

Cuts Cuts Cuts Cuts

They’re worth it you see – unlike you!

Corbyn Magic – Labour Tide coming in like a Tsunami! Tories down to 3% lead – A hung Parliament!

The latest YouGov poll gives the gap down to 3%. If that was the result there would be a hung parliament! 

But Labour have advanced from -24% to -3%. The gap narrows daily. If it continues at this rate they’ll have a majority of a hundred MPs by polling day!

People have seen through the Tory lies.

They think May is running scared and she’s weak.

They think Corbyn will deliver a better Brexit.

They are fed up with cuts, austerity and greed.

They are fed up with the poor being screwed to give to the rich.

They don’t care about the hysterical lies of the media.

They like Labour policies and want to see a fairer Britain.

This time it is not Blair the watered down Tory; it is proper Labour fairness and justice.

Have faith in democracy!!

A Tory majority spells doom for the NHS, Schools and Social Care for the elderly and disabled.

Get out there and VOTE!!!! Save the country from this Tory tyranny!! Bring in a Labour victory!!

Time for change!! Time for something different!! TIME FOR LABOUR!!!!