Sooner or Later they are going to have to admit that Johnson’s Hard Tory Brexit has Broken Britain!

GDP down a massive 4%! What a mess these fascist ERG greedy Tories have made!!

The Mess the Country’s in!! So much for the Sunlit uplands!!

Twelve years of Tory cuts have brought us to this!

The Tory vision for Britain – A land of billionaires and paupers!! The haves and have-nots! Public services for the poor! The rich have their private schools, private health care and gated communities.

Britain declines into slums and poverty as the rich get richer and richer.

The world’s seventh-biggest economy shrinking into a banana republic.

Brexit. Broken Britain. A land of lies.

Looks like another of those Tory Austerity detours and not the promised sunny uplands.

Remember all those oven-ready deals, wonderful trade deals, sunlit uplands and money for the NHS??

Remember the talk of Project Fear and Remoaners??

Remember how we were all in it together and had to tighten our belts in order to bail out the bankers? That was just before Cameron and Osborne went off to put hay in their lofts.

Now Johnson’s gone off to put hay in his loft (when he can be bothered to do anything) while lazing about on holiday.

Remember the time when the Public Services were properly funded and actually worked?

Remember life before the Tories started robbing everyone to give hand-outs to bankers, chums, baronesses, Russians, landlords, donors, oil companies, power companies and lobbyists??

I remember it all!!

(Remember a time when the Tabloid Press didn’t pour our lies and Tory propaganda? – no, neither can I!)

Don’t Mention B…..

Don’t Mention B…..

The price of oil is through the roof

It’s hitting everything.

It’s due to the Ukraine war

That’s what the papers sing.

The cost of electricity out of control!

It’s threatening our lives!

To heat or eat is the question

Without it nothing thrives.

It’s all because of covid

And the nastiness of Putin.

He’s holding us to ransom

With his shooting and looting.

But the fields are full of rotting crops

The shelves are getting empty.

The markets are drying up

This used to be the land of plenty.

We’re loaded down with red tape

With queues on every highway

Waiting for their customs checks

And tariffs they now have to pay.

The only people doing well

Are the Tory billionaires.

They are making super profits

From what really isn’t theirs.

The energy companies and oil giants

Are raking in the mega buck.

But huddled in our houses

It’s us that’s out of luck.

Global forces are to blame

The Tory press does shout.

But when we point to the mega-rich

We don’t know what it’s about!

It’s global forces, covid and the war,

Nothing to do with exploitation.

Now we’ve got a million food banks

Spreading across the nation.

The rich have never been richer

And the poor are against the wall.

While Tory politicians

Lie about it all.

If we ask for fairer pay

To keep up with inflation.

It’s always us that is to blame

For beggaring the nation.

Yes the bonuses can be counted

In the multimillions.

But it’s not the bosses who are to blame

It’s us who are the villains.

The GDP is down four points.

Firms are fleeing the nation.

There’s a great shortage of labour

That’s causing this stagnation.

It’s a global phenomenon

The media assures us.

Nothing to do with the EU

Or the side of any bus.

Where were all those trade deals?

The uplands that were so sunny?

Where is that dividend?

The promised land of milk and honey?

We were promised prosperity

And a nation’s restorer.

They talked of ‘Project Fear’

But now we’re all the poorer.

As other countries forge ahead,

With signs of further growth,

We’re left far behind

In the land of the Tory sloth.

We now have great long queues

Checks and extra cost.

Companies are fleeing

From the economic holocaust.

We used to have cooperation

Now we’ve competition.

Reinventing every wheel

Is a costly proposition.

We made this rules

And signed the deal,

But now we want break it

As if it wasn’t real.

We’ve wrested back control

And given it to the greedy.

Now we live in project fear

And everyone is needy.

Only Rees-Mogg and his chums

Have profited from this exit.

The country is in a state

But we can’t mention B……

Opher – 5.8.2022

Yes, of course, we have been hit by covid and then the Ukraine war, but they are not the only things to wash up on this shore.

The Tory media are too afraid to mention the devastating effects of this extreme Tory Brexit.

We threw away our freedoms to travel and trade and now we’re complaining about the bed that we have made.

We could travel, work, trade and study quite freely. We shared major projects, shared information and cooperated on terrorism and global trade. Now we’re on our own.

We had access to the biggest economic market without any restrictions. We threw it away.

Business is drowning in red-tape. We have border checks. We have tariffs, extra costs and delays. Nothing is easy.

We were promised great new trade deals – all pie in the sky lies.

We were promised great new opportunities – more lies.

We were told it was oven-ready and a great deal. It was a shoddy extreme pile of shit that has cost us many tens of billions and reduced our GDP by 4% a year.

So much for the lie on the side of that bus.

When people talked of these delays, checks, extra costs and long queues we were told it was Project Fear.

When people talked of the billions needed to reproduce the work done in collaboration it was labelled Project Fear.

When people talked of the loss of labour and the effects on farms, catering, hospitals and care….. it was called Project Fear.

When people said that it would cost us enormous sums for generations to come it was labelled Project Fear.

People like Rees-Mogg made millions out of Brexit. The rest of us are a lot poorer.

We were told a pack of lies. Covid and Ukraine are bad enough. When you add Brexit into the mix it’s a disaster.

But then nobody in this Tory media is allowed to mention BREXIT!!

Was Brexit the Wrong Decision?

It seems that 56% of the country now think so. Only 36% still think it was the right decision.

One thing is clear – it’s cost us a fortune, thrown us into recession and added hugely to the cost of living crisis by knocking 4% off our GDP. We drove away skilled workers, drove away firms and are rapidly losing our financial centre. So many firms’ profits crashed with the added tariffs and red tape. So many have gone bust. All remarkably predictable and predicted. Remember – they called it Project Fear.

Well, there’s no sign of all those wonderful trade deals or sunny uplands.

It could have been so different even if we left the EU.

At the time parliament was pressing for a soft Brexit but May and the ERG wanted that hard Tory Brexit. The rest is history.

If we had done what parliament wanted and respected the vote (daft though it was), broken away from the EU (which certainly has its faults) and stayed in the Single Market and Customs Union we wouldn’t be in this mess now!

There was never a mandate for a hard Brexit. Indeed, it was never clear what the options were.

As far as I’m concerned I believe we were all duped by a bunch of xenophobic/racist Tory extremists – a bunch of extreme right-wing nutcases – along with Farage who is an opportunist merchant banker who has made a fortune out of this!

A plague upon them all.

They’ve broken Britain!!

The Recession and Brexit – What a Tory mess!!

When will they ever admit that Brexit has made everything much worse and solved none of the problems?

We’ve had the rabid imbeciles of the fanatical ERG Tory Right-wing deciding policy. The economy is in a mess. The rich are getting richer by the minute. The poor are getting poorer. The privatised companies are raking in huge profits. Brexit has made everything much worse. It has knocked our growth and GDP for six. We now have fewer rights, less facilities, poorer public services, less opportunities, more red tape and less money.

But don’t worry – Rees-Mogg and his ilk have never had it so good!!

Lord Sugar claims that Gove and Johnson should go to jail for the lies they told about Brexit. Should they?

It was the loathsome Express that published this!!

People are beginning to wake up to the disaster that Brexit has turned out to be!!

We wrested back control to put it in the hands of an inept, lying clown and his elitist chums, putting millions into their pockets and making us all a lot poorer.

Personally, I’d lock the whole lying bunch of them up!! They have cost us tens of billions.