The Lying Blunderer Boris Johnson!!

They call him Boris because it presents a soft cuddly image. He tousles his hair and acts the fool because it presents the image of a bit of a rascal.

The reality is different.

This man is a lazy, overprivileged, lying, devious disaster. All he is interested in is himself, power and wealth. What a conman!

128,000 deaths are attributable to him!

The Trumps – where the sucker’s money goes!

As the poor Americans send in their donations the Trumps splash the cash on ridiculously expensive rubbish.

Melania’s handbag, costing $90,000, exceeds the entire income of at least three of those poor families!

Ever feel that you’ve been conned???

These rich billionaires have created their own swamp!!

A master conman taking America for a ride!!