Tory Internal Warfare: Rabid Loonies against the Utter Bastards!

I wonder who is going to win?

Greed is a canker that rots from the inside.

ERG nutcases won’t be happy until they’ve pulled the party right of Ghenghis Khan,

Was Brexit the Wrong Decision?

It seems that 56% of the country now think so. Only 36% still think it was the right decision.

One thing is clear – it’s cost us a fortune, thrown us into recession and added hugely to the cost of living crisis by knocking 4% off our GDP. We drove away skilled workers, drove away firms and are rapidly losing our financial centre. So many firms’ profits crashed with the added tariffs and red tape. So many have gone bust. All remarkably predictable and predicted. Remember – they called it Project Fear.

Well, there’s no sign of all those wonderful trade deals or sunny uplands.

It could have been so different even if we left the EU.

At the time parliament was pressing for a soft Brexit but May and the ERG wanted that hard Tory Brexit. The rest is history.

If we had done what parliament wanted and respected the vote (daft though it was), broken away from the EU (which certainly has its faults) and stayed in the Single Market and Customs Union we wouldn’t be in this mess now!

There was never a mandate for a hard Brexit. Indeed, it was never clear what the options were.

As far as I’m concerned I believe we were all duped by a bunch of xenophobic/racist Tory extremists – a bunch of extreme right-wing nutcases – along with Farage who is an opportunist merchant banker who has made a fortune out of this!

A plague upon them all.

They’ve broken Britain!!

The Toffs are in charge! Taking back control of the little people!

They’ve certainly taken control. Now they are controlling all the wealth, cutting public services, taxing the poor and supervising a stream of cash to the Cayman Islands.

That’s what they always meant by taking back control! It means controlling the little people.