Partygate and the Court of the Sin King by Rowson

The court of Johnson overseen by Princess Nut Nut, where the police at the door wear blinkers and the civil servants are thrown under the bus.

This is the palace where the ones who hold the parties and give out the invites are exonerated while those who were invited to bring a bottle and don their party hats are found guilty.

This is Johnson’s Britain; a land divided, a land of two sides – the wealthy elite who can do no wrong and the rest of us who must pay the price. US AND THEM. The gap grows ever bigger as we pick up the mounting bills for their incompetence and corruption.

They party with impunity.

SHOCK!!!! HORROR!!! British Public Grossly Misled By British Gutter Press!!! Who Would Believe it!!!!

Wonderland of Brexit!! £900 Billion oven-ready trade deals!! We’re all going to be rich!!!

Not only are we going to be immensely richer – but our food is going to be DIRT CHEAP!!

To suggest anything else is PROJECT FEAR!!!!

Johnson with another Oven-Ready deal in the Last-Ditch Saloon.

He sure doesn’t like scrutiny or accountability! He couldn’t find a suitable fridge so he’s had to jet off to India!!

Behind his back they are plotting to rid themselves of the incompetent lying clown.

Partgate is not trivial (as his minions keep trying to make out); it goes right to the heart of what makes Johnson so unsuited for high office:

It shows the arrogance – he allowed a whole slew of parties to take place (twenty – thirty) while he had commanded the country to strictly lockdown and forbade anybody to meet up under threat of heavy fines or prison. He clearly thought the laws did not apply to him and his ilk. It was clearly one rule for us plebs and one rule for the snobby elite.

It demonstrates his sense of privilege. He feels able to do as he wants and expects us to do as we are told.

It shows bad judgement and woeful disregard.

When caught out his first instinct was to lie and lie and lie. He told us and the Commons repeatedly that there were no parties and no covid rules were broken. He was at a number of the parties! He knew the rules had been broken. How can you be in a room with others, with cake, drink and party hats and not know the strict rules were being broken?? Unbelieveable!! So we plebs could not meet up with dying relatives, with friends and relatives in dire need, yet they could meet up, hold party games and smuggle booze in in shopping trolleys.

This dishonesty is a character trait. He displayed it in all past jobs. He displayed it in the Brexit campaign (£350 million a week). He lied about benefits. He lied about care plans. He lied about Brexit deals (oven-ready). It’s the Trumpian logic – say a lie often enough and enough people will believe it.

He’s now lying about having beaten covid, about wonderful Brexit and levelling up. He’s lying about the cost of living, second salaries, reasons for tax and national insurance rises. Is there nothing he hasn’t lied about or exaggerated?

How can an incompetent, lazy liar be allowed to be Prime Minister? He has no morality (ask his ex-wife and lovers). He has no integrity. He says the first thing that comes into his head if it gets him out of a hole!!

The sooner we are rid of this self-serving liar the better. He has got this country in an absolute mess!

No Shame, No honour – just naked greed and lust.

Like Trump, this man has made a career out of lying. He has also found great reward out of spreading conspiracy, ratcheting up fear and hate.

He routinely lies to parliament – something that would have been unthinkable a short while ago. Recently he has lied about crime coming down and lied about employment figures. Even when informed that these statistics are untrue he repeats them in the House. He repeated the lies on employment six times.

This constant lying undermines the whole basis of democracy.

He doesn’t care.

People believe his lies.

Repeating the untrue far-right conspiracy about Starmer being responsible for not investigating Saville takes it right into the gutter!!

This clown gives out a stench of corruption, sleaze and immorality. He stinks.

Poetry – Aliens Ate My Homework! Boris Johnson’s Excuses!

Aliens Ate My Homework! Boris Johnson’s Excuses!

There is a Prime Minister’s code

That Johnson smashed through.

The man is an incompetent clown

Along with all his crew.

He doesn’t care about the truth,

Just lies through his teeth.

A hollow shell with no integrity;

No honour underneath.

All the immoral sycophants

Are falling into place.

While the liar arrogantly crows

With a smile upon his face.

Opher – 31.1.2022

He feigns contrition and pleads for another chance.

They calculatedly weigh it up. Is their best chance of being re-elected to back this lying fool? Will he regain his popularity? Could anybody else get through to the public in the way Boris Johnson does?

His excuses for his lies are pathetic. They are on a par with ‘aliens ate my homework’. But people love him.

Is there anybody else who could take his place and give them a better chance?

It’s all wrong.

These Tory MPs are looking at themselves. They are not looking at the country. They are not thinking about how we might make things better. They are not looking at good government. Just popularity!

They are not thinking about us at all!!

That is what is wrong with Tories! It’s naked greed!

Poetry – Trust Me!!

Trust Me!!

Trust me!!

                I’ll fix it!!

                                You can take my word.

I knew nothing,


                                That would be absurd.

I got Brexit done!

                I beat covid!

                                I’m so great!

Who would have thought

                That parties

                                Would seal my fate.

Every liar


His Waterloo.

The police

                Are investigating.

                                They think I’m through.

But I’m

                A slippery

                                Piece of shit.

I’ll fool everyone;

                I’ll get

                                Away with it!

Opher – 31.1.2022

Boris Johnson leads a charmed life. He breaks laws, he breaks rules, he lies and lines his own pockets. He makes a mess of everything he does, is utterly useless and a cheat to boot. He’s an arrogant slovenly slob. He deliberately ruffles up his hair because it’s an image that fools like. Yet people forgive him everything and vote for him.

He paints a false picture and people swallow it.

Brexit is a disaster.

We have the worst record on Covid in Europe and it hasn’t gone away.

He’s wrecked our public services.

He’s taken sleaze and corruption to a new level.

He’s responsible for huge price rises, tax hikes and inflation.

It’s blither, bluster and blunder.

When there’s a crisis he hides.

When there’s a photo op he’s in high vis.

Yet many people still make excuses for this self-serving, arrogant, imbecile!