The Corona Diaries – Day 702

It was a cold, dank miserable, gloomy day in Yorkshire – sorry, that’s as positive as I can managed. For me January is a month to be endured rather than enjoyed. It’s a bonus if there is a pleasant day. Due to global warming we’ve had more bonuses than usual but this wasn’t one of them.

I’ve stayed in, played some Roy Harper and focussed on the editing as well as having one of those exhilarating, lengthy telephone exchanges as I endeavour to renew my telephone, internet and TV package. Aah, the intricate complexities of modern life.

Once everything was easy!! Now we have competition. That is supposed to bring our prices down – not something I’ve ever noticed. The result of this competition is complexity. Different companies (run by sharp millionaires intent on parting you from your money) offer increasingly complex packages that are almost impossible to decipher and compare. It takes forever to sort out a good deal, in order to avoid dying from old age by endlessly comparing, you simply give up and say ‘yes’.

I’m now locked into a two-year deal. Now to sort out my gas, electricity, water, insurance, car insurance, MOT and the rest of it. I look forward to many more thrilling hours on hold.

The world is inhabited by leeches who are looking for suckers. That is a bit strange as leeches are suckers. Never mind.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, life goes on much as usual – except it feels as if things are about to happen on a number of fronts.

Firstly, we have the future of our resident clown and secondly, we have the prospect of the third world war and thirdly, we have the USA melting down into either a tyrannical fascist state or a civil war.

We live in interesting times that might well become a lot more interesting. Maybe we don’t have to worry about global warming after all? We’ll all be dead!

The three of these seem to be linked to me. The wave of right-wing extreme populism has destabilised the world. It led to the election of imbeciles such as Johnson, Trump and Bolsonaro all of whom only care about getting obscenely rich and having enormous power. The future of mankind and the planet is of no importance.

Bolsonaro wants to flatten the Amazon rainforest for timber, mining and farming so that he can make himself the richest person on the planet.

Trump wanted to open up the national parks and Alaska for fracking, mining and oil. He wanted to keep the old polluting oil, gas and coal industries so that he could be re-elected and make huge amounts of money. Then there was the cosying up to fellow tyrants and the spreading of lies, conspiracy and undermining of experts and science.

Johnson wanted Brexit and rode on the back of extreme nationalism in order to get elected. He made lying an art and used soundbites and optimistic stupidity to fool people.

This week our shambolic excuse for a Prime Minister is likely to be kicked out. It isn’t because of the long line of lies, the years of ineptitude, his terrible record on Covid, the disaster of Brexit, the horror of this bunch of extremists who he fronts or any of that. The media have been covering that up for ages. His bubble has burst because they no longer see him as a winner. The media have loved him because, as a shambolic clown he has been excellent for headlines. When he moves to being pathetic and negative he is no longer fun. They’ve turned on him. The public, being so easily led have also turned. The Tories, being totally concerned with their own power and wealth, will kick him out. He’s now a liability.

Like the other two Johnson was elected on a wave of nationalistic bullshit based on fear and xenophobia. The same bullshit, caused by Muslim terrorism and mass immigration (due to war, global warming and tyranny), created the election of Trump.

The weakening of the Western alliance, as a result of Trump, Brexit and the disintegration of the USA and EU, coupled with the current divisions in the USA and UK has created a dangerous time. North Korea is busy developing nuclear ballistic missiles, China is encroaching all over the world and Russia is about to invade another of its neighbours.

We’ll see how all these dice fall.

As more lies and parties emerge the pressure mounts. Nobody believes him anymore. Sue Gray has referred Johnson’s partying and law-breaking to the MET. She says that there was evidence of lawbreaking with no plausible defence. Getting rid of this self-serving fool is a small step in the right direction – as long as it leads to us getting rid of these profiteering extremists.

So, yesterday the number of cases rose to 94,397 new cases with 54 more deaths. It’s going up!! Is Johnson’s gamble going to work? The WHO say that more variants are on the horizon!!

Stay safe – I don’t know whether to quickly build a nuclear shelter, learn Mandarin or simply go back into lockdown!

The Lies and Gaffes of Boris Johnson

It’s incredible! He has been caught out time and time again and he still brazenly does it. It’s pathological!!

Here’s a few articles:

Have the Tories gone too far??

Well Johnson stood on the steps of Downing Street and told us that he had a plan for the care of the elderly.

He lied. He had no plan.

Now he has raised taxes and Notional Insurance to raise the capital for the NHS and Caring. In other words the poor will pay for it while the wealthy continue to shove their loot tax-free in the Cayman Islands.

Some plan.

Now energy prices are going through the roof. Brexit has caused price rises across the board. Interest rates are zooming. Petrol is way up. How can poor people manage??

Will all those silly people who voted Tory realise what fools they were???

Tories only represent their own. Tax cuts for the rich. Cuts for public services and the poor.

Poetry – It’s an Election!

It’s an Election!

Bribes and lies,

Insults and abuse;

It’s an election!

Tory media

Up in arms;

It’s an election!

Wealthy donors

Chipping in;

It’s an election!

Forget the truth,

Forget the past;

It’s an election!

Study the history,

Between the lines.

It’s an election!

Don’t fall for it!

See through it!

It’s an election!

Opher – 20.11.2019

The Tories think we’re stupid. They’ve been robbing the poor to give to the rich for a decade! Now they are telling us they are ‘One Nation Tories’. They tell us austerity is at an end. They say they’ll start to fund the public services when they have been robbing from for years!

They really believe that we don’t see through their bribes. They think we are stupid. The trouble is that some of us are!

The fog of Brexit has hidden the disaster. It is a ploy!

This is an election. Once they’ve got it out the way they will go back to looking after the wealthy; what they were formed to do!

Poetry – The Simple Things

The Simple Things

It always starts with the simple things –

A view expressed, a reason.

Then soon, if you oppose that view

You find you’re committing treason.

They start with the weak –

Create a state of fear to stoke up the hate.

By the time they knock upon your door

It’s already much too late.

So it is incumbent on us

To defend those who are in need.

To create unity, partnership and collaboration

Which supersedes all greed.

Opher – 22.10.2019

It is amazing how these populists have orchestrated things in order to get their hands on wealth and power.

Fear, hate, nationalism, fascism and a set of dominoes. All it takes is gullibility.

The Two-Faced liar. Whiny and Cheesy.

The hybrid of a clown, scarecrow and Billy Bunter continues to rule. I can’t believe anybody believed a word he said!

He’s lied about Brexit with its sunny uplands.

He’s lied about Covid with its world-beating track and trace.

He’s lied about wallpaper, parties, donors, the NHS, Care……………

When he doesn’t like something he simply ignores the rules and laws and does what he wants. That includes breaking international laws and lying to the Queen and the people.

He says the first thing that comes into his head.

He’s been overseeing the sleaziest government we’ve ever had.

Every time he’s caught out he looks around for a scapegoat!