What are you Going to do Johnson? Caught out lying and lawbreaking!!

He’s already had one fine for lawbreaking. There are probably more to come!!

Once the MET have completed their enquiries the full Sue Gray report will be released. It will document the entire gamut of law-breaking parties, bring your own bottle, fancy dress, quizzes and boozy law breaking endorsed by Johnson and his arrogant populist liars.

Will he ever act like an honourable man or simply brazen it out once again?

Can government ever get any lower than this? Incompetence, lies, soundbites, arrogance and lawbreaking.

When are the media going to stop pretending to be unbiased and start to call him out!

We have an utterly dishonourable, lying, lawbreaking clown as a leader! He needs booting out!!

Poetry – A Most Immoral Man

A Most Immoral Man

He’s standing on the steps;

A most immoral man,

Looking for a photo op

With the bible in their hand.

A friend of infamous Epstein

With a liking for young girls.

He’ll peddle bleach and UV light

Or anything that sells.

For wealth and power

He’ll gladly divide the land.

Make us of anybody

Then sack them out of hand.

To find his past administration

Look inside a jail.

That’s where his bunch of crooks

End up, without fail.

The leader of the world;

A man of scurrilous character.

Friends with the worst of men

An evil man – so sinister.

Opher – 31.8.2020

There is no end to the blatant hypocrisy displayed by Trump – man who uses religion to gain support but is the most impious, immoral man on the planet. He lies, cheats and makes crooked deals.

He is so incredibly brazen. He just rides the lies and acts like they are the truth.

Now, having been created division and hatred he is looking to exploit it for his own ends.

Poetry – TV Evangelist

TV Evangelist

With his hand upon the TV

He invokes Jesus and the scriptures,

Inviting the faithful followers

To join him in his raptures.

Fighting with the demons

He drives Covid from the sick.

All you have to do

Is present him with a cheque.

He drives in his limo

To his mansion on the hill.

Then to his waiting learjet

Servants tending to his will.

He wears the most expensive suits

And eats like a king.

In the business converting lost souls

Who’ll give him everything.

Preying on the stupid

Who all their lives did toil.

He’s the holy moly charlatan

The purveyor of snake oil.

Opher – 31.8.2020

It is quite incredible how these poor American fools have sent in their money to these charlatans and frauds and turned them into multimillionaires.

Talk about gullible.

But these people are positively dangerous. They are encouraging silly practices.

You don’t cure Covid through faith and certainly not by touching your TV screen and receiving the healing power from a snake-oil salesman who then asks for a handsome contribution.

The Overprivileged Party are kicking their leader into the hell of scrutiny and accountability!

Scrutiny and accountability – the very two things Johnson has been hiding in fridges to avoid. For two years he has successfully avoided taking responsibility for his lies and incompetence. He has simply hidden away until the heat has dissipated or created diversions.

They just don’t get it!!

It’s not just about the law-breaking or severity of the crime (which were bad enough); it is about the attitude that there is one law for us and another for our political servants and the constant lying to the house and public. It’s his default mode. When caught out he lies.

How can we possibly have a leader who can’t be trusted?? How can we have a leader who has no honour?? How can we have a leader who we can’t believe a word he says??

How can we trust someone who is taking us for a ride??

How can we have a servant who arrogantly believes he is far superior to his masters??

He is meant to be serving us – not himself!!

Poetry – I Can’t Breathe

I Can’t Breathe

I can’t breathe

Politics is sucking the life out of me.

I can’t breathe

I can’t believe the propaganda and lies

I can’t breathe

My eyes can’t believe what they see.

I can’t breathe

Waiting for the truth to crystallise

I can’t breathe

They are all playing a nasty game

I can’t breathe

Riding on their gravy train

I can’t breathe

Endless journey to wealth and fame

I can’t breathe

Kicking lives down the drain

I can’t breathe

I can’t breathe

I can’t breathe

Opher – 2.6.2020

As George Floyd was murdered in front of our eyes we are surely forced to confront the system we have created.

Once we lived freely as hunter gatherers, in harmony with the land, at peace, with no leaders, no government. Then we invented agriculture, leaders, politics, cities, and bred in huge numbers to encompass the globe.

What a sad mess we’ve made of things.

The gross inequality, racism, corruption and violence we’ve created.

It’s smothering me. I can’t breathe.